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You are here: > News > February 25, 2012

PlasmERG Preparing for Manufacturing

PlasmERG continues making strides toward the testing and manufacturing of their Noble Gas Engine. The first three production prototypes are expected to be operational by March 23 when their manufacturer's meeting is scheduled. Roll-out to customers is expected in 6 months.

The new test area layout and 3 engine test stations and power cart.

The Fuel mixer and test instrument cart

The new ECS (Electronic Controller System) set. These hook together by 10 wire Ribbon cables.

John Rohner of PlasmERG sent us the following update on February 25, 2012 11:25 AM, with permission to post it. (Lightly edited.)

Pure Energy Systems News

Progress Report

All electronics are now "In house", and next week it will be tested and verified.

We have 3 test stands ready, one for each of the three current manufacturers: Dallas, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Seattle, Washington.

We have parts for the Texas engine. It was the one assembled on the video.

Seattle was here Wednesday and Thursday to drop off their parts, and they are great. Only one problem: they made the cylinders from a magnetic stainless steel and they are reworking these. They brought a new anode material for us to try that their metallurgists suggested as a more active replacement. These are being fitted now for testing.

Unfortunately, we found that the angle for the cathodes (spark plugs) needed to be 8 degrees not 6 as we had wished and specified on the drawings.

The voltage boost we expected from the new coils was not quite what was promised so the gap needs to get shorter. They will be reworking the heads for this change as well.

Utah, which we have no parts from yet also got this change in time and they will get this into their hardware as well. This is expected next week.

UPDATE: FYI just talked with Utah and their engine will be here by weekend. so all three will be getting sealed and fueled next week.

All pressure tests and helium seal tests are now complete and verified. The interlocking "block" exceeds our expectations and provides a good margin of safety.

All three Benches have their DC Motor to use for starting and then generation, once running. These are 12V DC and are 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 HP motors. All will spin the engine without a problem for starting at approx 520 RPM. This gives you some Idea how easy the motor turns unloaded.

We have sent the bulk premix gas tank out to a gas company to check the mixture and verify it is still valid. We have started the final steps to create a computer controlled "Production" gas mixer. This new filling process flushes the engine using "balloon helium" to vacate atmospheric residue. A lower gas port is used to vacate this, and the cylinder gas ports are the entry point. The case is then vacated using the "refill" valve and the "fuel" mixed gases applied to the cylinder ports. Then the cylinder and lower ports are sealed. This gives us a 600% increase in fuel loading time and is a great way to "fuel" the engine on the production line as it can be done at 3 stations in even quicker times. This is important to the manufacturers where time is money.

The next step is adding the electronics and then "run" testing to verify a "good" engine.

We are spending the time to make sure the engine is easy to make and easy to maintain. For instance, any probable higher failure rate electronics, that may generate heat is now on it's own plug in card. The ring that holds the head in place can be removed and a coil replaced without breaking the seal on the head and thus having to "refuel" the engine. We have also replaced our original crank position sensor with a new one that is smaller and produces exactly what the Crank Position Sensor Controller sub element wants as input with no chance of over voltage or such things. Thus this section mean time between failure (MTBF) gets much longer. Reliability is something we want built in from the start.

We also now have all the coil spools we need flowing in. That was the last piece of the puzzle. We start winding coils next week.

We expect within two weeks, if we get all the steps verified and complete, to start "live" tests.

Our current target is to have all 3 engines up by the time the manufacturers have their meeting here March 22 and 23; just before the stockholders meeting on the 24th and 25th. You [PESN] are invited to both if you wish to come. Meanwhile we have two cameras and will be taking a bunch of video.

As to licensing we have several more "Master" country licenses, and maybe a couple people upset over their lateness. And we have several more manufacturers and OEMs licensed. These are going faster than expected.

We still plan the first licensing classes for May, worst case.

We expect that from the first classes to the time we go public will be approx 6 months to give manufacturers time to build inventory and get REAL products into power generation, marine, light aircraft and maybe a fully electric car. We want to show REAL products and have REAL products available.

There are times I hate the "process" of stepping thru and being sure to get any problems as you go toward a real product. But, of course, if you don't then .... But I would have fueled this first engine and "gone for it" long ago. (officially :0)).. I just keep explaining to myself: It is a production prototype and needs to be saleable.

Stay well and enjoy life. We B Jammin'! Life is fun, right now, as we are on the downhill side and things just keep falling into place as we "step" into the future, like good scientists and engineers do. Thank GOD for small blessings.


In Other News

We are talking with a writer who is preparing a book for us on the true history of the Engine which we may call "From Papp to Plasmic Transition Process: The Evolution of a Technology". He has a bunch of pictures that no one has ever seen and I have a bunch that I got when I bought Papp International. 

I do want to RE push your original "how does it work" story as it is even more relevant now. I reference it on the DOC page as it was well done and well presented.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews and Examiner.

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Last updated September 04, 2012




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