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You are here: > News > May 29, 2012

Top 5 solid state; New Germany launching

Joska Ramelow provides a German introduction to our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, and introduces an initiative called New Germany, which, in addition to new currency, includes many energy savings and generating methods of interest.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Below is an email (slightly edited) I received from Joska Ramelow, one of our readers and supporters of the breakthrough free energy cause, who offered to do some translations of our material into German. Google translate gives a pretty decent rendition of the two sites he mentions. I've given a link to both in brackets. 

I was going to just link to his Top 5 intro from FreeEnergyNews, but I thought the New Germany info was very interesting as well, so I decided to go ahead and feature his email here at PESN.

I asked if he wanted to give a more formal introduction to these two sites, but he's a bit swamped right now.

Hello Sterling

Finally found some time to translate the first chunk of the top 5 technologies (solid state generator). The portal has done a lot on Rossi, so I spared them the 'primadonna nitty grit' and went straight to the other exotic technologies. 

Here's the link to the work, so you can see how it is presented. As it was the beginning to a new subject, I introduced it with a blog discussing Tesla, freedom of thought related to questions of autonomous energy systems. etc. Here is the link: 

There is a very interesting development taking place in Germany where a group of people are close to constituting their own statelet within Germany. The convention for the new mini state is on June the 17th. They have big plans and form a focus for inventors with exotic technologies. They organize annual fairs for people with ideas and projects covering technologies in all areas whether energy generation, medical, agricultural and whatever else one can think of where physics of energy plays a role. 
  • They are beginning to extract their own fuel from recycling plastic and car tires. 
  • They already have their own car number plates because of tax reasons, when they run on tax free fuel. 
  • They have unique licenses for a battery technology (from Japan) that can make cars run on one charge for 500 miles with a recharge taking only several seconds each time.
  • The process of pyrolysis normally takes about 8 hours in the fermenter, but an emigree German engineer who resettled in Paraguay, invented radiolysis which brings it down to 10 minutes.
  • There is a lot more they are up to; sounds very exciting...

Here the link: [translation

I have already gone through to their active projects. Look under 'Pyrolysis' and 'Messe' for the technology presentations.

All the best for now
Joska Ramelow BSc.Hons MBAcC MRCHM Dipl. Soc.
Kanpo Herbalism
31 B Stoneleigh Street, London W 11 4 DU
Tel./Fax: 020 7221 8420
NHS Directory Membership: 649

Hello Sterling

I wrote to you back in February to ask about the South African contacts for the power unit. I did not get any reply from them. Having carefully listened to your recent Red Ice interview it has become clear why. However, at my end, things are a bit sticky too; and it is one of those situations where one has to muster some patience to see things through. Seems an old alchemical principle of 'slow heating' seems at work at present. The South African experience has proved that abundantly. 

I have picked up on your letter to Alex Jones and translated it for publication on the German web portal I have been working with since the ever more drastically unfolding Fukushima incident a year ago. 

I was wondering whether I could present some your work on this German web site. I thought that your top 5 list and new information on the developments might be a good starting point. There are many people who have moved to think out of the box but not have not progressed further than the Bedini and other technologies that sometimes work on the kitchen table but have consistently refused to be upscaled for one reason or other. 

BTW, have you heard of the Chilean developments whereby a German engineer is about to launch a series of generators that work in the range of 10 MW power output? The text is in German (top) and Spanish at the bottom of the page. 
Here is the link: 

Saubere Energie und kostengόnstig ! GIGA THOR
Die " I O N I S A T O R E N " GIGA THOR, machen es mφglich ! 

I myself am involved on the health front with a project on free clean energy technology that is gradually shaping up. I cannot say much more at this stage since the inventor and his finance group are very discreet. They keep me guessing too. The only assurance to me was that they do not support the NWO agenda. 

Best wishes and prosperous days
Joska Ramelow

# # #

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