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You are here: > News > November 29, 2011; 6:00 am GMT

A Week of E-Cat News Flurry

It's amazing how much E-Cat cold fusion news is accumulated in just one week, with no less than twelve news sites dedicated to covering it, thus creating these ~37 stories, including news on customers, products, competitor progress, pending scientific validations, and history. Plus compilation showing 1st customer = US Military.

From the new brochure.


Full Disclosure:
PES Network has a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.

By Sterling D. Allan with Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

There has been a lot of miscellaneous news items over the past few days. Rather than build news bullets for any one of them, I have decided to just post them here on one page, to streamline the effort on my end, and to illustrate the dynamics of this very exciting field. This is in addition to what we've posted in our news as archived at News:Rossi_Cold_Fusion.

It reminds me of when I'm making hot cereal in the morning. The water is boiling, and if you add too much cereal at first, it boils over. Even when you drop in a few flakes, the water boils wildly, as the flakes add surface area for the formation of bubbles. That's what the excitement about the E-Cat makes me think of.

So, without further ado, here are some of the recent news items posted from around the web. I might have to make this compilation a weekly practice, to the extent I can.

Following this compilation is a list of hints about who the first customer is.

  • Customers
    • New eCat Customer To Be Public - Rossi writes: "Today we sold in the USA a 1 MW plant which will go to a normal Customer. This installation will be visitable by the qualified public. We wait to have completed the contractual procedure through the attorneys, then we will give communication. It will be in the North East of the USA, where I have been in these days." (ECatNews; Nov. 29)
    • Rossi's e-Cat Goes Commercial - Andrea Rossi may have his doubters, detractors and skeptics, but the client for whom he demonstrated his 1MW e-Cat energy system apparently isn't one of them. Not only did the mysterious client take delivery of Rossi's first 1MW heat energy production system, but ordered a dozen more for use in cold, remote locations. (EV World; November 23, 2011)
    • Andrea Rossi E-Cat Marketing Campaign - Last week Andrea Rossi started an online campaign for those interested to buy 10kW E-Cat to sign up in The goal was to generate at least 10,000 individuals and entities. The 10kW Andrea Rossi E-Cat is designed for household use. This sig-up campaign is a good tool to gauge the mass’ interest on the device. Andrea Rossi recently posted in his blog saying that the number of people who signed up is getting closer to the target. (AndreaRossiECat; Nov. 28)
    • Collection of Hints that 1st Customer is U.S. Military - see (below)
    • Building E-Cat based thermal electricity plants - Following best practice in the CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) industry, where every watt is important and the heat is lower than what can be generated in a conventional thermal plant's boiler, we will be building a 1 MW E-Cat plant based on this system. We are working with Rossi to make this happen and hope to sign a contract soon. (VortexL forum; Nov. 28)

Most of the graphic on that page comes from here.

  • Products
  • Defkalion
    • Set Hyperion-eCat Battle Alarm for Wednesday November 30th - according to their forum (ECatNews; Nov. 28)
    • Defkalion Nearly Ready, NASA Files Patent, Piantelli Silent - NASA associate has applied for yet another LENR-related patent. The patent date of filing is listed as March 24, 2011 and date published October 20, 2011. (e-CatSite; Nov. 21)
    • Defkalion’s Hyperion vs. Andrea Rossi E-Cat [They have a bad character in their url, so you might have to go to their home page and click from there on the Nov. 22 date.] - Once a partner, Defkalion is now poised to compete with the Andrea Rossi E-Cat. Alexandros Xanthoulis, CEO of Defkalion Green Technologies announced through a Greek publication, Tovima, that within 15 days their company will introduce Hyperion. This cold fusion technology is different from that of Andrea Rossi’s. Xanthoulis explicitly said that they will launch the final product and not a laboratory prototype with all components operating within European safety standard; and most importantly, that there will be testing and certification by independent scientists. (AndreaRossiECat; Nov. 22)
    • Defkalion, the Piantelli connection - Maryyugo suggested that Defkalion has a relationship with Piantelli.  The official line from Defkalion is that “we never answer/comment any post that is based on speculations.”  However, a poster named Engineer says, “Indeed the html code for the image reads: /files/1/2011/11/18/Piantelli-engine%5B1%5D.jpg” (NickelPower; Nov. 23)
    • I Fooled Defkalion Says Andrea Rossi - Shark alert: Talking of Defkalion, Andrea Rossi says that he led the company a false trail. They took the bait, thinking that he would be selling small eCats in October. In doing so, it wrong-footed them and upset their plans to present a fake version of the same. (ECatNews; Nov. 24)
      Andrea Rossi
      November 24th, 2011 at 9:27 AM

      Dear Hampus:
      Soon, but remember that such R&D will be closed doors made and not public. I repeat: no more public tests will be made. We will make only closed doors R&D and tests for our Customers made along the test protocols agreed upon the purchasing contracts. No more information will be released until proper patent protection will be granted. Too many vultures fly around, ready to steal critic info. Look to what is going on around the Balcans: there are clowns saying they have a technology copied from us, actually they have just a moke up, waiting for the piece of info they need to make a real copy. They believed we would have been selling in October the small E-Cats, so announced they would have made a demo in October ( buying a model, disguising it as a copy made by them). But it was just a trap we made. Conclusion: from now on we will be more sealed than ever, and we will be open exclusively with our Customers.
      To put for sale the small unts we need:
      1- safety certification
      2- granted patents
      We are working on both the issues and I think they will be addressed within 1 to 2 years from now.
      Warm Regards,
  • Credibility
    • The eCat Credibility Dance - Sure, mass-media attention could bring a stampede of interest, but there are signs that Rossi’s strategy of enigma-before-certainty may be working. (ECatNews; Nov. 29)
    • Universities
      • Uppsala University Eager To Test Andrea Rossi E-Cat - Recently the Director of Department of Physics at the University of Bologna confirmed that they have been contracted by Andrea Rossi to test his reactor in order to validate his measurements. Professor Levi and a team of physicists will start the Andrea Rossi E-Cat experiment in a few weeks. They estimated that by the summer of 2012 the world can see the publication of the first scientific report about Rossi’s invention. Now, Uppsala University in Sweden expressed eagerness to test the Andrea Rossi E-Cat. (AndreaRossiECat; Nov. 25)
      • Contract Research on Energy Catalyzer Device Signed - Italian inventor Andrea Rossi and the Department of Physics of University of Bologna signed a contract research recently that aims to replicate Energy Catalyzer Device. Then, it would provide official measurements, give scientific explanations and publish the results. (ECatFusion; Nov. 24)
      • Report of Sven Kullander’s Lecture about Nuclear Power/E-Cat at Orebro University, Sweden - Many thanks to Hampus Ericsson for sending this report of Sven Kullander’s lecture, "Tomorrow’s Nuclear Power — Will it be Cold or Hot?" which was given at Orebro University in Sweden on November 23rd. (E-CatWorld; Nov. 24)
      • Andrea Rossi E-Cat Will Soon Have Scientific Framework - But for new discoveries, especially those that apparently defy the laws of physics, thorough investigation and validation is needed. Recently, we received update that the contracted research between Andrea Rossi and the University of Bologna will start in a few weeks. (AndreaRossiECat; Nov. 24)
    • Massachusetts
      • Rossi Plans, Ahern Patent - According to the Boston Globe: "After the meeting, Rossi, who paid his own way to Massachusetts, was enthusiastic about a possible partnership with the state." The Globe also quotes reports Mr. Rossi as stating: "We are all hoping to get something started in a matter of weeks, not months." (e-CatSite; Nov. 28)
      • Hope, skepticism for cold fusion - Robert Tamarin, dean of sciences at UMass Lowell, said the meeting was mostly used to discuss the possibility of setting up manufacturing, rather than the validity of the science. Mass Senate minority leader, Bruce Tarr, said: "My thought process was pretty simple: If it works, I want this technology to be developed and manufactured in Massachusetts." (Boston Globe; November 28, 2011) (Correction Re: "small")
      • Massachusetts Senator Bruce Tarr First Politician to Publicly Propose E-Cat as Energy Solution - Republican Senator Bruce Tarr is the Senate Minority Leader in the Massachusetts legislature and appears interested in promoting the development and commercialization of Andrea Rossi’s invention. As a local politician he is naturally seeking to find ways to bring benefits to his state through this technology. (E-CatWorld; Nov. 24)
      • Andrea Rossi Talks eCat To Mass State House - According to Senator Bruce Tarr, Andrea Rossi has come to the State House for two days "to explore the prospects of developing the device and producing it in Massachusetts.” "The enormous potential of this technology demands that it be addressed by the best scientific minds in the world." (ECatNews; November 22, 2011)
    • UK DECC Awaits Publication And Replication Of Andrea Rossi E-Cat - In response to the inquiry made by the Free Energy Truth to the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Minister Chris Huhne, regarding Andrea Rossi E-Cat, the UK DECC issued a statement on behalf of David MacKay FRS, DECC Chief Scientific Adviser. The letter said that DECC is monitoring the development of Andrea Rossi E-Cat – an alleged breakthrough technology for energy source. (AndreaRossiECat; Nov. 21)
    • Independent E-Cat Replication Claimed - An independent E-Cat replication  has been claimed on, a site dedicated to building open source LENR reactors. The claimant, known as Chan, reports on the materials and methods used in his process referred to as the Chan Formula. (E-CatWorld; Nov. 24)
    • Josephson Call for More Tests
      • E-Cat and cold fusion: Andrea Rossi replies to Nobel prize winner Brian Josephson - Brian Josephson joins Francesco Celani's call for further scientific tests of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat, but Rossi has different plans, saying 1) he is focusing on delivering product to customers; 2) Celani is a competitor; 3) Univ. of Bologna will be undertaking scientific analysis. (; November 23, 2011)
      • Andrea Rossi Replies to Brian Josephson - Andrea Rossi has replied to Nobel Prize winning Cambridge Physicist Brian Josephson’s demands for a scientific test of the e-cat cold fusion device. Josephson made an appeal to Rossi to have his device formally evaluated by scientists through the Italian publication Focus.It. Josephson was repeating an appeal made by prominent Italian physicist Francesco Celani and reports that the British Department of Energy and Climate Change had its science advisor review e-cat. Rossi made a very intelligent reply and noted that a complete scientific examination of his device will be carried out by his alma matter prestigious University of Bologna. He also noted that he is willing to work with the DECC or any other government agency interested in E-cat. (ColdFusion3; Nov. 26)
  • Ramifications
    • Alternative Media fails 'free energy' promotion when it should take an activist, leadership role - Given the potential of 'free energy' to: 1) provide affordable back-up power in the case of a short- or long-term grid failure, 2) provide clean, cheap, distributed energy, 3) create zillions of jobs to reinvigorate the world's economy, 4) instill hope in depressed times; the alternative media should be playing more of an instigating, leadership roll; not ignoring the topic. (PESN and BeforeItsNews; November 25, 2011)
    • The E-Cat and the Economy - If there is any way to solve the huge economic problems the world is facing today, breakthroughs in energy technology could play a major role, and at the moment E-Cat technology seems to offer the most promise. (E-CatWorld; Nov. 27)
  • E-Cat History

Hints About First Customer = U.S. Military

Here's a little compilation from us at PESN, drawing from public statements Andrea Rossi has made.

  • The E-Cat Grows Bigger – Now A 13 MW Power Plant - But it has been stated by Rossi, who was finally allowed to confirm the military status of the customer, that he ordered 13 more 1 MW plants that will be linked into one 13 MW power plant. (ECatReport; Nov. 21)
  • Interestingly, a guy with the same first name as the individual that conducted the test asked on the blog (several months ago) how would an E-Cat plant handle getting shot at by weapons fire.
  • Also, I think Focardi stated lately that one of the groups Rossi has worked with in the past was the Navel Research Laboratory.
  • "Dear Franco G.:
    I think you can understand that when the name of a Customer of us is known, he receives thousands ( or tens of thousands) of contacts to ask him everything. Customers need to be let to work in peace. When a plant goes in operation, a Customer can allow a reference or not, this does not depend on me. In the case of military Customers (I am not saying our Customer is military, I just am making a paradigmatic hypothesys) you can easily imagine how happy they could be of publicity.
    Warm Regards,
  • "We are building a 130 MW thermal plant, made of 13 plant such as the one you saw on October 28th: but it’s a military research and I can’t reveal any further detail, not the name, nor the place, nor the nationality of the customer
  • He has stated that the customer is from the USA"
  • In the Tom & interview on 11/11, he said that the 13 unit customer was the same as the first.
  • So they all went to the US military.
  • The fact that it is military means it's being paid for by US tax dollars. This means if the right person pushed for it, they might be able to get information via FOIA.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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