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LENR-to-Market Weekly -- December 20, 2012
• ZPI Progressing in Roll-out of Various Free Energy Technologies
• Keshe demo; Product release delayed to prevent confiscation; Replication
• Elecotric claims to power house for 10 months (Elecotric Ltd)
• MSV Explorer poised to be first to general market (Gyro-Gen)

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You are here: > News > December 31, 2011

Free Energy in 2011 Prepping to Take Off in 2012

Though the year didn't bring as many technologies to market as I had predicted last year (due to "you're not ready yet, world citizens"?), great progress was made. We highlight the Top 5 of the year and mention a few stragglers from last year, as well as mentioning the "Hall of Shame".

by Sterling D. Allan with Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

As those of you who follow our news know, Andrea Rossi's E-Cat dominated free energy news this past year, getting unprecedented coverage both by the fan sites as well as by some mainstream press; as they launched a 1 MW cold fusion heat plant into the marketplace on October 28, which I was fortunate to be on hand to witness. See Hank Mills' story we published yesterday: One Full Year of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat.

Speaking of
Hank Mills, for me personally, having his assistance in writing stories for us at PESN has been a highlight of the year. Thanks Hank. Far fewer things are falling through the cracks.

2011 Not as Great as I Predicted

Reading my predictions last year of what 2011 would entail for the world of free energy (devices that harness energy provided freely by the wheelwork of nature), compared to what actually materialized, is an exercise in frustration. While there were many great advances toward the marketplace by several exotic free energy technology companies, 2011 was a bit of a let-down for me personally because I tend to think things are going to happen sooner than they do. But pulling together the material for this report and getting updates from the leading groups has been encouraging.

Progress was indeed made last year, and we definitely got closer to some of these exotic modalities emerging. Bear in mind that much took place behind the scenes -- inventors making significant breakthroughs but not wanting any coverage.

Overall, it seemed to me that some higher guidance system for the planet was saying, "You don't deserve it yet." [Hank wonders if  perhaps such a higher authority – far beyond the Earthly powers that be – has noticed the pathology of irrational cynicism that has infested the mainstream scientific community, and decided, "They already have the information needed to solve their problems, so I'm standing back until they open their eyes enough to notice it."]

And I guess I would have to agree ("not ready yet"), impatient as I am, wanting to see these many modalities materialize in a productive way to solve so many of the problems facing humanity and even helping us achieve something that resembles utopia eventually, as so well depicted by the excellent movie, Thrive, that came out on 11/11/11, the day I launched on behalf of Andrea Rossi. As I reported, that "official" designation was removed a couple of days later, followed by the launch of 

With the economies of the world spinning into melt-down mode, I've felt an extreme urgency to help facilitate the emergence of these free energy technologies that make energy so much cheaper, portable and clean; while creating jobs, instilling hope, and fostering independence from the central powers that be.

While the solutions are so close to materializing, something seems to holding them back.

It's as if mankind needs to go through at least a certain extent of collapse, to experience the consequences of the bad decisions we've made and priorities we've displayed in recent generations. We can't just blame it on the "1%". It is a collective illness with collective repercussions. 

We have become addicted to acquiring frivolous stuff while trashing the planet, living for today while building dept for tomorrow, both financially as well as in terms of planetary resources.

We let our kids play violent, greedy, and lascivious computer games; and we let them watch programs that glorify these things as well; role-playing behaviors that we would never support in real life, even while subtly endorsing those behaviors by allowing them in games and entertainment.

The list of grievances against what is good and right is extensive. Does such a degenerate society deserve free energy technology?

The encouraging thing is the awakening that has been happening, both recently as well as over the long haul by the pioneers of enlightenment that have always been with us, pushing the envelope, getting us to realize what is truly important -- eternal values such as love, freedom, hope, seeing the best in each other, repentance, forgiveness, gratitude, etc. -- and promoting higher ways of seeing life: the interconnectedness of all things, the divine potential in each, the value of opposition, the power of positive thinking, not giving in to fear, etc.

Yes, we should continue to do what we can to help free energy technologies emerge, but we also need patience to realize that there is an element of timing to coincide with the maturation or metamorphosis of society.

Top 5 Free Energy Technologies of 2011

For us at PES and the New Energy Congress, we continued our shift in focus from trying to cover all things renewable to honing in on the exotic free energy modalities, developing a Top 5 Exotics listing and essentially abandoning the Top 100 listing.

Heading that list is the E-Cat, as mentioned above, aiming to manufacture 1 million of the 10 kW heat systems, hopefully commencing those by the end of 2012, while aiming to complete 14 of the 1 MW plants by the end of 2012.

Today he wrote to me:

We will start in Autumn the sale of the domestic E-Cat. We are organizing the production of 1 million pcs, to make a price enough low to allow to anybody to buy it....

Rather than wait for scientific approval first, Rossi's strategy is to let the marketplace vindicate cold fusion once and for all. It took the scientific community four years to finally admit they were wrong about human flight not being possible, even as the Wright Brothers and others were flying around repeatedly. Retarding this, he wrote today:

Had I accepted to enter the trap of the validations, all would have been stopped by a horde of wannabe competitors.

By the way, making 1 million pcs and very low prices, the reverse engineering becomes a hobby, like to make yourself your car or your computer. The third-party-validators will party toying themselves with the E-Cat they will buy. Yes, We Cat!

With a branch of the US military allegedly being Andrea Rossi's first customer (having ordered thirteen one megawatt plants total, so far) and helping further develop the technology, it seems the cynics and pathological skeptics may have to admit they were wrong about cold fusion sooner, rather than later. 

In addition to the E-Cat cold fusion technology – which seems to be the most robust and powerful at this time – there are a number of potential competitors to Rossi that are emerging into the Nickel-Hydrogen fusion arena. With all the effort being put into cold fusion technology, it seems inevitable that it will be fully emerging into the market place in the not too distant future.

Next in line is Green Power Inc's technology that converts municipal solid waste to high grade fuel. They finally got into production in November, hiring some 500 people to begin building their 100 ton/day plants, with the objective of completing 200 such modules in the first 18 months. (Story)

The third technology in our list is a the EEFG solid state generator technology, which, once commercial, will probably go to #1. It has been third party tested and is based on established laws of atomic physics applied in a new way. We're talking potentially about a device the size of a postage stamp that could power a cell phone continuously, and cost about one dollar to manufacture (not including capital costs) It still requires development as power outputs are still low. This is in Utah just a couple of hours from me. Their technology is probably 2-3 years from market readiness. The first applications will probably be mobile electronics, but eventually any device needing electricity could be powered by this technology.

Number four in our Top 5 is John Rohner's noble gas engine, which allegedly uses a plasmic transition process in each cycle of the engine that is essentially a non-radioactive atomic process, hence the large amount of energy from the noble gas, which is essentially free it is so cheap. And the engine itself is more simple (hence cheaper) than the internal combustion engine or electric motor it would be replacing.

There was considerable controversy this last Spring regarding just how legitimate John Rohner's claims are, with him admitting to making exaggerations about how far along they are. He said today: "Our policy is not to speak of running engines, which meant I could not and would not. I had erred in doing that prior and have not since."

Meanwhile, he has continued to make progress in building units.

Next year he allegedly will be training licensees to build functional motors in the process of launching them into production. Today he wrote to me saying (slightly edited):

"[We are] committed to manufacturing and producing a production grade and reproducible engine. We are within weeks of starting the final debug toward release for training with these engines. We have now assembled the first unit and we have tested the seals to allow us to finish machining of the remaining 5 castings as we build and prove these 5 engines for use as manufacturing samples and training engines. The debug process will start January 18th with a team of trained engineers and scientists in Las Vegas."

He said I would be "allowed to visit, chronicle and even watch engines as they progress and run for a story you will be doing when we release the news publicly. You will also have access to OEM manufacturers as they build and test product and as our OEM Engine manufacturers design and create new product. To chronicle what will be one of the worlds greatest events."

A runner up in the noble gas engine arena is Heinz Klosterman, who flew me out to see his prototype in action in the California Bay Area this past Summer. I saw a piston fired by the unit, but at the time they were not sure if they were overunity. On December 16, he told me that he is now running a Free Piston Generator (FPG) according to his patent (US7076950), but that they are still not sure if they are overunity.

Number 5 in our Top 5 is the Greek company, Defkalion's spin-off of Rossi's Nickel-Hydrogen cold fusion technology. They have not yet publicly demonstrated their technology, nor have they acquired third-party validation yet, that we are aware of; but there are some good indicators that they will materialize into the marketplace in 2012. They have not yet specified when in 2012, or how many units they project to be able to produce; but they apparently are focusing on the 5-35 kW heat size.

There are several other runners up in the cold fusion arena, including Pinatelli, Arata, Swartz, and others. I even hear whispers that there is one company that may be ahead of Andrea Rossi, but they are being more cautious about their launch. Despite the heavy criticism of Rossi and his approach, I personally think he is performing a great service by leading the pack and taking the flack.

Runners Up

I have Ismael Aviso listed as the first runner up to the Top 5. He started off the year with a bang, having his ambient energy electric vehicle tested by the Philippine Department of Energy, who verified that the 11 kW DC motor that propelled the vehicle ran at an expected 45% efficiency off of mains power; but when he had his "antenna" array hooked up, pulling energy in from the surroundings, the motor ran at 133% efficiency.

He was hoping to be in production with a million units by the end of year, but "unfortunately, receiving government approval of overunity results does not automatically bring in big financing and manufacturing contracts", he said. So work has continued on a very limited budget.

More recently he's been applying the technology to hydroxy gas generation, supposedly getting amazing results there as well. A group in the Bay Area of California is working with him to prepare a demonstration of that technology in February.

Most recently he was flown to Tesla's stomping grounds in Serbia, where he's getting some additional good support from a Croatian company. In December a company in Hong Kong also flew him in to start serious discussions. Both these visits were regarding his healthy water technology that he perfected several years ago.

Searl Magnetics is the next runner-up given how much progress that team has been making toward verifying and replicating Searl's technology, as we recently reported. This one is probably the most exciting prospect to keep an eye on for 2012. Just think how the world would change if John Searl's free energy and counter-gravity technology is finally replicated and prepared for market.

Focus Fusion continued to make progress in their research and development through 2011 and are likely to continue the same through 2012, but marketplace is still yet another year or two beyond that.

I'm not sure what is going on with the ERR Fluxgenerator, it was pretty quiet through 2011, which is disappointing given the high expectations I had for it last year this time. But some progress is being made.

For a while there, Bobby Amarasingam thought he had achieved eureka with his AOGFG, but it turned out to be measurement error, so it went back to the drawing board. But there were some interesting effects observed which some pretty talented people found worth pursuing, with some promising results, so don't be surprised if it pops up in a major way in 2012.

Follow-up from 2010

I should give you a few words regarding the technologies we featured as being the best stories of 2010.

Fast Freddy seems to have lived up to his name when it comes to business dealings, but from what I can tell from a few reports I've received from people working with him is that there is something to his water fuel technology. No one came forward to have received one of his alleged 20,000 units sold in June (story), so I'd be inclined to give him the B.S. award for the year on that one. Here is what someone wrote in response to my email to Freddy:

Sorry Freddy is not available to comment, for I am sure this would make him turn in his grave! Silence would be golden at his point, for his technology is real and being distributed to the masses as his will dictates, for what he could not achieve in life, he had planned for in case of his demise. Any slander of this type will be met and dispersed with any judicial means available or prudent, and will definitely keep you out of the loop.

John Miller
Legal Department

Hmmm. Is Freddy dead? Murdered? I replied, asking for more info.

Meanwhile, I sent out yet another message to a few forums today asking if anyone had received a unit, and so far I've only had three replies from people who paid but did not receive anything yet. (1 | 2)

The Irish free energy company Steorn claims to be making progress with their Hepha Heat technology. Although they do not officially claim it is OU on their web page, according to the numbers they shared with PESN, it appears to be producing many tens of kilowatts (at least) in the form of heat for every kilowatt of electrical power that is fed into the device. It seems they may be trying to go the route of introducing a free energy device to the world as an "ordinary" technology, to avoid some of the opposition that comes with launching a free energy product.

Open Source Salvation?

One of the most promising hopes for these troubled times would be if we could finally get someone who has a simple, affordable, productive technology to hand it over to the planet via a quasi open source project, selling plans, and requesting a royalty for all commercial applications.

That way, the technology could hit millions within a few months, creating jobs, distributing product, improving lives, helping the planet, and diffusing the control freaks who are trying to implode the planet and set up a global police state through their planned economic collapse.

What would be fantastic for 2012 is if an open source technology emerged, that would allow an ordinary person to build a device to power his home or vehicle. For example, by downloading a set of plans, ordering some parts, and making a few trips to a hardware store; a person could become energy independent. The individual could be free from an electric bill, be free of the grid, and potentially be more free from big government. 

As of right now, there are no such plans for a viable free energy technology that I am aware of. There are plans available for hydrogen boosters to increase gas mileage, but they will not allow someone to become energy independent. Also, there are a few scams out there such as "Tesla's Secret" and "Magniwork" that are swindling people's money, by making big claims that are not true, as mentioned below.

What will the first open source technology be? Perhaps it might be a form of overunity transformer, or maybe a home brew type of cold fusion.

Hall of Shame

2011 wasn't as bad as some years have been when it comes to shysters.  Here are some of the most notorious:

  • Unfortunately, the HoJo Magnet Motor scam still seems to be going quite strong. I've not been as aggressive in exposing them and complaining to their supporting venues about their fraud, like I did with Magniwork.
  • Magniwork was shut out of Clickbank, and I've heard hardly anything of them this year.
  • The Tesla Secret scam has pretty well fizzled as well, though I still see ads for them occasionally; and I put those sites on notice of the scam, though some of them prefer the income than to look into the charge of fraud.

Some of the technologies we are presently featuring may turn out to be fraudulent, in which case you'll be hearing from us about that. But we prefer to give people plenty of slack to prove themselves. For example the jury is still out on Don Bell. I've not received any check yet, as he promised, for a gratitude portion of the alleged $5 million he pulled in because of our coverage.

More than "reporters", we're cheerleaders for free energy, wanting people to succeed in this very unpopular arena. They get plenty of skepticism elsewhere. We try to give people a chance.

But as we've demonstrated many times in the past, we have no patience for fraud. If something ends up being fraudulent, which we have been promoting previously as a promising technology, then we transform that enthusiasm toward exposing them, and our pages are usually among the first that pull up in a Google search on them, to warn people away.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews and Examiner.

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