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You are here: > News > March 17, 2012

Howard Johnson Magnet Motor Scam Hosted by ClickBank

As of at least April 4, 2012, it appears that Clickbank is no longer hosting this scam. Now the scammers have moved over to for hosting this scam. Please direct your protests there.

ClickBank has been hosting a vendor that claims to have developed plans for a magnet motor that will power a house using less than $100 in parts, taking maybe a couple of hours to build, even by "newbies" -- obviously bogus. Furthermore, at least some of the plans are misnamed and plagiarized.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The following has been sent as an open letter to ClickBank regarding the Johnson Motor free energy plans they are allowing to be sold on their site.

Click Sales Inc 
917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200
Boise ID 83706 USA
Fax: 1-559-210-0502

March 16, 2012

An open letter

To Whom It May Concern:

(Carbon copy to /2012/03/15/9602058_Howard-Johnson_Magnet-Motor_Scam_Hosted-by-Clickbank/)

I am a professional in the Free Energy field, owning, with a special interest in magnet motors. Our Magnet Motors page is unparalleled on the web. Google "Magnet Motors" and our PESWiki page is the first non-ad, non-video page that appears in the listing. Here is a photo taken March 15, 2012 of me with a Bedini SG motor I built, and a Howard Johnson motor shell that a friend sent to me years ago.

Here's a video (881,000+ views) of me demonstrating another magnet motor attempt (that we never got to work), as well as the Bedini SG at a TeslaTech conference in Salt Lake City in 2006.

I'm all for free energy and magnet motors. I've been seeking out and promoting such technologies for a decade.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the "The Johnson Motor" plans at  being sold through ClickBank by johnmot12 are a SCAM.

Over-the-top Claims

Here are some of the totally bogus claims made in their landing page presentation:
• cost a little under $100 to make
• could power your house completely
• build in as little as 2 hours
• easy to build for a complete newbie
• changing thousands of lives
• sell power to the grid

You don't have to have a high IQ to see the blatant fallacy of these claims. It's super simple accounting. An inverter, alone, that enables grid tie, costs several hundred dollars, and that's one of the most cheap components in a home power capability. Not very many states will pay you for power you send back. It's the exception, not the rule. Just installing an already-built home power device takes several hours by highly-trained people. It's certainly not something "newbies" could do. Would you want "newbies" playing with kilowatts of electricity?

To use an analogy, it's like saying the average three-year-old could build a 7-tiered wedding cake in half an hour for just under $10 in supplies. Absurd. Overall, the claims are about as believable as Obama's birth certificate. No matter how much someone wants to believe it, it's a fraud, as anyone who honestly looks will see.

Howard Johnson himself did not have a robust device able to power a home. His unusually-shaped and composed magnets are very expensive (thousands of dollars) and difficult to source (China?). Some of the most brilliant people I know have been unsuccessful in replicating his device.

In the decade I've been tracking these things, I only know of one person allegedly powering an entire house with an all-magnet motor (2+ years continuous); and it wasn't based on Howard Johnson's design, and it cost in the region of $10,000 in parts. He values it at $150 million for someone to buy him out and take it to market, otherwise he'll do it himself, and he's not in a hurry.

That's the ONLY device I know of that is allegedly powering a house (I've not personally witnessed it). There aren't "thousands" of people out there powering their houses with such a technology. If there were, I would be the most likely person to know about it.

Here are a couple of ads they use on websites for their affiliates to send traffic to their sales page:


Obviously, that is not an actual photo of their alleged device. It is of a standard motor -- a stock photo they found somewhere on the web. Can you think for a second that that device could be built for less than $100 in parts sourced from the local hardware and electronics store, taking a couple of hours to build, and be assembled by "newbies"? That is an example of the over-the-top exaggerations made by this scam.

Round-About Trip to Download Page

Once you click on this vendor's "buy" button and enter your credit card info to pay the $47, you are taken to a "one-time offer" page to spend an additional $47 to get plans of how to build your own solar panel "from scratch in your own garage... even if you have NO tech skills... and NO experience whatsoever!"

Do you believe that? And if the Johnson motor really worked as claimed and is as cheap and easy to build as purported, why build a complicated solar panel when you can build a device to power your home for under $100? Total bullsh*t.

If you pass on that offer, you're next taken to yet another sales page offering plans to 1) Build Your Own House, 2) Build Your Own Batteries, 3) Make Your Own Biodiesel; for another $47.

Still not to the download page. If you pass on that offer, the next page makes yet another offer, this one for a video showing someone building his own solar panel, and that only costs $27.

What's on the Download Page

When I finally got to the download page, and downloaded the JohnsonMotor.pdf document, here is what I found, briefly:

  • On p. 132: "JohnsonMotor Simplified", is actually John Bedini's patent-protected School Girl motor plans. I know, because I was given permission by Bedini in 2004 to publish those for the first time at PESWiki. I was the first one to replicate it, based on those plans (see above photo). My mother-in-law, was the second. It took us several days each. 
  • Background information on Howard Johnson, copied from writings found on the web, including some of Tom Bearden's work, which I'm sure he did not give them permission to use. I can't even post Bearden's stuff without getting in big trouble with Tony Craddock, who owns all the copyright permissions to Bearden's stuff. He won't let HARDLY ANYONE use it. Maybe Bedini.
  • Copy of HJ's patents (public info, no problem there).
  • Guides about principles to bear in mind when attempting to replicate the HJ magnet motor, which is gathered from around the web.
  • Virtually no references to where the material came from, other than the patents.
  • On p. 65+ are some photos (e.g. shown just below) of a HJ motor replication attempt, which closely resembles the HJ motor shell shown in my photo above, which didn't work. Those machined components certainly are not something that any "newbie" could build and assemble, and certainly would cost many times more than $100.
  • No photos or video are provided showing an actual alleged operational Johnson Motor capable of powering a house, or anything else.
  • There are no instructions in the JohnsonMotor.pdf document that describe how to build the motor that is shown in the "Building the Johnson Motor" 4-part video demonstration (which is not an Johnson Motor design, and is thus misnamed).

JohnsonMotor Simplified

Regarding the Bedini School Girl Motor, which the "JohnsonMotor.pdf" document is calling the "Simplified" version of the Johnson motor:

  • Those are the only plans in the entire document that could qualify as "simple", but certainly not "less than 2 hours", unless you don't count all the time it takes to source the materials, build the stand, etc.
  • Those plans have virtually nothing to do with Howard Johnson's motor or patents, other than that they deal with energy. They cannot accurately be called "Howard Johnson".  They are "John Bedini's", and are protected by his patents.
  • They involved electromagnets and are not an all-magnet motor, as the Johnson Motor was.
  • They take energy from an input battery to charge up other batteries on the output side, usually with a net loss of energy, so that the charge capacity in the collection of batteries gradually drops.
  • I don't know of anyone powering anything useful with that system -- certainly not the "School Girl" iteration. It was a learning tool, not meant to be a practical embodiment.

On the downloads page, before you get to a plans download link, you are first treated to four videos showing "how to disassemble an electric motor in order to begin its transformation into the extraordinary Johnson Motor." It shows a craftsman, step by step, taking the coils out of an electric motor and replacing them with permanent magnets, both in the rotor and in the stator, then reassembling those into its casing, then connecting it by a pulley to a small generator.

Here is a screen capture of the end result:

Personally, I'm intrigued by this video, as it seems to show how to build an all-magnet motor by retrofitting a regular motor with magnets instead of windings. I doubt that the plan compiler is responsible for that design. It's most likely something they also copied from elsewhere on the web without giving attribution or getting permission. I'd like to know its source.

The skeptic will say that underneath that light bulb, where the video showed him cutting a hole in the board, is an electrical source that is both powering the light bulb and the generator/motor, which is powering the "magnet motor", not the other way around, as is being sought to be illustrated. That certainly needs to be ruled out.

In my opinion, this video series is the most redeeming aspect of the package; but when I know how unlikely it is that these guys are the ones who truly came up with this, the appeal is lost.

Let me ask you. Does that project (which is not mentioned in their pdf plans) fit their criteria of 1) costing less than $100, 2) being made from materials you could get from the local hardware and electronics store, 3) able to be made in less than 2 hours, 4) able to be done by a "newbie", and 5) able to power your house. 

Regarding that last claim, look at that tiny bulb -- barely being lit. Maybe 10-30 Watts maximum. A house needs 1-10 kilowatts, 100 times as much as is illustrated in that video.

Are these tasks something a "newbie" could handle? Cutting the windings off the rotor; drilling holes in the rotor to enlarge the holes to fit, mixing two reagents of glue together to create a bonding agent to fasten the shaft to the inside of the rotor, soldering, etc. The guy doing the demonstration is a skilled craftsman.

And the result of all that time, materials, and skill? Lighting a small bulb, barely -- if it's not being powered from under the board by a hidden source.

Even if that is a real video, it doesn't fit the description of the sales page. Not even close. And the video is probably a recent addition from something they found elsewhere on the web.

That motor was less than $100 to obtain. It certainly wasn't found at the local hardware or electronics store. Nor would I call that disassembly something a "newbie" could do. Part of the process involves using a small saw -- a variety that very few people would have in their home. I don't have one.

Then, "In part 2 of Building the Johnson Motor, you'll discover the easy way to rebuild the rotor for your Motor. Also, you will learn which kind of magnets you will be using, where to mount them, in which position, number and polarities." One of the steps is to use a drill to enlarge the rotor holes -- a step that only do-it-yourselfers would be comfortable doing, thus again ruling out "newbies", unless you want major lawsuits for people hurting themselves because you said a "newbie" could do these difficult and dangerous tasks.

I also took a look at the "Tesla Secret" videos on their download page, which again portray the building of a functional system -- thought not practical one. It results in a unit that has to be staked in the ground with a tall antenna, hooked up to a power controller and a battery and inverter before producing a few clean watts to recharge a cell phone. Again, it's interesting science, but it's not practical, not cheap, and not "newbie" easy. And it's probably not the intellectual property of the compilers. They most likely took that without permission as well.

Now Therefore...

Given these points of violation of your terms of service . . .

  • False advertising
  • Using copyrighted/patented information without permission.

I request that you remove johnmot12 as an unethical vendor. There is no doubt they just made up most of the stuff in their sales page to sell their e-book, and they know full well that it is a scam. 

You are hereby publicly put on notice that you are participating in this scam by allowing them to sell their book through ClickBank. You are now culpable.

ClickBank's History of Ignoring Scam Evidence

The reason I am making such a public spectacle of this correspondence with you is that the last time I tried to bring a scam (Magniwork) to your attention, almost a year had passed before you finally took action. (This present scam has a lot of the same ear markings, including using the Bedini SG plans, as the Magniwork scam. I wouldn't be surprised if it's being run by the same group.) I'm tired of seeing this JohnsonMotor scam plastering their bogus ad all around the web, and I want this taken care of right away.

If you had done even the smallest due diligence, you would have seen our previous article published on October 4, 2011 about what previously was called the "HoJo Motor" at /2011/10/04/9501926_Letter_to_Hojo_Motor_Plan_Scammers/  Plenty of other people are finding it before purchasing the present scam e-book. We're averaging over 600 visits a day on that page from people searching for information on it and finding our page. That is an astonishing number for a story half a year old. We have not posted any recent links to that page -- not since we ran it last October.

Please take quick action to both remove this vendor and ban them from ever posting a similar ad on your service again.

Why Customers Don't Complain Much

I'd be curious to know how many people get the plans and then ask for the refund, realizing they are bogus. Here are some likely reasons why people have not been seeking refunds (those who haven't):

  • The marketing is brilliant. Those who don't know much about energy will feel like they made a good investment; and "some day" they might actually try to understand it and build it.
  • The download page has some interesting info, so they feel like they got their money's worth; even though the plans do not deliver on their ultimate promise (cheap power for your home).
  • The story of Howard Johnson is amazing, so people feel satisfied with the product and the idea of what "might be", but they decide not to give it a try themselves.
  • It's conceivable that a very motivated, skilled researcher could use those plans and actually get a Johnson Motor to function, though it probably wouldn't put out much power.
  • They see the "Simplified" plans, agree they are simple, but realize that they are not going to be powering anything significant, so they don't attempt to build it.
  • They build the "simplified plans" and enjoy the learning experience, even though it doesn't result in a power-generation device.
  • Too embarrassed that they were had, and just write off the $47 as a stupid mistake

Same Warmed-Over Scam

I asked John Bedini's associate, Rick Friedrick, about this scam, to confirm that they did not give these people permission to use their material. He replied:

"Yes, this group of people or similar people do the same thing every year or so. They copy the stuff we put online for free or copy my kits or our videos and present it in an oversimplified form with exaggerated claims. This latest has reached us many times. Unfortunately they are not accessible and it is usually a waste of time to try and go after them. They prey upon gullible people and will just change their names the moment you go after them."


I would encourage anyone who is reading this, who has purchased those plans in the past 60 days to send them a link to this story and request a full refund.

I will be encouraging people to contact ClickBank as well, to lodge their displeasure at ClickBank's complicity in this scam. And I will be encouraging them to notify any affiliates/advertising platforms about this scam as well, to have these ads removed from their sites.

Giving Free Energy a Bad Name

It does not serve the purpose of free energy propagation to allow such scams to run so rampant. When something genuine comes along -- and there are several things percolating (take a look at our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing at -- people are going to dismiss it, thinking it's just another scam. Shame on you for contributing to that calloused skepticism.

Because there are legitimate free energy devices emerging that will be much cheaper than present grid pricing for energy, and because there is so much corruption by the present establishment, and because the advertising pitch is very well done (putting the brain on pause), many people are falling for this Howard Johnson Motor scam being hosted on your service.

I got the below (and above) ad image from the website, where I've been a guest three times to talk about free energy; which, I would imagine, is why they accepted the ad, not realizing it is a scam. Millions of people are seeing that ad alone. 

I sent C2C  an email a couple of weeks ago, informing them that this Johnson Motor thing was a scam, but apparently they didn't receive it, or they thought this ad was different from the HoJo scam. 

But they will be seeing this story, I'm sure. Many of my readers will make sure of that.

Do you want this kind of reputation? I hope not.


Sterling D. Allan

Click here do download a pdf version of the document above that was sent March 16, 2012; 8:45 pm.

For lodging complaints and disappointment and seeking refunds, the JohnsonMotor email address is 

I sent them the following email:

To the "JohnsonMotor Team",

1) I would like a refund of my $47.
2) I would like your comments/input on a story I've composed at /2012/03/15/9602058_Howard-Johnson_Magnet-Motor_Scam_Hosted-by-Clickbank/

I plan to have this as our feature story for March 16. I was going to run it March 15, but got involved in analyzing it more than I had first expected.

You can expect to be contacted by the Bedini and Bearden interests, whose material you have taken without permission. I've informed them of this.

I'm also encouraging all your customers who read my story to seek a refund.

If you have a rebuttal, it better be good, and be backed by evidence.

Let me talk to even one person powering their house because of these plans. Let me see photo and video evidence. I'd love to make a trip to go see it for myself.

If this is real (which I'm sure it is not), I would become your greatest advocate.

But because this is a scam, your time is up. This story will bring you down -- unless you have a good rebuttal.

Here is their response (form letter):

To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 3:03 PM
Subject: Man Gets Back On Electric Company For Almost Destroying His Family

Hi Sterling,

Three years ago, John Russel was face to face with sheer poverty.
And if that alone wasn`t frightening enough, the growing pile of unpaid bills
and the harsh sacrifices to cut costs were causing fight after fight in his family …
and that was heartbreaking for John.

So one day, he decided to rebel against the greedy corporate fat cats
that sucked his money like a hoover and save his family
from poverty and unhappiness.

What he did was truly amazing and he was so thrilled about the results…
that he wants to share his success “recipe” with everyone else.
You can read all about it here:

=> Click here to find out more

John has already helped 102,412 people slash their electric bills by up to 75%...
and saved their families form the nasty, useless fights over heating bills,
paychecks and loans… and gave them back their peace and freedom.

If you care about your family`s happiness too, discover the super-affordable way
to break your addiction to Big Energy and kiss those outrageous bills good-bye:

=> Click here to find out more

Seymour Watts

Do you think it's plausible that "102,412 people" have been helped and I've not heard from one of them, to say, "Hey this technology really works. You ought to get behind it! Add it to your Top 5!" Not one such contact. No photos. No video.

That email came an hour and a half after their response to my request for a refund. These instructions will be the same for anyone who made the purchase:

To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 1:38 PM
Subject: Re: (urgent) Story exposing JohnsonMotor scam

We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with the quality of the guide. Here is what you must do to get a refund.
Just access the following link and insert your order number:
Please click the �Click here to ask for support� link and ask for a refund.
Customer Support Team. 

That time "Seymour" was the "customer support team", not the "founder". These guys are marketing wizards but ethically bankrupt.

I have included several files in the folder of this story here, as downloaded today from the website, as back-up evidence.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.


What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  2. Click to tweet: 
  3. Whenever you see one of these Johnson Motor ads, inform the site that it is a scam, linking to this site to make your argument.
  4. Contact ClickBank to complain about their hosing of this scam, requesting that they remove/ban the vendor from their service. 
  5. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.
  6. Donate to PES Network to help us keep this news and directory and networking service going.

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Page composed by Sterling D. Allan  
Last updated September 04, 2012




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