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You are here: > News > November 19, 2011

New Advances Delay Aviso Energy Demo

The public demonstration of Ismael Aviso's ambient power antenna technology assisting a hydroxy cell as well as generating heat -- both demonstrating free energy in operation -- is now scheduled for February 2 in the California Bay Area. The event will also be broadcast live, probably through


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Today I spoke with Alec Sherman, the U.S. founder of Aviso Energy, in association with the Filipino inventor, Ismael Aviso, to get some clarification on a press release they put out yesterday.

We at PESN have done quite a bit of reporting on Aviso's self-charging electric vehicle that appears to harvest energy from the surroundings to keep its battery topped off, enabling the vehicle to run continuously without external charge.  It is similar to Tesla's fabled Pierce Arrow. One of our recent stories announced that the Philippine Department of Energy test results of Aviso's electric vehicle were finally published, documenting an 11 kW DC motor running 133% efficiency with his system turned on, compared to 46% efficient without his system.

One of the variants of this technology that we've also reported on here is Aviso's hydroxy technology that uses the Aviso antenna to assist in the electrolysis process. It's basically a matter of applying the antenna from the electric vehicle charger to the hydroxy system.

According to Michael Faraday, the best you can do in electrolysis is to consume 3.5 watts for an hour to produce one liter of gas. Supposedly, with just their dry cell, the Aviso hydroxy system is able to get close to that, producing one liter per hour with just 3.6 watt-hours. But with the Aviso antenna attached, they are able to get it down to just 1.8 watt-hours consumed per liter produced. If so, this proves that they are harvesting energy from the environment via the antenna; and that the Aviso antenna can be used to provide base load power, both for stationary and portable applications.

These systems will be among those that are slated to be demonstrated publicly by Aviso and his company associates in the Bay Area, California. This demo was going to happen in early December, but the company said that some new, production-enhancing technologies discovered by Aviso and his team have led them to push back the date for its first major technology demonstration until Thursday, February 2, 2012; probably in the late afternoon. 

Aviso's work over the last couple of weeks seems to have opened some unanticipated doors that the company would like to explore before the big demonstration, giving them more time to characterize and optimizing the technologies that will be displayed.

"We are fully aware that people were really looking forward to this presentation," said Sherman, "so we would not postpone the event unless we were pretty sure that the new discoveries would be worth the wait. We are also aware that with Ismael, the exploration never stops, so you can't just postpone things every time he has a breakthrough." Sherman says that the company has set the date of February 2, 2012, and is committed to optimizing the current technologies for display on that date. 

Aviso Energy is putting the electric vehicle application of the technology on hold for now, focusing on a more immediately achievable product line of hydroxy generation devices. So don't expect the electric vehicle capability to be demonstrated on February 2.

Another phenomenon that will be demonstrated is the production of heat by the antenna apparatus. 

Previously, the build-up of heat in the Tesla-like coil portion of the system created a limiting factor because things began to melt. However, with new materials introduced, the temperature now gets up to as high as 400 degrees Celcius; and now Aviso Energy is looking for ways to effectively harness the heat component for additional gains of energy -- cogeneration. They are open to suggestions, both for their research and development toward product design, as well as for the demonstration on February 2.

They are also open to suggestions on how to make all three demonstrations as clear and convincing as possible:

  1. Aviso antenna alone [powering a variety of gadgets]
  2. Aviso antenna powering the hydroxy cell
  3. Aviso antenna producing heat

The Aviso antenna works best when it is powered by a battery, so somehow the battery's contribution under control conditions needs to be documented. Here is what I suggested (graphic rendering by Jim Rodney):

But Sherman said he doesn't want to paint a big bulls eye on his back, so he'd like something less blatant. He wants something that can easily measure the input and output power to show the efficiency of the system.

Aviso Energy will be posting updates on their website,, and their Twitter feed, @Avisoenergy, to keep followers and investors up to date on the current state of research and the date, time, and location of technology demonstrations. Interested parties can sign up for an invite on the company's website. 

They also plan to post a live feed on the day of the event, probably through on their AvisoEnergy channel. 

"We maintain that this demo will be a major turning point for both our company and the entire energy economy," says Sherman, who also says that in addition to the general public, he has several large investors waiting to witness the technology in action. "Pushing back the date means pushing back some cash flow, but it is the right thing to do to ensure that our technologies make the impression we know they warrant." 

About Aviso Energy

Aviso Energy is an alternative energy research, development, and marketing company that discovers potential solutions to tomorrow's energy needs and makes them a reality today. "Our commitment is to take the inventions of world renowned inventor Ismael Aviso from the concept phase to real, marketable products available for individual and businesses."

Alec Sherman founded and runs a software development company. Once Aviso Energy takes off, he plans on focusing his efforts there full-time.


Aviso Energy
3880 Decoto Road, #158
Fremont, CA  94555 USA

Phone: +1-510-224-3355


# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.


Feel free to view/post comments down below. Here is one that came by email by a guy who is gifted in correlating the numerology of dates with the outcome of those dates. Eventually he should write a book.

Pick a Better Date

From: Sensa Peace
To: sterlingda... 
Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2011 9:55 PM [MDT]
Subject: Aviso demonstration - planned date is not good.

Sterling, Feb 2 - 2012 is not a good date for Aviso demonstration ( or any demonstration ). Feb 3 is much better.

* * * *

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan June 27, 2011
Last updated November 30, 2011 


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