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You are here: > News > January 16, 2012

The One Hundred and Thirty Eight Million -- A Cold Fusion Holocaust

The suppression of cold fusion and other exotic energy technologies has killed millions of men, women, and children across the globe. Every day, tens of thousands of deaths occur that are directly related to high energy costs. When will the killing spree end?

For you who might gripe that the planet is already overpopulated, keep this in mind: statistically, a people who are well-fed and well-educated are far more responsible in family planning.

Image compiled by Sterling Allan from here and here.

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Earth is not a pleasant home for around a billion or more of its inhabitants. For many humans, it can be difficult or impossible to obtain the necessities of life -- food, clean water, healthcare, and shelter. This challenge is made far worse by high energy prices that boost the price of all these commodities. As a result, millions of individuals die agonizing deaths from starvation, hunger, disease, and exposure to the elements. If exotic energy technologies such as cold fusion had not been suppressed for the past twenty years, many of these human lives could have been saved. 

When many financially stable individuals think about death, they imagine living into old age and peacefully slipping away to eternity in their sleep. At worst, they may imagine being surrounded by their family members in a hospital, after an age related disease has overwhelmed them. Unfortunately, the majority of deaths in the world do not happen in such a way. Most of our fellow sentient beings on this planet die from the agonizing processes of starvation, thirst, disease, or exposure to the elements. Often, they endure a combination of these processes, while watching loved ones suffer the same fate. 

By doing just a little research on the internet I found some staggering numbers. Approximately 15 million children die of hunger related deaths each year. In fact, there are more childhood deaths from hunger than adult deaths. Also, approximately 1.7 million individuals of all ages die each year from a lack of clean water, or proper sanitation. If these numbers are not enough to startle you, here are some more. In 2002 alone, over a million children under the age of five died of diseases that could have been prevented by simple inoculations. Finally, consider that in England alone, a study determined 2,700 (two thousand seven hundred) individuals died due to the inability to afford the high price of energy to keep their homes warm. 

In addition to all the above deaths, many others suffer pain and agony without actually dying. These individuals endure day after day of poverty, just barely surviving. They may obtain enough food to survive, but may suffer malnutrition. Although they may obtain enough water to avoid death, the contaminants in the water may infect them with parasites. Even if they do not freeze to death in winter (or bake to death in the summer due to a lack of air conditioning), they are continually uncomfortable and prone to illness.

Many of these deaths could have been prevented, if cold fusion and/or other exotic free energy technologies had been allowed to proliferate in the past. Instead, technologies like cold fusion were suppressed for many reasons including the protection of careers, defense of the status quo, the continuation of dogmatic beliefs, and simple greed. 

Cheap, clean, and plentiful source of energy could have prevented these deaths and so much suffering via many different ways. 

Access to Food

Currently, food production, processing, and transport on this planet requires large amounts of oil and fossil fuels. In every step of production, energy is used to produce the food that we consume, and most of that energy comes from fossil fuels. Without these fossil fuels -- unless a world wide agricultural revolution took place -- food production would come to a near total halt.

One example of how food production requires large amounts of fossil fuels is the usage of fertilizer. Modern agriculture requires massive quantities of fertilizer to increase crop yields. Most of this fertilizer is synthesized using fossil fuels. One study indicated that 40% of the energy used by the food system goes into producing fertilizer and pesticides. So when the price of fossil fuels goes up, so does the price of fertilizer. This makes the farmer pay more to grow his crop. If he cannot afford the fertilizer, his crop yield will be much less. Due to the increase in energy costs, the consumer pays more. 

Of course the farmer also uses fossil fuels to power the equipment he uses. The planting machines, tractors, and harvesters all consume fuel. Even the power consumed by the irrigation system has a price. When the price of oil goes up, the farmer pays more, and it is passed along to the consumer.

Transportation and processing are two factors in the cost equation also that must be considered. After the food is harvested, it must be transported to a processing plant. The trucks or trains that do the transporting consume fuel. Also, the processing plant then consumes energy, which also has a cost. Once the food is processed, it is loaded onto additional trucks to be sent to warehouses, and then to grocery stores or restaurants. This adds more cost to the final product.

If cold fusion had been allowed to proliferate twenty years ago, the price of oil could be a tiny fraction of what it is today. It's possible it could be as low as twenty dollars or less. Instead of being concerned about energy costs, farmers could just focus on growing as much food as possible. Instead of being expensive, the fertilizer could be much cheaper, to the point of almost being a non-issue. The transport of the food (perhaps by cold fusion powered vehicles) would also be much cheaper. When the food reached the processing plant, powered with cheap electricity generated by cold fusion, the energy cost involved would be tremendously reduced. 

In a world with cold fusion technology widely proliferated, the cost of food would be dramatically less. This is because the energy used at each stage of production, processing, and transport would be dramatically less. However, due to the suppression of cold fusion and other exotic energy technologies, the price of food has continually increased. This has resulted in massive human suffering and death. 

Access to Water

Fresh water is critical to human survival. A human can live for weeks without food (or longer), but will die in a matter of days without water. Right now, hundreds of millions of people do not have proper access to fresh, clean water. A cheap, clean, and abundant source of energy -- like cold fusion -- could make access to fresh water much easier.

A cheap source of energy could provide the power for pumps that draw water out of wells. This is one method of obtaining access to water, but there are other methods too. With a technology like cold fusion, water desalinization could become very affordable. Any nation with access to any body of water -- even salt water -- could purify it for human use. The reason why water desalinization is not more widely used today is that it requires a large amount of energy, making the water produced very expensive. It would be cheap with exotic energy technologies.

Another source of water is humidity from the atmosphere. There are machines that can extract water from the atmosphere. This water can then be used for human consumption. Once again, the biggest issue here is energy cost. These machines consume a large amount of energy, which is expensive. However, if cold fusion had proliferated far and wide, land locked nations could have built devices to extract water from the atmosphere. 

In some poor regions of the world there is water available, but it needs to be boiled to kill pathogens. Sadly, this often does not take place, because of reasons as simple as a shortage of firewood. The result is that people get sick or die from germs and parasites in the water. If cheap cold fusion generators had been widely proliferated over the past twenty years, people in these areas could have had a cost effective solution to treat their water supply. 

By preventing a solution to the water crisis from proliferating, those who have suppressed cold fusion and other exotic technologies are guilty of harming, or even killing, human beings. 

Access to Healthcare

In a world with reduced energy costs, it would be far simpler and cheaper to provide basic health care to the poor. First of all, the price of manufacturing medicines and vaccines would be reduced, due to the lower price of energy. Secondly, transporting these supplies to different areas of the world would be cheaper. Basically, every dollar spent by charitable organizations would have gone much further. If a million dollars in charitable donations could save a thousand lives in a world without cheap energy, it could probably save double that many lives with cheap energy.

Sometimes the issue is not getting medicine to sick people, but getting very ill individuals to medical professionals. Currently, there are people dying in remote regions that could be saved by a simple trip to a health clinic, dozens or hundreds of miles away. But these poor individuals cannot afford transportation, and are too sick to walk. In a world with cheap energy, a bus or airline ticket could be a tiny fraction of what it is today, and these lives could be saved. 

Yet another issue is that in regions with a prosperous economy (due to low cost energy) there would probably be more medical services and doctors available. With jobs available, individuals would be able to afford these medical services. If they were one of the few without an income, their friends and neighbors (with incomes) would be more able to help contribute towards their medical care. When a whole region is poor due to high energy costs and an awful economy, everyone suffers.

Although I am not a fan of socialized medicine, I must mention that nations with a more robust economy could afford to provide better free healthcare services to their citizens. If the proliferation of exotic energy technologies leads to the development of other breakthroughs -- such as gravity control or reactionless thrust -- civilization may change in very radical ways. Perhaps we will even develop a post scarcity society in which the cost of production is so low, everyone's basic needs could be provided for with pocket change.

Such a fantastic future world will not come to pass without exotic energy technologies. The suppression of cold fusion and other technologies has prevented such a society from developing.

Access to Shelter

Many people in this world don't have proper shelter from the elements. Perhaps a billion people live in homes that don't have heating or cooling, don't have running water, and don't have proper sanitary measures. These individuals get wet when it rains, freeze in winter, and bake in the summer. Also, exposed to high winds or an earthquake, many of these homes collapse, potentially killing those inside. 

With exotic energy technologies, the price of production of materials would drop. A home could be constructed at a lower cost. Also, it would be cheaper to heat and cool homes. Since the powers that be have suppressed exotic energy technologies, the price of materials remains high. A decent quality home is just too expensive for many people on this planet.

Tens of thousands of people die each year from a lack of a safe and well designed home. Many of these deaths could have been avoided if cold fusion technology had not been suppressed.

Other Sources of Death

There are many other ways in which people have died due to a lack of clean and cheap energy. A few I can think of are exposure to pollution, deaths due to extreme weather from climate change, and the hundreds of thousands of deaths from wars related to energy issues. 

The Deaths Add Up

When you add together all the deaths that have occurred in the past several years due to a lack of food, water, shelter, and medicine, the number is very high. Let's try to do a little math, and determine just how many human beings have died to the suppression of exotic technologies.

Assumption #1 Cold fusion emerged on the scene in 1989, and was immediately suppressed. If it had not been suppressed, it could have developed rapidly. Let's assume that if it had not been suppressed, that cold fusion devices would have been broadly proliferated by the year 2000. 

Assumption #2 Let's assume that all lives after the wide proliferation of cold fusion were saved, and that no lives were saved before. [Of course in reality the implementation would be more incremental.] This is the year 2012, so a total of 12 years has passed since the year 2000. 

Assumption #3 Let's add together *some* of the deaths that take place each year due to a lack of cheap energy. Let's use the rough figures of 20 million deaths a year from hunger, 2 million deaths a year from thirst, and a million deaths from other causes. This adds up to 23 million deaths a year. The true total is probably much higher. Multiply 23 million by 12. This equals 276 million deaths over the last 12 years.

Assumption #4 Realize that even with cold fusion technology not all deaths from hunger, thirst, disease, and other causes would have been prevented. Let's say that 50% of these deaths would have been prevented. The resulting number is 138 million deaths.


That's right; a rough estimate of the death toll from the suppression of cold fusion could be 138 million human beings killed. If you consider other exotic energy technologies that have been suppressed since the time of Tesla, this number could go into the billions.

When I say the powers that be including MIT, NASA, the DOE, and other organizations have blood on their hands, I am serious. Those that have ignored cold fusion, mocked those who researched cold fusion, and suppressed cold fusion are responsible for millions of deaths.

Just imagine that if cold fusion had not been suppressed, there could be 138 million individuals alive today. What if....

-- One of these individuals would have been the next Tesla?

-- One of these individuals had made a breakthrough that could allow for control of gravity?

-- One of these individuals had found a cure for the aging process?

Of course every life is important. Even those who are not geniuses are unique individuals that deserve a chance at life. None of the 138 million killed deserved to die.

As cold fusion emerges into the market place, let's hold those that suppressed cold fusion accountable for their actions. We cannot let the world forget that 138 million deaths did not have to happen. 

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews and Examiner.

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated September 04, 2012




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