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You are here: > News > February 23, 2012

E-Cat / Defkalion Weekly -- February 23, 2012

Highlights this week include: the relationship between National Instruments and Rossi has been dissolved, replaced by another group; the talks between Dick Smith and Defkalion for a $1 million award have been tabled, awaiting the results of the 3rd party testing series commencing tomorrow, some of which may be broadcast online.


Full Disclosure:
PES Network has a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again we bring you a compilation of various news items about Andrea Rossi's E-Cat that have emerged since our February 16 compilation.

Mainstream news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

  • Production
    • The Case for ‘Working in Peace' on the E-Cat - One of the frequent criticisms of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat project is its secrecy. No one knows where the factory is located, who (other than Rossi) is involved in building it, who is working there, etc., — and all this leads to the speculation from some that there is actually nothing going on at all... (E-CatWorld; February 21, 2012)
  • Business
    • Rossi Provides Details about E-Cat Licensees - Andrea Rossi provided more details about how his E-Cat distribution network is going to operate. It's interesting to learn that the globe is almost fully covered by licensees... (E-CatWorld; February 16, 2012)
    • Has Rossi Lost Control of Ecat? - Recent posts at Andrea Rossi's blog indicate that he may have lost control or some control over his ecat low energy nuclear reaction device and his Leonardo Corporation. Last week in response to questions about Dick Smith's millionaire challenge Rossi admitted he couldn't take the challenge because his company has apparently been sold to a trust of investors. (EnergyCatalyzer3; February 22, 2012)
  • Skeptics
    • National Instruments Denies Relationship With Rossi - National Instruments, a company that manufactures technical test equipment and software, today denied having any business relationship with Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the "Energy Catalyzer." (NewEnergyTimes; February 18, 2012)
  • Other Cold Fusion Competitor News
    (Typically also mention E-Cat)
    • Defkalion
      • Live Tests of Greek LENR Devices could be broadcast Online - Streaming video of tests of Defkalion Green Technologies' Hyperion low energy nuclear reaction heating device could be placed online as early as next week. Defkalion has acknowledged that it will let entities conducting tests of its cold fusion technology place video of the testing online. It will also let those entities place their test data online. (ColdFusion3; February 19, 2012)
      • Dick Smith ID Confirmed: Makes Offer To Defkalion CEO - I have now spoken to Dick Smith and confident as I can be that he and his offer are genuine. As a skeptic he wears his colours honestly. I remain… (ECatNews; February 17, 2012)
        [ECatNews has been the primary location where Dick Smith has been communicating his thoughts regarding the proposed test.]
        • High Noon As Defkalion Accept Million Dollar Cold Fusion Challenge - Defkalion Green Technologies today accepted Dick Smith's $1million dollar challenge previously turned down by eCat inventor Andrea Rossi. (FreeEnergyTruth; February 17, 2012)
          • A $1m Conversation With Defkalion - The following post is Dick Smith's. I place it here in good faith. While my skepticism is not as aggressive as his, I appreciate his efforts to bring this play… (ECatNews; February 18, 2012)
          • Dick Smith to Work With Defkalion to Arrange Testing of the Hyperion Reactor - Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith has indicated on Ecatnews that he is willing work out a testing procedure with Defkalion Green Technologies. DGT had said recently that they would be willing to accept the challenge to successfully demonstrate LENR in return for $1 million from Smith — an offer that Andrea Rossi turned down. Smith... (E-CatWorld; February 17, 2012)
            • Dick Smith Suggests Testing Protocol to Defkalion — Wants Rossi-Like Test - Dick Smith has been making some more comments about testing protocols at Ecatnews. Apparently he does not want to get involved in days-long testing — he would like to see things kept short and see definitive results. Here is a comment he made he made about what he is proposing: You heard it here... (E-CatWorld; February 18, 2012)
            • Defkalion Responds - Defkalion GT has posted a reply to Dick Smith on their forum The gist of it is that they will do nothing until he makes it official. They say that their protocols have been accepted by ‘leading world authorities' but they are willing to negotiate alterations (such… (ECatNews; February 20, 2012)
              • $1m Challenge Is Dead - Dick Smith's $1m challenge to Defkalion ended when the Australian businessman pulled out. Citing Defkalion's insistence on secrecy as a deal killer, Smith will watch the outcome of the forthcoming Hyperion tests before deciding what to do next. The result is unsurprising given the Aussie's determination to… (ECatNews; February 21, 2012)
                • Just on Hold
                  On February 21, 2012 11:11 PM [MST] Dick Smith wrote:
                  Dear Jim and Sterling

                  I really appreciate your time in assisting with this. Unfortunately, I don't like the secrecy provisions they demand, so let's wait a while and see what results they obtain and publish about the test they are doing in the next few days.
      • Defkalion: Independent Testing Will Begin Feb 24th - A post on Defkalion Green Technologies' forum addresses the Dick Smith offer to Andrea Rossi, and the beginning of third party testing of their Hyperion reactors. So far we have not officially received (through a telephone, letter, fax or e-mail) any such offer published in different sites. If the offer and the "donor" are real, we will accept the... (E-CatWorld; February 16, 2012) (And
      • Kitchen Physics – Thermal Calibration - As we await Defkalion's tests, Steven T offers an example of creative design in the following Guest Post. He proposes an inventive method of mapping the thermal characteristics of a system to gauge future core energy levels with relative ease. "Kitchen Physics 101:  Bare Reactor Calibration Control… (ECatNews; February 22, 2012)
      • eCat Scepticism and Defkalion Tests - My son asked me where I stood on the Rossi/Defkalion spectrum the other day. It was just after we found out that the 1MW plant was still in Bologna and had never been physically shipped anywhere. I told him then that I had taken a step back… (ECatNews; February 20, 2012)
  • General Cold Fusion
    • The Emergence of LENR and its Predictable Effect on the Economy - To estimate how the emergence of LENR in the market place will predictable impact the US economy, it is best to study the known effects higher oil prices have. Cheaper products, more jobs, more money to spend – WOW! The positive feedback effects could mean geometric economic expansion. The future will be so bright, we'll have to wear shades! (Cold Fusion Now; February 21, 2012)
    • LENR Groundwork That Cleared Rossi's Path Towards An ECat Revolution - Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) may have been given a breath of fresh air with Andrea Rossi's E-Cat breakthrough, but he isn't the first to experiment with these reactions, per se. He may be the first one to actually boast a working device, but that's not to say he is the inventor of the LENR/cold fusion phenomenon. (ECatReport; February 9, 2012)
    • Open Letter to Pentagon/FBI/CIA/NSA: Cold Fusion/LENR Energy Age is Coming - I am convinced that this Cold Fusion reactor will transform the world: Empires will topple, billions of dollars in coal, natural gas and nuclear stocks, facilities, and equipment will be reduced to a fraction of what they are worth at this time. All of this will cause a great deal of stress in the world. The FBI, CIA, and NSA need to study the possibilities of a rapid change in the world economies – what will that entail and how to manage that big change? (RossiFocardiFusion; February 20, 2012)
    • Types of Ignorance - One might say that there are three types of ignorance. Ordinary ignorace, Willful ignorance, and learned or higher ignorance. (Cold Fusion Now; February 17, 2012)
    • E-Cat: may produce minerals from common elements? (Original in Italian) - Merging two atomic nuclei is about creating another chemical. There has never succeeded, but hope to have in the laboratory what is not there or there is little in nature is never gone. (; February 20, 2012)
  • Events
    • Now streaming live on LENR - I remind you this afternoon, starting at 17.30, live event streaming with Francesco Celani Enoteca Roscioli in Rome, offering chance to interact with applications through the web. PS Here is the recording of the meeting between players and 22 steps Celani (22Passi; February 18, 2012)

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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