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You are here: > News > February 2, 2012

E-Cat Weekly -- February 2, 2012

This past week saw at least 51 stories, culling from 10 dedicated sites and 3 mainstream sources. Highlights include: Rossi explains why Bologna facility is so cold; Defkalion releases video of bare reactor demo setup; cold fusion (10x) demonstrated at MIT again; Australian skeptics allege miswiring of leads; envisioning E-Cat applications galore.

Andrea Rossi is interviewed by on January 12, 2012.

Full Disclosure:
PES Network has a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.

By Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Once again we bring you a compilation of various news items about Andrea Rossi's E-Cat that have emerged since our January 26 compilation.

Mainstream (or large alternative) news sources are indicated with the yellow highlight.

  • Sources
  • Products
    • interviews Andrea Rossi about E-Cat prices and warranties - an additional clip from the interview with Andrea Rossi which was held in Bologna in January 12, 2012. 
      Here are the main points:
      • Costs for maintenance and recharge for the domestic unit will be "some tens of euros"
      • goal: the 1MW plant will have a payback period (ROI) of about one year.
      • Warranties will be the usual ones covered by the laws for any device in serial production. Up to two years due to any eventual shortcomings deriving from the manufacturing process. Money back if the E-Cat does not meet guaranteed performance data. (ECat; January 27, 2012)
      • Video: Rossi Talks About Warranties and Costs (Including Money Back Guarantee) - In a new video released by the website, Andrea Rossi discusses the difference between the domestic and industrial ecats in terms of price, and models. He says that probably the cost of the domestic E-Cats will be between $40-$50 per kW, while the industrial units will be around $1500 per kW. That seems like a very big price... (E-CatWorld; January 28, 2012) (and ecatnews)
  • Production
    • Proposed ECat Schedule For 2012 (ECatReport; February 1, 2012) (And buyecat and ecathome)
      1. 2012 March, April – start of improved 1 Mw plant.
      2. 2012 from February till November – building of robotized plant for E cats.
      3. 2012 November – test production for 10 kw home Ecats.
      4. 2012 December – successful start of sales 10 kw home Ecats.
    • Rossi: New American Partner to Provide ‘Tremendous' Boost to E-Cat Efficiency - " we met a Partner in the USA who will allow a tremendous increase of efficiency of the system. The beautiful of this Country is that when you wake up in the morning you never know what will happen new during the day." (E-CatWorld; February 2, 2012)
  • Replications
  • Applications
    • The impact of NFE on recreation - What new recreational activity would you do if you had a backpack power station? (NickelPower; January 27, 2012)
      • Remote location music and movie studios would be possible.
      • Hot showers and electricity while backpacking in the wilderness.
      • Jet-ski across the Atlantic.
      • Non-stop motocross races that spanned continents.
      • LENR Powered air-gliders flying down the coast of Africa.
      • Energy boosted frameworks for disabled folks. Think "Big Dog" from Boston Dynamics. So far Big Dog is seriously constrained by energy delivery. Ding! Cured.
      • Scuba vehicles and tow-fish.
      • Refrigeration while camping in the desert.
      • Power for running gold dredges or charging metal detector batteries.
    • World's Wildlife Needs Cold Fusion - "We are liquidating the earth's natural assets to fuel our consumption." (ColdFusionNow; January 27, 2012)
    • E-Cat and High Speed Trains - the time has come to explore the numerous applications for the new LENR energy system. It is believed that by tapping the immense power stored in a small amount of Nickel metal, plenty of energy concerns could be addressed. (ECatReport; February 2, 2012) (And rossifocardifusion and andrearossiecat and ecathome)
    • E-Cat Powered Sport Cars! - The Rossi E-Cats will be able to power the cars in our near future. With the abundance of energy produced by the E-Cat, there is no need to make cars so small and light. Average size cars could become popular again. And the cost of operating a motor vehicle will be very low. We could afford to drive on long trips/vacations. (RossiFocardiFusion; January 26, 2012)
  • Credibility
  • Patents
    • On January 17, 2012, T.O. wrote: "I have a very good friend, that is high ranking, in the patent office and he said he would check where the application is in the process."
      On January 31, 2012, T.O. wrote: "I found out today that the E-Cat patent is through the security section and now is in a cue to be assigned to a Patent Examiner. My friend thought that at current workflow that it should be done by the end of the year. Of course things could change. He could not say if it would be approved or denied."
    • When this was forwarded to Andrea Rossi on Feb. 2, he responded:
      Dear Sterling, we know.
      Warm Regards,
  • Theory
      1. Massimo

        Dear Andrea Rossi, if the energy produced by the E-cat is mainly radiation, did you think about direct conversion of radiation into electricity?
        There are some promising technologies based on nano structures that could be potentially suitable to produce electric energy having more efficiency than the classic thermoelectric Rankine Cycle
        Maybe the nano structures mentioned in this article and the materials used in your E-Cat could be even combined into a single structure suitable to produce long-lasting batteries.

      2. Andrea Rossi

        Dear Massimo:
        Interesting, but not immediate. Now we are focused on the immediate goal to supply electric energy by E-Cats.
        Very interesting, though, to be studied.
        Warm Regards,

  • Commentary 

    • Plan X: The Energy Super Bowl - If you really, honestly believe that this new source of unlimited, cheap and clean energy is actually there, and NOT "maybe there" or "hopefully there" then there is no way to deny that the Military/Financial complex will stop at nothing to scoop it up, dress it in Red, White and Blue, or a Chinese flag, and march it off to serve in our endless war. (E-CatSite; January 31, 2012)
  • Skeptics
    • Australian Skeptics' eCat Verdict: It's All A Terrible Error - I have been asked to post the Australian Skeptics Society Report in full on by both Dick Smith and Tim Mendham. They are keen to get the word out to as many potential investors as possible. I would have done so anyway but take note of… (ECatNews; January 31, 2012)
    • Why Is Rossi's Bologna Factory So Cold? - Someone asked Rossi a question that probably has crossed a lot of E-Cat watchers' minds. The recent videos of Rossi in his Bologna factory show him sitting inside in a heavy overcoat with heat producing machines surrounding him. We have heard Rossi and Focardi say that in the past they were able to heat.. (E-CatWorld; January 29, 2012) (And ecatfusion and andrearossiecat and ecathome)
    • Re: University of Bologna Relations
    • A Score For eCat Sceptics? - A curious message has popped up in the comments section of 22passi. The blog, owned by Daniele Passerini (a close friend of Dr Levi) has, in the past, been a source of good information on the cheerleading bench. I would not normally post such an obtuse hint of a hint (the comment is Daniele's) but since it seems to promise an important piece of information which will dent ‘belief' I thought you should know. (ECatNews; January 28, 2012) (Follow-up correction from ecatnews)
      • 22passi Daniel said ...

        @ Valeria
        @ Daniel
        Vortex of both laying around, your ad for "bad times are coming" ... is on everyone's lips.

        Oh good heavens! But what have they got?!?!

        @ Tizzi
        Please tell your friend to report to those who have misunderstood the Vortex in full, that there is nothing prurient behind my words, that has nothing to do E-Cat, Rossi, etc. UniBO. THAT WAS JUST A JOKE SENT TO THE PUBLIC ITALIAN!
        But can ... 
        January 29, 2012 11:27
    • Mary Yugo = George Hody? 
      [8:31:43 PM] Babcat: > I ran across this gem:
      > " Are you attempting to mislead like the transgendered George 'Mary Yugo'
      > Hody of Thermonetics Corporation?"
      > Is this the identity of our mysterious MY?

      It does all fit. I know from posts elsewhere that MY was in San Diego. It is also evidenced by the fact that MY did not post before 11 am ET and posted well into the night. There is a George Lawrence Hody found on in San Diego who shows up in:

      He is a 71 yr old male. Vice president of Thermonetics Corp, 7834 Esterel Drive, La Jolla, CA 92037-3523. The company is described as:

      "Thermonetics Corp in La Jolla, CA is a private company categorized under Transducers for Volts, Amperes, Watts, Vars, Frequency, Etc.. Our records show it was established in 1968 and incorporated in California. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $500,000 to $1 million and employs a staff of approximately 1 to 4."

  • Other Cold Fusion Competitor News
    (Typically also mention E-Cat)
    • Defkalion
      • Defkalion Green Technologies Release Video of Hyperion Testing - Today Defkalion Green Technologies released a short video of some testing taking place on one of their "bare" reactors. Recently the company issued an invitation for qualified professional organizations to come and do some testing at their Greek facilities — so this gives some idea of what they will be dealing with. On their... (E-CatWorld; January 30, 2012) (And ecatnews)

        "As you can notice, this is a setup with one Hyperion "bare" reactor testing. The setup of the third party indepentent tests is with two identical reactors (one active, one not-active) working/tested in parallel, as described in our latest Press Release."
      • Operation MiG-22 (Original in Italian) - From provocation / gpt proposal, a frequenter of this blog, was born last week an initiative to finance the trip for two people in Greece in order to test the Hyperion, the Cat of the greek-Defkalion. (Passi22; January 30, 2012)
        • Daniele Passerini Launches MIG-22 Initiative to Send Testers To Defkalion - Daniele Passerini, E-Cat follower and owner of the 22 Passi web site is helping launch an initiative titled Operation MiG-22 (Mission in Greece) in which funds are being raised to send two people to Greece to participate in the testing of Defkalion Green Technologies' Hyperion reactors. According to Passerini, 800 Euros have already been... (E-CatWorld; January 31, 2012) (And nickelpower)
  • General Cold Fusion
    • NASA and LENR - NASA has been involved in the cold fusion/LENR story since 1989. The purpose of this page is to document NASA's involvement, at least in part, over the years. (ECatSite; January 27, 2012)
    • Successful Cold Fusion/LANR Demonstration at MIT – Again - The demonstration was a two day part of the detailed, yet overview, seven day course run by Prof. Hagelstein and Dr. Swartz, and followed the first open demonstrations of cold fusion at MIT in 2003. This JET Energy NANOR(TM) demonstrated a significant energy gain greater than 10x, much larger than the previous open demonstration. (Cold Fusion Now; February 1, 2012) (And e-catworld and ecatnewsand nickelpower)
    • "The Believers" test screening February 11 in Chicago, Illinois - The Believers is a new documentary on cold fusion from 137 Films described as "a work in progress" and currently in Festival Submission. There will be a test screening in Chicago, Illinois on February 11 at 12 Noon local time at the Gene Siskel Film Center. (Cold FusionNow; January 29, 2012)

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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