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You are here: > News > March 18, 2012 Scam Newsletter Plagiarizes PESN

Giving us yet more evidence of their unethical modus operandi, in their newsletter today, the people at plagiarized an entire article we published in 2007, word for word, with no attribution, taking credit for it themselves. And their ad grossly exaggerates.

BeforeItsNews is now complicit in this scam, refusing to take down their ad for this fraudulent campaign. I have informed them that I will stop supporting their network if they don't remove the ad. -- Sterling, March 18, 9:25 pm

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Yesterday we published the following exposι in our news:

In preparing that article, I purchased their plans (then requested a refund), and apparently I was added to their newsletter.

This morning I received the first newsletter installation since making that purchase. 

Based on what I found in doing the story about their plans scam (grossly exaggerated claims on plagiarized documents), I was quite sure that the content in the newsletter would also be plagiarized. So I randomly grabbed a line of text, put quotes around it, and searched on Google. Not only did I find the singular source, but it turned out that it was plagiarized from us at PESN. As CEO of PES Network, Inc., I can tell you with 100% certainly, that we did not grant them permission to use that text, to which they gave no attribution whatsoever, but presented it as if they had composed it themselves. 

Here is the text of their newsletter, presented with no changes. Compare it to /2007/08/03/9500488_Kozeka_magnets_electron_spin/  They only modified the first sentence.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2012 8:42 AM
Subject: Is the energy in magnet motors coming from electron spin?

Hi Sterling,

We all know fossil fuels aren’t going to last forever.

The mechanical energy generated by magnetic force
from powerful permanent magnets such as
those made of neodymium has drawn
much attention over the years. 

Long ago, before we understood electron spin as
the source of magnetic fields, permanent
magnets were labeled as "conservative"
or "closed" systems.

(continued below ...)
Is Free energy “dirty”?

According to some green energy enthusiasts… it is!

They discovered a way to generate FREE energy
out of backyard dirt… and now they want
to show YOU how to save $1,000s with
this revolutionary Free “dirty” battery.

=> Read the full story here:

It was especially difficult then to imagine that
a small block of matter could deliver
continuously magnetic force and
mechanical energy (unless
the energy was in
a closed loop).

Today, we know that magnetic fields are generated
by the spin (on its axis) of electrons, and that
the electrons continue to spin whether
or not the magnet (magnetic field)
is put to work.

We also know that permanent magnets can be
made to do (mechanical) work for long periods
of time and show little or no decrease
in magnetic strength. 

Given that all permanent magnets must have
at least two poles (one North and one South),
their fields are therefore unevenly distributed,
polarized in shape as well as charge.

Accordingly, it is not difficult to imagine that
two magnets might be capable of doing
more work when pulling themselves
together (or push each other apart)
along one path compared
to another path.

In other words, magnets can be made to pull themselves
together (do work) along a path where the magnetic field
is stronger (resultant force in the direction of motion) and
then the magnets can be pulled apart along a path
where the magnetic field is weaker.

Several inventors have developed "magnet motors"
based on these, or related principles and have
been met with considerable skepticism and
even ridicule from the scientific community.

Many inventors and believers of magnetic motors argue
vehemently that the scientific community is wrong to
deny any possibility of perpetual motion.

Magnet motors that are supplemented with an external
energy source, such as in an electromagnetic
configuration are described as "putting out
more energy than put in".

Though well intended, these claims and statements
are incorrect and misleading.

Since energy can neither be created nor destroyed,
a perpetual motion machine will never exist and
we can never create more energy
from less energy. 

Proper arguments are needed to dispel the misconceptions
and misunderstandings surrounding permanent magnets.

Permanent magnet motors are not examples of perpetual
motion. Instead, the magnets provide a source
of electromagnetic force which can be
transformed into mechanical energy.

The electromagnetic force comes from the spin of electrons,
which is described by the scientific community as "intrinsic".

As early as 1921, Otto Stern and Walter Gerlach performed
an experiment which showed the quantization of electron
spin into two orientations.

This made a major contribution to the development
of the quantum theory of the atom.

Simply put, the magnetic force and the mechanical energy
generated by permanent magnets is an "atomic"
energy released continuously from the electrons.

More recently, quantum physicists have many speculations
about the source of the spin and related energy.

Nonetheless, the spin is real, the magnetic force is real,
the work generated by magnetic force is real, and
magnetic fields of permanent magnets
can be unevenly distributed

The world cannot afford much longer to continue using
fossil fuels as the primary energy source.

A crisis is eminent.

  We need the full support and expertise of the world's
scientific community to develop and exploit as soon
as possible the clean energy available from
permanent magnets.

We are likely to win that support much sooner and
easier if we avoid the temptations of using
words like "perpetual motion".

A model of describing permanent magnets as a source
of "atomic" energy derived from electron spin acting
as a gate to a vast energy source may promote
more constructive dialogue with, and support
from the scientific community.

Seymour Watts


If you wish to stop receiving our emails or change your subscription options, please Manage Your Subscription

Kaiax, Banking District, Global Plaza Tower 19th Floor, Panama , © 2012 All rights reserved.

Here is a screen grab from my Google search of the phrase "by the spin (on its axis) of electrons, and that" about five paragraphs down. Our story is the only return.

I chuckled when I saw that. 

They are so busted.

Then they have the gall to put "© 2012 All rights reserved" at the bottom of the page. The only thing they changed was the opening sentence, and they added line breaks. They lifted that entire article from us, without citing its source, taking credit for it themselves. I checked it sentence by sentence.

They picked a bad time to plagiarize us.
1) Just yesterday we wrote an exposι on them.
2) We just had a business attorney volunteer to help us.

I'd love to see these guys shut down, not just this time around, but permanently, so they don't keep popping up with variations on the theme. And it would be nice to make some cash from these guys who have been reaping the harvest of our work while spoiling the field. We have been a major force in getting the world to awaken to the promise of free energy. These guys have no interest in helping the planet, only scamming people out of their money.

Regarding their ad:

Is Free energy “dirty”?

According to some green energy enthusiasts… it is!

They discovered a way to generate FREE energy
out of backyard dirt… and now they want
to show YOU how to save $1,000s with
this revolutionary Free “dirty” battery.

=> Read the full story here:

That's the "Tesla Secret" video that I mentioned in our exposι yesterday.

First, bear in mind that this material is most likely (99.9% certainty) plagiarized as well. It's actually interesting science and probably works, putting out just a few watts. But it isn't cheap or easy to build compared to the amount of energy it produces. You're not going to be "saving" money by building it, and definitely not saving thousands of dollars. Grid power would have to get 100x more expensive before something like this started saving you money -- not to mention the inconvenience of building it and maintaining it.

Again: grossly exaggerated claims.


However, my friends over at BeforeItsNews are not convinced that this is a scam or unethical, and still are running the ad front and center on their site:

Let them know your thoughts.

I told them that if they keep running that ad, I'm going to stop posting our articles there and sending them traffic.

I'm sure they're making a lot of money from that ad, as it is especially suited to their audience who is open to and looking for free energy solutions. Chris Kitze <chris {at}>, who has been very supportive of the free energy quest, is digging in his heels on this one. Here are some of his justifications:

From: Chris Kitze 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2012 8:38 PM
Subject: Re: they plagiarized PESN: Fw: Is the energy in magnet motors coming from electron spin?

I think right now there are much bigger problems we need to deal with, Sterling.

From: Chris Kitze
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2012 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: scam ad still at BIN

I'll watch the whole thing, but I'm reasonably certain there will be few if any outright lies. They might suggest that if you had a big machine that sat there day and night generating power you could cut off the power company.

I actually think having an ad like this on the site is good. People are becoming aware of this new technology. 
Sterling, if it's $47 and people are satisfied with what they get, shouldn't they be able to spend their money any way they see fit, even if you and I don't believe it's the best for them. I remember seeing people when I was growing up with piles of plates, dolls and silver bars from Franklin Mint, thinking "what a rip off"....but those people were happy. They got what they bargained for and they loved showing those things off by keeping them in a nice case in their living room. I'll bet that only the silver bars are remotely worth what they paid for them, but they were happy with their purchases.

People gamble, buy pornography, fattening foods, etc. Where's the line? I'm not saying those things are right, but I'm not so sure selling these plans is wrong either.


From: Chris Kitze
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2012 6:43 PM
Subject: Re: scam ad still at BIN

Sterling, I'm going to have to do a real investigation on this. It all depends on the exact claims made in the ad. If they are selling plans to something and it doesn't cost too much, I'd look at it something more like a hobby and the people who build it are learning about these kinds of devices. I know you'll say "but people will assume free energy doesn't work"...something like that, but I'm actually looking at what people pay for, what they actually get and if they are happy with the merchandise they get.

These plans are actually available and you will likely receive something tangible when you'll get a set of plans. 


Because the free energy technology is so immature and untested, it's going to be like the early days in computers, when people bought kits or instruction sheets and built them themselves. Or when cars first came out, you had to build one yourself. One of the people who buys a kit could be the person who looks at it and says "if I just tweak it a bit over here" and it might be the magic that gets the whole thing off the ground, you never know.

On the other hand, if the ad actually states "buy this and you'll never get another electric bill"...that's a different deal and not a valid claim and we'll definitely pull the ad. I have a feeling these marketers are sophisticated enough to not make a claim that could get them sued, but now that you've brought this up, I'll look at it.

We haven't heard of one complaint from a person who bought these yet. Maybe they are just curious. If someone is truly dissatisfied, they should be able to get their money back and that's another problem if they don't and something we'd pull the ad for. If people buy it and they're happy with what they get, even if it doesn't work the way the $5K or $10K devices will work, I'm still fine with it. If you want a $5K or $10K device, you'll need to pay $5K or $10K, you won't get it for $100.

You should keep in mind that having an ad like this up on the screen is like promotion for free energy, it makes a lot of people aware of it. About 0.3% of the people who see it click on it and probably less than 3% of the people who click on it end up buying it. The other 99.7% who don't click on it, see something about free energy and they'll be ready for your message when you guys get the real commercial systems running. I don't see that it will leave a bad taste in people's mouths, but if you find someone who bought this and wasn't happy, you should send me their contact info.

While I'm venting, I should also express my disappointment that BIN keeps showing the skanky ads: "The 4 Dangers Destroying Men Today" showing what are essentially two prostitutes (barely covered) enticing men to click on the ad. Chris said that the people at BIN don't think those ads are in poor taste. I strongly disagree.

It seems to me that their desire to earn money is greater than doing the right thing, and that they have themselves become prostitutes, selling their souls for cash. Yes, sex and false advertising brings in money, but it is highly unethical and totally not in line with helping bring about a more enlightened world.

That they don't have a problem prostituting the name of "free energy" to the Howard Johnson Motor scammers is deeply disturbing to me.

Before Its News Refuses to Stop Facilitating the Scam 

Here is Chris' response after reviewing the evidence:

From: Chris Kitze 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2012 10:24 PM
Subject: Re: they plagiarized PESN: Fw: Is the energy in magnet motors coming from electron spin?


You are complaining about an ad you don't like because as far as I can tell you don't agree with what they are doing. It sounds like the company copied one of the articles from your personal web site and that, frankly, doesn't have anything to do with us. You should take that up with the company directly, as they are your copyrighted works. We don't have anything to do with that.

Our relationship is with a marketing company, not the company that sells the product. However, if there was a problem with the product, we would stop accepting advertising for it.

I just went through the video and purchased the plans. There are patents on file and as this wiki page attests:

Johnson said that his device generates motion, either rotary or linear, from nothing but permanent magnets in rotor as well as stator, acting against each other.[31] He estimated that permanent magnets made of proper hard materials should lose less than two percent of their magnetization in powering a device for 18 years.[32]

That's the reason it made it through the patent office. They figured it just used the magnetism to power the device and maybe that's all it does.

I haven't seen anything fraudulent or problematic with this. It's basically some information that could get some people interested in "over unity" energy production.

I haven't seen a single complaint from anyone about this offer. I looked online and didn't see any problems there, either.

Sterling, right now I've received actual plans for $47. I paid the money and got the plans. Whether I decide to do anything with these plans, get some ideas from them, etc. I got what I paid for. I've got a 60 day money back guarantee if I don't like it. I'll probably keep the plans just for the fun of it and look at them later next week.

If you don't want to do business with us....don't. 

Just let me know and I'll send you a final Paypal.

It's your choice. We'll wish you the best either way.

I'm going to give you some advice, Sterling, since you're giving me advice on how to run this site. Go make your South African over unity system work. Quit wasting time on things like this. You've probably spent several hours worrying about people wasting $47 on our site -- for people who haven't complained. I just wasted a couple of hours on this and ended up with the result I expected...I have ZERO problems with this offer. The biggest problem I see from entrepreneurs is when they lose focus and waste time on something they get emotional about. Also, most people I've seen with an ax to grind or if they have the zeal to "save the world" they don't usually end up making any money.

Go make your SA system work. Once it does, I'll buy one from you!



Here is my response to Chris:

From: Sterling Allan 
To: Chris Kitze 
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 7:06 AM
Subject: Re: they plagiarized PESN: Fw: Is the energy in magnet motors coming from electron spin?


Why can't you see that the primary problem here is not one of the contents of the plans. I'm not nearly as concerned about the plagiarizing (they plagiarize the Bedini SG plans and don't give credit).

If they advertised: "Get the Howard Johnson and other plans to help your R&D effort and eventually come up with a solution that could help provide cheap power for the planet", I wouldn't be complaining. Nor would they be selling very many.

The problem is false advertising.

Their ads and their splash page focus on:
- you can save tons of money on electricity and possibly even become independent from the grid
- the plans are easy
- you can do this for less than $100
- around 2 hours

None of those statements are true in the least.
- the only plans they have that produce energy generation are from their "Tesla Secret" plans (not the Howard Johnson plans) that are also included, and those produce a few watts, while taking a lot more time and money to build than could be justified for saving any money.
- they are not that easy
- to scale up the Tesla Secret plans to power your house would be much more expensive than a Solar Power system -- certainly not "less than $100"

Before Its News has been adequately informed. You are now culpable in the scam. I refuse to have anything more to do with BIN until you remove those unethical ads that play on people's desire to make a difference but don't empower them to do so to the extent advertised.

It is false advertising.

Few people have the knowledge I do to see this clearly, so no, they are not going to complain. The plans appear legitimate to the untrained.

But I can absolutely assure you that there is not one single person who is substantially saving money on home power because of these plans, in contrast to the lie that "Seymour Watts" claimed: "102,412 people".

It is a scam: promising one thing, but not delivering on that; all to rake in money.

The reason I brought so much attention to their plagiarizing our PESN story in their newsletter was to illustrate their ethics: none. I proved that they have no compunction to stealing and lying.

I am very disappointed with you and the BIN team for being so reluctant to see this, just to keep the cash cow milking -- all at the expense of truth.

You know the story of the boy who cried wolf. When a genuine system comes along, people will be slow to believe it because of scams like this.


Then Chris responded:

From: Chris Kitze 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 8:27 AM
Subject: Re: they plagiarized PESN: Fw: Is the energy in magnet motors coming from electron spin?

Sterling, I think we've got a philosophical disagreement that won't get resolved.

I'm not going to pull the ads. It doesn't have to do with the money, we have enough money to live without this advertiser. 

You can do whatever you like. I'll be leaving your anti-BIN story on the site, but I'll be adding a comment of my own explaining BIN's position on this matter. I think it's a good example of the way we run our site. We let the people decide for themselves. If they don't want to buy the product, no one is forcing them to buy it.

I've reviewed everything and I don't think people actually have the impression that for just $100 they are going to power their entire home. Plans to something can be valuable, in fact, if you want to get plans to build a home over the internet, they can be quite expensive. Not everyone who buys plans decided to build a home.

People are offered a money back guarantee. If this is such a scam, just ask for your money back. End of problem.

You should really think long and hard about this, Sterling. When people ask you "if this is such a scam, did people get their money back" and you have to honestly answer "yes, they got their money back". You will look like a fool. I'm telling you this from experience. No one is going to care about this if people are offered their money back. There is no harm and no damage.

This points to the real problem around the free energy systems. Look at the people involved. They are mainly wishful thinkers. Some of them are frauds, but many of them have actually seen free energy systems work and some can repeatedly make it work -- there is definitely something worthy of more investigation.

The reason free energy isn't already successful is the people involved are keeping it that way. They are bitter losers who are so worried about someone stealing their ideas, "plagiarizing" other's works, it's as if the most important thing is getting credit for themselves, not having a successful technology or company. Once people get past themselves, it will be a success. Don't tell me what someone else did to you and how unjust it all is, go make a good product yourself and sell it to people. We'll be happy to trumpet it all over our web site.

Maybe there are some patents that someone else has that are infringed. The right way to deal with this is to have the patent owner go to court to get an injunction against this company and they'll have to stop marketing the product. Then you'll get your wish. It's actually a huge amount of time and money to do this and it will take away from real productive work you could be doing for little or no upside for anyone. 

In fact, GM, Apple Computer, Intel, almost every company get sued for patent infringement every day. No one pulls the ads because of one of these lawsuits. Until something is proven in court, products and ads don't get pulled.

You also need to understand that ideas are free to "plagiarize". The expressions of ideas can be copyrighted and if something gets patented, they can protect the exploitation of their idea because it's concrete and protected by law. Otherwise, these things are free. People who have these protections have to enforce them, themselves, it's really not our problem. 

If people who ask for a refund aren't getting one, or they build this device and it sets their home on fire, that's a different matter and we'll take prompt action because that's causing harm.

In the meantime, I wish you success and the best in your free energy endeavors.



I responded:

From: Sterling Allan 
To: Chris Kitze 
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 8:35 AM
Subject: Re: they plagiarized PESN: Fw: Is the energy in magnet motors coming from electron spin?


You are totally missing the point.

I don't really care about the plagiarism nearly as much as I do about the false advertising to people who don't know better, so they end up falling for the scam out of false hope.

I know better, so it's my obligation to inform people. And once informed, people are no longer not gullible -- and now that you have been informed, you are now culpable in propagating this scam.

I now see you as having no higher ethics than these scammers.

It's a huge shame.

I had such high regard for you.


Contact Chris Kitze:  

p.s. Coast to Coast AM is still displaying the ad too.

# # #


What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  2. Click to tweet: 
  3. Whenever you see one of these Johnson Motor ads, inform the site that it is a scam, linking to this site to make your argument.
  4. Contact ClickBank to complain about their hosing of this scam, requesting that they remove/ban the vendor from their service.
  5. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.
  6. Donate to PES Network to help us keep this news and directory and networking service going.

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan  
Last updated September 04, 2012 




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