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You are here: > News > September 21, 2011

Rossi's Home Sacrificed for Cold Fusion E-Cat Launch

Only several days ago, Andrea Rossi stated on his blog that he had big financial problems. Now he has revealed that these problems are resolved. To acquire the funds to insure the demo of the one megawatt plant takes place as planned, he has sold his house. The personal sacrifices he has made to bring the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) to the market are becoming heart wrenching.

Andrea Rossi sold his home to finance the completion of his 1 MW and 5 kW demonstrator E-Cat units. (Superimposed photo is not of his actual home).


by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

Andrea Rossi has developed a game changing technology named the E-Cat or "Energy Catalyzer." This technology utilizes nickel powder, hydrogen gas, and an undisclosed catalyst to produce vast amounts of thermal energy. The technology produces no pollution, emits no radiation into the environment, and provides the ability to produce almost limitless, dirt cheap energy. Simply put, utilizing this technology a few grams of nickel powder and a similar quantity of ordinary hydrogen gas, can replace many barrels of oil. Andrea Rossi has made many sacrifices to develop the E-Cat technology, but we have now learned he has made a sacrifice that truly pulls on the heart strings – the sale of his home. 

Years ago, Andrea Rossi sold his stake in Leonardo Technologies Incorporated (not to be confused with his personal company, Leonardo Corporation) and other personal assets to raise the money needed to develop the E-Cat technology. Along with the funding he expected to receive from Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. (a company he is no longer associated with in anyway whatsoever), he expected to have enough funding to last through the launch of the one megawatt plant. However, due to Defkalion's breach of contract, and inability to make a scheduled payment, an additional source of funding was needed. 

Now, only days after learning from a post on his blog that he had "big" financial problems, he has revealed to us that he has sold his house. This major personal sacrifice has been made to insure that the one megawatt plant can be completed and delivered on time for the demonstration with his partner company scheduled for the end of October. 

The following post was made on his blog on September 16th, stating that he had "big" financial problems. 

Andrea Rossi 

September 16th, 2011 at 3:07 AM 
Dear Pietro F:

Yes we have very big financial problems, because I have spent on this all the money I had, and sold all I had, also because the Customer we counted on could not maintain his financial engagements and this has left the ship in the middle of the ocean without oil for the engine. But we are going through, the 1 MW plant will be ready for the end of October for the test anyway, we are close.

Yes, we will organize e new very important test in Uppsala, and this time we will make the calorimetric measurements in a new way, suggested by the Professors: the steam circuit will be a closed circuit with a condenser and will exchange heat with a flow of liquid water: basically, we will have a primary circuit of the E-Cat and a secondary circuit through a radiator, and the energy will be calculated not from the delta T of the input/output of the reactor, but from the delta T of the secondary, which will exchange the heat by means of a heat exchanger. Of course the calculation of the energy produced will be in our disadvantage, because the heat exchange system has not a 100% efficiency, but I can accept it, because our energy gain is very high. The operation will be made also with self sustaining mode. We are already making this test in our factory, and the results of the energy gain are very close to the measurements we made in past. I am very satisfied.

Warm Regards,

A previous version of this story was composed, and emailed to Andrea Rossi for his review. In particular, we asked if we might post a link where people could donate if they wanted. He responded by saying, "No, I absolutely do not want people to spend money. Do not worry, I have the money to finish the work. We do not have serious financial problems and I have all the finance necessary to do what I have to do."

Puzzled, we sent an email back, citing his September 16 blog post (above). He wrote back: "I have sold my house, now I have the money to finish the plant."

The fact that Andrea Rossi has sold his house clearly shows his steadfast dedication to his technology. His actions demonstrate that he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring the technology to the market, despite what personal sacrifices he must make. These acts of selflessness are not the actions of a scammer or conman, but those of someone who is dedicated to bringing about a better future for our species.

Andrea Rossi should be thanked for his willingness to make such significant personal sacrifices. Instead, skeptics and naysayers are still chattering on the internet, trying to grasp any imaginary straw they can, in order to find something they can use to try and tarnish his reputation. They are irrationally driven to try and discredit the technology at all costs. Thankfully, their days of being able to mock him are soon to be over. This is due to Rossi's upcoming demonstration of his one megawatt plant, a demonstration of a smaller system for home heating, a new calorimeter test of a closed system that will be performed at the University of Uppsala, and the announcement of his partner company – an entity that is stated to be an established and respected company. When these events take place in the near future, these pseudo-skeptics will be out of a job, because no one – even those sitting on the fence waiting for more information – will even take the time to read their nonsensical ramblings.

The New Partner Company

One of the most interesting revelations of the past few weeks is that Andrea Rossi has found a new partner company in the United States. He will be performing the demonstrations of the one megawatt system, and the smaller system for home use, for this company. When these systems are successfully demoed, he will receive a payment from the partner company. We do not know much about the identity of this partner company, but a few details have been revealed.

Perhaps one of the most interesting clues is that Rossi has stated the identity of the partner company will become obvious the moment the location of the demonstration is revealed. Those invited to the demonstration will receive a one week "heads up", but everyone else will only receive an advanced notice of one day. In addition, Rossi has stated this partner company is very credible and is serious about proliferating the technology. They are so serious they want to build one thousand one megawatt reactors across the United States.

Daniele Passerini of the 22 Passi blog has stated that he has been told the identity of the partner company from sources he trusts. It can be speculated that this source may be Dr. Levi of the University of Bologna, who is a close friend of his, and who is also an associate of Andrea Rossi. Here are the comments (in this post) that Daniele Passerini made about the partner company. Please note they are translated from Italian, so they are not as clear as we may have hoped.

Fortunately he found a new customer in the U.S. (if it's true what I was told, and I have no reason to doubt that is true, it is a very important customer, known and above all suspicion) that will pay Rossi upon delivery of the first 1 MW plant (working) in October. With that money Rossi will pay the University of Bologna. Rossi will deliver the E-Cat, and the search can begin.

Add that the American customer is NOT in any way as to be bamboozled. Add the test early September with that customer, which has been much talked about in here, and said that they had done in the U.S. at NASA, have actually been carried out in Bologna. Add that, from what I've been told, the test was successful: the American customer is satisfied and does not doubt that the E-Cat represents a new source of energy and not a scam, and I repeat is NOT a customer to be bamboozled in any way.

Mats Lewan made his video after the test with the American customer had already been concluded (again positively).

Please note the key phrase, "is NOT a customer to be bamboozled in any way." This is a critical sentence, which makes it clear that the partner company must be an established, experienced, and technically savvy company. My guess is that if they want to build a thousand, one megawatt reactors across the United States, and their identity is associated with a particular city, the world will be stunned when their association with Rossi is revealed. Their validation of the E-Cat technology (along with the upcoming new test in Uppsala), might be what pushes the news of nickel hydrogen fusion into the mainstream. 

Significance of Self Sustained Test in Uppsala

Now we just have to wait and see what happens over the next month, as the demo of the one megawatt system approaches. Before that time, we may get a few surprises, including the new test of a closed E-Cat system performed by the University of Uppsala. This test should be quite convincing, because it will eliminate the non-issues (that the skeptics like to harp about) of phase change, steam dryness, and the amount of liquid water coming out of the system they claim is not condensed steam. In this test, the heat produced by the system will turn water into steam, allow the steam to change back into water, and the water will be re-used. A heat exchanger will be utilized, to allow the heat from this closed system to increase the temperature of a second container of water. In addition, operation in self sustain mode (no input power going to the resistance heaters) will be demonstrated.

The self sustaining mode of operation was demonstrated in the recent test of a new model of E-Cat performed by Mats Lewan of NyTeknik, but very strangely the test was requested to be terminated only after 35 minutes of operation in this mode. 

Hopefully, in this upcoming test, the system will be allowed to operate in self sustain mode – without any input power – for as long as it can continue producing heat. During this time period, we will probably see cyclic variations in the heat produced by the system. This is very important, because if the test shows the heat being produced by the system INCREASING after previously decreasing, this would totally rule out the arguments of the skeptics. They claim the heat exhibited in self sustain mode is due to the "thermal inertia" of the system. This is the idea that the stored heat in the materials is enough to keep producing heat for a period of time. However, for this to be true (which it is not), the temperature of the system must continually decrease, to abide by the principle of entropy. If the system increases in temperature, it would represent a "reverse thermal inertia" which is impossible – unless something exotic like cold fusion is taking place.

So to anyone who is involved in the test who is reading this..


If the above is allowed to take place, it will be the last straw of evidence that breaks the back of the hardcore pseudo-skeptics. It will also convince all of the honest skeptics who have been "sitting on the fence" and have simply been waiting for more information. 

Thank You Mr. Rossi

I would personally like to thank Mr. Andrea Rossi for all the personal sacrifices of time, money, and personal property he has made to bring this technology to the marketplace. If there is a form of karma in the universe -- that rewards those who make sacrifices for others -- I hope that he is rewarded beyond measure.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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  4. Let professionals in the renewable energy sector know about the promise of this technology. 
  5. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.
  6. Consider investing in Rossi's group once they open to that in October.
  7. Help us manage the PESWiki feature page on Rossi's technology.

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