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You are here: > News > November 10, 2011

'Free Energy' music video by Elevate and the Luminaries, with Aishah, set to go viral

An excellent music video has been released. It decries energy suppression and sequestering of free energy patents for 'national security'; praises Tesla, zero point energy research, etc.; and encourages humanitarian causes similar to supporting free energy emergence.

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Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

I love it. A rap music video was released yesterday about free energy. 

It's very well executed and has the trappings to go viral.

My friend, Christopher Toussaint, who has been working on launching a free energy TV series, which we have featured, brought it to my attention. He is friends with J Brave and the Luminaries.

"Free Energy" is the first release of a series of viral music videos produced by J Brave of Elevate, featuring the Luminaries, with new singing sensation Aishah

It was launched as part of the Thrive movement, which so many of you have been talking about and sharing with your friends, which is launching its movie tomorrow: 11/11/11.

The series of videos by Elevate is intend to bring awareness to globally significant issues and solutions.

Here's the music video:


For more info on Free Energy Technology and how to THRIVE go to:


"Free Energy" is the first release of a series of viral music videos produced by Elevate, featuring the Luminaries. The series in intend to bring awareness to globally significant issues and solutions. Free Energy was produced in conjunction with Pachamama Alliance. Our production team for Free Energy was Will Bystrov, Felipe Soares, J Pullano, Kevin Carpenter and Mikki Willis.




Stay tuned for our next release, "Hemp."

PlayItFwd is a new sharing paradigm in which you watch a movie, and if you like it, sponsor your friends to watch it, and so forth.

According to 

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world, empowering us with unprecedented solutions for reclaiming our lives and our future. Thrive is available through PlayItFWD, a revolutionary film platform with an exciting new twist on sharing.

Visit on 11.11.11 for the global launch!

The only downside I might mention of the Free Energy video is that there are some political themes in the song that seem to endorse a push for socialism rather than freedom. Socialism forces us to take care of people, by force of bureaucratic/tyrannical government; whereas freedom calls upon us to take care of people in an elevated way of our own free will and choice, not force. I'm just hoping the Thrive movie does not go down the same path as Zeitgeist, which has pushed socialism pretty hard.

For others, the rap genre might be a turn-off, but I don't mind it; and this instance is certainly on the end of the spectrum where I could say I love it.

Maybe something that endears me to it is that the lead singer, Aishah, reminds me of my very gifted niece, Lisa Clingo-Takke who is probably close to the same age and talent.

I've embedded the video at the home page of, which is the redirect location of our long-held domain  And I sent an email to Elevate, asking them to consider adding a link in their description

I hope you'll consider adding a link in your description. "For the leading Free Energy news, directory, and
networking site, see"

If you agree, perhaps you'll send them encouragement to that effect as well.

Finally, here is a transcription of the Free Energy music video:


Links added.

From the creative labs of elevate

Since 1951, the government has restricted the release of nearly 5,000 technology patents that have the potential of ending many of today's greatest crises. [Link]

Many of these patents relate to energy efficiency and free energy.

Who will take a stand to free energy?

It's time to gather round, the moment's now, I want it all turned out. To gather round, the moment's now. I want it all turned out.

There is a public outcry for people who want a better planet. And there are powers that be that let the people panic. Look at the gulf of Japan [Link], could they have really planned it. Headed at the ice burg like the Titanic. 

Atlantic mystery. Atlantis wiped from history. The truth about the pyramids and ancient Mayan prophesy. Space odyssey. [Link] Look at the anomalies and you will find the suppression of free energy technology. A forced democracy born out of a monopoly. [Link] Sacred knowledge robbery like the towers that topple in. [Link]

No stopping free energy, coming from the enemy. [Link] Free energy. The oil is running dry our money is burning out. Solar panels on the roof of the white house. We bringing on some real change. [Best Exotics] Water catchment systems. We collect the rain.

It's time to gather round. The moment's now. I want it all turn out. I'm from a crowd. Be the one whose advantageous for free energy. Time for free energy. 

Nikola Tesla perceived the Earth as a conductor of acoustical resonance; and still his presence lives in the heart of visionary invention. [Link] Over 5,000 patents censored. [Link]

Researching zero point energy. Trying to get through the delirium. The unified field theory of the scene every minute and every day we carry the burden of our past. Water fueled cars we no longer need the gas. 

So many solutions right here in your face. [Link] Wild earth energy create what rejuvenates. Green walls and Greenwich, grow plants on everything, magnetic movements, don't need gasoline for anything [link], spatially sprockets, doing our own research, paying out of pocket. Bike powered stages [link], your peddling our rocket. Fully access to techy knowledge. Green power over big profit. [Link] You can't stop it. [Link]

Ever think what the wars are fought for? [Link] And the dream that the world could be more. I send my life on Earth one chance we can do it together. Ever think what the wars are fought for? And the dream that the world could be more? I send my life right now, one day we could do it together. [Link]

The renaissance third industrial revolution. [Link] Invention is the language of a world wide solution. [Link] The body electric, magnetic plasma arc reactors, Stubblefield, Calci Froth [?], free the knowledge lost. [Link]

Some people wait for 2012 to watch the Earth shift. But in New Mexico they are out there building Earth ships. [Link] We got the language wrong. I got a new twist. The lifting of a veil, that's a true apocalypse. [Link]

Some see free energy as the enemy but my genetic memory remembering that could never be. Thoughts flow in the anti-gravity. A cubic foot of space could fuel the whole world annually. 

You could chose a lover, a voter, maybe meditate. And everyday we demonstrate, so we can finally get it strait. Peace world wide is the anthem that we celebrate. Free energy like the end of the movie, Saint.

It's time to gather round, the moment's now, I want it all turn out. I'm from a crowd. Be the one who is advantageous for free energy. Time for free energy. 

Free energy. []

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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