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You are here: > News > April 28, 2012

NanoSpire, Inc. on Harnessing Cavitation Zero Point Energy to Produce Fusion and Transmutation in Water

The folks at NanoSpire seem to be on the cusp of something huge in knowing how to accurately tame cavitation forces. Energy is just one of the zillions of applications that range from microsurgery to element production.

"Cavitation could be to the 21st Century what Electricity was to the last century. The new prime mover." -- Mark LeClair

Nanospire Experimental Vessel

| Stream |

1:30 hrs

Interview > Listen | Transcription
On April 25, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with Mark LeClair, Serge Lebid, and Edmond Pope of Nanospire, Inc. as part of the Free Energy Now series.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

We recently posted a story about BBC's documentary: "Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity," which does an excellent job of reviewing the fascinating history of electricity and its many key players of the past two centuries. It is astonishing how rapidly the technology unfolded and how radically it changed how we live.

Before then, electricity was seen as a mystery of nature with no practical value. And even when scientists began to create electrical forces with various apparatus -- spark machines -- it was yet a while before they could do anything useful with it.

Today, electricity is the bedrock of technology and modern civilization.

The people over at NanoSpire suggest that we could see the same explosion of infinite capabilities from cavitation, based in large measure on the work they have done in the field over the past two decades. They are now to the point of showing how this force can be controlled and effectively utilized for everything from nano/micro fabrication, targeted drug delivery, and microsurgery; to energy applications such as photovoltaic solar, cost-effective algae oil extraction for producing biodiesel, and fusion. "We have a new prime mover."

In fact, they seem to think that most low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), or "cold fusion" methods, as they are called colloquially, probably are actually unwittingly deriving their energy from cavitation. They say that cavitation is the missing puzzle piece to properly understanding and optimizing LENR. "We are not first to discover fusion, but we are first to understand it."

I'm not sure how they would explain the "dry boiler" process that doesn't involved water, being developed by Brillouin, who I interviewed last week.

But they are not alone. The field of cavitation research is in its "golden age"; they are in "renaissance mode," with 800 -1000 patents being filed each year.

Interview with Nanospire

On April 25, I interviewed inventor, Mark LeClair, along with two of his associates at Nanospire, Inc. to talk about "Advanced Cavitation Reentrant Jet Technology for Alternative Energy & Nanotechnology". Also on the call were Serge Lebid, a co-discoverer of the phenomena and company co-founder; along with Mr. Edmond Pope, an advisor.

The first twenty minutes of the 1.5-hour interview requires you to concentrate carefully as Mark sets forth the science. He's obviously a genius, and I would guess that even professionals in the field of cavitation would have to concentrate to follow along. It's not that you'll be totally lost if you don't put on your Ph.D. thinking cap, I'm just advising you to be in that mode. The rest of the interview tones down to a more lay person level.

Press Release

Based in Maine, USA, they published a press release in February titled: NanoSpire, Inc. Successfully Harnesses Cavitation Zero Point Energy to Produce Dramatic Levels of Fusion & Transmutation in Water. I had a bunch of people send me links to the story, and now, finally, I'm getting around to giving it some coverage.

Here's an excerpt from the opening of their Press Release:

"Nanospire, Inc. is announcing successful completion of its investigation of fusion produced by the phenomena of cavitation in water, providing profound implications for the utilities and energy industries. Under the right conditions, cavitation, a form of boiling, can produce high speed jets as the cavitation bubbles collapse. NanoSpire has pioneered the controlled formation and aiming of these (known as re-entrant) jets, resulting in four recently issued patents."

And here is the opening paragraph of their executive summary:

"NanoSpire, Inc. was founded in January 2002 to commercialize a new generation of cavitation reentrant jet-based tools and processes. NanoSpire provides the first machine tool capable of cutting, drilling, welding, hammering, and annealing materials only a few nanometers in size by harnessing and controlling the energy of cavitation microjets. NanoSpire’s team has been invited to present at numerous nanotechnology conferences. NanoSpire won the prestigious Innovation Technology Award at the Nanotech 2003 + Future Conference in Tokyo."

"We have fundamental control over cavitation," Serge said in our interview. For example, they can control cutting in zinc oxide to within 2 nanometers.

"The perforated aluminum sheet and water that constitute the core of the device were apparently transmuted by a powerful neutron flux into macroscopic amounts (mg – gm) of all the elements. The coiled up aluminum sheet served to trap and amplify the neutrons and other radiation emitted by the NSR in the same manner as a neutron lens. The neutron flux was so strong, that the hole pattern of the perforated plate was burned into other nearby portions of the sheet in the form of a diamond coating, studded with all the elements." -- Executive Summary

click for enlargement

Nanospire Experimental Temperature Data, 2009, showing ~800 Watts in with ~3000 Watts out.

How it Works

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one. It's obviously very involved; but like anything else, our foundation of learning and background over the years now makes us able to comprehend and utilize something that previously was unattainable.

One of the mechanisms that stood out to me was as follows. This is an over simplification, I'm sure, but at least it will give you an idea of the general phenomena allegedly involved.

A simple pump is used to generate the cavitation bubbles. In the process of imploding, a solid crystal of water is formed that is involved in the burrowing effect. Zero Point Energy shows up in that process to drive it, pulling it along by its own shockwave -- which has been named the LeClair Effect -- and that in turn sets up the nuclear event (both fusion and fission are possible) where most of the heat energy is then manifest.

Apparently, lasers can be used to help direct the crystal.

And apparently, there are analogies between what is taking place in the cavitation process to what takes place during a supernova, the micro recapitulating the macro.

Mark said that what is going on here is different from sonofusion. He gave the reasons.

In early experiments, they produced 3000 Watts of thermal output, using just 800 Watts to run the pump (the only input energy required on their part). This COP of 3.4 is comparable to a heat pump, but would be cheaper to build and operate.

Confirmed by Dr. Edmond Storms?

Mark said that well-known cold fusion researcher, Ed Storms, formerly Los Alamos National Laboratories, performed SEM analysis for Nanospire, gratis, and though he doesn't necessarily agree with all of Mark's theory, he apparently believes that what they are seeing is real and novel.

I asked Ed Storms for his response, and he said:

"Sterling, I would state the quote differently. I examined the material sent by NanoSpire and saw nothing unusual. I have no reason to doubt the experience they claim, but I have no reason to believe it either. As for the theory, it makes no sense based on my understanding of science.  I wish them success."

Below is a rebuttal from Mark, along with an earlier statement made by Ed Storms.

Serge said he spoke with the late Dr. Eugene Mallove a number of times during the mid-90s specifically about fusion and cavitation and that he was a proponent of cavitation.

Cheap Energy

Their claims to the ramifications for the energy industry are just the tip of the iceburg of how big they seem to think cavitation will become.

The simplicity and ease of deploying this technology is, apparently, dumbfounding once you know what you're doing.

Mark predicted that a 3000 Watt heater could be built for around $200.

It might cost $2000 to build the reactor core for a million-watt system. "It would cost more to build the [standard] pump."

A 25 MW reactor might be the size of a desk.

On the other end of the spectrum, he said that a gigawatt reactor (the output of modern nuclear reactors), could be built for a fraction of the cost and complexity of a standard reactor. And it has the benefit of having no residual radiation waste to dispose of, as well as no possibility of melt-down.

Capital costs are very low.

While they are presently seeing coefficients of performance (COP) of 3.4, they expect to achieve up to 30 with the pump driven system and up to a million for a laser based system.

Regarding other energy applications, cavitation can be used to rupture algae cells efficiently so that algae becomes feasible as a fuel source. A thin substrate on photovoltaic cells could be laid down cost effectively, bringing the price down to pennies per watt.

Water as the Venue

Water is the required reaction environment, substrate, and reagent; but the amount of water that is consumed is negligible.

I asked Mark how much water would be depleted if today's entire energy industry were powered by this methodology. He didn't give a number, but said it would be negligible.

A Zillion Other Applications

For them, producing energy is a "side effect" of some very exciting phenomena that take place. Ed pointed out that if you have a bullet list of major applications, you could then list at least 1000 sub-applications under each bullet point.

For example, Mark claims that with this technology you can transmutate water into specific elements or families of elements on the periodic chart, which could come in very handy for producing things like phosphorous, which is very difficult to mine, as it explodes when exposed to air. Phosphorous is one of three primary ingredients of fertilizer, used extensively worldwide. You don't hear about a very real problem of "peak phosphorous". "Being able to produce it on large scale could prevent mankind from starving. It's essential for mankind's survival," Mark said.

Transmuted Particle Atomic Concentration vs. Atomic Number

They could also produce tritium, transuranic elements, precious metals. This could solve the stranglehold that China has on rare earth minerals -- another peak crisis that can be averted. It also mitigates the problems associate with strip mining and tailings in many of these operations.

Can you imaging having a pipe from which the final element emerges in a highly purified form?

"We could make more money making copper than what we would make from selling the energy generated while doing so."

Applying the technology to microsurgery, "you could cure macular degeneration." Microcatheters, made possible by this technology, could enable repair of heart valves. "A nanobot, armed with a canister of positrons, could create an artificial immune system."

The mixing capabilities open up a whole new range of pharmaceuticals. They could make lipozomes cheaply.

It could be used in food processing, painting, laying coatings down on materials, or removing materials: "You can add materials top-down or bottom up." 

Dissimilar materials can be welded together. You could hardface cylinders with diamond, with better adhesion. Stereo lithography is another area with vast applications.

Radiation Poisoning

In some settings, this cavitation array produces copious amounts of nuclear radiation. If precautions are not taken, researchers could be exposed to deadly doses.

Mark and Serge described a time when they were both exposed to a near fatal dose of radiation from their experiment, which sickened them for months. They had severe diarrhea, vomiting, non-stop sneezing, dry mouth, etc. The symptoms appeared 24 hours after the experiment and some of the symptoms lasted more than a year.

This is not something that do-it-yourselfers are going to want to tackle.


NanoSpire sees every industry benefiting from this technology. They would like to see every sector involved in research and development to come up with products for their sector in this new technology revolution. 

An energy company licensed by NanoSpire is being set up to commercialize these important discoveries. NanoSpire has structured itself as an IP holding company, to widely license its proprietary platform cavitation processing technologies. NanoSpire will broadly license use of fusion, zero point energy and transmuted element production. 

"We'd invite everyone to license this," added Mark.

Patent Protection

Mark is very insistent in seeing that people license with them and don't just go out and start building based on the four patents.

He stated emphatically that patent law does not allow one to do research and development based on the patent or to build one for one's own use. "Can't make, use, or sell. That constitutes infringement."

He did point out that there is nothing stopping universities outside the United States from trying it, but he said: "They would be better off working with us than independently".

Year from Market

On the energy front, Mark said that there is "not a lot of work-up to get this in commercial form. Almost nothing to it. Standard procedure."

He predicted that distribution could be under way within a year, if they obtain investments of a few million dollars. "For half a million, we could do our feasibility study. For five million we could achieve revenue."

In other applications, their patents are already being put to use by one prominent institution for drug delivery for treating cancerous cells, using the "double-bubble application -- one of the greatest discoveries ever."

Top 5 Candidate

As I ask myself the question of where these guys might fit in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies and runners up hierarchy, I'm going to go out on a limb here (not a first for me, of course), and place them in position #5. They are likely to climb higher as I get more information about them and increase in my confidence that they have what they say they have.

As more validations emerge, and as NanoSpire gets closer to market, they could move forward. If they truly have what they allege, then they could end up in position #1 in the long term for a long time.

On the other hand, if they are yet another group who overestimates their own value and overstates what they have accomplished so far and as well as what theyare able to accomplish, then they will be dropping downward in the list.

In the short term, their position is likely to be volatile, as those in the Top 5 move around like a neck-in-neck horse race.

P.S. On Ed Storms and NRL Radiation Testing

The following comment by Mark LeClair came on April 29, 2012 10:03 AM [MDT] in response to 1) the statement by Dr. Edmund Storms above, and 2) an email informing Mark LeClair about a postcript memo I posted in the section about radiation poisoning, that stated: "Other people at NRL who were also present during that 'exposure' incident, did not come down with the same alleged symptoms. Nor did they measure/detect any radioactivity, though they checked for it."


You need to allow more time for me to rebut before you jump to conclusions. Ed Storms made the comment below to me and the CMNS group, [at odds with] what he recently said to you.

As far as the NRL group is concerned, we have already stated to New Energy Times that the experiment was rigged. The NRL group promised that a gamma ray spectrometer would be present and cooled off for two days before the experiment, this never happened. They used a cheap hand held model instead. It still showed 20-50% increase above background, just like we observed in our previous experiments. A gamma ray spectrometer would have shown the energy level signature of the elements emitting the gamma rays. The neutron detector they provided showed no apparent sign of life and was never demonstrated to work to us before the experiment.

The pump was running at a low rpm during the experiment and "mysteriously" shut-off at the beginning. The extension chord powering the pump led into a room where we were not allowed. We believe a motor speed control was employed to slow down the pump so it would not cavitate and when the speed was turned down too far it shut off. None the less it did cavitate and sickened us a second time for another year. They all stood back away from the experiment while it ran and were not as exposed. We were never offered dosimeters and they didn't wear any either, presumably to avoid a record of the radiation emitted.

Attached image (click image to access original png)

Check out the attached picture. It is the clear PVC core enclosure used at the NRL experiment. The radiation burned the projected image of the perforated aluminum sheet core into the enclosure from neutron exposure.

Ed Pope helped directly arrange that experiment, but the NRL group didn't want him to attend. I suggest you ask him his opinion of what the NRL group thought about our work that got us in there in the first place.

Mark L. LeClair
CEO, NanoSpire, Inc.

-----Original Message-----
From: Edmund Storms 
To: cmns <cmns@****group>
Sent: Tue, Feb 1, 2011 2:54 pm
Subject: Re: CMNS: Call for Rossi Focardi Moratorium, Previous ML Posts to New Energy Times

Hi Mark, 

Just so that we are all clear about how to describe what you saw, let me explain some things *** does not understand. Two different types of nuclear reactions are now know; that which produces energetic radiation (1) and that which does not (2). Hot fusion and all nuclear reactions that are initiated by applying significant energy fall into the first category. This is the realm of normal physics. The one unique aspect of the other branch of nuclear physics is the absence of energetic radiation even though significant heat energy is generated. This branch includes cold fusion, which like hot fusion, results in fusion as well as transmutation. You triggered a reaction in the first branch by applying high energy. In addition, you triggered many kinds of very energetic nuclear reactions, not just fusion. Therefore, your reaction is not LENR or cold fusion. Nevertheless, the reaction you triggered is novel and unexpected. 


Then Edmund Pope (NanoSpire Advisor) provided the following response:

Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2012 10:52 AM [MDT]
Subject: Re: CMNS: Call for Rossi Focardi Moratorium, Previous ML Posts to New Energy Times


I remain convinced they are doing something with great potential but it has not been quantified yet either way. Yes, I did help make inroads at NRL, then I was denied permission to attend and observe. I was told this was out of safety concerns should stray radiation appear. I remain highly doubtful of that concern and if it were something to worry them, I should certainly have been allowed to be present for set up and post-analysis discussions but even this was not acceptable to them. 

Mark is stating pretty much what I know of that activity. I did speak with Dave Nagel, an old and highly regarded friend, who is now with George Washington University and is closely associated with the international LENR activities. I haven't spoken with Dave recently and do not recall precisely what he told me after the NRL experiment, but, if I recall the general description, he indicated that the NRL people did not detect radiation but that there were questions regarding the set up and instrumentation. With this in mind, Dave did not take a skeptical position of what he knows of Mark and Serge's work but more of an "as yet to be determined" view of what Mark and Serge are doing. 

I am eager to engage with Mark and Serge in a fully open, properly instrumented (to all) demonstration. There are many questions remaining to be answered but I am convinced they are on to something that offers great potential. 

Regards, Ed 

Then this additional info arrived from Mark LeClair:

Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2012 10:52 AM [MDT]


[...] I want to clarify that we were both sickened twice, once after the August 25, 2009 experiment and again d uring the April 12, 2010 experiment at NRL. We thought mistakenly that we were going to be safe at NRL with appropriate radiation detection equipment in place.

Blood tests were performed on both Serge and I by McMaster University in 2009, two months after the August 25th experiment. They did SKY cytogenetic assay dosimetry on us for free. The tests showed that we both had abnormal multiple gene breaks and translocations, evidence of radiation exposure.

I also want to say that we have shown far more data than the other companies in the fusion space, who have provided essentially nothing on how their devices work, or performance data to back up their claims. [...]

# # #

This story is also published at Examiner.


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