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You are here: > News > May 15, 2012

Aviso Demonstrates Self-Looped Generator for Philippine International TV

Ismael Aviso recently demonstrated what he calls a "self-looped generator" for two of the major Philippine TV stations. It's a variation of a previous set-up in which he powered an electric vehicle from a Tesla-related antenna that apparently pulls ambient energy from the surroundings.

On the top right is the antenna system that allegedly pulls energy from the surroundings.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Our inventor friend near Manila, Philippines, Ismael Aviso is in the news again, turning heads and inspiring hope.

Last year ago, he and his team were on TV showing his electric vehicle driving down the road, powered by an 11-kilowatt DC motor powered by a single 12-Volt battery that didn't run down, but stayed charged -- more than full, at 13 volts, as measured periodically. (Video)

The energy allegedly comes through an onboard antenna. Resembling Nikola Tesla's Pierce Arrow set-up, his system combines the high frequency shorting effect pursued by Nikola Tesla, with the back EMF from the DC motor, to create a carrier wave to harness ambient energy.

Part of that TV coverage talked about Aviso's pending validation test run by the Philippine Department of Energy, which measured his onboard system to be 133% efficient (producing more power than it consumed), compared to the same motor run off mains power, showing 45% efficiency.

Now he's been on Philippine TV again, Net95, this time with a stand-alone, self-regenerating generator, similar to the electric vehicle except being stationary while powering a bank of 10 light bulbs of 100 Watts each, or 1000 W total. The generator is run at its rated speed.

Bear in mind that this is bounce-back from several feet of flooding from a Typhoon that set them back last September.

Here's a diagram that he sent me of his set-up:

As you can see in the caption, he's hoping to be able to remove the batteries altogether, and to just use capacitors, which will help the demonstration be more believable.

The thing I find fascinating about his set-up is the sequence of storage, with nothing in-between going to a circuit. He has a bank of capacitors in series, followed by a bank of 11 batteries in series, followed by a bank of 8 batteries in parallel

He has also posted several videos about his set-up, with explanations of how it functions and answering some recent inquiries he's been receiving. The first video shows the set-up, and the rest are his explanation. You won't want your Ph.D. hat on. You need to have your "garage mechanic, thinking outside the box" hat on. Don't expect the vernacular to be academic. Since when have you seen academics do anything so radical?

Aviso self charging motor 1 of 6 "BREAKTHROUGH"  (2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6) - The first video shows his set-up, both the self-looped generator and his hydroxy system.

In March, he was also on GMA News, a worldwide TV news program from the Philippines. (Video)

Aviso has also been invited to attend the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines on May 24, where he plans to demonstrate the self-charging motor and their HHO 40% to 50% fuel saving device.

Here's a Skype chat I had with him just as I was posting this story May 15, 2012; 10:15 pm MDT (GMT-6) (slightly edited)

[10:07:47 PM] [Ismael]: I think I am now 85% completed on removing the batteries from the system. The possibility I can test it next saturday is high
[10:09:15 PM] Sterling D. Allan: Your video says you're 85% done with the "design". Your above wording says you've actually removed 85% of the physical batteries. Do I understand correctly?
[10:12:15 PM] [Ismael]: I keep updating the status of my design. first 70%may 09 2012, then may 11 , 80% now 15may more than 85%. What I mean is my designed to remove the batteries is more than 85% completed.
[10:13:09 PM] [Ismael]: Or circuit for removing the batteries is more than 85% completed as of today 15 may
[10:13:14 PM] Sterling D. Allan: "design" usually means on paper. Have you physically removed that much from the system and it still works?
[10:14:59 PM] [Ismael]: Paper works is finished but the actual module I am assembling very to near to completion & I can test it by running the system w/o batteries or with batteries but use only for starting
[10:15:50 PM] [Ismael]: After I completed the module I will interface with the system & run it for testing.
[10:18:06 PM] [Ismael]: The system for battery removal is just academic . Since it needs only to interchange every time the depleted capacitor need to be charge & the charge cap need to be discharge. Most expert design engineer's they know the principles.

[10:30:24 PM] [Ismael]: Once I run it just caps only. Investor will just send their engineer representatives. No need for third party, because they will just use common sense to know if it is true or not. The demo is just bare while running.

[10:34:46 PM] [Ismael]: Silicon Valley & UC Berkeley testing the first idea to impress the investor, by means of expert validation since involved several batteries, but after a few months the development of the design unexpected turned in a better direction. After the flooding my hope had really gone down, since most of the parts were damaged, but luckily one by one we tested all the parts affected & clean them. I mean, we recovered or revived most of the important [stuff] so the expenses are not much, and we have been able to continue the R & D.

[10:39:08 PM] [Ismael]: BTW, the healthy water technology is more advance now in terms of investment per liter. I reduce the production cost down to 80%, but improved the taste & remain the efficacy to the body on detoxification & hydration.

When I asked him about how things went on his trip to Croatia, he replied: "They are waiting to become member of EU before the corporation decide to built the water bottling plant. The money needed will come from the EU funding. There are some small things that need to be clarified, especially the securing of the water source from the government."

# # #

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