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You are here: > News > May 4, 2012

New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) launched

A report on the May 1 launch in Salt Lake City, UT, USA of the international trust designed to match up the best exotic free energy technologies with the resources needed to facilitate their rapid emergence into the marketplace. Website launch pending May 11; logo contest. Volunteers welcome. 

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Well, we did it. On May 1, we had our launch meeting in Salt Lake City for the New Energy Systems Trust, or NEST. The first thing we did was approve the mission statement:

"New Energy Systems Trust (NEST) is an association for matching up the best exotic free energy technologies, business professional services, financing, licensees, and customers (which includes everyone). We are preemptively setting up a network to help facilitate the rapid emergence into the marketplace of breakthrough, affordable, clean energy technologies. The emergence of these devices can empower the individual, remove our dependence on oil and other polluting energy sources and corrupt political systems, create jobs, and inspire hope for a peaceful, sustainable future in which we can thrive in harmony with the earth."

We also approved the Trust document, bylaws; elected the board, beneficiaries, and leadership, which will rotate each year in December; made department assignments; selected a domain name; talked to another incubator service about collaboration and visited their lab; discussed revenue sources and strategies; discussed principles of pay rates for full-time positions; brainstormed volunteer positions needed; talked about the short-term and long-term algorithms for matching up the various entities for technology roll-out; discussed the jobs page functionality; and ended with a visioning session about what will unfold between now and the annual meeting in December.

The website launch is scheduled for May 11.

I thought the launch meeting went better than I had expected, and I had high hopes for it.

I'm very pleased with the caliber, enlightened vision, commitment, and team compatibility of the other players who are involved.

Three of us were able to be there at the Baymont hotel in person, and five joined in through Skype and a phone conferencing service.

Ray Jennings, Sterling Allan, Chip Paul attended in person. Kathleen Smith, Jim Schmidt, Anton Cloete, Michael Upstone, and Richard P. George (top row, followed by bottom row, left to right; Skype photos superimposed)

Leaders Elected

The three of us who were physically present ended up also being the three elected into the leadership posts, with myself as President, Ray Jennings as Vice President, and Chip Paul as Secretary/Treasurer. Our bylaws call for an annual rotation of leadership, the VP becoming the President, and the President staying on the board for the next year. The reason for this, in contrast to having the primary leadership serve long terms, is to drive home the point that it is not a personality-based organization, but a group leadership based on principles. So in December, Ray will become the new President, and a new Vice President will be elected from the board by the board of trustees, as well as the beneficiaries.

Chip and Sterling during the meeting. Photo by Ray.

The department head assignments made are:

  • Matching
    • Inventor/invention (Jim Schmidt, Colorado, USA, retired Aerospace engineer)
    • Licensee Network (Ludovit Kulcsar, Croatian businessman)
    • Professional Services (Dr. Richard P. George, Virginia, USA renewable energy)
    • Customers (Kathleen Smith, networker from Colorado, USA)
    • Volunteers (Chip Paul, Oklahoma, USA businessman)
    • Jobs matching (Anton)
  • Website (Anton Cloete, S. African web designer)
  • News / Directory (Sterling Allan, PES Network)
  • Legal (Ray Jennings, Massachusetts, USA business attorney)
  • Idea-to-market Steps Education (Chip Paul)
  • Laboratory (Jim Schmidt)
  • Sister Project Outreach (Mike Upstone, networker from UK)

Logo Contest

As we launch this new initiative, we're opening up a contest for anyone to submit a logo idea. The winning design will be used by us, with credit given to the originator, a link to their company site, and a $600 cash payment down the road as we begin generating more revenue to cover such things. Submissions can be sent to me.

Volunteer Model

That deferred payment concept will be typical for many of the positions as we launch this organization. We fully expect that as these exotic free energy technologies begin to emerge into the marketplace, that the number of monetizing opportunities will increase, both in volume and amount.

One thing that is also typical of those stepping up as volunteers is that they are not motivated by money. They want to see these technologies get out to the world to help make a profound difference. Some don't care if they never get paid. Others only would be interested in money to the extent that it would allow them to be able to shift their focus from their present job over to this endeavor, so they could pursue this as a full-time, long-term career.

In our meeting, we talked about having the key leadership position salaries be modest, especially as compared to what is often found in the corporate world. We believe in a more egalitarian approach, spreading the wealth among a wider number of people responsible for the success, so that all can thrive.


At the end of our meeting, we took about 45 minutes in a visioning session, in which we each went into quiet, meditative space emotionally, and then shared what came to us from a more intuitive point of view regarding what we see unfolding between now and our first annual meeting in December.

This, by far, was my favorite part of the meeting. The unity that we felt as a group, the inspiration that we shared, the sense of oneness with each other and with all of creation, the motivation to do a good job in carrying forth our respective missions, the hope of helping shift human thinking in a more peaceful and positive direction, all made this 45 minutes a sublime experience.

Ray, as a business attorney who has been involved in the launch of many companies, had never seen such a thing, and he thought it was a great idea.

I got the visioning idea from Joel Garbon, who includes such a visioning session each year in our annual New Energy Movement board of directors meeting in Portland, OR. In many regards, that has been a highlight of my year.

Interesting Timing Factors

The meeting started 45 minutes late due to a continual stream of technical challenges, as we switched from one electronic venue to another to try and get everyone piped into the meeting. The nature and persistence of the obstacles gave me the impression that there was a message underlying all of that. As I mentioned this to my sister the next day, her first impression was that it was symbolic that there wasn't enough female energy in our group. What I hadn't told my sister yet was that one of the visioning statements was that we would see a shift in our metrics so that it wouldn't be so heavily dominated by males, but that females would find a way to be involved, bringing more balance. 

In contrast to that opening distraction of technical glitches, the balance of the meeting went very smoothly, even exhibiting the opposite characteristic: time stamps that were beyond human control. We made up for the lost time by the first break, which came right on time. 

In the near six hours of our scheduled meeting, we were able to cover all points on the agenda. The meeting ended 15 minutes earlier than anticipated, which was good because it turned out that by the time Ray, Chip, and I signed the founding documents, took a couple of photos, and cleaned up, we got to our next appointment (the lab visit) right on time. I mean RIGHT on time. The clock showed 8:00 pm as I pulled into the parking spot immediately in front of the lab destination. And that was after making a wrong turn on the freeway, which added a few minutes to the drive.

And we had wanted to get Ray to the airport by 10 pm. Following dinner, we arrived at the airport drop-off place at 9:59. The clock read 10:00 when he opened his door.

I can't take full credit for that. Something bigger than us was involved, consistent with one of the visioning statements to the effect that for each one of us, there are 10 angels helping open doors, guide our path, protect us, play receptionist for us, inspire us.

Visit to Incubator

Our visit to the incubator lab, which wishes to remain anonymous at this point, was amazing. Their facility is (my guess) approximately 4,000 - 6,000 square feet, currently being equipped with a wide range of measurement and experimental tools as well as office space. They already have their hands full with amazing projects, including one that is listed in our Top 5 Free Energy Technologies listing, so they're not looking for more. But I would imagine that if we found one ready to plug into their network, they wouldn't refuse looking at it. We are hopeful about establishing a long-term collaborative relationship with them.

# # #

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated May 17, 2012



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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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