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You are here: > News > January 3, 2012

Randy Hekman Suffers E-Cat Denial While Promoting LENR

As a US Senate candidate, it is remarkable that Randy Hekman is promoting cold fusion research -- or what he calls LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). However, he ignores the reality of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology, despite it being the first cold fusion technology to enter the market place -- starting with, allegedly, the US military.

Randy Hekman

Full Disclosure:
PES Network has a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Most candidates for political office argue back and fourth about all sorts of trivial issues, while ignoring the most significant topics that urgently need to be addressed. One such topic is the ongoing energy crisis, and a potential solution to it, which is cold fusion technology. Unlike many of his peers, Randy Hekman, a Republican US Senate candidate from Michigan, is openly talking about cold fusion (or LENR as he calls it), and the vast good it could do for the United States. However, he seems to be loath to accept the reality of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer), despite it being the first cold fusion technology to enter the market place -- with the first customer allegedly being the US military. 

As a former lawyer, military veteran, judge, and pastor, Randy Hekman is a very credible individual. What is very relevant about him in regards the exotic energy field, is his claim to have started a company -- the name of which he has not disclosed -- in 1996 to further cold fusion research. It is also stated in a press release his campaign has distributed on December 30, that he was a member of a team of individuals who appeared before a DOE panel in 2004 to present research findings, and obtain support for cold fusion research. In the same document, he stresses how cold fusion research should be a top priority due to its tremendous potential. Here is a paragraph from his press release.

"This is a new, potentially trillion dollar industry that has the ability to solve our nation's energy crisis, secure our country by not depending on foreign oil and turn America into an energy and technology exporter," says Hekman. "This is our version of the 'space-race' where we need to develop this technology and get it to market first. Can someone explain to me again why this isn't a top priority?"

His views on cold fusion are in some ways like a breath of fresh air. It would be fantastic if more politicians had the same desire to push for exotic new energy technologies to be developed. But disturbingly he does not mention the first cold fusion technology to enter the market place, Andrea Rossi's E-Cat, anywhere in the press release. 

Searching the internet, I was able to find a few comments he has made about the E-Cat technology, and its inventor, Andrea Rossi. The first comment I was able to find was on the front page of his website, in the form of a Twitter posting.

@LeeSchnaiberg Sorry to follow you. I will unfollow. Widom-Larsen is good science. Rossi, however, I do not trust. about 22 hours ago

The following comment is from an answer he gave in response to a question, during an interview with Cold Fusion Now.

CFN Recent demonstrations of Andrea A. Rossi's Energy Catalyzer and announcements of other products planned for release next year by researchers in Greece and Italy have generated a lot of excitement from the public, as well as some mainstream press. What changes, if any, have you noticed in the public awareness as these technologies are being developed.

RH I agree there has been growing news on the subject, but I am VERY skeptical of Mr. Rossi's work, based on his excessive secrecy and his sketchy background. On the other hand, however, more and more legitimate scientists are following with great interest the work of Lewis Larsen and his partner, Allan Widom. I feel they accurately explain this phenomenon.

As you can see, he admits to being skeptical about the E-Cat technology, despite the huge amount of evidence supporting its validity. Also, he seems to be part of the cult-like group who irrationally support Widom-Larsen theory. In a nutshell, this unproven theory -- that numerous scientists in the field do not agree with -- tries to claim that there are no "fusion" reactions taking place in "cold fusion" experiments. Here is a summary from a previous PESN article, about the fallacy of this theory, and it how simply uses fancy names for particles to push the agenda that there is no actual "fusion" taking place in LENR reactions.

The "Widom Larsen" theory is just another variation of the above [referring to other cold fusion theories that utilize a special method of overcoming the Couloumb barrier]. In the theory, an exotic type electron called a "heavy surface plasmon polariton" combines with a proton to form an, "ultra low momentum neutron." This neutron can then penetrate the Coulomb barrier of an atom of nickel (or other metal) to produce transmutations and release energy. Its proponents claim that this theory does not violate any "laws" of physics, and is not nuclear fusion. 

However, I propose that "Widom Larsen" is a form of nuclear fusion, just like the other theories. The only difference is that it uses a few more fancy names for exotic sub atomic particles. Just like many of the other theories, the following set of events take place according to "Widom Larsen" theory.

- A shrunken or mini-hydrogen atom, virtual neutron, or a proton shielded by an electron sneak past the Coulomb barrier of another atom.

- A transmutation into a heavier element can take place.

- A large release of energy takes place.

This is indeed a fusion reaction, but the "Widom-Larsen" proponents still try to argue otherwise. They claim that true "nuclear fusion" can only occur if a proton is pushed through the Coulomb barrier when the full repulsion is felt. Anything else, they claim, is a "neutron capture" event. 

The first thing untenable about that is they claim an "ultra low momentum neutron" is composed of a proton and electron. If it is composed of a proton and electron (just pretending to be a neutron) how can it be a neutron capture event? For example, if I catch a dog dressed up like a cat, I really caught a dog. I did not really catch a cat! However, they want you to believe a dog dressed up like a cat, is really a cat! 

The second thing untenable about their assertion is they claim that fusion cannot be taking place unless the full repulsion of the Coulomb barrier is felt. They go to the dictionary, and produce the following definitions.

- Neutron Capture involves a single particle, such as a neutron, with no electric charge entering a nucleus.

- Nuclear Fusion involves two nuclei having like-charges that overcome electromagnetic forces (the Coulomb barrier).

Basically, they try to claim that if you find a way to make a nuclei or proton sneak into another atom (without using lots of energy to bypass the Coulomb barrier) you have cheated, and you have not produced nuclear fusion. 

For example, did you "climb" a wall if you used a ladder? The "Widom Larsen" supporters say you did not "climb" the wall unless you scaled it by hand! Using a ladder was cheating! According to them you did not climb the wall, but only "went over it." 

They want to call your success something less than what it was, because you found a smarter/faster way to do it! 

However, regardless how you got over the wall, the end result is the same. You are on the other side! The same is true with Cold Fusion and LENR (which they claim is only neutron capture and not fusion). The fact is, fusion happened regardless of the method by which you got the proton/electron/neutron into the atom's nucleus!

The fact is that Widom-Larsen theory is just one theory out of several, and to give it any special significance over other theories, at this point in time, is inappropriate. NASA representatives like Dennis Bushnell may tout the theory and claim that there is no such thing as "cold fusion" (saying instead only beta decay in LENR systems is possible), but I'm convinced they are simply doing so for a few specific purposes. Those purposes, in my opinion, are to distract attention from the multi-decade long suppression of cold fusion technology by the "mainstream" scientific community (read our recent article about MIT's suppression of cold fusion), and to protect the jobs of countless scientists who work in billion dollar, hot fusion research labs. If cold fusion technology became a reality -- especially if it was labeled as being "fusion"-based -- the funding for expensive "hot fusion" projects would quickly fade. 

The Reality of the E-Cat

Ever since the start of 2011, the E-Cat has been openly tested at least a dozen times, by a number of different engineers and scientists. This number does not even include the tests performed privately before 2011 by representatives of the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Ampenergo, and Defkalion Green Technologies. In test after test, the E-Cat was determined to have produced excess energy, according to those who participated. 

Impressively, multiple different types of tests have been performed on E-Cat modules. In some of these tests steam was produced as an output, and in others the output was in the form of water heated to a temperature below the boiling point. Yet in additional tests, systems were allowed to "self sustain" which means to operate without any, or minimal, input power. Despite the style of test performed, excess energy was the result. 

Another testament to the robustness of the E-Cat technology is how multiple designs of reactor cores have been tested, and all of them have proven to work. The first reactor core tested had a volume of about a liter, and was cylindrical in shape. Later in the year, another reactor core was revealed that was only fifty cubic centimeters in volume, or about the size of a D-Cell battery. By the end of the year, the model of reactor core used in the modules composing the one megawatt plant was disclosed. It was radically different, being shaped more like a flat panel, rather than a tube. However, all these different shapes and models of reactor core were proven to work, and function as claimed.

It seems that the technology has matured to the point it can be engineered into many different form factors, and designs -- including clusters of modules connected together. Colonel Engineer Domenico Fioravanti, a contracting consultant representing the interests of a branch of the US Military, was very impressed with the maturity of the E-Cat technology during the Oct. 28th test of the world's first one megawatt cold fusion plant. This professional engineer, with 30 years of experience in thermodynamic systems, was so convinced of the performance of the technology that he signed off on the purchase of the plant. Now it is alleged that the order has been increased to a total of thirteen plants, at a price tag of $2,700,000 dollars each.

This is not an insignificant purchase, and shows that top notch professionals view his technology as being extremely valuable. In fact, if his technology were not so valuable, other cold fusion researchers would not be trying to copy cat his technology. For example, despite their breakup with Rossi over a contractual dispute, Defkalion claims to be moving forward with a nickel-hydrogen technology of their own. Other companies and individuals are also jumping on the bandwagon, such as Brian Ahern of MIT, who has submitted at least one PCT patent application along these lines. 

Andrea Rossi has recently revealed that he is not only working with Domenico Fioravanti to refine the technology, but also National Instruments. This partnership has been confirmed and admitted to by NI, in a statement to us at PESN.

The purpose for his partnership with NI is to allow for a total re-design the control systems. This should allow for even longer periods of self-sustained operation, and even more phenomenal performance -- if you don't think self sustaining for five and a half hours, producing about half a kilowatt of power is impressive enough! 

After producing 14 one megawatt plants -- one for a customer in New England and the rest for the military -- Rossi has claimed that he will refocus his efforts on producing a total of one million, 10-20 kilowatt E-Cats for home usage. He plans to for them to start being distributed this Autumn, at a price between $1,000 and $1,500 dollars. These plants will be easy to install, and may even be distributed by Home Depot, according to an interview he made with Cash Flow, reported by Cold Fusion Now

At first, these plants will only produce hot water for bathing, cooking, cleaning, or home heating. However, each of these first one million units will be capable of being retrofitted with a generator that can produce electricity. By pricing his units so low, he hopes to "kill the competition." He also seems to realize that by putting these units into the hands of the public, the proprietary industrial secrets that allow them to produce practical amounts of output will be revealed. However, he does not seem too concerned, because he claims at that point reverse engineering the technology will become more of a hobby, and less of an act of espionage. 

Secrecy and Trust

A few individuals have attacked Andrea Rossi because they claim they do not trust him. Part of their lack of trust seems to stem from the fact he has been forced to keep many details of his technology secret (especially the catalysts used), in order to avoid becoming a victim of industrial espionage. Many individuals with only a casual interest in cold fusion do not realize that the field is rapidly growing and expanding, and industrial espionage by potential competitors is a very real threat.

The reality is there is a war taking place against Andrea Rossi. His "secret sauce" that allows for robust Ni-H systems is so impressive, that there are competitors who are alleged to have attempted to blackmail him. Also, it is indisputable that competitors who have never built a system anywhere close to as powerful as his, are attempting to block his efforts to obtain patents on the E-Cat. He has also stated that he caught a researcher attempting to obtain a sample of the contents of his reactor. 

It should be noted that Andrea Rossi spent his own money developing the E-Cat technology. He spent all of his savings, sold businesses, and even sold properties to finance his research. What would be a shame is for competitors to steal the intellectual property that makes his technology work, and then claim it as their own. The result could be additional legal battles that could slow down the proliferation of the technology.

The secrecy he has had to keep has been very much needed, and should not be held against him. By the end of this year, a million E-Cat home units are planned to be on the market, and all the information about how his technology works will be bound to leak out. I completely understand the curiosity of many individuals. Like many others, I have often asked Andrea Rossi questions he could not answer for confidentiality reasons. His lack of a full response was not out of rudeness, but was because providing the information would give away intellectual property to his competitors.

To Rossi's credit, he tries to answer every question that is asked of him. For example, he has responded to almost every email I have sent him -- with one or two probably lost in cyberspace. Most of the time, his response comes the very same day. Also, he has answered thousands of questions that have been posted on his blog, "The Journal of Nuclear Physics." He is a very patient person, who has even taken the time to repeat many of the same answers to very basic questions over and over again. If he cannot answer a question due to the possibility of giving away confidential information, he politely states that is the reason why.

Some individuals have made remarks about Rossi's character, and his past. Although my understanding is that he was vindicated of the accusations made against him in regards to "Petrol Dragon", I try my best not to dwell in the past. The fact is that in the present, he has never taken a dime from members of the public, even when donations were offered. He has repeated that he does not want to, "play with the bones of others." To me, this adds to his credibility. 

The funding he is using now to continue his research has been honestly obtained, from his first customer, the US military. Despite what internet trolls that libelously call him a "fraudster" may say, he allows all potential customers of the one megawatt E-Cat plant to perform their own tests before the purchase is finalized. They are allowed to control the test methodology, use their own test equipment, and conduct the test in any fashion they wish. If the customer is not satisfied, the deposit -- put into an escrow account -- is returned. This is NOT how a con-man operates, but how a serious engineer with a real technology does business.

Take the E-Cat Seriously, Mr. Hekman

I urge Randy Hekman to take the E-Cat technology seriously, and recognize its worth as the only cold fusion technology on the planet that has entered the market place. If he has doubts if the technology works, I would urge him to talk to a few of the many individuals who have experience testing, or observing tests of E-Cat devices. A few good individuals for him to talk with would be Dr. Sergio Focardi, Dr. Christos Stremmenos, Dr. Levi of the University of Bologna, Mats Lewan of Ny Teknik, and others who could be found with a couple easy searches of the web.

As an example of the reports of successful tests he would obtain if he took the time to make such contacts, consider the following. In a test conducted by Dr. Levi, a single module produced a minimum of 15 kilowatts for over 18 hours. At one point, consuming less than a hundred watts of power, it started producing an output of 130 kilowatts! It was then throttled down so the output would remain in a stable range of 15-20 kilowatts. You can read about the test on Ny Teknik here, or in our PESN article, here.

The above is just one test of over a dozen that indicate the E-Cat technology produces huge amounts of output. In fact, all indications are that the technology has zero problem producing "enough" power, and the challenge is actually keeping the output down to a reasonable level. If the output rises too high, the core can reach temperatures of over 1,600C and melt the nickel powder where the reaction sites are located. When the nickel powder melts, the reactions cease and the reactor core goes dead. The reason Andrea Rossi advertises a COP of 6 is due to his desire to make sure the systems are stable, and long lasting -- without running away which could lead to their reactor cores needing to be replaced. Although extremely high COPs have been obtained -- ranging from the hundreds to infinite in self sustain mode -- it makes business sense to advertise a lower COP, and over deliver with a higher COP. 

As of now, to any rational person who has done their homework, the E-Cat technology has been proven to work. It has not undergone the kind of extensive ultra-extensive scientific testing that the academic world tries to demand, but there will be plenty of time for that in the future. Right now is the time to get on board early, be an early adopter, and help push this technology further into the market place.

If Hekman really wants cold fusion (LENR) to help create urgently needed jobs, boost industry, and jump start the economy, he needs to start taking the E-Cat technology seriously, immediately. It can provide all the benefits to the United States he claims to seek. By reducing the cost of energy, starting the process of eliminating our need for fossil fuels, and providing energy independence to all Americans it holds the possibility to revitalize our nation. Due to the E-Cat technology, financial prosperity and a vigorous, growing economy can be ours again! 

As a US Senate candidate, it would serve him well to be on the bleeding edge of cold fusion technology -- which is the Energy Catalyzer -- instead of focusing his attention on unproven theories and researchers who have never built a practical device, capable of producing useful amounts of output. Being on top of the E-Cat technology before it hits "critical mass" later this year, would allow him to have the reputation of being a forward thinker, and ahead of the game. 

What he does not need to do is assist the effort by some to "Ron Paul" the E-Cat technology, by criticizing it without studying it in depth. Just like the terrified liberals and fake conservatives attacking Republican candidate Ron Paul, there are critics with agendas trying to bash the E-Cat. By attempting to slow down the progress of Andrea Rossi, they hope to have more time to push their unproven pet theories, try to steal intellectual property to claim as their own, and urgently try to get their systems to produce a tiny fraction of the power of an E-Cat. 

They do not care if they are telling the truth or not, because their goal is to make everyone dismiss the technology. I think that Hekman may have spent too much time listening to these individuals push their agendas, instead of doing his own research.

The E-Cat future is coming, with or without you, Mr. Hekman. As someone who claims to be a small government conservative, you should embrace it.

It's time to come out of E-Cat denial. 


On Wednesday, January 04, 2012 8:13 AM MST, Randy Hekman wrote:

Hi Sterling,

Thanks for sending me the link to the article by Hank Mills. I found it interesting, but not totally accurate.

I have been researching and studying the field of LENR for over 14 years. I have seen the phenomenon of excess heat in my own experiments. In the past I, like you at present, attributed the excess heat it to a fusion process. But I am now convinced that it is neither fusion nor fission. 

I desire to learn more about the E-Cat device, and as time on this busy campaign allows, I will do so. All I can say for sure, however, is that if E-Cat does actually work, it is through the process that Lewis Larsen explains in detail with his numerous papers and Slideshares. If you really want to understand this phenomenon, I strongly suggest you study his material.

Let me put it this way: if I show you a device that seems to work, but I can't satisfactorily explain it in ways that are consistent with the known workings of our universe, I will assume you are pulling a fast one over on me. I want LENR to bring new hope to our world and meet our need for safe, limitless and inexpensive energy. Instead of attacking each other, let's work together to make that happen. 

Best regards,


# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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