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You are here: > News > May 28, 2012

We don't have to hit the wall. Free Energy solutions abound.

If society will embrace the emergence of free energy technologies, and the freedom they engender, along with embracing a higher consciousness required to responsibly use these technologies, they can mitigate, if not avoid the economic collapse that the powers that be have engineered and are trying to thrust on the planet to turn us all into slaves.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On Saturday, Max Carlson of OddBox Films, drove here from Los Angeles with some associates to film me as their first interview in doing a documentary on exotic free energy technologies. In addition to documentaries, they do trailers and commercials, including trailers for Pixar.

They are hoping, in particular, to track several free energy technologies as they progress toward market. So if you have one that you are sure works and will make it to market, let us know, so we can add it to the list of contenders!

[By "free energy", I refer to the source of the energy being freely available, inexhaustible, and ubiquitous from the wheelwork of nature. The devices that harness that energy are not free, but can be very cheap.]

The primary thrust of what I had to say was that if society will embrace the emergence of free energy technologies, and the freedom they engender, along with embracing a higher consciousness required to responsibly use these technologies; they can mitigate, if not avoid the economic collapse that the powers-that-be have engineered and are trying to thrust on the planet to turn us all into slaves.

Society today has all the symptoms of addiction. The controllers have symptoms of being addicted to power, needing more and more to get the same fix, and getting more and more egregious in their flaunting of their power. Meanwhile, the population has all the symptoms of being addicted as the enabler, being in denial ("what conspiracy?") and letting the power brokers get away with increasingly psychopathic oppressive behaviors, as manifest most obviously by things such as the TSA gropings based on false flag events the power brokers engineered as grounds for taking away our freedoms and turning us into groveling, socialist subjects.

In this addictive state, we have a choice: hit the wall in order to wake up and enter a program of recovery; or: see the handwriting on the wall, wake up to a sense of our awful situation, and enter a program of recovery now, thereby avoiding hitting the wall and losing everything.

"Hitting the wall" to the extreme will entail a worse than "Mad Max" type of world, where marauding bands roam the countryside, neighbors are shooting neighbors to get the last scraps of food in their pantries, and even reverting to cannibalism and other animalistic behaviors. Total meltdown of societal order. Total chaos.

Do we really want to let it get that bad before we will say "oops", and seek recovery from our evil ways?

We get the government we deserve. The tyranny that is taking hold of the planet is a function of our collective manifestation and wayward choices.

Meanwhile, even as society is in a vicious downward spiral, with no seeming end in sight until it hits rock bottom; in reality, solutions abound, but are being ignored, not just by the mainstream media, but even by alternative media to a significant extent.

As those of you who follow our news and networking service know, Free Energy technologies of several varieties are getting very close to market readiness. It should be something everyone is talking about and rooting for.

Notwithstanding the inattention, last year, I believe we achieved "escape velocity", in which the momentum toward commercial release to the public became so great that there will be no stopping these technologies from making it to market.

While they may have been suppressed in the past, there are now enough groups close enough to market that the corrupt powers that be can't possibly shut them all down. Furthermore, the very environmental movement (that has basis in true principles of responsible stewardship toward the environment) that the cabal has pushed in order to have additional reasons to impose dire regulations and restraints and new taxes to support their New World Order, has created a momentum that will see humankind embrace these free energy technologies that are emerging because they are not only affordable and distributed, but they are also extremely clean.

If even one of these technologies makes it to market, the world could be transformed, creating zillions of jobs and making energy not only affordable, but accessible to the most disadvantaged people on earth, enabling them to rise to their full human potential. And there are many technologies looking very promising.

When a person does what they love, they are six times more productive than when they have to work for someone else doing something they hate.

Free Energy can take the edge off of the treadmill, giving people enough latitude to reexamine their priorities and shift their direction into something more enlightened.

If we wake up now and embrace Free Energy as a society, and help expedite its emergence, we can avoid the economic collapse that has been engineered for decades to bring an end to freedom.

If we don't wake up now as a society, and fall into the collapse, then it will take a lot longer to dig out on the back end. A more enlightened society will emerge, but it will take a decade or more rather than a few months, depending on how hard we fall.

The collapse of civilization could remove the infrastructure that can make for the rapid deployment of free energy technologies -- if we make it at all. A really good wall-hitting could annihilate us all. Have you ever wondered where the asteroid belt came from? It's scattering of debris is consistent with the explosion of a planet.

One open source project could see the deployment worldwide of clean, affordable energy and creation of jobs worldwide in the matter of months.  But if we wait to hit the wall, then we will have no internet like we have today, no infrastructure for shipping supplies, and no manufacturing capacity comparable to today's.  It will be back to caveman days, except at least cave men knew how to live off the land.

It's our choice. Do we wake up now, change course, and embrace a higher way of living before hitting the wall, or will we have to hit the wall in order to wake up?

Free Energy technologies provide a very real, tangible solution to what ails us. Aiding in their emergence is perhaps the most effective way we can prevent hitting the wall, and at least mitigate how hard we hit that wall.

The more homes that have devices in them that provide heat and power, independent from the grid, the more resilient we will be to collapse. Ditto for vehicles being powered on-board so they never have to stop for fuel, from methods that are cheaper than continually having to pay for fuel, especially if/when hyperinflation kicks in. Not to mention appliances and communication devices that have power built into them so they don't have to be plugged in. One example that comes to mind is, if you’ve ever had the power go out in your home for more than a few days, you probably lost a few hundred dollars, if not more, worth of food in your refrigerator. Just think how wonderful it would be to never have to worry about that happening again

That is the world of the future that is months away -- if we can manage to wake up and embrace it in time. Otherwise, for most people, it will be many years away, if they are even? still alive.

Help us help the world wake up sooner than later. Help spread the word about Exotic Free Energy Technologies getting very close to market. Help them emerge. That's what we're here for -- to facilitate this process. See and 

# # #

This story is also at Examiner and Planet Infowars.

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Last updated June 11, 2012


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   First, it is ridiculed;
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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you're a crackpot."

-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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