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You are here: > News > December 19, 2011

Inteligentry Posts Slideshow of Noble Gas Engine Assembly

John Rohner, the head of Inteligentry, has posted a slide show presentation of the fitting assembly of their new Plasmic Transition Process (Noble Gas) engine. He has also posted a tour of their facility, showing their equipment, engine parts, and more.

John Rohner shows one of the steps in a 110+ photo set.

By Hank Mills  
Pure Energy Systems News

Despite all the exotic energy technologies about to emerge, the Noble Gas Engine remains a fascination of mine. Of course the multi-decade long saga of Joseph Papp is interesting, but my mind is mainly focused on the potential of the technology. Not only could it provide a source of limitless power, but it could jump start a new scientific revolution. Joining other technologies that are not supposed to exist like cold fusion and overunity magnetic systems (like Steorn's Orbo), it could shatter the current paradigm of what is possible, and what is not.

John Rohner has spent years advancing the Noble Gas Engine technology. His patent application version of the technology is called the Plasmic Transition Process. It differs from Papp's technology in some ways, such as not utilizing radioactive materials, and needing much less power to trigger the process. Also, non-noble gases like hydrogen can be used. But like Papp's engine, John Rohner has claimed in the past that he has built engines that can produce hundreds of horsepower, and hundreds of foot pounds of torque. Now, John Rohner has released a slideshow of the fitting assembly of a new engine. In the near future, it will allegedly be tested and then produced in large numbers by licensed manufacturers.

You can view the slideshow, here. It is very detailed, with more than 100 photos, and shows step by step how the engine is assembled. We've included a few at the right here.

Because it is a fitting assembly, the electronics are not all installed, and the components are not sealed to prevent gases from escaping. 

The following is what John has to say about it on his website...

Here is a sequence showing the assembly of the first "PROOF" machining of the NEW MODERN "production" class TRAINING ENGINE.

This assembly is to verify that all the NC machining is correct and that the full set can be run as programmed. WE ARE ABOUT THERE..

There are also a couple pictures of the NEW Version 6 ECS (Engine Control System). The new system is now interconnected via Ribbon Cable and "Locking" safety sockets to clean up the production look and provide an easier assembly while providing a more secure, safer, fitting between modules. All Signals, Inter processor Communications via the CAN bus, etc. are carried by these cables. This dramatically reduces the Line noise and enhances reliability.

Because this is a "fitting" assembly you will note we have not prelubed the Con Rod or wrist pin bearings nor did we put on the Single piston Nylon seal ring. We also are not "sealing" the engine to make it gas tight.

You will see the unique way the case and cylinder carriers go together to make the seal "air tight. There is also a pair of O rings one inside one out to enhance that seal. Same is true for the head as it also has an O ring seal. It should be apparent how the engine is "sealed" to allow it to run in a "helium", not Oxygen, environment which negates the effect or corrosive on lubricants as well.

You can see just how "simple" the engine is to fit together and how the 5 moving parts that make up this, Piston, Connecting Rod and Crank, fit and how maximized the engine could be for both size and power. If less than 250 HP was wanted the Bottom end could be. even lighter and such.


In addition to posting a slideshow of the engine, he has also posted many pictures of their facility, which you can view, here. The images show their workshops, offices, and the equipment they use. 

Interesting Affidavit Shows the Papp Engine Worked

On the Inteligentry website, there is a PDF file of an affidavit signed by two individuals who witnessed a 1983 test of a Noble Gas Engine. Their witness names were George J. Nolan Ph.D. and Dennis Hodges. Nolan was a research chemist and Hodges was a dynamo-meter specialist. They witnessed an engine run for over an hour, producing about 100 HP and hundreds of foot pounds of torque. In addition, they witnessed the engine operate at various RPM. 

This successful test of a Noble Gas Engine is impressive in my opinion, and adds to the evidence that the technology is real. This does not mean necessarily that John Rohner's engine will work, but I think that it is a very good sign.

Here is the abstract of the affidavit, the full version can be viewed here.

Exhibit A: Joint Affidavit Concerning the Papp invention - A Two Cylinder, Sealed Engine Which the Inventor Describes as Being a Noble Gas Plasma Engine

Date of Testing: February 26, 1983
Engine Operator: Joseph Papp
Witness to Test: George J. Nolan
Witness to Test: Dennis Hodges

The Affidavit was prepared for The Phoenix Group, an Oklahoma Joint Venture, and is the Property of the same.

Observations Concerning the Papp Invention

The Papp Invention is essentially a closed, reciprocating, two-cylinder engine which does not require an air supply and does not emit exhaust gases. It is comparable to an automobile engine in size.
The engine is powered by a fuel mixture, which according to the inventor, contains five (5) inert gases. The engine does not use any hydrocarbon fuel, except as a lubricant in the crankcase. The fuel is loaded into the piston cavities, and is claimed to be the working fluid as well as the fuel. There is no cooling system, and no fuel tank. The only outside source of power that is utilized by this system is two (2) twelve volt (12V) batteries to start the engine. Once the engine is running the two batteries can be removed. The working model is essentially the same as the working drawing (side view)...

The speed of the engine is variable, using a rheostat, and was operated between 726 RPM and 100 RPM. The engine runs quietly and is stable at any RPM. The noise level can be compared to a low RPM electric motor.

The engine is attached to a new dynamometer capable of rating torque, RPM, horsepower, and torque rise which carries the brand name of "A&W" and is a Nebraska 400 model, serial No. CD 879.

The dynamometer and engine was connected by a mounting apparatus which exposes the drive line from the engine to the dynamometer. The dynamometer was checked for calibration by Mr. Dennis Hodges just prior to running the engine and was found to be properly calibrated and attached to the engine. The engine was operated for testing on the 26th day of February, 1983, by the inventor.

The engine was operated for a total of 1 hour and 6 minutes with no apparent heating problems and without additional fuel.

During the testing the engine was operated at different speeds. The first was at 700 to 730 RPM. The dynamometer readings were: RPM,726; Torque (foot pounds), 776; Horsepower, 107; Torque Rise, 418.

County of Cherokee
State of Oklahoma

We, George J. Nolan and Dennis Hodges, both of legal age and being first duly sworn state as follows: We hereby certify that we witnessed the running of the engine which is described herein on the 26th day of February 1983.

We also certify that everything that is stated in this document, containing three pages, all initialed by us, is true and correct, and that the figures written in were written by Dennis Hodges and George J. Nolan, Professor of Chemistry, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, Oklahoma and Dennis Hodges, Owner, Independent Diesel Service, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

A Working Engine Will Shut Up the Cynics

There is a great deal of controversy about the Plasmic Transition Process and John Rohner's company, including drama about disgruntled investors, lawsuits, and the claims that have been made about running engines. However, at this point, I do not care very much about all the issues that have been brought up in the past. What I care about right now is if John Rohner is going to be able to show off a running engine in the near future. If he is able to do so, I think all of these previous issues will fade away. 

Of course if the engine does not run, some of these previous issues could become significant. For example, John Rohner has claimed to have built engines in the past that were capable of producing hundreds of horse power, and hundreds of foot pounds of torque. If he is not able to get the newest engine to run, it will make it seem much more likely that he was not being honest when making such huge claims. 

However, if the engine does run, it will prove that he has a paradigm shattering technology that could change the world. With the Plasmic Transition Process, the energy crisis could rapidly be brought to an end. In fact, it could revolutionize energy production faster than cold fusion technology, because it could immediately be used to produce electricity for the grid. 

In addition, vehicles could immediately start being made that utilize the Plasmic Transition Process. This is because the process produces mechanical power, instead of heat -- like most cold fusion systems. Electric vehicles could also benefit from the technology, because a small PlasmERG engine turning a generator could continually charge up their batteries. 

I'm not going to bother listening to the cynics and competitors who continually try to attack Inteligentry (PlasmERG). What I'm going to be alert for is news that the engine has ran successfully. That is all that matters to me. 

The future of our planet is at stake, and I am not going to let anyone discourage me from following a potential breakthrough technology. 

Let's wait and see what happens in the next couple of months.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.


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