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You are here: > News > April 4, 2012

Using Free Energy Environmentalism to Defeat the New World Order

Radical environmentalism has been pushed by the corrupt establishment as a reason to promote global enslavement to better control the masses. By supporting the emergence of free energy technologies because they resolve environmental and energy problems, humanity can simultaneously be freed from the conspirators.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Credit: Free Energy and Free Thinking  (which looks quite interesting)

Free Energy Benefits Pertaining to Freedom

  • The emergence of free energy technology into the marketplace can mitigate the economic collapse by creating hope and jobs -- a cushion to soften the fall. (Story | Story)
  • Free energy technologies foster independence from the grid and the powers that be. It's truly "power to the people" in a literal sense, empowering people to not be slaves to the system because they are no longer dependent on the system.
  • The hope that free energy technologies provide gives us a major antidote to the fear that the conspirators are trying to instill in society in their take-over.
  • Free energy technologies provide a way to survive when things fall apart, even providing a level of comfort during what otherwise could be very disturbing and uncomfortable times. The more people and communities that have free energy devices installed, the more robust they will be.
  • Free energy technologies provide a way to rebuild after the collapse. They will be a major component of the phoenix that rises from the ashes -- the metamorphosis of society into something enlightened, rather than oppressed.

Hi Folks at Infowars,

I'm guessing that one of the reasons you stay so far away from actively promoting the emergence of free energy technologies is because you rightfully have such an aversion to how environmentalism has been used by the powers that be (PTB) to push a globalist, totalitarian agenda.

Free energy technology has a lot of overlap with environmentalism, because it has to do with clean energy, sustainable practices, environmental responsibility, small ecological footprint, etc. So perhaps your aversion to environmentalism, as it is presently packaged, spills over into creating a feeling of aversion to free energy as well, because it is environmental by its very nature.

Yet you all know that these things in and of themselves are not evil, but are good, being abused/exaggerated/manipulated by the corrupt PTB to further their own wicked agendas.

Let me draw an analogy for you.

There is a scam going on right now on the web where people are advertising plans for the "Howard Johnson Motor" -- alleged to be a free energy device that can free you from you dependence on the grid; enabling you to cheaply, and easily build a device that can power your home. There is such a thing as a Howard Johnson all-magnet motor that worked. But what the scamsters do basically amounts to false advertising. They take the true science and exaggerate 1) how easy it is, 2) how cheap it is, 3) how much power it can produce.

That is essentially what the PTB have done with Environmentalism, turning it into a big scam to push their agendas.

Environmentalism itself is a good thing, but the PTB make stuff up to sound like environmentalism, and they exaggerate things to the point that their arguments are essentially completely fraudulent. That doesn't mean environmentalism is bad. It means the PTB are bad.

Now, here is the good news.

I predict that the PTB's pushing environmentalism will actually backfire on them and help lead to their undoing.

Here's why: Free Energy technology is very environmentally consistent. It provides a profound solution to the problems the environmentalists tout. So the environmental passion the PTB have raised through the planet is going to get fully behind the support of the emergence of these solutions.

There's a catch.

Not only are Free Energy technologies much cleaner (some actually reverse pollution), but they also empower the individual, make a central grid unnecessary, render oil as fuel obsolete, and provide a productive capacity to reboot the world economy. And all of those things will massively undermine the PTB machinery.

Free Energy will be to the PTB what Frankenstein was to his master, but in a good way as far as the planet and its inhabitants are concerned.

Furthermore, those promoting Free Energy are beginning to receive a measure of insulation for much the same reason. The amount of support is growing significantly because people want to clean up the Earth and they want affordable, renewable energy. This creates an unstoppable momentum. If the PTB start shutting down websites in their attempt to control people, ours (and sites like it) would be one of the last they would touch because it is so environmentally tied. They would be huge hypocrites to touch it because it is promoting the very solutions they have been admonishing when it comes to the environment.

The rise of Free Energy spells the demise of the PTB. And their push for environmentalism can be used to propel Free Energy forward.

So once again, I urge you to be more proactive in your promotion of the emergence of these breakthrough exotic free energy technologies as part of the solution -- a very real action item that every one of your listeners can get behind in one way or another. Stop resisting it and sidestepping it just because it sniffs of environmentalism. It's precisely that environmentalism that makes it unstoppable to render them obsolete.

The rise of free energy in the coming civilization will be what electricity is now to present civilization. And inherent in free energy is the freedom it engenders -- globally. That is the opposite of what the PTB are seeking with their New World Order, whose agenda is to bring about the destruction and enslavement of mankind.

Free Energy is the primary tool by which we can defeat them. It is our destiny.

Of course, a return to goodness and upright living will also be crucial to this metamorphosis.

I would argue that without such a moral revolution as well, the Free Energy destiny will not be ours to claim.

There are angelic forces working with us, and their assistance is contingent on our moral choices. Without a return to goodness, our fate will be to be destroyed and enslaved by the New World Order that we let get above us.

# # #

What You Can Do

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  2. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
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  4. Send an email to the Infowars team to encourage them to wake up regarding the solution that free energy technologies offer. Phone their office. Mention it when you call into their show. Let's badger them until they finally begin promoting free energy technologies as a solution.
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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated September 04, 2012




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-- Albert Einstein

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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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-- Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, (Feb. 1998)

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