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You are here: > News > June 6, 2012

Why doesn't Utah media cover the latest cold fusion developments?

Since Andrea Rossi's press conference in Italy in January 2011 demonstrating a several kilowatt heat capacity of his E-Cat, with several other companies also being in process of taking product to market, not one Utah mainstream news outlet, including newspaper or television website has given this any coverage. Why?

The above 1 megawatt module is presently for sale from Leonardo Corporation, and the first unit sold (from Oct, 2011) has finally had the bugs removed and the unit has been fully installed for the customer last month.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The following is an email I sent to one of the Salt Lake Tribune staff. He declines to respond on behalf of the paper because he's not administration. Managing Editor, Tim Fitzpatrick, who covered cold fusion back in the day, blew me off when I tried to talk to him yesterday. I later sent a link to this story to most everyone at the Tribune, hoping that there might be someone there with a pulse, who could give a good reason for their silence in the past 1.5 years+ even as several companies are gearing up to take cold fusion products market. 

I'm subscribed to Google News email alerts that let me know when any coverage occurs, and according to that feed, the mainstream press in Utah has been silent.

Hi Tony,

I'm writing to inquire as to why the Salt Lake Tribune has been silent on the issue of the many companies in process of taking cold fusion technology to market.

For good or for bad, people expect Utah to weigh in on this, since Utahan's Pons and Fleishmann (along with Steven E. Jones of BYU) made cold fusion a household word 23 years ago.

Perhaps you yourself are not aware of the great strides being made in this field, since very few mainstream news agencies have been giving it any coverage. But I've sent plenty of emails and notices to the Tribune in the past 1.5 years to notify them about the developments; and they all get ignored. No response. No coverage. Nothing.

I don't get it. Some people who know about the breakthroughs think you folks in the mainstream media is so busy being lap dogs for the establishment and their bad news about energy shortages and dependence on foreign oil and bringing us down into economic collapse to turn us all into slaves that you can't spare the print space for some possibly game-changing news about solutions on the horizon. It certainly appears that way to me as well.

Let me briefly describe what is happening in this field, as one who has been publishing a weekly review of the field since November of last year; and as one who has been providing a leading news and directory service on all things exotic clean energy for the past decade. In the past 2-3 years I've been posting and actively updating a list of the "Top 5" most promising exotic clean energy technologies closest to market. Three of those are cold-fusion technologies. (Number 3 is not cold fusion, but happens to be located in SLC; but what do you care?)

Exhibit 1

At MIT, the same institution that lambasted cold fusion as "junk science" 23 years ago, a label that came from a group with vested interest in hot fusion funding, and threw a "wake" even before their experiments were completed, and then cooked the books on their data about cold fusion (story); yes, at MIT, one of the leading proponents of cold fusion and organizers of an annual conference at MIT on cold fusion beginning 23 years ago, Professor Mitch Swartz has been demonstrating a cold fusion system running continuously since January of this year, without stopping, and putting out 7-10 times more energy than is required to run it. He's launched a company, NANOR, for moving his technology to market.

Exhibit 2

NASA has been publishing several interesting statements regarding the promise of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) [the more scientifically accepted phraseology for cold fusion]. I've personally been involved in making some introductions. Under the radar, they're also tracking some of the leading companies, interested in getting behind them.

Exhibit 3

 5 kW E-Cat concept image by Jim Rodney of New Energy Systems Trust

Andrea Rossi of Leonardo Corporation appears to be leading the pack in the race to market. One could argue that he's already made it to market, having sold his first 1 MW heat plant last October at a demonstration I attended in Bologna, Italy showing nearly 500kW of heat being produced in "self-sustain" mode for several hours. The final tweaks were completed and that unit was installed for the first customer last month. In addition to selling 1 MW plants, Rossi is also involved in ramping up for production of 5kW systems for home heat, hoping to have these commercially available in about a year from now. He's submitted his technology to U.L. to begin establishing testing protocols for their signing off on this genre of technology. Last week he announced being able to achieve stable temperatures in the range of 600 degrees C, which is more than ample to power an electrical generator.

Here I am standing next to the Hyperion at Defkalion Green Technologies, February 13, 2012

Exhibit 4

Defkalion, of Greece, as a spin-off from Rossi, is also nearing the market. They recently completed a month of third party testing by at least seven different groups interested in licensing the technology for manufacturing. The results are expected to be published in August in conjunction with a major European trade show. I saw their laboratory set up in Athens last February. They have around 50 professionals working full-time in their operation and are presently fitting a plant for manufacturing their cold fusion heaters. They may beat Rossi to bringing the smaller size modules into production. They also have high heat output capability for electricity generation.

Exhibit 5

Brillouin Energy Corporation of Berkeley, CA (yes, has some association with the school that has some credibility last I checked) just closed on a $2 million contract, and is scheduled to begin testing at SRI (Stanford Research International) to test and improve their prototypes in mid-June. They claim to have an understanding of the process and therefore total control over the triggering of the reaction to turn it on and off and to ramp it up and down. They also have lower heat and higher heat prototypes. They think their understanding of the processes involved will give them an edge to be able to beat the others to market, looking at a year from now conservatively.

- - - -

Do I have your attention yet? Do you have any pulse? Or are you a zombie dead puppet only able to do the bidding your controllers and nothing else? Are you beginning to see why I would be astonished that the mainstream media in Utah has totally been ignoring all of these developments? Not a peep. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Exhibit 6

On May 22, BlackLight Power announced that six leading academic and industry experts have validated BackLight's new process that directly produces electric energy from the conversion of water vapor to a new, more stable form of Hydrogen. Experts agree that BlackLight's 'Hydrino theory', which many recognize as a variation of LENR, represents a fundamental breakthrough in clean energy technology.

click for enlargement

Nanospire Experimental Temperature Data, 2009, showing ~800 Watts in with ~3000 Watts out.

Exhibit 7

Nanospire, Inc. of Maine claims to have refined a process involving cavitation that produces copious amounts of energy. They seem to think that the science of LENR can be understood in terms of cavitation. They claim third-party testing from a couple of groups. They say that cavitation will be to the 21st century what electricity has been to the past century, and they are on the cusp of bringing it forward in some of the first commercial versions; but eventually every industry will be impacted profoundly by the benefits that cavitation can bring them, everything from microsurgury to element creation, cheaply and cleanly.


As these various milestones have emerged, in some ways resembling a drama of the century, we at PES Network, and many others in the alternative media, have been right there to cover them for the alternative community who knows better than to expect the mainstream media to be keyed into things of such significance that would make their paymasters obsolete.

The longer you wait to weigh in on this, the more irrelevant you are going to prove yourself to be when the population at large finally gets wind of these developments and realizes that the mainstream media are total sell-outs to the powers that be. Don't wonder why people are turning to alternative media. It's no mystery to me. I benefit from their defection. Their traffic is what helps me stay in business.


# # #

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