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You are here: > News > November 30, 2011; 4:00 pm MST

GPI hires hundreds to manufacture 200 W2E plants in next 18 months

Green Power Inc. of Washington state is moving full steam ahead in manufacturing their 100 ton/day plants that convert municipal solid waste into high grade liquid fuel and electricity. Between themselves and an engineering company they contracted to do some of their fabrication, they have hired nearly 500 people.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

This is a photo I took in May 2008 when I visited the plant just after it was first operational.
Note: I have a relationship with GPI, so this report is not truly independent.

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A low-resolution blueprint of GPI's 100 ton/day plant, which is now being manufactured for customers around the world.

PASCO, WASHINGTON, USA -- Today, when I heard a Skype ping from Michael Spitzauer, CEO of Green Power Inc. (GPI), I thought it would be yet another well-wisher for my birthday today, since Skype and Facebook both inform people of that status. But it turned out that he was apologizing for not responding sooner. His message was: "sorry, but it is too busy."

After a little back and forth, the following information emerged.

GPI just hired a bunch of people -- "direct over 20; indirect close to 500." He then elaborated: "I can't build fast enough in house, so I made a deal with a local engineering firm to do some of our fabrication work."

As a little background, for those of you not familiar with GPI..., they claim to have a technology to turn municipal solid waste (MSW) into synthetic liquid fuel and electricity. Today's news signals that they are thick in the process of manufacturing plants in fulfillment of orders from around the world.  The photo on the right shows their 100 ton/day pilot plant in Pasco, Washington.

This fuel would be of higher quality and cheaper than fuel derived from crude oil -- and it comes from local feedstock, while turning waste into energy.  GPI claims it manufactures equipment that can convert 100 tons of garbage into 12,000 gallons of diesel fuel at 78 cents a gallon.  So not only would the fuel be cheaper, but it doesn't come from countries who aren't always so friendly, mitigating these unsavory international dependencies.  It addresses the pollution problem, and the energy problem, and the political tension problem.  "We would not need to import any foreign oil if we could turn our municipal waste stream into fuel," Spitzauer has told me.

Today he said that in the next 18 months they will be building "over 200 systems, delivered." 

"We are currently building 36 systems." Then "we ship from our location" and assemble onsite, "up to 8 systems at a time". If "somebody wants [to be able to process] 4000 tons per day, we deliver 8 and 8 and 8 and 8 and 8 and interconnect them as one big one."

The time to build a plant until commissioning is "seven months max."

In response to my question: "Is the Ecology thing all resolved then, I presume yes. When?" He said: "still pending somewhat. We have the solution, but my ecology guy is just on a family emergency. That's the delay."

The Washington Department of Ecology had shut down GPI operations, saying they were an "incinerator" and that they therefore had not taken care of the necessary regulations. However, their process does not involved incineration. It uses low temperature and heat in the presence of proprietary catalyst to break the 1/4-inch or smaller feedstock down into a substrate that can then be run through a regular distillation column to be separated into the various fuel components. 

The unwarranted shut-down set the company back nearly two years. (That's what government regulations are designed for, right?)

For every 100 tons of municipal solid waste feedstock processed each day, the plant produces 1240 gallons of Naphtha, 3700 gallons of Kerosene, 6900 gallons of Diesel and 3000 gallons of Fuel Oil. And even the ash can be used for cement or asphalt. Furthermore, the plants will generate 1 MW of electricity to sell to the grid 24/7, running three shifts per day to keep the plant going, employing approximately five people per shift.

We'll probably have another story in the next day or so, disclosing one of the major first customers -- a very big name.

As I mentioned in earlier stories, Spitzauer is the one who paid for my wife to be able to accompany me on my trip to Bologna when I attended the October 28 test of the E-Cat. He also paid for my wife to join me when I spoke at the Earth Transformation conference in January, 2010.

And today, after our chat, he sent me a generous amount for my birthday.

He has been very supportive of the work we do here at PES Network in trying to find and facilitate the very best free energy technologies. His support has not wavered, even though I've been critical at times of his operation.

He has stuck with it, and now it seems he is moving full steam ahead. And, I think I'm going to add him onto the Top 5 listing, and not because of his financial support but because his technology warrants it. I consider Waste to Energy to be among the "free energy" modalities because as long as there are humans there will be waste, so it is a "ubiquitous" and "inexhaustible" energy source; and he is now taking it to market, finally, after all these years, and notwithstanding all his setbacks.

Hank Mills writes: "It reminds me of Rossi's background a bit: how his business was shut down on trumped up charges."  And "Now we just need robots to dig up landfills to feed GPI's plants, and sort through the materials that can be recycled economically."

# # #

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