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You are here: > News > October 23, 2011

WITTS Water Powered Car Video Posted

WITTS (World Improvement Through the Spirit Ministries) has posted a video of a car they claim is running off pure water -- and nothing else. Unlike some who have claimed to be able to run a car off a mixture of water and gasoline, they claim to be able to run a vehicle off water alone.

by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Timothy Thrapp adds water.

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The water powered car is a legend that has circulated through the alternative energy community for decades. Many inventors have claimed to make cars run on water, but only a few have provided evidence they have really done so. Many of those who have claimed to run a car on water, did not use water alone, but also included at least some conventional liquid fuel -- such as gasoline -- into the mix. 

However, an organization called WITTS (World Improvement Through the Spirit Ministries) has posted a video of a car running off nothing but water alone. The car in the video is only idling (not ready to be driven down the road), but they claim that they have worked on other vehicles until they were capable of being driven. 

In the video, there is a small, older looking vehicle. They claim the car has been modified with a system that turns water into HHO gas via "quantum energy." WITTS founder, Timothy Thrapp, shows the engine, shows how the fuel valve has been turned off, and shows that the water tank (that supplies an electrolysis cell) has replaced the windshield washer fluid tank. He then shows a gallon of distilled water that is still sealed. He opens the seal, and drinks some of it. Afterwards, he pours part of the remaining contents of the gallon, into the water tank.

When he goes into the car and turns the key, the engine starts up. It seems to be idling very well. He declares that the vehicle is not yet set up to drive down the road on water, but they have previously modified cars to enable them to do so. He also states that modifying a vehicle to drive down the road would obviously require additional work. This is obviously true, because it takes a lot more HHO to fuel an engine that is actually propelling a vehicle, than to simply power a vehicle that is idling. 

While the engine is idling, he once again shows how the fuel valve (that would be transferring gasoline to the engine) is cut off. The engine only idles for a minute or so, and then is cut off. 

It would have been more impressive if the engine had been allowed to idle more than a couple minutes. The skeptics will claim that there were still gasoline vapors in the engine or in the fuel line that allowed the engine to idle for a short period of time. I do not know if that is the case in this situation or not, but he could have easily disproved that possibility by running the vehicle for a half hour or so.

In the video he does not show a clear shot of the electrolysis cell, if he shows a shot of it at all. He does point to where the electrolyzer is located. Another shortcoming of the video is that he does not explain the details of his electrolysis system. To produce enough HHO (on demand and not stored in a tank) for a car to idle is impressive even if it does not produce enough HHO for the car to drive down the road. It requires a very efficient HHO system (that pulls additional energy from the environment somehow). It may indicate that the "quantum energy" source is providing a lot of power to the electrolysis system. This might mean the electrolysis cell itself is not more efficient, but that an anomalous source of free energy from the environment might be powering it. 

To get more information about this technology (and others they are working on), it seems they require a donation be made to their ministry, and then you can access a members only area. However, I'm pretty sure that if a person did enough digging on the internet, someone could find out more about their claimed "quantum energy" technology. 

Is it worth sending in a donation to learn more about what they are working on? There is no minimum donation sized mentioned, so it's possible they may let you in for only a few bucks. At a minimum, their website is interesting, so it might be worth the cost of an extra value meal from a fast food joint to learn more.

In closing, I would like to say that if they have a car that can drive on the road using nothing but water, I hope they will reveal it to the world. I hope they are not exaggerating like certain other individuals in HHO and Water Fuel circles frequently do.

(YouTube; Oct 11, 2011)

Here is the video and transcript.  See 

Okay. Remember, that this take is copyrighted material. Duplication is prohibited by law, and that having been said, if you want a copy you can get it from What we have here is a car that has been set up to run on water. Actually, it is just set to idle on water right now. We have had them running down the road on water. This one is just an old car. We put a few things on it, and worked on it and worked on it, and now we got it idling. And to get it to run down the road, you have to do more work on it, basically.

Let me go over the parts with you. Basically, we have the water tank here. It used to be the windshield washer fluid tank. We got the electrolyzer, we got a heater, heat comes off the exhaust and helps heat the water. That goes through this hose, starts here with the hose, the hose comes off here, and then goes through there and goes through there, and goes into the carburetor. 

This is the old gas line. You see the valve is off. This is a 90 degree valve. That is on, this is off. That goes to the carburetor. I'll take the breather off so you can look all the way around it to make sure there are no hoses hidden, or anything going on there. 

Once you got all that in there, then feel free to walk to the other side. 

The gas line is still disconnected. Make sure you show that. We will show it again, when we start. Right now we are putting in water. What we have right here is plain, distilled water. Use any kind of water, but this is what we got, because it is sealed. You can use spring water, or you can use water out of your spigot. Here you have the seal in there. We are pulling the seal. We are tasting the water. Just good clean water. And now we are filling up our water tank. And by the way you get about... on the cars we have done like this... you get about the same miles per gallon [as you would per a gallon of gasoline] unless you recycle the water. What comes out of the tailpipe is steam, so that can be recycled. If you recycle it, you can get 250 miles to the gallon of water.

Hopefully, everything is set up right, and we will start her up.

[He starts the engine and the car is idling.]

There it goes. Still see the gas line is off. I will take the air breather off, but it might die. Feel free to... the other thing I want to show is the exhaust. On a sunny day like today you don't see it, but you definitely feel it. It is... the video is not going to do a whole lot of good.... [The steam is not showing up well on camera.]

That is about it. There is your water powered car. It is not setup to run down the road, yet.

Water is hydrogen and oxygen. And basically hydrogen is very combustible, and oxygen makes combustion work better.

[Turns off the car.]

The power of water.

WITTS urges people to get involved in helping the technology, donating to the ministry in whatever amount they feel prompted.

Thrapp and the WITTS ministry have a very unusual approach to business, which explains largely why the technologies haven't yet created a flow of revenue for the company to make donations unnecessary.

# # #

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