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You are here: > News > September 14, 2011

Rossi's 1 MW Cold Fusion E-Cat Reactor Photos and Video Posted

As Defkalion continues to remain silent, Andrea Rossi's one megawatt -- and mostly self sustaining -- Ni-H cold fusion reactor nears launch. Rumors are circulating about the launch of this system, photos and video of the device have been posted, a test by NyTeknik has been performed on a new model of E-Cat, and Rossi continues to make remarks on his blog.

Photo by Mats Lewan, Ny Teknik


Racks of 52 units

Photo by Mats Lewan, Ny Teknik

Input water pump

Photo by Mats Lewan, Ny Teknik

Output steam emerges on back side.

Photo by Mats Lewan, Ny Teknik 

Photo by Mats Lewan, Ny Teknik

by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan  
Pure Energy Systems News

I'm more excited than ever about the prospect of cold fusion technology suddenly hitting the world this October. Anyone who has been following this saga closely and realizes the significance of the E-Cat technology should also be excited. It represents a technology that could provide for all of the world's energy needs reliably, cheaply, cleanly, and safely. With most of the world focused on other topics, this energy panacea is poised to zoom in and shake the foundations of our civilization. 

In the past several days, news updates and rumors about the launch of the E-Cat technology have been spreading on the internet. Some of the news has been coming from Andrea Rossi himself, who has frequently been posting on his blog, "The Journal of Nuclear Physics." In the comment sections of the blog, he has been answering many questions, and sharing bits of information about his progress on the one megawatt plant. Here are a few of the bits of information he has shared. 

- The launch of the one megawatt plant is still scheduled to take place near the end of October.

- The one megawatt plant will be "mostly" self sustaining, in that for the majority of the time it will operate without any external input of power.

- The date and location of the launch of the one megawatt plant will be kept confidential until the day before the launch. (Invited guests will have 1 week notice.) This is because the location of the one megawatt plant would immediately reveal the identity of Rossi's partner company.

- The work on the one megawatt plant is going well, but Rossi still has not received financing, and is having to pay for all the work out of his own pocket. He claims costs are going up, but the launch of the one megawatt plant is still on schedule.

- He claims that the E-Cat technology will be used in homes sooner than expected, because certifications will not be as difficult to obtain as they were expected to be.

- There will be a live video stream of the launch of the one megawatt plant.

- They are testing a device that can use the output of the E-Cat to make cooling.

Here are a couple of his recent posts. 
(edited slightly for punctuation)

Andrea Rossi
September 13th, 2011 at 3:58 PM

Dear Koen Vandewalle:

Yes, everything is going on as scheduled, so far. You are right, there are many difficulties, we did not have any financing and are working exclusively with our money. 

The technology and the process we are using is new. All the different LENR made before are totally different and we have no experience from competitors that can be helpful, honestly. Even the ones who got some watt have technologies totally different from ours, as everybody will see when we will disclose the theory, and no experience at all has been made from anybody on reactors producing real amounts of energy, I mean in the range of kWh/h. Now there is a race of guys who try to say that our work derives from theirs, but unfortunately there is no way that there is around something useful, so we have to open our path through an unexplored jungle of difficulties, and the expenses become everyday higher, for unforeseen problems. 

But, so far, we will be able to respect the scheduled term of delivery for the 1 MW plant, and to anticipate our ability to put in the market an E-Cat for everybody. I repeat that we will be able to produce heat immediately, while for the electric power we should be ready in one year. By the way: the E-Cats for the public will produce hot water for heating, not steam.

This is a very, very hard period, so you all will excuse me if the answers will become more synthetic [boiler-plate?] and late.

Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
September 10th, 2011 at 1:20 PM





NytekNik's One Megawatt Scoop

In addition to the statements coming from Andrea Rossi, there have been news and updates coming from other sources. One of these is the blog of Daniel Passi. He has stated that he has been given photos that show the inside of the one megawatt device, and that he will run a story on it in the near future. It turns out -- while this article was being written -- that his story is a report on how the Swedish website Ny Teknik has obtained photos and video of the one megawatt device. Also, they were able to perform a test of a new model of E-Cat, which clearly shows a large gain of energy.

It turns out that the last version of the E-Cat has been scrapped, and a new model is going to be used in the one megawatt reactor. According to the Passi blog, this new design was developed with input from talks with Sven Kullander of the Swedish Physical and Hanno Essen, focusing primarily on research by Hidetsugu Ikegami, a professor emeritus at the University of Osaka in Japan. This model is larger (it can still fit on a table top), due to a larger volume of water in the device, and a larger heat exchanger. The new model can also produce a larger output of energy, up to a safe level of 27 kilowatts. 

Inside of the one megawatt system, there are 52 modules (instead of 300 smaller modules) that work together to produce one megawatt of output. Assembled in Bologna from parts made in Miami, FL, the device assemble in a shipping container is in transit to the United States for the October launch. 

The units are assembled in four rows along the two longer walls of the approximate 7 meter shipping container. Each unit has a valve for loading hydrogen as well as an electrical resistance device to 'prime' the reaction with start-up heat.

The output from the pipes from each unit are connected to a single tube exiting the back side of the container. Near the front of the unit, on the left side is a pump for inputting the water to be heated.

During the test of the new module, the system was fed an input of 2.6 kilowatts, and the output was -- at a minimum -- 3.8 kilowatts. In the best case, it was producing up to 7.8 kilowatts of output. Mats Lewan who performed the test admits it was rushed, they were short of time, and they did not have time to prepare well for the test.

Interestingly, he also witnessed the device operate in self sustain mode -- with only the input needed to power the control electronics -- for 35 minutes. During this time period the temperature inside of the reactor only dropped about ten degrees Celsius from around 130 C. It continually produced steam without any input power. 

This test seems to confirm without a doubt that this technology is valid, and works as claimed. Interestingly, Daniel Passi who blogged about this test, has sardonically dedicated the post about it to Steven Krivit (an individual who Andrea Rossi has called a "snake" and has been attacking the technology).

What is Defkalion up too?

While the news about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat heats up, information from Defkalion has become non-existent. Defkalion is the company that previously acquired rights to the Ni-H fusion technology from Rossi, and had planned a demo in October (using the reactor that Rossi is now going to demo in the USA). However, Rossi terminated the licensing agreement, and stated they had never built or tested a working reactor core. (Links)  When this happened, Defkalion issued a few press releases stating they would continue their work on the technology as planned, but since then have became silent.

Could Defkalion be planning a demo of a one megawatt (or even higher capacity) device of their own design in October? They claimed on their forum -- before it was shut down -- that they had built a wide array of units (from kilowatt range to 3.4 megawatts) that were being tested by the Greek government. If this is true, then they could potentially demo one of these systems in October.

At a minimum, it would be great to get an update from Defkalion. Unlike Rossi, they have never allowed anyone to publish a photo of one of their devices, perform a test with one of their devices, or make a video of a device. Rossi has allowed multiple tests to be performed on his E-Cats, but we have never heard about a test of a Hyperion (what Defkalion calls their product). It is possible they are glad to be off the radar, so they can do their work quietly without as much public interest.

Today, we sent an email to Defkalion in hopes of getting an update.

Dear Defkalion Green Technologies Inc,

Today, September 14th, 2011, the Swedish website Nyteknik posted photos and video of Andrea Rossi's one megawatt Ni-H fusion plant. This plant is claimed to be the one megawatt system that was previously destined to be shipped to Greece (to be tested by your company), but will now be shipped to the United States for a demo at the location of Rossi's new partner. In addition, Nyteknik has posted a video of a test of a newly designed E-Cat module, that is claimed to produce up to 27 kilowatts of output. The results of the test seems to confirm a clear gain of energy, showing more energy being produced than being consumed, and also a self-sustaining mode of operation. 

Although the top notch credibility of the highly respected individuals involved with your company -- consider the Christos Stremmenos as an example -- is almost beyond any dispute, no hard evidence has been provided to back up the claims that your company has produced working Hyperion units. Unlike the evidence provided by Andrea Rossi, your company has never revealed a single photo of a device, a single video of a system in operation, or allowed a third party to perform testing and publish the results. Also, despite the fact that your company claims that testing by the Greek government has been ongoing since the first ten days of July of this year, no results of such testing has been shared with the public. 

For the above reasons, PESN would like to request a response for the following questions.

1) Do you have any comments in regards to the information and videos released by Nyteknik, the general status of your company, or any news about the Hyperion Ni-H cold fusion technology? 

2) Is your company willing at this time to disclose evidence -- in the form of photos, videos, test data, certification results, or otherwise -- that you have produced working Ni-H cold fusion reactor cores or final products?

3) What plans does your company have for the roll out of the Hyperion technology? What can the public expect in the months to come? 

Thank you for considering these questions, and for all your hard work developing the Hyperion technology.


Hank Mills and Sterling D. Allan

Promo Video A Few Days Ago

On September 12, our friends at Free Energy Truth posted the following video, which now seems prophetic.

Here's the text from that video:

Free Energy Truth - September 2011 eCat Update

Recently News On The eCat Has Been Rather Slow.
However, big news seems to be on it's way.

Sept 1st 2011

Rumours that NASA is starting tests on rossi's eCat
have been circulating for the past few days.

Rossi issues open invite to opening Of 1MW plant
and not surprisingly..THOUSANDS Respond And
Rossi is deluged with requests. So many That He Has
to withdraw the open invite.

Rossi states "I am receiving thousands of requests Of
invitation to visit our plant" - "For obvious reasons
of security we cannot receive more than a few
persons per visit."

"The start up test will be restricted to Few
scientists and scientific journalists"
"The test will be put online"."To allow EVERYBODY to see it".

"Further visits will be allowed, limited numbers, and reserved for
customers and specialists"


Rossi let out another positive piece Of information.
"In any case the production and distribution 
Of our HOUSEHOLD eCats to the public will be 
made SOONER than expected since the APPROVALS
will be FASTER than expected."

"VERY IMPORTANT NEWS on this issue is close".

Sept 11th 2011

In a further development today a blogger and friend
Of Giuseppe Levi, Daniele Passerini States he has seen
2 photographs Of the first 1MW fusion plant
the photos and other big news look certain 
to be released in the coming week.

Wake Up Planet Earth

The citizens, media networks, and governments of the world need to WAKE UP to the fact that cold fusion technology is about to revolutionize human civilization. It is sad to see that the irrational skepticism of many have resulted in this technology obtaining almost no mainstream media attention. The silence has been deafening. In a way this is a good thing, because when the technology does break through the barrier the skeptics desperately are trying to keep up, the power of the alternative media will become obvious. Simply put, the alternative media recognized and reported on this technology before 99% of the mainstream media, who obsess about much less credible things such as who the frontrunners are in the U.S. Presidential race, ignoring the giant, Ron Paul, who is garnering huge public approval for his long-proven stance on freedom, getting us out of entangling wars, ending the fed, etc. Mainstream media is a propaganda whore of the corrupt establishment. What else should we expect than silence on the most exciting energy development available? This is becoming more and more blatant and will help expose their lap-dog place in history for the powers that be that have been purposely destroying our civilization.

While the mainstream media sleeps, PESN will continue reporting about the E-Cat technology. 

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.


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