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You are here: > News > October 22, 2011

Creative Energy System's Duel Fuel System

Creative Energy Systems, of Utah, is performing test installations of a set of technologies they call the Duel Fuel System. The DFS system, through the use of hydroxy gas and fuel modification, is claimed to allow for improvements in gas mileage of over 50%, and in some cases up to 100%, or higher.

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"This figure shows the general configuration of the CES Duel Fuel System. However, many parts have been updated and improved." 

Jim Murray and Paul Babcock's 4790% SERPS Presentation

Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


Put simply, what is happening in a typical HHO or hydroxy system is that water is being electrolyzed on board from electricity from the battery, creating "Brown's gas", which includes hydrogen and oxygen, as well as possibly some new species not fully characterized or appreciated by academia yet. It is probably in the formation of this new species of gas (some call it ionized HHO [or HHOi], because of its electrical characteristics) that the environmental energy shows up or is harvested. The Brown's gas interacts with the fuel to break the larger chain molecules (that often go unburnt in a typical system) into smaller molecules that are readily burned. In highly optimized systems, allegedly the vehicle can run on HHOi alone.

By Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Companies that claim to improve gas mileage via hydrogen boosters, special processing of gasoline, or the use of fuel additives, are a dime a dozen. Although it has been established -- at least in my opinion -- that such systems can improve gas mileage, but the actual performance of such systems can be hit or miss. Often, but not always, such companies exaggerate the gas mileage improvements their systems can produce, and charge high prices for the lackluster results that can be achieved. 

A company named Creative Energy Systems (CES), based in St. George, Utah, USA, has developed a set of processes they call the "Duel Fuel System", that are claimed to a minimum of 50% improvements in gas mileage. They claim the actual amount of fuel efficiency improvement can go far higher than that (up to 100% or more -- which is a doubling of mileage), depending on a myriad of factors such as the model of car, and the driving habits of the vehicle owner.

CES describes their "Duel Fuel System" as the "greatest breakthrough since the invention of the polluting internal combustion engine." In my opinion, even if their technology works exactly as they claim, such a statement is hyperbole. An improvement of fuel efficiency of 50% to 100% or more would be highly significant, but does not come close to being the greatest breakthrough in the last one hundred years. I would reserve that designation for Andrea Rossi's Cold Fusion E-Cat technology, or perhaps a couple other exotic energy technologies that are preparing to emerge into the market place. If Clean Energy Systems ends up offering a system that can run a vehicle exclusively on water alone (like Stanley Meyer's dune buggy), such a bold statement may be appropriate. (And CES is pursuing that objective as well.)

The "Duel Fuel System" is composed of four components, that each contribute to increasing the fuel efficiency of the vehicle in which it is installed. To begin, the first component is a hydroxy fuel cell that produces HHO (also known as Brown's Gas) via an electrolysis process. The hydroxy gas is channeled into the air intake and appears to act by splitting the larger fuel molecules into smaller molecules so the fuel is more efficiently burned.

The second component is a fuel "cracking" system they call the, "Kracker." This device processes the fuel (gasoline for example) into a form that can be more completely combusted by the engine, by transforming the heavy hydrocarbons into lighter hydrocarbons. It is claimed to do so via the use of permanent magnets, a catalyst, and heat. 

The third component of the system is an ECU (electronic control unit) that interfaces with the vehicles computer. Without the ECU, it could be impossible to optimize the air fuel ratio and timing of the engine to work optimally with the "Duel Fuel System," because the computer tends to fight against the changes otherwise. 

Finally, an additive is mixed with the gasoline in the gas tank to make the fuel, "vaporize and crack more easily."

By utilizing all of these components, the "Duel Fuel System" is claimed to produce fuel efficiency improvements of over 50%, and sometimes up to 100%. 

CES claims to have installed 200 units of a previous model of the "Duel Fuel System" (which didn't go by the same name back then), which produced good results, but not always a 50% improvement. The reason for this is claimed to be that the technicians performing the installations did not always perform them correctly, and this resulted in reduction in the possible gain, and sometimes even a loss of mileage. Since then, they have installed four units of the new model of the "Duel Fuel System", and have seen excellent results. For example, a 50% increase of fuel efficiency in a BMW, a 60% increase in a Mercury Marquis, a 70% increase in a Toyota Camry, and a 90% increase in a Honda Civic. These are very good numbers, if they indeed are accurate.

It should be noted that the company is not selling these systems to members of the general public at this time. They are not even selling these systems to commercial drivers. Instead, they are in a period of testing. During this time period, they will only sell the systems to selected and qualified customers, who are willing to participate in a year of testing. 

The cost of the system is $2,500, which seems a bit high (especially for a system still undergoing testing). However, if the fuel efficiency of a vehicle with the system can go up 50% to 100%, it could pay for itself in a fairly short period of time. This would especially be true for someone who drives for a living, or has a long commute back and fourth to work.

CES was founded by Welton Myers nearly a decade ago. He is the one who got Sterling involved in the free energy field. Myers was one of the founding directors of PES Network, Inc. Myers has been involved in fuel efficiency projects for many years. Here's an excerpt from our bio page about him at PESWiki:

[In the early 1980's, Welton ran a] carburetor project in which he transformed a car to get three times the mileage. The organization he founded along with Bill Cope, "Knowledge is Power," held weekly seminars at Robert Wesley College, where people came to learn how to convert their cars to get three times the gas mileage. 

That project came to a halt when his car was sabotaged, the pressure release valve being clamped down tight, causing his car to explode while he was driving it. The next day, as the car sat on blocks in his driveway, a trailer pulled up, and some men who told Welton's wife they were hauling the car for Welton (not true), towed the car away; and Welton never saw it again. 

The blueprints are held by an associate today, but Welton does not recommend the design because of the high pressures involved (3000 – 6000 PSI), which could be dangerous if the car is in an accident.

The "Kracker" portion of the CES' Duel Fuel system most likely is informed by this earlier design.

At this time, there is a not a website for CES. They are hoping to get one up in the near future. 

They are also entertaining license inquiries. We looked at their confidential, 150-page "Sales and Mechanical Training" manual as well as their "Marketing Manual".

Here is an email they have sent out about the Duel Fuel system. (Slightly edited.)



You may have recently received the information about the All water powered electrical car in Japan, or TATA's AIR POWERED CAR IN INDIA; and someone responded "I want one"

These cars may or may not make it to America. Usually these inventions get buried by the oil companies or conventional car manufactures; and big money people who offer you a much less attractive alternative ..
No one knows when or if they will get here.


with some water and some gas to give you
and reduce air pollution by up to 80%,
which you can have us add to your existing car Right Now.


Creative Energy Systems guarantee customers satisfaction,

We guarantee that customers will be satisfied that the increased mileage over the normal factory highway mileage on their gasoline vehicle, from use of the DUEL FUEL SYSTEM when installed and tuned by our Mileage Masters Certified Mechanics for a period of 6 months, will be satisfactory to customer, or 100% of the amount paid by customer will be returned when the customer brings the vehicle in for removal by the Certified Mechanic This guarantee is good for one year after installation. Thereafter, a trade-in, prorated, credit, based on a five year life will be given on the purchase of new improved system that will be offered each year as R & D permits.

Thus far, we have experienced the mileage increases ranging from 50% to100% (and in some instances better than 100% increase). The increase depends on the car, the driver, the driving conditions and the fuel used and will differ with every car. The vehicle modified must be certified by the Certified Installer or tuner to be in good working condition at the time of installation, and be a gasoline combustion vehicle no older then 1996 or newer then 2008.

We would like to state here that we have NOT tested the CES DUEL FUEL SYSTEMS on all makes and models of cars or trucks to know the increase of mileage on each, primarily due to the various car computers.. This means that when these systems are installed on these untested computers the installer may have to take longer then the normal one day required for installation; and the customized system for that vehicle may take longer to reach the mechanic from the manufacture after your down payment.

Therefore, each and every purchaser will have this SATISFACTION GUARANTEE starting from the date of final installation and testing. There has been a TRUST FUND established to back this guarantee into which the manufacture, marketer and installer pay to insure this refund, in the event any customer remains unsatisfied.

The original purchaser may return the CES DUEL FUEL SYSTEM on the vehicle to the dealer who sold it, for a full refund of the amount paid within one year of installation, if it has been installed or tuned by a Mileage Masters Certified Mechanic and tuned by a Mileage Masters Certified Tuner, who have certified they performed the work and who have verified that the vehicle is in satisfactory condition prior to installation, and have verified the mileage improvement on the vehicle certification form by said installer and Tuner -- if it does not increase the factory highway fuel mileage, or for any other reason, to the satisfaction of purchaser, after 6 months effort by installer to satisfy purchaser. with the purchaser making the vehicle available for said tuner on a regular basis for that period. .

The vehicle must be brought to the installer with the system in place for removal by installer. CES reserves the right to repair or replace any broken part found in the removal at the time of return, that may have caused any dissatisfaction, and then the installer shall have one more month to satisfy the customer. Ownership of the system must be established. 


Call 435-313-0158
Or E-mail to "R&D Testing, Judith" <>

One issue that is a bit confusing, is the various names the company goes by. Myers provided the following clarification. (Slightly edited.)

Creative Energy Systems (CES) is the name of the Pure Trust Organization under which we sell licenses only'

CES R&D is our research and development organization. 

H 2 GO MARKETING is the organization that markets these licensees and our CES DUEL FUEL SYSTEMS, and will market our upcoming CES MAGMA SYSTEMS to our licensees of CES APPROVED Marketing, Installation, Servicing (MIS) Centers (H 2 GO MIS CENTERS).

MMPG CO-VALIZER or BOOSTER is a term that a friend uses to designate an additive we use that causes the co-valance bonding of the fuel molecules to cause the molecule to crack better during the Thermo Catalytic Cracking in the CRACKER part of the CES DUEL FUEL SYSTEMS. The term means More Miles Per Gallon. 

The company is also working on a more advanced version of their tech called the "Magma System" that incorporates elements of Stanley Meyer's technology, with modifications made by their company. Very little has been revealed about this system, but is an effort to run a vehicle on water alone, with no gasoline at all. If they manage to do that, their claim of the technology being the biggest breakthrough since the invention of the internal combustion engine, may turn out to be accurate.

I hope their technology works as they claim, because it would represent a quick way to improve the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. With gasoline bouncing around between $3.25 and $4.00 a gallon, a technology like this could help people lower their fuel costs. 

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  2. Have one of these installed on your vehicle as a beta tester.
  3. Get involved as a licensee.
  4. Get involved as an installer.
  5. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.
  6. Let professionals in the renewable energy sector know about the promise of this technology. 

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Jan. 29, 2011
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