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You are here: > News > January 10, 2011

Interview with Bob Smith, CEO of BB Motor Corp, LLC

On January 6th, Sterling Allan had the opportunity to interview Robert H. Smith, the CEO of BB Motor Corp LLC. about a potentially revolutionary new engine they are developing. The revolutionary J.I.M.S engine is asserted to consume no fuel, emit little or no pollution, and be capable of producing free energy via a hydraulic multiplier effect.

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On January 6, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with Robert Smith as part of the Free Energy Now series. (See transcript)

by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

BB Motor Corp, LLC. is a company that is developing a technology that, if validated by upcoming third party testing, could revolutionize the energy landscape. They are developing an engine named, "J.I.M.S", which stands for "Jesus Is My Savior." This engine is alleged to utilize a "driving force" from a compressed liquid to produce a "hydraulic multiplier effect." The result of this effect is that the engine produces more mechanical power than the electric energy it consumes. The company is working to perfect its ability to self-sustain, by converting some of the mechanical output into electricity, and feeding it back to the electric motor that compresses the liquid that feeds the engine.

In a previous article titled, "Overunity Details of J.I.M.S. Motor Reluctantly Revealed" we reviewed information provided by their website, and a few answers provided by the company via email. Then on January 6th, 2012, Sterling Allan had an opportunity to interview the CEO of BB Motor Corp LLC., Robert H. Smith. The hour long interview provided a wealth of information about the company, the technology, their goals for the future, upcoming third party tests, and more. 

You can listen to the interview here, and read a transcript of the interview at the end of this article.

Many interesting facts about the technology and company were reviewed. One such fact is about the name of the company. The "BB" in "BB Motor Corp LLC" stands for "Big Brother - Baby Brother." Robert Smith and his younger brother Rhett both call each other by the name "BB", so they included that in the name of the company.

Robert also provided some information about the technology itself, but was careful not to give away confidential information about the technology on which around 10 patents have now been filed. To clarify one issue, the engine was confirmed to be hydraulically driven. In one test, a one horse power electric motor was capable of compressing the hydraulic fluid needed -- to be fed into the engine -- for 1000 foot pounds of torque to be produced. According to the tests they have performed, the output is far greater than they expected. 

When Sterling asked if they had successfully close-looped the engine (allowing some of the output to converted into electricity to power the electric motor that compresses the hydraulic fluid) Robert seemed to indicate it had been done in prototypes, but not yet for an actual product. In the worst case scenario in which they do not manage to get an actual production unit to self sustain, they still expect the engine to produce much more power than it consumes. So for example, a vehicle could utilize a very small engine -- only 20% to 25% as powerful as what would normally be used by the vehicle -- to power the J.I.M.S engine. The J.I.M.S engine would then multiply the power produced by the small conventional engine. Although this would not be a closed looped system, it would still produce a large fuel savings. However, they plan for their products to be capable of self sustaining operation, with energy left over for practical use.

A few other features of the engine are that it is self-lubricating and self-cooling. In addition, it only uses four moving parts, and the engine has similarities to a conventional internal combustion engine, in that it utilizes pistons and cylinders. When it comes to the fundamental principles that allow for overunity to be produced, it was stated that a "driving force" is used. Basically, by using a hydraulic force to push the piston instead of the method used in a conventional engine, they obtain a greater force, and a multiplying effect. 

The only possibly, slightly negative aspect of the technology is that it produces ozone. The CEO stated he was not qualified to explain how it produced ozone, but he was told it does by his engineers. However, he indicated that the amount of ozone produced is small, and that it poses much less of a pollution threat than the emissions of vehicles with internal combustion engines. Although ozone is a pollutant, the small amount of ozone it emits does not compare to the massive amount of pollution emitted by ordinary engines.

Within 90 days they plan to have the engine tested at a location in San Antonio, Texas. However, they are having to work on the paperwork and contracts for the testing, because the company wants to make sure they will not break their dynamometer. When configured to produce the maximum amount of torque, their figures show their engine can produce up to 120,000 foot pounds. But the dynamometer is only configured to handle torque up to 30,000 foot pounds. Due to this limitation, they have reconfigured their device so as not to damage the dynamometer. When the testing is complete, they will most likely not reveal the full results, but instead only issue a statement discussing the positive or negative results that were obtained. They do not want the publicity that would come with giving details of very positive results. Also, they do not want to give away strategic information to competitors.

They hope to roll out an R&D product by the end of this year that companies who buy licenses from them could use to study their technology. However, except for a few case by case exceptions, they plan on retaining all manufacturing rights. In most situations, they would manufacture the engines for all products that will utilize the technology. Also, in some cases, they will manufacture the entire product -- the engine and everything else! This is the case for a certain product with an application in the oil industry. They also have a major trucking company interested in the technology for 18 wheeler applications, and one of the four major US auto makers have been interested in the technology.

It was mentioned that they have had setbacks in the past, and once they had to totally re-design the engine. They did not abandon the basic concept, but to improve upon it they had to re-design its components and other features. Another setback could theoretically happen in the future.

Over and over again, the CEO stated that they are not in this for the money. They are in this to get the technology into the market place, so it can benefit the world. A portion of their profits will be used to fund "au gratis" projects to help poor nations pump water or produce electricity. They also expect some of their profits will be used to fight legal battles against competitors who will try to reverse engineer and steal their technology.

When it comes to financing, they are funded by many private individuals, who have invested relatively small amounts of money. Currently, they are interested in additional investment, but only in the range of $50,000 to $200,000 dollars. This is because they are not interested in big time investors that would want to claim ownership of a large portion of their company. Robert claimed they have already had offers from various companies and venture capitol firms, but the strings attached would have made them lose control over the company, so they turned down the offers. 

At the moment, they are a small company with a limited number of employees. None of the employees are getting paid at the moment. Present expenses include things such as the fabrication of engine parts, lawyer fees, research and development, and other expenses. They need money to function, but do not need an excessive amount. It is important to note that all investors are required to come and visit their headquarters, meet the members of the company, and see the engine. They want investors to know for sure that they are not being scammed in any way. In addition, they want investors who agree with the goals and direction of the company. 

Interestingly, the CEO stated that he had sat down and talked with the Governor of the state of Texas, Gov. Perry, and talked about the company and the engine. They discussed the goals of the company, the direction of the company, where they were going to do manufacturing, and the jobs they would create. When it comes to creating jobs they will try to use the technology to benefit the USA first, but they also want to benefit the entire world. They expect the demand will not just be domestic, but also global. 

In my opinion, the interview went well. I am eager to hear how the third party testing of the engine goes in the next few months. If the technology is validated, I think it deserves to be in our list of Top Five Exotic Free Energy Technologies.

We will keep you updated as we learn more about BB Motor Corp LLC.


Click here to see a transcript of the interview.

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