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You are here: > News > January 17, 2012

PESN Plugged by Ralph Steiner on Coast to Coast AM

In an interview with Whitley Strieber, guest hosting Coast to Coast in place of George Noory, Ralph Steiner plugged PESN as a top source for exotic energy news. The fascinating conversation included information about Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown, and other suppressed inventors.

Minutes after uploading this video today, Sterling received an email from Lisa Lyon inviting him to come on the Coast to Coast AM show this coming Saturday night from 11 pm to 2 am PST with John B. Wells to talk about the Top 5 Free Energy Technologies Emerging.
(Tonight, Strieber will be Noory's guest.)

by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Coast to Coast AM is not only one of the most popular radio talk shows on the planet, but also one of the very few that covers exotic topics -- exploring outside the box concepts as a matter of policy. On any given night, you can tune in and listen to a discussion on a topic so controversial to the "mainstream" world, that most radio programs would not allow it. 

On December 27, 2011, Whitley Strieber guest hosted the program in place of George Noory. During the show, he interviewed researcher Ralph Steiner, who discussed the work of many inventors (including Nikola Tesla and Thomas Townsend Brown) that have had their game changing discoveries suppressed by the powers that be. At one point during the interview, he plugged PESN as a top source for news and information about breakthrough technologies.

Here's a video of that interview, with images added by Sterling Allan. We think you'll like the compilation.

The following is a partial transcript of the part of the show when PESN was mentioned.

Ralph: I would advise the listener to go to this website. PESN.ORG. PESN.ORG. Pure Energy Systems Network dot org. You will see on a daily basis the rollout of exotic technologies, provocative technologies, purporting to provide a clean, environmentally safe source of usable energy, that if any of these things come to fruition and in significant number of them are being tested and scaled up and are ready for mass production now. Any one of these technologies could blow the entire fossil fuel infrastructure out of the water, and our dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear fission could go out the window.

Whitley: Wow. Maybe we will end up doing an end run around the secrecy. Is all of this taking place in the United States or hopefully in other countries?

Ralph: In other countries. You got these devices being built and prototyped in Italy, in Greece, different parts of the world, you have inventors that are not constrained by the type of counter intelligence interference that inventor sher ein the United States have suffered through over the past fifty years or so.

Whitley: Yeah, because I know some people who have done some really extraordinary work in terms of things like quantum communication, who actually moved to Switzerland, moved their project to Switzerland, because they did not want to... They were worried about having classification slapped on them in this country. He is a very interesting guy, he said to me, "It is the worst thing that can happen to a scientific career, cause then you can't publish anymore and you are stuck. You don't ever go anywhere beyond there. You are stuck behind the curtain. They do not like that. They do not like that.

If we can get some really new energy sources going, somewhere in the world... and sell these things, let the market place do it's job, because believe me, if people have a cheaper way of getting energy than buying it from the power company, they are going to do it. If they are allowed to, if it is not suppressed, they are going to do it. I'm going to do it I know. From there, from the principles that we see, the mysterious principles that weren't supposed to be true, at that point maybe a whole lot of new stuff will happen. It is an amazing world and we are right on the edge. 

The comments made about the new technologies that are emerging are totally accurate. There are many radical and game changing technology that are preparing to enter the market place, although some will be arriving before others. A few of these exotic technologies include Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer), the PlasmERG Noble Gas Engine, Steorn's Hepha Heat technology, solid state electrical generators, and others.

It is very true that any one of these many technologies could disrupt the status quo, and bring about an end to the use of fossil fuels. When the first of these technologies hits the market place, there will be some disruption to society. For example, parts of the world will become largely irrelevant, some industries will die, others will prosper due to having access to cheap energy, and entirely new industries will be born. 

Of course I would not want to be holding the stock of "conventional" alternative energy companies (solar, wind, wave, etc) in my portfolio -- if I had one which I do not -- when the first of these technologies enters the market place. Conventional sources of energy will not be able to compete, as the truly exotic sources of energy proliferate. For example, after Andrea Rossi sells his first one million home heating E-Cat units, I suspect few people will be purchasing solar power systems.

Despite the disruption that will occur, these technologies will allow our civilization to continue onward instead of destroying itself. Right now, there are countless challenges facing our civilization. A few of these are environmental destruction, the growing scarcity of fresh water, climate change, the global economic depression, and possible "black swan" events that could take place without any warning. Without these exotic technologies that allow for the dirt cheap production of clean, safe, and abundant energy, I do not see the world having much hope in overcoming these challenges. 

If we want to insure a world worth living in for our children and loved ones, we must help these exotic technologies proliferate into the market place. There is no option, because if we do not the alternative is very terrifying. Another fifty years of fossil fuel usage, and this planet may not be a very hospitable place for human life. Also, a single solar flare could wipe out almost all of the power grid with no warning. Such a solar flare hit over a hundred years ago (frying telegraph lines), and we are do for another. Doing away with the "grid" and allowing individuals to have their own means for producing energy is the only way to safe guard our civilization from such a tragic event.

Suppressed Inventors

Two of the inventors that were discussed in the program, included Nikola Tesla and Thomas Townsend Brown. Both of these inventors had their discoveries suppressed by the powers that be.

Nikola Tesla came up with a huge number of technologies, some of which did end up being used by the mainstream -- such as AC electricity, the induction motor, the Tesla turbine, and others. Other technologies he developed, such as longitudinal wave systems that could produce "free energy" from the aether, were suppressed. Upon his death, the government ceased all of his documents and writings from his lab, and they are still secret to this day -- over fifty years later! 

One reason for the secrecy involving Tesla's technology, is the potential for weaponization. In addition to producing unlimited clean energy from the vacuum, his technologies -- that manipulated the aether that composes space itself -- could be used to create all sorts of weapons. One example is that a "death ray" could be built using his technology. It would be a weapon much more devastating than any laser cannon that could ever be built. Instead of using light rays, it would utilize a focused beam of longitudinal waves. Another potential weapon could be described as a "scalar interferometer." Such a system uses two or more transmitters at separate locations to emit longitudinal waves, that meet each other at specific location. The longitudinal waves could theoretically interfere with or enhance each other when they collide, leading to potentially devastating effects to the local area.

It is theorized that government institutions such as HAARP may already be utilizing Tesla's longitudinal wave technology. There are also photos of potential Russian scalar interferometers on the internet. 

Thomas Townsend Brown was another inventor who came up with many different technologies. His focus for many years was on "electrogravitics", or manipulating gravity with the use of high voltage electric fields. He built disks that were basically very high grade capacitors. When charged with high voltage electricity (50,000 volts or more), they would produce an artificial gravitational field around themselves, and move towards their positive pole. He performed many demonstrations in which large, heavy disks were charged up with high voltage DC power, and spun around the pole they were tethered to at very high speeds. Objects inside of the disks were claimed not to experience inertial effects. For example, small and fragile glass vials placed inside of the disks would not break, despite the fact calculations showed they should.

The military was so interested in his work, an official report was even composed about how his technology could be used to develop faster than sound fighter aircraft. This report was not discovered until many years later, and may have never been meant for the public to see. 

Although the full story of his life is complicated, it strongly seems like he was forced out of electrogravitics research. However, even after his death, individuals in the private sector are working on electrogravitics and are trying to replicate his work. In secret, the military could have very well continued the research, combining it with information gathered from crashed extraterrestrial space craft, such as the one that was obtained from near Roswell, NM in 1947. Most of the "UFOs" we see in the sky are probably not extraterrestrial, but are our own experimental craft being tested. Perhaps they are not experimental any more. The government has had over sixty years to develop the technology after all!

What Happens Next

Perhaps one of the best things that could come from an exotic energy technology hitting the market place and widely proliferating, is that it would make it much more difficult for the powers that be to suppress inventors of exotic technologies. Once the first exotic energy technology hits the market, there will be many more arriving. Not only will the public and scientific community be forced to be much more open minded, but the government will have to think twice before suppressing someone's work. Previously, they could launch a campaign to call a "free energy" research a quack pot, and try to discredit him. Once free energy is already common knowledge and an accepted fact, their job will become much more difficult.

Please continue checking PESN on a regular basis to read the latest news about exotic energy technologies that are emerging, and about to enter the market place. Although we have limited resources and work on a shoe-string budget, we do our best to provide you with news about the technologies that really matter to our civilization.

Thank you for your support.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
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