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You are here: > News > March 6, 2012

AOGFG Looking to Sell MW+ Power Rather than Inertial Generator Devices Themselves

Bobby Amarasingam has been very busy at the drawing board since last Fall, using simulation software to find an optimal design to harvest rotational inertial force. Now he has another prototype, and plans to make devices on the megawatt level to sell power, rather than devices, for now.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Seeing three videos posted to YouTube showing some earlier work of Bobby Amarsingam's this morning, I pinged him on Skype to ask about them, and ended up getting a fire hydrant update of information

As you regulars will know, Bobby is the inventor outside of Wells, England, who has been building devices in an attempt to harness the power of gravity and inertia. 

In the past year, he has shifted his focus to using rotation as a way to increase inertia as a function of rotation speed, so that as you double the speed, you get 4x the amount of power. The faster you spin it, the more irrelevant the input power requirement becomes; but you also start having materials and bearings limitations at higher speeds.

I traveled to Wells last August to see one of his prototypes, which we had thought was looking very promising, but it turned out that the 10x+ overunity of that prototype was a function of measurement error, and that particular arrangement was not overunity at all.

Here's a video showing that device: 

At around the same time of that disappointing news, he hooked up with some scientists who, while acknowledging the problems with his present design, believed in the core concept based on some success they personally had achieved from their own work, and who had some resources to bring to the table to help come up with an improved design. More than just the computer simulation capability they made available, their most valuable contribution has been intellectual, giving Bobby a regular training in the science and math involved.

As I have been receiving updates from Bobby, he has been telling me how impressed he has been with how much he learns each time he talks to them. A couple of months ago, he said they had found 67 different working configurations, but they were trying to find the optimal design.

Now he has built another prototype, and he posted photos of it on his Facebook page. 

He said that at a minimal rpm it produces 7 kW while consuming less than 500 watts, but that it is probably capable of 250 kW within its present engineering, hooked up with the right combination of driver motor and generator. But for practical reasons of present circumstances, he'll keep the demonstration to 7 kW, which is plenty to prove the technology for qualified groups.

He said he is still working out issue with synchronizing the output to be able to feed the input so it is fully-self-looped once coming up to a certain minimal speed.

I asked him about this video posted by user Eltimple of an earlier (~Summer 2011) prototype from Bristol that was posted in the past few hours. 

He said that it was overunity, but wasn't able to go very fast, being only a function of gravity (going faster caused centripetal forces to counteract gravitational forces), and thus was limited in how much power it could generate. "That's just a toy compared to what we have now."

The other two videos (1 | 2) uploaded by Eltimple are of a replication of the design from last Fall, which did not work. I'm not sure why someone went through the effort to do that, unless the video was shot back then and only recently uploaded. Here's that second video:

Bobby has a spreadsheet that has all the equations and parameter options integrated into it. You can watch the input/output numbers change as you modify variables such as the weight, the diameter of rotation, the rotation speed, etc. 

For example, if you plug in: 2 kg with a pendulum radius of 6 cm spinning at 3000 rpm (there are four of these), with the main wheel radius of 0.4 m; the calculated power output comes to nearly 800 kW. That kind of power density is unmatched anywhere on the planet, as far as I know.

Generally speaking, according to this spreadsheet, in pretty much any combination, the inertial generator is smaller than the electrical generator that it turns to generate electricity. And there is no fuel requirement whatsoever. The energy comes from principles of inertia that modern science has not yet grasped.

For those of you, like me, who grapple with wondering how that could work, here is a little anecdote that might help you realize that there is something going on here that scientists will be having fun with probably for at least a century. Bobby said that when they were first running the inertial generator in the shop, before having the timing right, the other machines in the shops were vibrating -- not from the machine itself vibrating and inducing vibrations through the floor to the other equipment. The force seemed to be permeating from the device. But this issue was resolved after about a week.

The roll-out strategy for the technology will give them some time and lee-way to work through questions like this, by locating the devices away from human occupants.

Roll-Out Plans

Rather than sell the devices, AOGFG Company Ltd. plans to sell the power generated by the devices. And rather than deal with small outputs at first, they plan to start in the 1-10 Megawatt range. (They're looking for suppliers of 1-10 MW electrical generators, by the way.)

A device situated in a 10-foot shipping container, for example, could be located near a substation to provide power near the point of local use.

The price to the wholesaler would be around 1-2 pence (~cents) per kilowatt-hour, which is cheaper than nuclear power.

At first, they plan to limit distribution to Western Europe, where there is a strong impetus to adopt clean energy sources for carbon tax credits. They already have around 300 MW of production lined up from interested parties. They may also consider some installations outside Europe, if there is a compelling reason, such as something having to do with humanitarian causes.

Bobby expects that the first units could be ready for deployment within six months, following the alpha testing, fabrication, contracting, and permitting process that will be involved.

Then, once they have properly engineered and tested smaller devices, they can begin licensing the sale of those; but that will probably be 1-2 years away.

They are considering investment offers, but don't want to give away too much control of the company for this technology that could become as common as cell phones.

To illustrate the potential uses, a unit that weighs 2 tons could put out 96 MW. That is enough to power a 747 jumbo jet, replacing the 130 tons of weight from the present engines and fuel. Plus, with the weight savings, you could even boost the power to enable faster flight. And it wouldn't have to stop to refuel.

Bobby is also working on a variation of this technology that provides constant acceleration in one direction, though that is still on the drawing board.

I'm approaching my associates at North Point Charity about setting up a link specifically for Bobby's technology, in case people want to make a tax-free donation to that cause. Once enough funds are raised, the charity can choose to invest in Bobby's technology, with no strings attached, and as his technology does well, then that revenue can go toward helping other inventors. (I'm working on a story about NPC. Stay tuned for that.)

About the Inventor

I have found Bobby to be brilliant, humble, and very experienced in a wide range of disciplines: farming, day trader (stock broker, 5 years), market, flower shop, military, machine shop, etc. Not only has he worked in these areas, but he's innovated in each. He has started and ran businesses before. 

He gave up a lot of wealth 2.5 years ago to pursue this idea full-time. People thought he was crazy. He was driving five very nice antique cars but sold them to finance this R&D.

Philosophically, he runs very deep. He's an old soul; no push-over; extremely courageous; not afraid to be going up against the very corrupt powers that be.

He has big plans about how to change the planet through humanitarian efforts from the money raised from this project. As I interacted with some of the people we encountered while walking through town, it was clear that they look up to him and respect him.

Top 5

Bobby's technology has moved in and out of the Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing over the past year. But with this latest development, I'm going to put it back in there in position 5. But once we have independent validation of his device, then it will move up, possibly to position 2 or even 1, depending on how those are looking at the time.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews and Examiner.

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