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You are here: > News > December 21, 2011

Part II: Searl Magnetics Nearing Eureka

Click here for Part I

Searl Magnetics has achieved many milestones in their effort to document the various phenomena that are utilized by the Searl Effect Generator. As they look forward, they hope to validate a final crucial effect of the SEG, and obtain further funding so they can commercialize the technology.

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Interview > Listen
On December 20, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with Bradley Lockerman as part of the Free Energy Now series.

Bradley Lockerman in the Scottish Highlands filming
scenes for The John Searl Story, released on DVD
Jan. 15, 2009. (Ref.)

by Sterling D. Allan / Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

In part one of this two-part story, we mentioned how Searl Magnetics appears to have obtained the resources needed to move their project further. A video on YouTube, posted by Searl Magnetics, shows a myriad of tools including magnetizers, oscilloscopes, drills, computers, and a CNC lathe. Now, Sterling Allan has obtained an interview with a full-time associate of Searl Magnetics, Bradly Lockerman. He also is the Hollywood producer of a documentary titled, "The Searl Story" that describes the life and accomplishments of John Searl.

Early in the interview, Lockerman gives an account of the life of John Searl, going all the way back to his apprenticeship with British Rewind Electrical Repairs Ltd., located in London, England. After his time there, he later obtained a job as a foreman at Midlands Electricity Board. At Midlands he came up with the idea for the SEG (Searl Effect Generator), and discussed it with the employees under him. They thought his theories were odd, and word got back to his supervisors of that he had a crazy idea for an invention. His supervisors told him he had three options. The first option was to stop talking about the idea, the second was to quit the job, and the third was to build the device. Since they offered to allow him to use the resources of the company, he decided to build the device. Allegedly, it worked, but no one was interested in it. Nuclear power was the rising star, and everyone thought conventional nuclear power would be the wave of the future, so the SEG was ignored.

As the interview continued, Lockerman explained that one of the first questions people ask about John Searl is as follows, "If he was able to build it then, why can't he build it now?" The answer to this question is that at Midlands Electronics he had access to all the tooling and help he needed. After he left Midlands, he no longer had access to those resources. The focus of Searl Magnetics is to try and provide all of those resources to John Searl, so he can reproduce what he made back then. Having access to advanced tooling such as a CNC lathe is important, because with the Searl Effect you need exact control over the weight, size, and density of components. Otherwise, the device will not work. 

Four Milestones

The Searl Magnetics team with the prototypes that have been built thus far to prove several of John Searl's key claims that classical science would say are "impossible," and yet have been clearly shown by these prototypes.
Photo credit:

When it comes to their progress in replicating the effects critical to the operation of a SEG, they have made three major milestones, with progress on a fourth. 

The first milestone was the ability to imprint a magnetic waveform (in this case a sine wave pattern) onto a sample of permanent magnetic material. Basically, what this would be doing is alternating the alignment of domains in the material, so as you go along it there would be an alternating positive and negative polarity. They were able to accomplish this, and held a conference in Scotland in 2005 demonstrating the alternating polarity. As a motor turned the piece of magnetic material, a Gauss meter measured the polarity, and it was graphed on an oscilloscope. This proved a long time claim of Searl that the rollers in the SEG had been imprinted with such a waveform -- something that modern science would say is not possible. 

The second milestone was verifying that it is possible to make a round magnet spin around another round magnet, without it stopping or flying off. Searl Magnetics were able to take magnetic rollers imprinted with a magnetic field, that when pulsed by external stators (electromagnets) would rotate around a central magnet. Interestingly, it was determined that when you pulsed one roller, all of the rollers would move. This confirmed another claim about the original SEG. Millions of people have now seen videos of that apparatus in operation and hundreds have seen it in person.

The third milestone was to confirm that eddy currents would interact in a certain way with a roller imprinted with a magnetic waveform, including with material, such as copper, that is supposed to be non-magnetic. For those who are not familiar, an eddy current is the result of Lenz Law. It is the reason why a magnet sliding down a tube of copper will fall slowly, instead of quickly. As the magnet approaches the copper, it induces an electrical current in the copper. This current creates a magnetic field that opposes the motion of the magnet. According to SEG theory, as a roller approaches a piece of conductive material, the eddy currents will not only create a repulsive force, but also make the roller spin. In addition, there will be a gearing effect in which the alternating polarity of the roller acts like teeth of a gear. If the diameter of the copper drum changes, the gear ratio changes, and the roller will spin a different number of times. This effect has been confirmed in the lab.

The fourth milestone has yet to be fully achieved. It is the emissions of electrons from one part of the SEG, to another portion of the device.

Here's an explanation from rexresearch that might help explain this new science.

"The iron element in the SEG "plate" (the big ring) is magnetized with a combined DC and AC magnetizing sequence which causes many poles to form all over the surface of the iron, in a wave like pattern corresponding to the AC frequency used. The iron element is then combined with the others (which are NOT involved in the magnetizing process) in a process called sintering - pushing them together under pressure. The same is done for the smaller magnets, or "rollers", except that each roller consists of eight stacked segments held together by the magnetic field. When you have twelve roller stacks and a correctly magnetized plate, and place the rollers on the plate as below, something truly amazing happens."

That is the answer I think. The alternating magnetic field of the iron goes strait through the copper and other non-ferromagnetic layers, so the rollers steel feel it. But the copper itself is not imprinted.

How It Works

Basically, the SEG is supposed to tap free electrons from the environment that are absorbed by a central disc of neodymium. These electrons are then pushed at high speeds through the various layers of the device -- composed of different materials -- as they follow magnetic field lines. They are accelerated to the outer edge of the device, where they encounter the last set of rollers. The final result is alleged to be an alternating magnetic field that generating a huge electrical current in a series of pick up coils.

Here are Sterling's phone notes from his earlier conversation with Bradley about this process:

"What we have here is a 3-layerd unit: reservoir: rare earth; gate layer: diode, Bakelite, nylon 66, negatively charged, or presently Teflon; electrons passing through Teflon so they don't discharge completely in a pulse; control discharge of neodymium; controlled by third layer: magnetic flux line, passing through Teflon into neodymium "hello", magnets, electrons like magnets, fall to the magnetic flux line. Once in magnetic, pushed through into emitter layer: copper.
Capacitor: something that contains a modest amount of electrical charge. All you need to draw it out is motion: move roller, electrons will come out in enormous quantities. You achieve motion by printed magnetic wave pattern that impels the motor to move.

"It is nothing more than simple induction according to Maxwell, but you don't need pedaling a bike or water down hill; but rollers move because they have to."

Bradley referred to a recent animated video they pulled together called Electrons Ride the Magnetic Wave, that describes this process. He said that Searl said of that video: "That one is more important than anything you've done. That one tells what is happening."

For this whole process to be possible, it must be proven that electrons can travel from one part of the device to another. So far, proof of this has not been obtained. However, they have been able to detect the magnetic field lines that the electrons would theoretically follow.

The Future of Searl Magnetics

An animated gif depicting Searl's craft from

Depending on the amount of funding the company is able to gather, confirming the emission of electrons could take anywhere from six to twelve months, to possibly a fraction of that, if they are able to acquire significant funding. However, even after they achieve the fourth milestone, it will require more study and research to build a working SEG. 

In an earlier conversation with Sterling, prior to the recorded interview, Bradley told Sterling "We have moved Searl from where he was in paranormal fringe, to the world of sober discussion of 'what is going on here?' "

Bradley also told Sterling that with half a million dollars they could achieve a single "emission" apparatus, and with three million they could build a complete SEG. Investment in renewable energy is 100% tax deductable in the U.S. 

People who become "members" of Searl group are welcome to stop by for demonstrations of the key aspects that have already been proven.

One the fourth key point is proven, and the system is fully tested, then all the company would need to do for licensees is to calculate the exact size, weight, and mass of every component for them to build. Then Searl Magnetics would magnetize (using a proprietary process) those components and the licensee would then do the final assembly and fulfillment of the finished product. If the components are not exactly correct, the machine will not work.

Their business plan calls for already-existing companies to do what they already are well-equipped to do: build devices and deliver them to the marketplace. With this setup everyone makes money, and Searl Magnetics only has to magnetize parts instead of having to tool up to produce millions of units. This way, companies are not put out of business by being made obsolete, but are repurposed to the new technology.

It was also revealed during the interview that the company has four full time employees that include Fernando Morris, Tom Davis (the CNC expert), Chris Week, and Bradley Lockerman. The company was incorporated in 2010 in Nevada and is headquartered in San Diego, California. They would like to add additional personnel if they can acquire the needed funding. 

The head of Searl Magnetics is John Searl, who is presently back in England. One of the company's primary concerns is Searl's well being. He is 79 years old and has health concerns. It was made clear that his mind is still lucid.

The company thinks that the technology has many applications, ranging from use in vehicles to powering homes. It also has the potential to allow for gravity manipulation, because at high capacity, the device is said to lose weight. 

Lingering Questions

There are a few lingering questions in my opinion, that I would like to have answered.

  • Where do all the free electrons come from? Do they come only from the atmosphere, or can they come from empty space too?
  • Can the device operate in a vacuum?
  • Is the device only tapping energy from the heat of the environment, or also the aether or ZPE?

In my opinion, the interview was a good one, but I would have liked to hear a bit more specific of an explanation of how the traveling electrons produce energy as it travels though each layer of material, and the spinning rollers. 

It is clear that the company is making good progress towards building a SEG. The fact they have confirmed three out of four milestones is proof of this. 

Bradley said that when they achieve the emission milestone that he will be calling Sterling and simply say: "get on a plane and come visit us." That will be the fourth of the four major keys, and will mark the turning point of the technology from research and development for replicating what Searl is alleged to have accomplished decades ago, shifting to focusing on going commercial with the technology.

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