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You are here: > News > December 6, 2011

Renaissance Charge's Bedini Conference Report Found

What took place at the 2011 Renaissance Charge conference seemed a bit of a mystery, until I found a detailed internet posting written by Rick Friedrich. As the organizer of the conference, he gives an account of what took place -- both good and bad. Jeane Manning has also posted her reports today.

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Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

The Bedini technology is very interesting, and seems to offer a way to produce free energy -- even if it is not an immediate solution for the energy crisis. For this reason I became curious about what took place at the 2011 Renaissance Charge Free Energy conference that was supposed to feature many examples of Bedini's technology. Oddly, very little seemed to have been reported about the event. The official webpage of the event at had actually been taken down, which made me even more curious. After doing some looking around, I came across a fairly detailed report about the event written by Rich Friedrich. As a long time researcher of the Bedini technology and the organizer of the event, he should know what took place better than anyone.

His full report can be found in an internet posting on the Bedini Monopole3 Yahoo group, which can be read here. There are also a few other details mentioned in other posts. Basically, it turns out that despite the conference being a success in some ways, it also had some issues, and was a financial failure. Rick Friedrich admits that not enough people registered for the conference to pay for it. The result is that he is out a "good sum" of money. Apparently the loss was so severe, that at the time of the posting he was unsure what it would mean for his future involvement in the technology. In follow-up posts and responses, it was indicated by some users that the loss could be in the many thousands of dollars. After eight months of work preparing for the conference, I'm sure it is a huge disappointment to end up with such a large loss. 

Despite being a financial failure, there were also two major setbacks according to Friedrich. The first was a "certain thing" that was supposed to be shown that he was lead to believe would be ready for the conference, but was not shown to them in time for the conference. The other was a twenty one foot diameter wheel (part of a Bedini system) that was not completed. With so much time wasted on the large wheel, work on a Porsche and lawn mower -- which would both utilize Bedini technology -- were not completed. A few other things went wrong as well, such as, "a few late starts, one late lunch, and one change of John's schedule to Saturday at his request."

As the report continues, Friedrich lists many of the people who contributed their time to the project, and helped in many ways. For example, some of them brought Bedini motors that would be featured in the conference, others brought tools, helped set things up, worked on demonstrations, etc. 

The good news from his report seems to be that positive things also took place at the conference, despite the lower than expected turn out. For example, Bedini "saved the day" by giving good advice, helping with many things, and answering everyone's questions. Also, many different systems utilizing Bedini technology were shown off -- even if they did not have the most up to date motor or battery charger installed -- such as the Porsche and lawnmower. 

The report goes into how the wheel from the previous conference was shown off in front of the lake, and rides were given in a boat that utilized Bedini technology. It was said to have been powered by a custom motor that used much less power than a conventional motor would have needed to propel the same boat. This is while the setup was charging another set of batteries. Due to the very good performance of the system, it is possible that free energy was being produced. Also, it is mentioned that the primary batteries were not drained that much, despite the fact they were discarded electric vehicle batteries they had been using for years. Old batteries like that would be thought to drain much faster. 

During the conference, many different Bedini systems were demonstrated, and lectures were given. For example, Peter L. spoke about battery chemistry, and Jeane Manning spoke (here reports, posted today, are linked below). A Tesla coil presentation was also held. Friedrich gave a presentation about battery chargers. For those who do not know, the Bedini technology can increase the capacity of some batteries, and bring some dead batteries back to life. Friedrich also indicates that there were several engineers and representatives from various governments at the conference. They seemed to have enjoyed the show. 

To share video of the events held at the conference and to make up for the financial losses that were incurred, DVDs of the conference are being sold. Buying one would be a good way to show your support for the work Friedman has done over the years, and all the work he put into the conference. They are available, here.

Also, a 2012 conference is being held. You can read about it and get more information at the official website. This conference will be held in Hayden, ID, and will not be as large as the last event, with attendance limited to 150 people. Final dates have not been determined yet, but it will take place sometime in June or July. Those interested in attending can sign up on a list, so they can be notified when more information is available.

Hopefully, Rick won't schedule this year's conference on the same weekend as the TeslaTech conference like he did this last time, no doubt contributing to the lackluster attendance.

There are no details about what will be demonstrated, who will talk, or what will be demonstrated at the 2012 conference. Hopefully, there will be some major breakthrough's by then and some very impressive systems -- perhaps capable of ending the energy crisis.

Only the future will tell.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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