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You are here: > News > December 2, 2011; 6:30 am GMT

Scientific Cultist Antonio Turiel Bashes the E-Cat

A physicist has written a blatantly closed minded, arrogant, and pathologically skeptical article about the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer.) His blatantly false statements confirm the fact that many so called "mainstream" scientists have become little more than mind controlled cultists.

Wright Brothers' craft

Pseudo-skeptical cynics denied human flight for months after it first took place. Years later flight became common, widespread, and an accepted means of transport. Cold fusion will also overcome the accusations made against it, as it is now finding its place in the marketplace.
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Full Disclosure:
PES Network has a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

A true scientist thrives on exploration, invention, and discovery. A claim about a potentially revolutionary technology presents an exciting opportunity for objective study and analysis for such a curious individual. By that standard, it would seem that Antonio Turiel is not true scientist, but a closed minded, pathological skeptic that has been brainwashed by the academic establishment. In a recent article, he bashes Andrea Rossi's E-Cat and the entire exotic energy field. Instead of reserving judgment until all the information is in, he resorts to following the same nay saying tactics of his pseudo-skeptical colleagues. 

The article he wrote is titled, "No miracles in science. The story of the energy catalyzer." With these words he begins his barrage of pseudo-skepticism. According to him, if the E-Cat is actually what it has been claimed to be (a revolutionary source of safe and clean energy) then it cannot exist. This is because he does not think "miracles" can take place in science. Such a technological breakthrough is just too good and amazing to be true, so it therefore must be impossible.

Of course he is correct that there are no miracles in science. A miracle implies something supernatural taking place that is induced from some other realm or force -- with no scientific explanation. There are no such "magical" feats taking place in physics. However, as a species we know very little of how the universe (on the very small and very large scale) actually works. To think we know the majority of everything important about physics is extreme arrogance. 

Modern science has only had a few hundred years to try and figure everything out. On a cosmic scale, such a period of time is a brief blink of an eye. The simple fact is there are undoubtedly many fundamental, and amazing scientific discoveries we have yet to discover. If these aspects of our universe were engineered into technologies, they could very well seem like magical or "impossible" to an individual -- or even a physicist!

If we could take a television back in time only a few hundred years, it would appear to be a magical device. Probably, the images flickering on the screen might even make those individuals from a previous era think witchcraft or spell casting was taking place. The slur "heretic" would probably be flying wildly. In fact, we could be condemned -- by the religious cultists of those days -- to being burnt at the stake! 

What Antonio Turiel is basically implying when he states that there are no "miracles" in science, is that there is no future technological breakthroughs that could look like magic. Simply put, according to his view of the world, a hypothetical time traveler from several hundred years in the future would not be capable of showing us anything today's science could not explain. So if anyone dares to present a technology that is outside the tidy little square box of mainstream science, it deserves to be instantly ridiculed and rejected. 

Of course his attitude towards new technological discoveries is not the only frustrating aspect of his article. He makes many blatant errors. These errors make it clear he has not thoroughly reviewed the information that has been presented about the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer).

One error he makes is during his discussion of the claimed input to output ratio of the technology. In the article, he tries to convince the readers that contrasting claims have been made about how much output an E-Cat can produce. This whole issue needs to be clarified, to prevent confusion. The simple truth is there is only one claimed guarantee about an E-Cat product: it will output a minimum of six times the power that is fed into it. 

Beyond the 6:1 guarantee, much higher levels of output are possible, and much lower levels of input are also possible. One of the output limits is the hydrogen pressure. If the hydrogen pressure is increased, the reactions inside the reactor are more greatly stimulated, and the power output increases. If the hydrogen pressure is reduced or decreased, the reactions are not as robust, and the power output decreases. 

With higher hydrogen pressures, very high levels of output are possible. For example, a reactor core with an internal volume of only 50 cubic centimeters can produce a maximum safe output of 10 kW. If we were talking about purely electrical energy instead of heat (which is what Rossi's systems produce at this time), this would be the equivalent of powering two hundred, 50 watt light bulbs at the same time, from something the size of a D Cell battery. This is a phenomenal amount of output. 

Importantly, Rossi takes safety very seriously, so he never pushes the limits of the reactors -- except in tightly controlled torture tests. In reality, the only limit to the power output is the melting temperature of the nickel powder, which is around 1,600C. If the internal temperature of the core exceeds that, the nickel powder can melt. This would destroy all of the reaction sites where the nuclear processes take place, and renders the core "dead" until it is refurbished with new fuel. 

Another aspect to consider is that the technology can "self sustain" from the heat produced by the nuclear reactions. This means with no external input energy feeding into the system, it can continue to produce massive amounts of heat. This was demonstrated on Oct. 28th, 2011, when the one megawatt plant self sustained for over five and a half hours! It is true that during self-sustained operation the output is less, but this is only due to the hydrogen pressure in the system being reduced. If the hydrogen pressure was kept at a higher level, the "self sustained" reaction could run away (getting hotter and hotter), until the increasing temperatures melted the nickel powder. 

Basically, there is no limit to the amount of energy the E-Cat technology can produce, except those limitations that arise from the inherent properties of the materials involved (such as melting points). As the technology rapidly evolves, mainstream engineering will be used to overcome even these limitations. Despite this technology being extremely robust as-is, it's still in its infancy. The E-Cats for sale at Walmart ten years from now will not resemble the units in Rossi's first one megawatt plants!

Perhaps one of the most blatant errors in Turiel's article, is the statement that the E-Cat produces hydrogen via electrolysis. This is false. The hydrogen has always come from an external canister. In test after test, hydrogen from a canister has been placed into the reactor core. The canister is always measured before and afterwards, consistently showing that a very small amount of hydrogen has been transferred. The claim on board electrolysis takes place is absurd. In fact, even if somehow hydrogen was being generated, it could never participate in the nuclear reactions taking place. The reactor core is sealed, so none of the water (or hypothetical hydrogen) could even make contact with the nickel powder!

That he would miss such an important and clearly and repeatedly stated fact over time shows how sloppy his analysis was.

There is a very tiresome statement many die-hard naysayers and pseudo-skeptics make about cold fusion. The statement goes something like this, "If cold fusion reactions were actually taking place, then the radiation produced would be immense, and all the researchers involved would be dead. Since those performing such experiments were not killed, cold fusion remains impossible." Antonio makes a similar statement in his article. The fact is that cold fusion is not hot fusion, and it is not nuclear fission. It is a unique and novel process that is different than conventionally understood nuclear processes. To claim that a phenomena is impossible because it does not produce the magnitude of radiation a very *different* type of nuclear reaction would produce, is simply pseudo-scientific. It is something only an arrogant naysayer, who is desperate to cling onto the cultish beliefs the academic world implanted into his mind, would say. 

Antonio then goes on to claim that if the radiation was actually converted into thermal energy instead of being emitted into the environment, that the energy output would be far higher than what Andrea Rossi has claimed. Again, this is absurd. He could be correct if the E-Cat was a nuclear bomb, in which all of the reactions happened at once. However, the E-Cat technology is not a weapon, and is not capable of producing such fast reactions. 

Let's be clear about how the E-Cat works. In the core of an Energy Catalyzer, the nickel and hydrogen atoms fuse over an extended period of time. No one knows how long a single charge of a couple grams of nickel may last. The guess is anywhere from six months to a year, or perhaps much longer. Over a year's time a tremendous amount of energy would be produced, but not all at once. At any single moment, only a small, tiny fraction of the total hydrogen and nickel atoms are fusing. The result is a stable and on-going production of energy, but capable (if not properly regulated) of producing temperatures high enough to melt nickel! 

Regardless of Antonio's statements, the E-Cat is producing the thermal energy expected from nuclear reactions. Some simple calculations show that one gram of nickel powder in an E-Cat can replace barrels of oil. It's simply being emitted slowly, over time, in the form of heat. This is a great thing to many of us who want a new source of exotic energy for the world. To a cynical, nay saying academic like Antonio, it's simply heretical nonsense.

Basically, the author tries to discredit the E-Cat technology in every single way. He calls all the tests that have been performed, "pseudo-demonstrations." Apparently, he thinks that Dr. Levi, Dr. Focardi, Dr. Stremmenos, and the many other scientists and engineers that have performed tests of the E-Cat are incompetent. He also must think the representative from the US military who conducted the test on Oct. 28th was also incompetent, despite the fact he was a professional engineer and had 30 years of experience in thermodynamics. 

Nothing will be enough to convince our nay saying die-hard skeptic that the E-Cat technology works. The only thing that may grudgingly make him admit the technology's validity would be so many people across the world using them (generating heat in millions of homes), that he would look stupid to deny the reality of the situation any longer. 

Antonio reminds me of the skeptics that denied the Wright Brothers had achieved manned flight, despite reports of their early airplanes flying in the sky. Months after their first flights, pseudo-skeptics were still denying (on the record and in newspapers), that manned flight was impossible. We now know today that flight is an absolute reality, along with space travel. Hundreds of thousands of people fly in aircraft every day. There are airports near every major city.

At some time in the future, there will be cold fusion companies in every town, just like there are currently Heat and Air Conditioning companies. Cold fusion devices will be available everywhere, and will be changing the way we live our lives. I hope individuals like Antonio are remembered forever for the cynicism, so future generations may have a chance of avoiding becoming so short-sighted.

We don't know everything about how the E-Cat works on an atomic and sub-atomic level. The simple fact is that it does work, and test after test of the E-Cat has proven it. In addition it does not use any radioactive elements, emits no radioactivity into the environment, does not generate pollution, and does not generate nuclear waste. 

Pseudo-skeptics pretending to be open minded scientists can deny this technology all they want, but it's not going to stop millions of people, including myself, from adopting this technology.

The power of truth, in the long run, always overcomes the irrational skepticism of cynics. 


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