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You are here: > News > November 7, 2011; 3:15 pm MST

Bloomberg TV Features E-Cat on HotZone

Bloomberg's EnergyNow program aired a segment Friday about Andrea Rossi's recent test of the world's first one megawatt, E-Cat cold fusion plant. It seems that the mainstream media is starting to wake up to the reality of the Energy Catalyzer technology.

The 1 MW E-Cat as shown in the Bloomberg footage taken from (not official site)


Full Disclosure:
PES Network is seeking a business relationship with Andrea Rossi.
Sterling's trip to Bologna was sponsored by Farlie Paynter of Canada, as well as by Mike Spitzauer, CEO of Green Power Inc (GPI), the Waste-to-Diesel Fuel company in Pasco, Washington.

By Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

On October 28th, 2011, a successful test of Andrea Rossi's one megawatt, E-Cat cold fusion plant was performed. Instead of being conducted by Andrea Rossi, the customer's representative (NATO Colonel-Engineer Domenico Fioravanti) controlled all aspects of the test. The result was a huge amount of excess energy produced, and a self-sustained run of approximately five and a half hours. The mainstream media has been slow to take notice of the test and its extreme significance. However, an increasing trickle of mainstream media outlets have begun reporting about the event: Wired, Discovery, CBS News, Fox, Yahoo News, Daily Mail, MSNBC, LiveScience, Forbes, EE Times

The most recent addition to that list, and perhaps the best coverage so far -- at least the first TV coverage in the U.S. -- comes from Bloomberg TV.

This past weekend, on November 5, Bloomberg TV aired their weekly “energyNOW!” show. The title of the episode was, “Nuclear Waste and Race Resources.” During the program, there is a short segment called, “The Hot Zone” in which new energy developments are discussed. During this weekend's Hot Zone, clips were shown from's (not official site) coverage of the test of a single E-Cat unit on October 6th. The host of the show mentioned how cold fusion is considered to be the “Holy Grail” of energy production, because it could produce cheap energy without producing nuclear waste, or pollution.

The segment about Rossi's test of the one megawatt plant was short. However, the coverage seemed to be fair, and not hostile towards the E-Cat technology. Though it mentioned that there is a high level of skepticism, its general tone was encouraging.

Here is the minute-long Hot Zone segment discussing the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology that Sterling videotaped off his monitor, hence the diminished quality in sound and image. The original full segment can be found on their site. This excerpt is between time stamp 19:02 and 20:01.

The following is a transcription of this segment.

“An Italian inventor has conducted what some are saying is a successful small test of the Holy Grail of energy production — cold fusion, a low-energy nuclear reaction that could theoretically produce endless, self-sustaining and incredibly cheap energy. And that’s what’s in this week’s “energyNOW!” hotZONE. The inventor, Andrea Rossi, tested what he calls his E-Cat, or Energy Catalyzer, on October 28. Rossi says his technology uses a secret catalyst that reacts with small amounts of nickel powder and hydrogen gas to create clean energy in the form of heat, no radioactive materials, nuclear waste or pollution. Rossi tested the E-Cat in Italy for an unnamed U.S. company and claims it produced in five hours about as much energy as 70 gallons of gasoline contains. There’s plenty of mystery and skepticism surrounding Rossi’s cold fusion test, but he says the E-Cat is going into mass production soon.”

To learn more about the “energyNOW!” program you can read the following description, and their mission statement.

energyNOW! is a new half-hour weekly TV news-magazine and opinion program designed to inform and engage Americans on the most pressing energy issues of the day.
energyNOW’s mission statement: 

“energyNOW! is an editorially independent news organization created to use the latest television and digital media tools to fill this reporting gap on critical energy issues. Our newsroom is staffed by a team of veteran accredited journalists who regularly cover news events at federal agencies, the White House, the U.S. Capitol, and around the world. The program will focus primarily on the key challenges described above – oil dependency, the future course of the electric power sector, leading the clean tech revolution and energy efficiency. The successful resolution of these issues is central to America’s future. energyNOW! will cover them week-in and week-out with the substantive and original journalism that these issues demand. And energyNOW! will put these issues into perspective, making them relatable to its viewers and focusing its reporting on how they impact our lives now and in the future.”

Hopefully, the recent coverage of the E-Cat technology by a few mainstream media outlets, will lead to additional coverage. If you have not yet checked them out, here are a few links to recent mainstream media coverage about the October 28th test. (Today we created an index page to chronicle the mainstream coverage.)

Wired UK 

MSNBC / CBS News / Yahoo News, reprinting LiveScience  

Discovery, reprint from Fox News 

Daily Mail UK 

I think it is pretty obvious that in the next several months (by which time Rossi will hopefully have sold multiple additional one megawatt plants), those media outlets that had the courage and foresight to report on this technology early on will reap praise, and those who were too cowardly will be seen as lacking journalistic savvy.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

Related Coverage

  • Andrea Rossi’s Ecat featured on Bloomberg TV! - This weekend Bloomberg TV aired a clip from‘s video footage taken from the 6th of October event. The TV-show energyNOW! have a special feature each week they call “The Hot Zone” which brings up new energy developments around the world. Andrea Rossi’s Ecat was apparently interesting enough to air on US national TV during last week’s program “Nuclear waste and the race for resources” for almost one minute. (ECatReport; November 7, 2011)

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