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You are here: > News > January 21, 2012

Customer Claims Fast Freddy Never Shipped HHO System

A customer who purchased an HHO automotive system from Frederick Wells of Future Energy Concepts Inc. asserts their $5,500 dollar order was never delivered. Despite them paying in full, they have not received their purchase, or a refund. Freddy alleged suppression was to blame.

FEC V6 (Version Six) Universal Kit

Put simply, what is happening in a typical HHO or hydroxy system is that water is being electrolyzed on board from electricity from the battery, creating "Brown's gas", which includes hydrogen and oxygen, as well as possibly some new species not fully characterized or appreciated by academia yet. It is probably in the formation of this new species of gas (some call it ionized HHO [or HHOi], because of its electrical characteristics) that the environmental energy shows up or is harvested. The Brown's gas interacts with the fuel to break the larger chain molecules (that often go unburnt in a typical system) into smaller molecules that are readily burned. In highly optimized systems, allegedly the vehicle can run on HHOi alone.

By Hank Mills and Sterling D. Allan

Frequent readers of PESN are probably familiar with Frederick Wells (Fast Freddy), of Future Energy Concepts Inc. His claims of running a Dodge pickup truck solely off HHO generated on demand, and producing super efficient electrolysis systems (which he offered for sale to the public) attracted a significant amount of interest from our readership. Although there was little hard proof of his technology, claims of making 3,000 mile trips on HHO alone were too interesting to ignore. His assertion of selling 20,000 units -- five thousand of which were alleged to have been ordered by a single company -- was also fascinating. For those who would like to review his claims and read previous articles about his technology, they can visit his PESWiki page, here.

One product Freddy was selling to the public was the "FEC V6 (Version Six) Universal Kit." The kit cost $5,500 dollars, plus $50 dollars shipping and handling. This system was officially claimed to allow for a 30% improvement in gas mileage, but the scuttlebutt was that in some vehicles it could produce up to a 90% improvement. The price sounded high, but if the product even produced a 30% increase in mileage, it could have saved some drivers thousands of dollars -- paying for itself rapidly. 

These claims probably enticed a number of customers to purchase systems. One such customer (who does not want his name revealed) contacted PESN on January 18, and described how he ordered one of these systems from FEC. Unfortunately, he never received the unit or a refund, and has not heard back from Freddy since October of 2011. 

It should be stated that he paid the full $5,500 dollars up front. Freddy promptly responded to his emails, and described how he was getting the order ready. To start with, he stated that he had the cells on the "burn in" stand, waiting for them to transmute lithium 6 grease into tritium. This is interesting to me, because it could employ that cold fusion processes take place in HHO electrolysis cells, and this tritium may be important in some way. 

Next, Freddy shipped them an electronic controller for the vehicle. They received the controller with no problems. Afterwards, a long email exchange took place between the customer and Freddy. During the exchange, he made many excuses for not shipping the actual system. For example...

  • His daughter having a baby.
  • Having to wait for "swagleloc" fittings to arrive.
  • Overwhelmed suppliers that cannot keep up with the demand for components.
  • Being in India for a week.
  • Taking a trip to Germany.

Eventually, the customer sent an email to Freddy, asking what was going on. The customer had talked to someone in his office over the telephone, and that person had not heard from him in a while. Also, other numbers the customer tried had been disconnected.

Freddy responded via email on Oct. 6, 2011. He claimed that shipped units installed on customer's vehicles were seized by Homeland Security. He also claimed that computers full of intellectual property, bank accounts, and inventory were stolen, perhaps by employees. Due to this, the order had to be canceled, but he offered a refund. 

Here is an excerpt from the email he sent his customer. (slightly edited)

"It is my sad obligation to let you know the status of our project, and your order. Recent events have compelled us to regroup and attack the problem from a different angle. Several of the shipped units once installed on our customer's vehicles, were seized by homeland security, for reasons still not revealed to us with no recourse in getting the property return to the owners. Several of our employees were affected by outside influences, resulting in theft of inventory, bank accounts, computers full of intellectual property, and physical material and inventory. 

Our only option this time is to offer you a full refund. We are working to gain capital to do so and should be able to settle all accounts in 30 days or less. Several customers were drop shipped components, which when returned to our refund center will be the first recipients of monies."

The whole situation seems suspicious to me. Although I do not think the Department of Homeland Security would "like" tritium producing electrolysis kits in people's vehicles, I doubt his claims of suppression are true. His excuses sound pathetic in my opinion, and I also doubt he made trips to India and Germany. [See our story about his alleged return trip from Germany, in which he claims to have been grounded by two F-16 fighter jets.]

The fact is Fast Freddy has a track record of being less than honest. He made many promises to Sterling Allan that he did not keep, such as sending photographs of products, providing test data from the large companies he alleged had purchased thousands of systems, and providing additional evidence to back up his claims. This combined with him not sending a refund to this customer makes it pretty clear to me that all of his claims are now suspect. 

One tiny bit of possible evidence in his favor is a response Sterling Allan received after asking if anyone had received a unit from Freddy. The individual claims to be a friend of the family, bought a kit, and had success with it.

"All I can say is shame on you. Am a friend of FF and family and have one of his V6 universal kits---the only kit I bought out of 12 others that really worked. Mine is running at 50 amps and I have over 10K miles on it without a problem. This is all my mileage meter ever says because the max is 99.9 mpg but between my wife and I we get over 150 mpg highway. I did order a second unit but have had my money returned by FEC. If he is dead I understand why----Why do we always kill our prophets?"

The author of the above post has not yet provided any confirmation of his claims. A couple individuals have suggested the author could be Freddy himself. I think this is a possibility. Of course it is also possible that Freddy only distributed a few kits, and sent them to "friends of the family."

After we wrote this story, on January 19, we got an email from him saying: "Just got back into town----will consider my options of the choices you gave me, but want to go see his mom before I act. Thank you for your patience."

For the record, the FEC website has been replaced by a totally unrelated website. Also, no one has heard from Freddy, or at least reported it to us, in some time. However, we know of at least three individuals who purchased kits and did not receive them. 

Finally, as we reported in our year-end review Sterling sent an email to Fast Freddy and received the following response, that I think is likely from Freddy himself.

Sorry Freddy is not available to comment, for I am sure this would make him turn in his grave! Silence would be golden at his point, for his technology is real and being distributed to the masses as his will dictates, for what he could not achieve in life, he had planned for in case of his demise. Any slander of this type will be met and dispersed with any judicial means available or prudent, and will definitely keep you out of the loop.

John Miller
Legal Department

If this was one big fraud, could it be that he wants people to think that he is dead, so that customers who were not refunded will not try to get their money back? Regardless what the truth is about this situation, I think Freddy should be ashamed.

-- He has been less than truthful to many people.

-- He has acted in a way that makes the whole HHO community look bad.

-- He has created a controversy that might make customers of other HHO systems less likely to make purchases.

At worst, he may be guilty of fraud. This may or may not be the case, but it seems to be possible. If he is a victim of suppression, he needs to provide more evidence. For example, he could provide us with the contact information of a customer who had his unit removed.

To his credit, he has inspired many researchers with his claim to a truck running on nothing but water (aided by some environmental force yet to be fully understood). Overall, it seems the water-for-fuel field has made progress, thanks in part to Freddy.

On the 19th, after this story was written, we got an email from a guy in Ireland who claims to have replicated, to a large degree, the Freddy cell, per the information we provided on our site.

As we learn more, we will keep you updated about this situation. 

Let's hope that anyone who purchased a FEC V6 (Version Six) Universal Kit somehow gets his or her money back.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Jan. 29, 2011
Last updated September 04, 2012



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