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You are here: > News > February 6, 2012

Sterling Allan Interviewed on Late Night in the Midlands

During a recent interview on the "Late Night in the Midlands" show, Sterling discussed many topics including the top five energy technologies, how we can stand up to the powers that be, and the latest news in the realm of free energy, including a new technology from S. Africa that could become #1.

Here's the interview:

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Michael Vara

by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

When it comes to free energy, there are many topics to talk about. I cannot think of a better place to discuss them than on live talk radio. Not long ago, Sterling Allan was interviewed on Coast to Coast AM by John B. Wells, and discussed the latest news and information in the realm of free energy. On February 4th, 2012 he was interviewed by Michael Vara on the Late Night in the Midlands online radio program. 

Late Night in the Midlands is an online radio show that covers the latest news over a broad array of topics from the paranormal, UFOs, alternative energy, natural health cures, and many others. The show has been stated to cover "everything." In a way, I consider it to be a more radical version of Coast to Coast AM.

The interview began with a discussion about the concept of free energy. Sterling Allan explained that free energy does not mean the energy does not have a price. It means that the energy source is abundant and inexhaustible. For example, solar power, wind power, and geothermal power is "free." However, there are more exotic free energy technologies that hold the potential to be much more economical, portable, and powerful. Right now it can take thirty years for a solar power system to pay for itself, but these exotic energy technologies could do so in a matter of months.

As the show continued the Top 5 Free Energy Technologies were discussed, starting with Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology. It was mentioned how the technology does not consume any radioactive materials, and only uses tiny amounts of nickel powder and hydrogen as fuel. The result of the cold fusion nuclear reactions inside of the E-Cat is a massive production of heat. One specific model of E-Cat can produce up to ten kilowatts of power (in the form of heat) from a reactor core the size of a D-Cell battery.

Rossi's plans to produce one million home E-Cat units within the next year to 16 months was also discussed. These units would be capable of heating a home, and are hoped to only cost US$500 dollars each. A US$20 recharge cartridge would power the device for six months.

The Solid State Generator or "Endless Electric Field Generator" was discussed next. This technology produces a continuous electric field in a manner like an electret, and produces a constant output of electricity. Right now the output is low, but with modern technology that can increase the surface area of an electrode by thousands of times, it is hoped that a unit the size of a postage stamp could power a cell phone. 

The company behind this technology has requested to remain nameless and are enduring some financing problems right now. However, if this technology does evolve and become as powerful as it is hoped to be, it could move to number one on our list of the Top 5 technologies. 

PlasmERG's Noble Gas Engine was also discussed. It is a technology that uses small amounts of inert gases to power an engine. When these gases are placed into the cylinder of the engine, a high voltage spark generates a plasma that pushes the piston. Only tiny amounts -- if any -- of the gases are consumed. The result is an engine that can run for many months producing hundreds of horsepower and foot pounds of torque, using only several dollars of fuel. In the next few months there is expected to be a private demo of the technology (that PESN is invited to attend) and later a public demo.

The technology of  MP BioMass was also mentioned during the show. Their technology can extract carbon from flue gases that are emitted from a coal fired power plant, eliminating CO2 emissions. With the carbon they can produce high grade methanol with a cetane rating of over 60. Also, they can extract energy from the fly ash produced by a power plant, while at the same time extracting metals that can be recycled. The technology of MP Biomass could save countless jobs in the coal industry that would be lost due to environmental regulations. 

Later on in the program, Defkalion Green Technologies was brought up. They are the company that previously had a relationship with Andrea Rossi, and planned to use the E-Cat technology in their Hyperion products. However, the two companies no longer have a relationship, and Defkalion claims to have developed their own cold fusion technology.

A new technology was mentioned that comes from South Africa. The company does not want coverage at this time, so we can not give many details. However, they claim to have several solid state generator prototypes that can produce from five kilowatts to sixty kilowatts of electrical power. Hopefully, we will be allowed to provide coverage of their technology in the near future. 

Other topics were discussed as well, such as free energy technology takes power away from the "powers that be" and gives it to the people. The fact is that if we want to oppose the global police state, the best way to do so is to promote free energy technology.

Near the end of the show there was a conversation about hydroxy and HHO technology. A caller mentioned Bob Boyce's HHO tech as being one of the best out there. Sterling Allan mentioned New Generation Bio's BE Fuel Saver, which is composed of a metal rod that is placed into the fuel tank or connected to the fuel line. It seems to allow for a 10% to 20% increase in fuel efficiency.

After about two and a half hours, the show came to an end. It was a great program that discussed many interesting topics. I hope that Sterling Allan gets the opportunity to be interviewed again by Late Night in the Midlands in the near future.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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S. African FFG Coverage by PES

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    Sterling Allan Interviewed on Late Night in the Midlands - During a recent interview on the "Late Night in the Midlands" show, Sterling discussed many topics including the top five energy technologies, how we can stand up to the powers that be, and the latest news in the realm of free energy, including a new technology from S. Africa that could become #1. (PESN; February 6, 2012)

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