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You are here: > News > April 16, 2012

Is "Depression" Attitude Spurring Drought?

Now that we are seeing a major drought materialize as we enter a new Depression, recalling the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression, we can't help wonder if our collective outlook could affect the weather. If so, what could a good dose of free energy technology hope to do to reverse this?

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

One of the characteristics of the Great Depression of 1929–1939 was the "Dust Bowl" effect from severe drought, blowing away precious top soil, which exacerbated the difficult times.

Now, as we are entering yet another Depression (as judged by the man on the street; we can't trust what politicians and the mainstream presstitutes tells us), it's curious that we are now facing severe drought conditions again.

Is it more than coincidence?

Weather-Human Relationship?

Could it be that the general "depression" of the people sets up a collective influence on the weather? (And this sets up a corollary: could the solution be to restore hope, which the present emergence of free energy technologies offers?)

Before you dismiss such a possibility as being nothing more than new age fluff, take the following points into consideration:

  • People are electromagnetic. The earth and weather are electromagnetic. Is it that big of a stretch to consider that there could be a connection in both directions, the weather affecting our moods, and vice versa?
  • For those of you familiar with the effect of sun cycles on earth's weather, bear in mind that the sun and other cosmic phenomena also have electromagnetic properties, and thus could be involved in similar feedback play.
  • Have you ever heard of a person staring at a small cloud and wishing it away, and the cloud disappears? Have you ever done it? Try it some time when you're driving down a long stretch of road and don't have anything better to do. I have. It works, taking between 1-10 minutes.
  • On the micro level, for a couple of decades I've been aware of a principle that our physical maladies, whether it be a broken pinky, bump on the head, or cancer, are outward manifestations of emotional issues. As I've looked up my various injuries and maladies over the years, the description of the emotional counterpart has always been accurate/relevant. I can't help but think that the same kind of thing might be true on a macro level -- that the physical world around us responds to our collective emotional state. 
  • Think of the movie "The Secret" and the documentary "Thrive", which set forth the idea that we are masters of our destiny, and the attitude we adopt has tremendous power in shaping what materializes in our life, both individually and collectively. It is the ultimate manifestation of free will: Life is what we make it. Why couldn't that include the weather on a collective scale?

Feedback Loop of Depression

So the drought conditions during a societal Depression could be part of a feedback loop that is characteristic of depression. The depressed attitude of society fosters bad (sparse moisture) weather; and bad weather fosters depression.

I have found on a personal level that the best way to combat depression -- to break out of that feedback loop -- is to focus on things I'm grateful for. The circumstances haven't changed, but my attitude has; and before long, the circumstances usually improve, but they don't have to, as long as I focus on the positive and don't let the negative get to me; then the depression fades away.

In that equation, attitude is everything. One person in those circumstances could be mired in depression, their attitude feeding the negative circumstances. Another person in those same circumstances could be filled with hope, their attitude focusing on positive things and finding solutions to improve the situation. One is on their way down in a negative spiral; the other is on their way up.

Hope Provided by Free Energy Technologies Emerging

Enter the phenomena of free energy technologies emerging. Even though none of these exotic modalities is available for procurement yet, just the knowledge that several are on their way, and not too far off, provides an anchor of hope that can provide a very strong antidote to the tendency to depression in the bad times in which we presently find ourselves on this planet. Furthermore, the long list of ways anyone can help these things emerge can engender a feeling that there is something people can do to improve the situation.

In other words, the hope of free energy can be considered an Rx for the droughts, if enough people turn from their depressed attitudes that feed the drought on a collective level.

What Spurred this Article

Yesterday I was talking to an associate, who is not only a successful businessman, and free energy proponent, but has been very fortunate to hear of a Divine Principle of Mathematics which influences us through our names as well as our date of birth -- "our name is the way we think." I've found his personal input to me regarding the numbers that are at play in my life to be relevant and helpful. For example, he told me that 2012 for me will have the theme of "2", which conveys the meaning that it is a good time for taking initiative to take charge of my situation and create new things, making associations, promoting something using peoples ideas and people getting together.

He was pointing out to me that both the Dust Bowl of the '30s, as well as the drought that is now upon us, are a function of the depressed attitude of the people. The rain that predominated in Europe during World War II was likewise a function of the attitude of the people. The crazy weather patterns that we've been seeing in the past few years are in part a function of the huge differences in energy patterns from man's discord in his thinking; fear, hate; creating extreme low and high pressure systems; being exacerbated by things like HAARP and other man-made weather manipulation schemes.

I had not yet heard of the present drought. But within minutes of concluding my conversation with him, I opened an email that had the following headline:

US hit with worst drought in years - Climatologists say a dry spell devastating almost all of America is starting to worry the weather community during what is one of the worst droughts in recent years. In all, 48 of the 50 states in the US are experiencing at least moderate drought conditions, which could prove catastrophic for the country’s agriculture and economy if the trend continues. Coming off the heels of a disastrous drought season last year, 2012 could also be a record-book year if conditions persist, analysts warn. Massive dry spells cost farmers in the American South around $10 billion last year.

Then, as I awoke this morning, I got the urge to write a story about this.

Planting a Thought-form Seed

It might not make a difference in the short term, but the seed planted now could grow into a substantial thought form before too long. 

I believe in doing what I can to make a difference, and not feeling insignificant, like "what could one person possibly do to have any kind of effect?" This attitude of accepting responsibility has guided my adult life and has led to a fulfillment in making something of my life that I can feel good about, notwithstanding all the flack I get from people who just don't have the vision yet, or who are paid by detractors who stand to lose out (in their egos and short-term monopolies based on scarce and polluting resources) by the ascendancy of free energy technology.

In case you don't believe people are paid to post comments, I happen to know someone who told me his company gets paid to post positive comments on forums about particular companies or products. On April 3, he wrote:

Public commenting, in my opinion, is practically useless because more often than not, it’s not “public.” It’s mostly abused by corporate hires who fill discussion groups, blogs and forums with pro fill-in-the-blank. I know because my company has been hired by corporate for years to do that very thing.

I realize that this whole premise that human collective emotional state might effect the weather and vice versa may seem a bit of a stretch; but I'm sure there are a few of you out there who can see some of the possible correlations, and that there may be merit to this concept.

Whether or not the presentation of the emergence of free energy technologies as a point of hope will help mitigate some of the severe weather we're experiencing, it certainly is not going to hurt anything. Hope is good.

And once some of these modalities actually do begin emerging into the marketplace, they will indeed not only help the economy, individually and collectively, but they are poised to provide us with ways to better survive any inclement weather we might experience.

# # #

This story is also published at the Examiner.

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In addition to what is posted below...

On April 16, 2012, Mary-Sue Haliburton writes:

Based on the work of Reich and his disciples —Trevor Constable (who uses aircraft-mounted pipes), and James DeMeo (who uses the pipes grounded to water as developed by Reich) — there need never be drought anywhere. People need to learn to work with this life energy. DeMeo describes his desert-greening experiments in detail. In his view, nuclear plants are one of the causes of stagnant energy (DOR). This dryness-inducing condition is dispelled by directing orgone, thus allowing rain to occur normally. 

If rain dances or prayer can direct the orgone or chi "for the greater good of all" then we don't even need this device.

In a short article titled "Orgone and Chi", Trevor James Constable describes how an observant, and slightly clumsy, original thinker Wilhelm Reich discovered a method for steering the life-energy flow (ether) that controls the formation of clouds and the distribution of rainfall. 

"Sometimes, Dr. Reich would note that the atmospheric boil would reverse its direction of flow. He further noted that the reversal happened when there was a large low pressure system lying west of Maine. Could all this be due to a vast regional flow of orgone, or CHI? Dr. Reich kept studying these motions, without reaching any firm conclusion, until a small accident one day made a valid physical connection possible. This connection portended vast potential, including revolutionary revisions of physics.

"Construction was in progress in the buildings of the Reich facility in Maine. In a hollow in the ground nearby, a jumble of pipes, lumber and other construction items had been roughly stored. There were several inches of rainwater in this hollow, on whose edge Dr. Reich stood while making his observations of the lake. On this occasion, intent on his observations, he missed his footing and stepped down on to the pipes in the hollow.

"This caused one pipe to rise up as its opposite end was pressed down into the rainwater in the hollow. Dr. Reich was astonished to see the atmospheric boil above the lake's surface -– far out on the lake -- jump upward as though in response. He again pressed the crucial pipe end down into the water in the hollow. Again the atmospheric boil far out on the lake jumped in response. Repetitions confirmed the connection.

"This was action at a distance. Reich saw its significance, his genius aroused by the obvious possibility of controlling the orgone flow, and thereby controlling the weather. The earth's orgone energy (CHI), in a massive west-to east regional flow in the Maine latitude, could actually be reached, and influenced, by a pipe grounded at one end into water."

Go to  and click on menu item at left "Orgone and Chi" (near end of list. (There's no URL suffix to access it directly). Other articles in the sub-menu describe "etheric weather engineering" as practised by Constable, including his method of governing hurricanes.

* * * *

On April 18, 2012 8:29 AM MDT, Marshall wrote:

I would like to say that you are absolutely right on this article. I have argued for years that the reason the mid-east has a continuous drought, whereas thousands of years ago it was lush, is that the consciousness level of the people there swung from positive to negative.

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated September 04, 2012




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-- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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