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You are here: > News > November 25, 2011

Alternative Media fails 'free energy' promotion when it should take an activist, leadership role

Given the potential of 'free energy' to: 1) provide affordable back-up power in the case of a short- or long-term grid failure, 2) provide clean, cheap, distributed energy, 3) create zillions of jobs to reinvigorate the world's economy, 4) instill hope in depressed times; the alternative media should be playing more of an instigating, leadership roll; not ignoring the topic.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Inforwars has not yet mentioned the revolutionary E-Cat.

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A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


While the alternative media has been providing a great source of independent coverage of key events in our day, helping to expose conspiracies and informing people about wonderful alternative solutions that the mainstream media ignores; there is one are where the alternative media has been severely lacking. They have been nearly ignoring the free energy technologies presently in process of emerging into the marketplace.

By "free energy", I mean energy technologies that tap into natural sources that are ubiquitous and free for the taking. Solar, wind, geothermal are free for the taking. Some of the more exotic free energy modalities don't have as much science or engineering behind them yet, but hold out promise of being even more substantial when it comes to 24/7/365 availability, renewable, affordable, portable, safe, easy to implement.

Shame: Lamestream News is Surpassing Alternative News

Ironically, the mainstream press has been giving Andrea Rossi's E-Cat cold fusion reactor technology more coverage than the alternative media has, and the mainstream coverage has been somewhat sparse itself. 

We're talking about a technology that can provide clean power without nuclear radiation feedstock or waste of any kind. The "fuel" is cheap, clean and ubiquitous nickel and hydrogen, which is hardly consumed in the safe nuclear reaction that takes place at temperatures as low as 450 degrees Celsius, hence the term 'cold' fusion, compared to "hot fusion", which seeks to mimic what takes place on the sun (and which has been very expensive).

On October 28, 2011, the first commercial plant was demonstrated producing an average of 479 kW of heat for 5.5 hours in self-looped mode and sold to the first customer. That's as much power as half a small locomotive. This should have been discussed on every forum and every news source, mainstream or alternative. The 1 MW unit is presently available for sale to qualified customers for $2,000/kW. That price is expected to go down to $100/kW once mass produced -- 10x cheaper than coal or natural gas power.

And Andrea Rossi's technology is but one of several like it that are presently very close to marketplace emergence, including Piantelli, Ahern, Swartz, etc.

While the mainstream coverage has been cautiously optimistic, being sure to note the skepticism that exists; the alternative media has been nearly completely silent. I know, because I receive Google updates from any mention worldwide of <Andrea Rossi E-Cat> as they occur, whether in blogs or news or websites.

I've created an index page of mainstream news coverage of the E-Cat. The list includes Wired, Popular Science, Discovery, CBS, Fox, Washington Times, PhysOrg, Slashdot, Yahoo News, Daily Mail, MSNBC, LiveScience, Forbes, EE Times, Gizmodo, Renewable Energy World, Times of India, Zerohedge, TEDx.  See the most recent EV World article as a sample.

I also have a page indexing much of the other coverage of the E-Cat. (For the latest developments, see

In contrast to the mainstream coverage, here's a sampling of what we have from the alternative media:

  • Coast to Coast AM - one brief link on the news page on one day; but nothing in their show about the recent development. They did do an interview with Rossi and myself on March 23.
  • Infowars - NOTHING YET
  • Trends Journal - nothing recent, but Gerald Celente did list the E-Cat as one to watch in his 2011 forecast.
  • - nothing recent; has listed some links
  • DrudgeReport - NOTHING YET
  • NaturalNews - one article (5/19/2011); nothing recent
  • David Icke - NOTHING YET
  • Ron Paul - NOTHING YET

This isn't the first time I've seen this kind of slighting of free energy breakthroughs in the alternative media. I would say that this is more the rule than the exception since I've been reporting on free energy news over the past near decade.

Alternative Media is All Over UFO Stuff

When it comes to topics like UFO cover-up, the alternative media typically gives it more than ample coverage.

For example, the story I published a few days ago: POTUS Briefing: Eyes Only -- UFO Documentary Coming was copied all over the web. The day before I published it, there were four results on Google for <"potus briefing" "eyes only">.  As of Nov. 24, there are now 3,300 results. (p.s. Gordon Novel asked John Hutchison to take down the pdf document referred to in that story).

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that.

What I'm trying to point out is that the alternative media seems to have a blind spot when it comes to free energy technologies.

Over-reacting to the Politicization of Environmentalism

When I scratch my puzzler as to why the alternative media tends to ignore free energy developments, one reason that comes to mind is that free energy is lumped together with renewable energy, which is lumped together with environmentalism, which tends to be perceived as a leftist plank; and a lot of the alternative media tends to be more on the conservative end of the political spectrum. I agree that a lot of the "global warming" and "climate change" talk tends to be politicized, not based in science but based on a political agenda to use the climate scare as a reason to impose carbon taxes and other tyrannical, New World Order oriented measures. So as an act of rebellion to that agenda, many of the alternative media tend to go to the other extreme and say that man has nothing to do with the climate, and has no obligation to do what we can to minimize our footprint. I also disagree with that extreme. Both extremes and responses are flawed.

The Logic, Rationale, and Onus of Free Energy Support

Putting the political considerations aside, there are many reasons to support the emergence of free energy technologies, no matter what your political persuasion is:

  • Distributed energy (which free energy technologies tend to be), reduces our reliance on the central grid, making us less vulnerable to grid disruptions and manipulations. 
  • It's truly "power to the people" in a very literal sense of the word. An empowered, free people are not easy to enslave. Supporting free energy is an act of revolution against the powers that be. Imagine the peace of mind that would come from having a device in your garage that provides endless power and heat for the home.
  • The emergence of free energy technologies can provide zillions of jobs, creating a productive capacity to reverse economic meltdown.
  • The awareness of these emerging technologies can help instill hope, which can greatly reduce the downward/depression tendencies. Just knowing that hope is around the corner, or even available now to the entrepreneurially minded, can hold bad times at bay. The world needs the hope that these technologies can provide -- better days ahead.
  • Clean energy is a more responsible way to live on the planet. Minimizing our footprint make sense from an ecological/sustainable point of view.
  • The advantages of free energy is something that both the left and the right can agree upon. It's only the tyrants that the top that don't want to see it emerge.

What is there not to like about these potential contributions? They should be front and center in our "what can be done?" dialogue.

There are certainly many other more trivial subjects that are presently getting attention that should not get more attention than free energy.

Other Reasons for Skipping Out on FE Coverage

With all these strong reasons for alternative media to support free energy, you would wonder why they would avoid it like they do.

In addition to the politicization of environmentalism, I can think of some other reasons the alternative media might shy away from the topic of free energy. But for each of these reasons, there is a counter-argument that makes one wonder about the relative silence.

  • Many of the technologies that appear promising end up being bogus, and sometimes even fraudulent; thus jading people.
  • "The boy who cried wolf" syndrome. How many times have we thought such and such a free energy technology was nearly here, but it never did arrive? So when some great technologies come along, they might get mistaken as just another false alarm.
  • Often, these emerging technologies don't yet have strong academic backing. We see rough prototypes, rough business teams, and might tend to think its bogus just because it looks like so many others that have come along with similar attributes. "How many frogs do I have to kiss before I find the prince?" wonders the princess.
  • Many of the characters in the free energy scene are very eccentric -- not just the inventors, but the people who hand around them and who report on them. So their personalities and some of the sagas that unfold as a result can sometimes be a turnoff.
  • With the stories of suppression of free energy technologies, there could be some fear that one might jeopardize themselves by lending comfort to the enemy of the tyrants.
  • The topic of how the free energy devices work (or not) gets into an academic question that could be mentally intimidating. When you report on areas that are not your expertise, you are likely to catch some grief for errors that are likely to appear in your report.
  • Free Energy promotion hasn't been a major theme in alternative media, other than very brief mentions of the field in general without giving specifics, so there is perhaps a "follow the crowd" negative peer pressure to only go that far.

As for the "boy who cried wolf,"  the same things holds true when it comes to UFOs. How many times have we been told that disclosure was finally going to come through ___fill_in_the_blank___, yet it didn't. That doesn't deter people from still holding out for eventual disclosure.

As for the weeding through bogus technologies to find the real one, I would argue that the same principle holds true in other disciplines. How many health remedies have you encountered in the alternative arena? Some of them are great, some of them are mediocre, and some of them are snake oil. You don't give up on the quest just because of the less favorable encounters.

As for eccentricity, alternative media certainly sees eccentric personalities in most arenas, including in their own organizations. That shouldn't be a deterrent. As I've said, "A person's eccentricity is directly proportional to how far outside the box they are." The more outside the box someone is, the fewer social skills they learn, making it harder for them to get along with people.

As for the suppression factor, it seems to me that most people in alternative media are already on the black list of the powers that be -- they stepped across the line a long time ago in one area or another, and they are not afraid of being numbered among the enemies of the world police state. I doubt that this is a serious reason why there is such a dearth of coverage of free energy among the alternative media.

And as for the expertise aspect, don't you think this topic is worth while to have someone in your staff assigned to becoming your specialist?

Credibility / Believability

I think of all these down-sides to the field of free energy, the biggest deterrent is probably credibility or a lack thereof. So many of the past free energy claims have ended up being bogus and sometimes even fraudulent. Most of the time it is just exuberant inventors thinking they've solved the world's energy problem, when in fact they are just measuring things wrong, and they don't have anything -- certainly not as great as what they had thought and put forth.

Credibility is an important attribute in journalism, including blogs and other alternative media. Who wants to take a hit to their reputation as a credible source by covering some hyped up claim only to end up finding out that it wasn't what was purported?

What is sad, though, is when the mainstream press gives more coverage than the alternative media because the alternative media is being too timid; whereas they are supposed to be more courageous.

I'm not saying you should throw caution to the wind and be reckless (some accuse me of this); but you could at least say something like "we don't know for sure that this technology works as claimed, but wouldn't it be great if it did; and certainly some day something like this is going to come along; and we should be there, ready to help support it."

Where There is Smoke There is Fire

In the midst of all this noise is a signal of genuine solutions that do have the potential to make a huge difference in the world. 

Would there be thousands of researchers and garage tinkerers trying hydroxy generators to improve their mileage or even replace fuel, if there wasn't something to this? If it was a dud, it would have fizzled long ago. While there might not be a clear front-runner, there are a number of fairly strong players who are getting some amazing results. 

I think of an analogy of a fire that has died down, putting out smoke, but a lot of  kindling and wood has been added, and has been sitting there for about 20 minutes getting good and hot. All it needs is a little breeze and "whoosh", suddenly you have a fireball of ignition. The conditions for fire are accumulating, building and suddenly satisfied; hence the flare-up.

The world of electromagnetic overunity (in the spirit of Telsa) is similar. There are a lot of researchers and garage tinkerers who are getting interesting results, while learning the parameters and the science. Once someone gets all the ingredients optimized and achieves amazing results; that knowledge will fan through the community igniting success all over the place.

You have to pick your battles

When it comes to things that are outside the box, you have to pick your battles. People tend to only be able to handle so much strangeness (and truth is stranger than fiction). If you hit them with too much, they get weirded out and reject the entire package, even though everything in the package is verifiably true.

When I vary from "free energy news" and cover something about "9/11 was an inside job" or "GMO conspiracy", I invariably get negative emails urging me to "just stick to free energy." Yet I still regularly include news bullets from the wider battle against tyranny. My objective is to widen people's awareness of the scope of the conspiracy -- to use the pulpit I've developed to expand people's views. See this index of our coverage of items from Infowars, for example.

I'm not running a popularity contest. If that were important to me, then I wouldn't be doing this line of work. That is the arena of mainstream media. They go for the entertainment value, rather than for substance; and they serve as lapdogs for the establishment, playing their role in the propaganda machine.

Rarely is truth popular. When you deal in truth, you're going to have a smaller audience than if you go along with the corporate whores.

Gratefully, as more and more people are awakening to the conspiracy due to how blatant they are getting, the general audience for these kinds of things is growing.

The Ridicule Weapon

One of the most effective tools of the powers that be is to use ridicule as a weapon against ideas they don't want to gain popularity. So they will use labels like "crackpot," "junk science," "conspiracy theorist," "tin foil hat," to describe those ideas, even though there have been plenty of replications to support the underlying science.

For example, when talking about cold fusion, the establishment line is that "no one has been able to replicate the work of Pons and Fleishmann." [e.g. Forbes] This is totally a political statement that has no basis in fact. The truth is that there have been thousands of replications of the cold fusion phenomenon -- around 17,000 according to Jed Rothwell, founder of (See his tally of hundreds of published scientific papers.)  How the establishment could be so wrong and yet people still buy into their lies is astonishing -- and it is sure to backfire when people finally realize that they have been lied to to this extent. It won't endear them to the establishment media.

This can provide a strong impetus for them to continue the abandonment of establishment media in favor of alternative media -- if they see that alternative media is providing good information about these things. 

However, presently, if they look to many of the alternative media outlets, all they will see is cowardly silence on these issues. In other words, on the free energy front, the ridicule weapon has worked very well. Few dare speak in favor of these topics that the mainstream has excoriated as "junk science".

Bear in mind that the field of free energy is still a rough and tumble arena, but that doesn't mean it's junk. See my article: The Wild Wild West of Free Energy Innovation, where I suggest that rather than seeing this as a point of shame that we should consider it an honor to be among the pioneers.

Alternative Media Should Take an Activist Role in Free Energy Promotion

What is needed is for the alternative media to take the same leadership role and show the same courage in the free energy sector that is exhibited in other alternative topics they cover.

Supporting the emergence of free energy technologies should be a major call to action as people ask "what can be done?" The points of action to be encouraged include:

  • Spread the word about the hope that comes from learning about how close these technologies are to emerging.
  • Get involved in research and development.
  • Help to diplomatically disprove bad ideas and expose frauds to remove these distractions from the field.
  • Help provide the scientific vetting to prove the validity of the technology.
  • Help us feature the very best technologies in our Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing as a common and trusted rallying point for action. (Found at the home page of which is the redirect location of the easy-to-remember domain name: )
  • Help with the engineering to prepare production prototypes for market.
  • Help with the business aspects required as these technologies come to market: helping the inventor to establish strong company structures and personnel, good intellectual property strategies, resilient distribution and marketing plans.
  • Help secure funding for the most promising technologies -- keeping an eye out for those technologies that are very deserving but which haven't yet gotten the recognition or support they deserve.
  • Become an early adopter of these emerging breakthroughs, being among the beta testers and first customers.

The Free Energy Revolution

I am convinced that free energy will be the next technology revolution; so it has been frustrating to me to see how little attention the topic receives in alternative media; given the role it could play in support of the values being promulgated in alternative media: independence, personal empowerment, freedom, disempowerment of the powers that be.

One of the most frustrating things for me as I listen to TheAlexJonesChannel on YouTube (my favorite news/commentary source) is when Alex gives his listeners nothing by way of solutions to the problems of the powers that be, other than to "wake up" people to what's going on. Just think if he could steer his listeners toward involvement in helping free energy technologies emerge. It's not just an information war. There are tangible, peaceful steps that can be taken to strengthen freedom and remove power from the corrupt military industrial complex.

Prior to my involvement nearly a decade ago in launching what is now FreeEnergyNews and the Pure Energy Systems Network, I was involved along the lines that Alex Jones is now -- waking people up to the conspiracy to overthrow freedom worldwide and establish a global police state. My message was very much one of hunkering down for the pending inevitable collapse, so that the "remnant" could emerge victoriously on the other side.

I have to say that being involved in free energy promotion has been much more satisfying to me, because it is solution oriented, rather than problem oriented. 

We certainly need to know the problems, as knowing the problem is a primary step toward a solution.

Free Energy isn't a panacea, but it is a major piece of the puzzle toward:

  • diminishing the severity of our collapse,
  • enabling our survival during the collapse,
  • empowering our victorious emergence on the other side.

There must also be concurrent changes of heart by society, recognizing our dysfunctional systems and embracing more enlightened systems instead. And alternative media has been quite good to articulate many of these issues. I'm just saying that they have been falling short when it comes to their coverage of free energy technology emergence; and it's long overdue for them to step up and play a leadership role there as well.

Occupy Infowars

What I would like to urge you all to do is to have a virtual sit-in of the various alternative media outlets, letting them know that you expect them to play a leadership role, and not to keep ignoring this crucial topic that is beginning to really take off. Keep on them until they get with it.

Have them read this article in full, and if they don't agree, ask that they give their reasons why not. Tell them that you will not back off in emailing, commenting, phoning, etc., until they do.

The Free Energy Revolution is a cause they should firmly support and help it be all it can be. This is no time to ignore this exploding field whose time has come and whose destiny is to help free mankind physically from the oppressive powers that be.

Guest / Expert Line-up

Here is a brief sampling of experts in the field of free energy who are good at articulating the various technologies emerging and what needs to be done to help this process. 

In alphabetical sequence:

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

What You Can Do

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  2. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.

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-- Albert Einstein

ADVISORY: With any technology, you take a high risk to invest significant time or money unless (1) independent testing has thoroughly corroborated the technology, (2) the group involved has intellectual rights to the technology, and (3) the group has the ability to make a success of the endeavor.
All truth passes through three stages:
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   Second, it is violently opposed; and
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-- Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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