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You are here: > News > September 26, 2011

Scientists to Test Cold Fusion E-Cat

Italian Inventor, Andrea Rossi, has invited scientists from around the world to perform an important test on his E-Cat cold fusion reactor on October 6th. This test will be held at the University of Uppsala in Sweden and should hopefully erase all doubt about the validity of the Energy Catalyzer technology.

On September 26, we reported that Brian Josephson, a physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, would be participating in this scientific review on October 6.  While he has been generally supportive of the E-Cat prospects (see our June 20 story: Nobel laureate touts E-Cat cold fusion) it turns out that time limitations do not allow him to attend this particular event.  See his statement below.

On October 1, we received a correction about the location, from Andrea Ross.

Brian Josephson
, a physicist and
Nobel Prize laureate, was invited.


by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

There have been many tests of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) this year. They have inspired hope that the technology is real and work as claimed. However, some of the tests were not as well thought out as they could have been, and hence left issues for the skeptics to point out. In the near future, these "issues" may become "non-issues" due to an upcoming test of the E-Cat that will be performed by scientists invited from around the world.

This test -- to be held on Oct. 6 -- will try to resolve some of the issues with previous tests that have created controversy. A few of these issues include the dryness of steam, the phase shifting of water from liquid to steam, the concept of thermal inertia, the ability of the system to self sustain with no input, and the length of the tests that have been performed. 

The following is a list of what we know so far about the upcoming test.

  • It will be a test of the new model of E-Cat module that will be used in the one megawatt plant.
  • The module will be opened so the scientists present can measure the weight and volume of all components.
  • It will be an extended test of at least 12 hours, but maybe longer.
  • The ability of the system to run in a self sustaining mode of operation will be tested.
  • There will be two circuits of water, and a heat exchanger that will transfer heat between the two circuits. The first circuit will be closed, and the water in it will be continually recycled. This eliminates the issue of steam dryness.
  • The test will be biased against the E-Cat, because some of the heat produced by the reactor will be lost. This is because the efficiency of the heat exchanger will be less than 100%.
  • Scientists from around the world have been invited to attend this test.
  • Radiation measurements will be taken to show that no radiation is escaping from the reactor. 

It is important to note that the new model of E-Cat module has significant differences from the previous model. Inside the module, there are multiple reactor cores. Rossi has stated that these reactor cores have the same power density as his previous model of E-Cat (the previous reactor cores were rated at 2.5 kilowatts in 50cc of volume), although the new reactor cores have a different volume. All together, the reactor cores in the new module can produce an output of 27 kilowatts, but for safety and stability purposes, the output will be limited to one third of that.

Another difference between the new module and the previous one is that there are two layers of lead instead of just one. This improves the safety of the system, because if one layer of shielding breaks, there will be another to stop any radiation. 

Andrea Rossi's Comments

Andrea Rossi has made comments about the upcoming test. In addition, he has made multiple comments about his new E-Cat module, plus a bit of information about a "Fat Cat" E-Cat that has not yet been revealed. 

Andrea Rossi
September 26th, 2011 at 10:11 AM

Dear Italo:

I confirm
The energy measurements will be made only on the water heated by the reactor’s primary circuit in the heat exchanger that will heat the water using the steam made by the reactor. The steam will be in a closed loop and will be condensed by the heat exchanger. One thermometer will be put along the water circuit at the input of the heat exchanger and one thermometer will be put at the exit of the heat exchanger so that the delta T to calculate the energy will be taken only from the liquid water flow of the secondary circuit. This of course will penalize us, because some energy will be lost in the heat exchange, but the energy we produce is so high that we can accept it. The E-Cat will work also in self sustained mode. We have invited selected scientists from Sweden, USA, France, G.B., Germany, Italy, Greece, Japan, China, Russia.

Every component of the circuit will be inspected and weighed before the test, and also external measures will be taken of the reactors. The test will last at least 12 hours. At the end, all the components will be again disassembled, weighed, etc. Measurements will be taken from a specialist expert to be certain that no radiations modify substantially the background radiations of the room.

Warm Regards,

- - - - 

Andrea Rossi
September 25th, 2011 at 7:24 AM

Dear MT:

Thank you for your important question, I already answered to these questions, but when it turns into safety, repetitions are useful.

1- The E-Cats we will put in the market will be regulated to work at 1/3 of their power, and they will work in conditions of stability. This is why they will not work only in self sustained mood, but will maintain a drive. If the stability is lost, automatically the pressure inside the reactor will be zeroed and the E-Cat will be turned off, as we have experienced in thousands of tests. But there is an intrinsic safety system: if the temperature goes above the stability limit, an essential component of the charge will melt, and at this point, not being in the status of powder, the reactor cannot work.

2- As you know, we do not use radioactive materials and we do not produce radioactive wastes, therefore no radiations are left when the E-Cat is turned off. By the way: we have a double shield of lead, and it is impossible that the 2 walls break at the same time. It is absolutely impossible that the E-Cat is opened during the operation, because it is tightly sealed with multiple casing, and each case is very difficult to be opened not intentionally. As for the reactor, it is impossible to be opened, if not by our specialized personnel. The opening of the reactor has been made impossible both for safety and security reasons. In fact, to change the charge, we change the whole reactor, and the recharge will be made in our factories.

Warm Regards,

- - - - 

Andrea Rossi
September 20th, 2011 at 7:52 PM

Dear Enrico Billi:
The Swedish test will be very important, because we will make the primary circuit of steam produced by the reactor exchange heat with a secondary water circuit, while the steam will be condensed and the condensed water will be recycled to the reactor. The measure of energy will be made on the base of the delta T between the water that exits from the heat exchanger and the water that enters in the same heat exchanger, so that the energy is calculated independently from the steam circuit. Of course the heat exchanger heats the water in counter current with the steam. The delta T will be data logged and the water flow will be measured by means of a flow meter. We are already making this test on the modules of the 1 MW plant, and the results are the same as before. This system is ready for household application, because this is, basically, a water boiler.

Warm Regards,
(No lidele, lavolale, lavolale!)

Events seem to be accelerating as October approaches. In addition to the test of the one megawatt system and the home heating system, the upcoming test in Uppsala on October 6th should be very important in putting to rest any doubts about the E-Cat technology. If the results are positive, I wonder if the mainstream media will yet ignore them, or finally admit that cold fusion is a reality?

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

Errata: Dr. Josephson Not Attending

Given some input that Dr. Josephson was not attending the demonstration, we sent him an email for clarification and received the following back:

From: "Brian Josephson"
To: "Sterling Allan"
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 8:22 AM
Subject: Re: you attending the Oct. 6 E-Cat demo?

--On 27 September 2011 06:38:49 -0600 Sterling Allan wrote:

> Could you tell us directly what your intentions are in this and
> correct the information if needed?

Dear Sterling,

The article isn't correct actually. What happened was that I received an invitation from Levi giving details of what was planned, including what is quoted in your report. I posted this, preceded by 'I have received this information from Prof. Levi', to a discussion group. Someone with limited comprehension abilities posted the text without the reference to Levi, with the result that it appeared that I myself had written "On October 6 we will have the opportunity to make a long ... test", instead of Levi. And the false information spread.

I decided not to accept the invitation, mainly because of the time it would take, not just travel but examining the details and writing the report. Hopefully another qualified person will be present but it is too early to be sure about things and I suggest you keep in touch with Levi.

...Who passed on the text as if it was mine initially is unclear. Anyway, I'm afraid in the circumstances radical revision of your web page is needed :-( But thanks for your Sterling (!) work generally!

One trusts this test will be able to clear up uncertainties re the E-cat. This will however be dependent to some extent on the expertise of the people involved, and it does not appear that the list of those who have been invited includes experts in calorimetry (which a number of cold fusion researchers are). It has only cosmetic value if distinguished non-experts are observers.

Best regards,

Brian J.

Mind-Matter Unification Project 
Prof. Brian D. Josephson 
Cavendish Lab., JJ Thomson Ave, Cambridge CB3 0HE, U.K. 

Correction: Bologna, not Sweden

We received the following email:

> From: Peter Lundin
> To: sterling...
> Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011 6:03 PM
> Subject: Wrong about e-cat test 6 octobre in uppsala sweden
> Hi Allan!
> I am sorry if my English are little poor.
> I read at that Rossi was going to come to sweden and  
> university of Uppsala. I got excited because thats my hometown. I  
> contacted the newspaper Uppsala nya tidning translated its Uppsala  
> new newspaper. They called me back because they could not find  
> anyone at the university that knew about this. I told them to check  
> with prof. Sven Kullander. They had allready done that and he didnt  
> know about it. He said he thought the test would be in Bologna  
> Italy..Strange I thought...And Brian Josephson had declined to  
> attend to this test?! The decline in itself there for me an  
> confirmation that it will be in uppsala.
> So my question is will it be a test october 6 if so there would it  
> be? And if it take place in Uppsala university who can confirm it at 
>  the university. I hope you can help or pass it to Hank Mills. It  
> would be grate to get some good attention in the local newspaper now 
>  then they infact showing interrest. Thank you for taking time  
> reading this.
> Best wishes
> Peter Lundin
> A simple guy who really hope the e-cat make success

Here is Andrea's response:

From: "Andrea Rossi - Leonardo Corp."
To: "Sterling Allan"
Cc: "Hank Mills" 
Sent: Saturday, October 01, 2011 3:27 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: Wrong about e-cat test 6 octobre in uppsala sweden

The next test id in Bologna. The Uppsala test is not yet defined and 
will not be public. I need to work in peace...
Warm Regards,
p.s. Brian Josephson has been invited, but he can't come.

And this story at confirms the Oct. 6 date in Bologna.


What You Can Do

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  3. Once available, purchase a unit and/or encourage others who are able, to do so.
  4. Let professionals in the renewable energy sector know about the promise of this technology. 
  5. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.
  6. Consider investing in Rossi's group once they open to that in October.
  7. Help us manage the PESWiki feature page on Rossi's technology.

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan
Last updated October 23, 2011 


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