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You are here: > News > November 29, 2011; 11:30 pm GMT

Has Defkalion's President Confirmed the Accusations of Rossi and Stremmenos?

The Swedish magazine NyTeknik has shared details of a phone conversation with the president of Defkalion, Alexandros Xanthoulis. If the transcription of his statements is accurate, they seem to confirm Andrea Rossi's statement that the Greek company was never "given" the information to do so but extracted it covertly.

Alexandros Xanthoulis

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Full Disclosure:
PES Network has a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.

By Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Earlier in this year, Defkalion was making big claims about their technology, and the progress they have made. According to representatives of their company posting on their forum, they had tested up to one thousand reactor cores at a time, and had never produced an output less than nineteen times the input. In fact, they claimed to have not just prototypes, but products ready for the market place. You can read many of these bold statements in an article we posted last August: "An E-Cat Full of Lies - Rossi or Defkalion?" For their claims to be true, Defkalion would require one particular thing beyond anything else - working reactor cores that were capable of producing robust Ni-H cold fusion (LENR) nuclear reactions. 

Stunningly, it now seems that when their bold statements were being made, they may not have legitimately held the proprietary and confidential information -- such as the E-Cat's secret catalyst(s) -- needed to build working Ni-H reactor cores. This new evidence that indicates they may have been less than truthful in their claims comes from a conversation Mats Lewan of NyTeknik had with the President of Defkalion, Alexandros Xanthoulis, on August 5th, 2011, as reported today by NyTeknik. If the transcription of the phone call is accurate and his statements represent the truth of the situation, then their grandiose claims (made before they talked with NyTeknik) could have been inaccurate at best, or at worst, total lies. Also, it seems that Defkalion may be busy reverse engineering Andrea Rossi's technology, without his permission or authorization. 

Xanthoulis stated in the phone call on August 5 that they know Rossi's formula, due to having spectroscopy performed at the University of Sienna. He claims that his scientists have found a way to make it, and they will need three months to do so -- although they will not try it, because they want to "play fair." The call also seems to indicate that such tests were performed clandestinely. According to Xanthoulis the information was gathered, "without him [Rossi] understanding what they did." 

Here are a few portions from the phone call. To read the entire transcript, please visit NyTeknik.

"Let’s say I have the formula of Rossi, but I’m not saying it officially. My scientists found a way to make it. They need three months, but I’m not going to play game behind Rossi. I’m not a cheater. We started together and if he has to be paid, he will."

"I know what he’s got in the reactor, I know everything. It was a spectroscopy (Greek: ‘fasmatoscopy’) made by the university of Siena. It was an equipment made by the University of Siena. It understands everything that’s inside the reactor. So we know the components."

"The University of Siena. They tried his reactor without him understanding what they did. They checked it and we know what’s in the reactor. So it’s a matter of two or three months that my scientists can reproduce that, but I’m not going to try it. I’m playing a fair game."

His statements seem to confirm those made by Rossi, that Leonardo Corporation had never given Defkalion any of the proprietary information needed to build working reactor cores. Rossi also stated that Defkalion had never built a working Ni-H system, and they had "nothing." To this day, he has stood by those statements. Very recently, he stated that Defkalion had nothing but a "mock-up" that lacked the critical component, a working reactor core. 

So what does the information gathered from this phone call really mean? If Defkalion is willing to stand by the words of its President, I think it tells us many things. However, none of which are encouraging when it comes to Defkalion's credibility as an honest and strait forward company.

First, it indicates the clear possibility that during the time period in which Defkalion's representatives were making claims of testing up to a thousand reactor cores at a time, they did not have the information needed to build a single working reactor core. If they did not have actual working reactor cores when those statements were being made, they have not just told a few "little white lies", but giant whoppers -- misleading the entire world about their progress (including potential investors). Such lies -- if confirmed to be lies -- are totally and completely unacceptable. 

Secondly, the statements made by the president of Defkalion make it seem like the company may be reverse engineering Rossi's technology, without his permission. At a minimum, they allowed a test to be performed that enabled them to discover what makes Andrea Rossi's technology work. Basically, they gained access to the confidential information about how to make an Ni-H reactor produce meaningful amounts of power, before he was ready to share such information with them. Although Xanthoulis claims he will not develop reactors based on this intel gathered, I wonder if everyone at Defkalion holds the same sentiment, and if his position is the same today as it was at the time his statement was made. 

Thirdly, it tells us that Defkalion has allowed testing at the University of Siena. This is where one of Andrea Rossi's competitors, Francesco Piantelli, has performed much of his research into nickel-hydrogen cold fusion. Unlike Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer), Piantelli has never been able to make his systems produce practical amounts of output, as far as we know. Instead of many kilowatts of power being produced, Piantelli has only been able to produce tens, or at most, a hundred watts of output. However, if he was involved with Defkalion's testing of the E-Cat at the University of Siena, he may now have access to Rossi's catalyst and other confidential information.

It seems obvious now, that Andrea Rossi should have never gotten involved with Defkalion in the first place. Unless Defkalion is willing to step in and provide confirmation that before they had discovered Rossi's "secret sauce" they had another formula that could be used to produce working reactor cores, I think we can safely assume they have misled the world about their progress. It also seems that Defkalion is willing to allow testing to take place behind Rossi's back, that could reveal confidential information. In fact, they allowed such research to take place at the University of Siena, where one of Rossi's competitors performs research. In my opinion, the revelations gathered from the phone call with the president of Defkalion is very, very disturbing to say the least. 

Another point that should be mentioned is that the statements of the president of Defkalion also fit with those from Christos Stremmenos, who has issued a public statement, that can be found, in a story we published on October 12: "Stremmenos Accuses Defkalion of Lies and Megalomania; Defkalion Responds". His statement should also be taken seriously, because he is a member of the board of directors of Defkalion. In the letter, Stremmenos states that Defkalion was never given the proprietary information to build working reactor cores, and has never built a working reactor. He accuses them of megalomania and telling lies.

With three of the most important individuals involved in this saga (the inventor of the E-Cat, the president of Defkalion, and the board member responsible for their company ever starting up in the first place) admitting that Rossi never released the proprietary information, it seems we have a very good reason to be concerned, and suspicious. 

According to NyTeknik

Tomorrow on Wednesday November 30th, Defkalion has planned a presentation of its products, and has announced that the the technology will be certified and tested by an independent party.

In contrast to Xanthoulis’ information about Defkalion’s possessing ' the formula of Rossi', the company now states that its technology is developed in-house and that it is not based on Rossi’s technology.

Among other things, Defkalion posted in a forum on its website: “E-cats (or energy catalyzers) are E-cats and Hyperions are Hyperions. We can assure you that they are not the same ‘thing’ with just different names.”

My sincere hope is that Defkalion will come forward and clarify all of this, and can present an explanation (with evidence) that shows they have been telling the truth all along, that they really did have working reactor cores before ever being given the information to build a single one by Rossi, and that they have not been developing Rossi's technology without his permission. To be specific, they need to provide evidence of a working Ni-H reactor core that predates the statement made by their president to NyTeknik. Regardless of the fact Rossi claims he has no intention of ever working with them again, I hate to think that a company of such seemingly credible, well respected individuals could have been feeding the world a long string of lies. I would tremendously prefer the reality to be that they have been telling the honest truth from the start, but their need for secrecy has simply obscured everything, and confused everyone. 

Meanwhile, Rossi is moving forward and is making additional sales of his one megawatt E-Cat plants. 

# # #

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Feel free to view/post comments down below.  Here's one from another story that is relevant here as well.

Defkalion Contradictions

The following was posted on the Defkalion forum. I thought it was a good question.  
The following are facts according to what Defkfalion told the Swedish magazine NyTeknik.  
Fact #1 - In July of Defkalion started thinking of developing it's own technology. Here is the text from NyTeknik.  
"Defkalion started to think of developing its own technology in July 2011."  
Fact #2 - On August 5th, 2011 the President of Defkalion told NyTeknik that they had obtained Rossi's formula. Here is the quote from NyTeknik.  
"“Let’s say I have the formula of Rossi, but I’m not saying it officially. My scientists found a way to make it. They need three months.”  
Fact #3 - Defkalion now claims to have twelve reactors running. Here is the text from NyTeknik's page.  
"12 Hyperion prototypes are now running."  
Fact #4 - On June 29th, a representative of Defkalion on your very forum stated the following.  
Re: Krivit Report Explained  
Defkalion GT  
Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:03 pm  
"1 MW is not what is the waste heat produced within our factory. At full capacity we test 1000 Hyperions a day for several hours. Assume they are all 20KW and assume that their test lasts 12hours (which is not correct, it is more). To much thermal energy to run a coffee machine, isn't it?  
By the way, your last comments created :lol: here. Thank you Stella. Your last 2 were very good ones at the end of our working day.  
Good night to you all"  
It is also well known that Defkalion had stated around the time of it's press conference on June 6th, 2011, that they had complete market ready products with working reactor cores.  
Now, here is my question about an obvious contradiction here.  
How could Defkalion have market ready products and be testing a thousand reactor cores at a time in the month of June when...  
A) By admission of their president on August 5th, they needed three months to develop it, but were not going to do so.  
B) They did not even START thinking about developing their own technology until July of 2011.  
Is the contradiction here any more obvious?  
How could Defkalion have had working reactor cores in the month of June (or before), be heating a police academy, and have final market ready products (with working cores) when at the time they did not have Rossi's technology, and had not even started thinking about developing their own tech?  
I think this is a valid and fair question.  
If Defkalion had working reactor cores at that time, whose technology were they using?

* * * *

PESN Coverage of LENR

For a more exhaustive listing, see News:Rossi_Cold_Fusion | News:Cold_Fusion  


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Last updated June 10, 2014 




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