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You are here: > News > March 18, 2012

Johan's Free Energy Charger Trips up the Weather?

Bob Boyce, who helped Johan get his free energy charger (from surroundings) going a couple of years ago, is concerned about the "dangers" of the technology if not done properly -- not just melting wiring in a home; but disturbing local weather, creating killer storms.

Here I am with Bob Boyce, with a little tornado superimposed behind us.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Four days ago, we reported that Johannesburg inventor, Johan, is working with us at PES Network, Inc. to open source a circuit design that enables a battery to be recharged from ambient energy from the surroundings.

I got a phone call on Saturday from Bob Boyce who was concerned about the "dangers" of the technology that Johan is wanting to open source after he comes up with a variation that doesn't impinge on Bob's Hex circuit.

My first reaction was, "So what? Any energy device has dangers associated with it. You just take precautions and be careful."

But then he started talking about weather patterns, vortexes, storms, tornadoes and hurricanes. One person he knows (who I also know) allegedly brought in a major storm that caused a lot of damage and even resulted in the loss of life.

That's a level of "danger" that I had not considered.

This calls to mind the work of David Wells who discovered that the simple Newman motor he had built was effecting the weather, even at great distances.

Bob said that these things can be prevented by a careful deployment of the technology so that the units are in balance with each other, across the planet. But the idea of just letting anyone out there in the world have this technology to play with it and deploy it however they want is very unsettling to Bob. "I'm not going to be a party to it."

Someone tinkering with a circuit, adjusting things the wrong way, could inadvertently bring a destructive storm and throw even larger weather patterns out of whack.

He said that the remotely-related Fuel-Free Generator being introduced by the S. African company isn't a problem because it is "in balance." Also, the physical limit of the rotating system keeps it from running away and going into what Bob describes as "cascade". 

He said a solid state system can create a rapidly rotating vortex that couples into the "longitudinal energy field," creating a "time dilation energy and field." The vortex of energy goes up into the sky above it, and spins into space; and goes down into the earth. This is part of what causes the electrical energy to show up in the circuit; but the "side effect" is a disruption of the local weather. That seems quite a dire side effect of generating some free energy. "Using lower power for a longer time, can create a Hurricane; while using high power over short time can spur a tornado."

I remember someone telling me about Johan seeing a little storm cloud form above his house when he was using his circuit.

Bob said there were also some other issues Johan saw when experimenting with this. The circuit apparently created an electrical problem in the wiring in his home. Not only did he burn out the toroid in his circuit (from a cascade event), but he burned out some electrical lines in his home, including the wire from his home to the pole. 

I vaguely remember something along those lines back when I was talking with Johan when we first told about his charger system back in November 2009; and that is what came to mind when he talked about "some dangers involved."

Bob says that he's seen undesirable effects showing up when two devices are closer than 100 feet from each other.

These electrical and weather issues are why Bob abandoned sharing this knowledge with the confidential group of people I had pulled together two years ago. "Too dangerous."

There is a wide spectrum of "dangerous." On one extreme is poking yourself in the finger with a needle. On the other extreme (e.g. with the Hadron Collider) is the possibility of annihilating the local universe (source: a guy I sat next to on my flight to Amsterdam last month on the way to Johannesburg, who resigned in protest from the Hadron Collider project). Apparently, this technology Johan is developing, if not done properly and carefully, could land on the spectrum closer to the latter than the former.

I asked Johan about what I wrote above, and he said:

"This is true. I have had this discussion with Bob as well, a long time ago; and I did once generate a vortex above my house while busy experimenting with this stuff. I am hoping to redesign the circuit, though, to take care of the dangers involved, whilst still producing the same charging effects. Spinning motors are inherently much safer. If the circuit design I am working on now works right, it shouldn't be a problem. In principle, I agree that it should be something safe and not weather-changing."

Besides the "danger" issues, Bob is also not happy about what he perceives to be intellectual property violations with Johan talking about open sourcing a variation of this technology. "It's the CONCEPT that I developed. That's my IP, not just the device itself; the methodology."

Hopefully all this can be ironed out in a satisfactory way.

Progress Report

I would like to thank all of you who have donated so far to help this project move forward. It has been a huge morale booster for Johan, who has been getting antsy just sitting on this stuff without seeing it move forward into practical use worldwide. In the first three days, we've pulled in nearly $4,000. Just another $1,000 before we meet the goal for Step 2.

North Point Charity, which we reported on a few days ago, has put up a tax-free donation page (U.S.) for Johan's project.

On March 16, Johan wrote: "Tomorrow will be dedicated to testing, making a video and developing a similar circuit to the hex controller."

Then on March 17, he wrote: 

"I was just busy reprogramming the hex controller, when the Atmega48 chip I was using blew. This was the code I was going to load now, and then make a video about it. So apologies for that, but now it's back to the shop to order (a few more) new chips. I will report back again as soon as I have those and [have] reprogrammed them."

I agree with Bob and Johan that a technology that can have dire "side effects" with the wrong adjustment should not be open sourced. Hopefully, Johan can come up with a benign version that more closely resembles the S. African FFG, being in balance, while producing practical amounts of energy.


In addition to the comments below

Greg, on the Johan_FE forum, just posted this:

This is interestingly strange. My last private communication with Bob was almost 6-months ago, but still, he never issued any cautions to me. In fact he was supportive of what I was/am doing with his technology re: my poly-phase controller instead of the HC. You would think he would have said something to me other than "... you stand a good chance of making it work ...", etc... or I'm a fool for accepting his moral support. He did say in an email 6/20/2011:

"Right now is not a good time to be working with the toroidal tech, it no longer functions. The dark energy density is too low and is falling rapidly,...", etc. What do you say to that? Oh well.

Someone else, who has done a lot of R&D on these types of systems, wrote: (slightly edited)

My feeling about the weather effects is that is is all CRAP.  I have seen nothing at all so far; and with all the work I have done I have seen nothing.
Bob has told me all the time about this; and I still have not seen anything.
But I don't want to go against Bob.

Mark Dansie wrote: (slightly edited)

As you know, I come across many strange and different types of people in my travels. I met up with Bob once and have a soft spot for him. He is a generous, kind-spirited person, and has helped many people especially in designing Hydroxy devices. I admit some of his beliefs and claims are outside my realm of reality and understanding, but as a person I like him. 

This week I testing a unit inspired by him, and I can tell you his advice contributed a lot to the design of what I consider the most efficient, well designed and best performing cell I have ever tested or seen. Sometimes in all the noise there can be some real gems; and I have seen that with Bob's work. I guess what I am saying is sometimes there is more to life than just logic.

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Other ways of sending funds can be found at 
See Tally

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews and Examiner.

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