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You are here: > News > September 6, 2011

More Uncertainty as Ni-H Cold Fusion Launches Near

As the launch of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) and Defkalion's Hyperion Ni-H cold fusion technology nears, a lack of information is causing uncertainty to grow, and more questions are emerging. Will NASA do the right thing?


by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan  

Nickel Hydrogen cold fusion technology holds the potential to completely change our modern civilization. Once it hits the market and is broadly utilized, it could solve the energy crisis, create millions of jobs, and eliminate many sources of pollution. However, as the launch of Andrea Rossi's E-Cat and Defkalion's Hyperion technology nears, more questions are arising that deserve to be answered.

As has been reported in a series of articles on PESN and on other websites, Andrea Rossi has terminated the licensing agreement between Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. and his company, "Leonardo Technologies." He went on to say in a press release and several posts on his blog, that Defkalion never received the information to build a working reactor core, have never built one, and have never tested one. This contradicts Defkalion's claims of having final systems that are being tested by the Greek government. Despite Rossi's claims that they do not have working reactor cores, Defkalion claims they are going ahead with their plans to launch the technology.

Since that time, Andrea Rossi has stated he has acquired a new partner in the USA, in addition to Ampenergo (the company that branched off from Leonardo Technologies Inc.). He claims this entity is large and has plans to build a thousand E-Cat based power plants across the USA. In addition, he claims it is a very well known entity, and if the location of the test of the one megawatt system -- which will now be in the USA -- was revealed, the identity of the new partner would be obvious.

Interestingly, there are rumors circulating around the internet that there will be a test of the E-Cat by NASA, or that it is now under way. This rumor has been posted on many websites that have been covering the E-Cat technology. One source of the rumor is a posting that has been made on the Vortex-L website. The post included a statement from an individual named Roy Virgilio who stated the following on an Italian forum.

Hello. I'd like to share some bitterness... not to pass it to [the readers], 
but to make it disappear. The recent happenings related to Rossi's cell are 
bringing more and more skepticism among American circles. It seems that NASA 
gave an ultimatum to Rossi for the verification of his apparatus on September 
22. Furthermore, several other bodies are starting to take more and more 
distance from this experiment. The bad thing is that important agreements with 
Piantelli come from these circles and there is a concrete risk that both [Rossi 
and Piantelli] will be put in the same basket and that the stillborn agreement 
that would help bringing fundamental results really quickly [to Piantelli] will 
be interrupted. In other words, this period is very delicate. Put your 
energies, in any possible way you can, into making sure this matter won't stop 
[for trivial reasons]. Roy.

Another interesting development is that on the Cold Fusion "Andrea Rossi" Method Facebook page (most likely not an official Facebook Page), a statement was posted from another individual, Armando de Para, that claimed NASA's alleged testing would begin on September 3.

"Rossi has agreed to carry out tests at the NASA laboratories, beginning 
tomorrow, September 3."

If that is not fascinating enough, another post was made on the Vortex L list from an individual who states.

No, it's really September 22nd. By the way, in that very same thread, a well-informed and reliable user (who has got contacts from CNR [1] and INFN [2]) added some more information that has been also partially confirmed by Daniele on his 22passi blog:

- It's Rossi himself that decided to take part [in] these tests. This happened on August 27th, and since then, test protocols are being discussed among some academic circles in the USA and Italy [from which some information has been leaking] - Although Rossi initially complained about it, he agreed to perform tests without phase changes (no steam) - Tests will begin on September 3rd.

It is already known Andrea Rossi had a meeting with NASA on June 14th (here is a source for information about the meeting), but he has not confirmed on his blog that NASA will be doing testing on an E-Cat. However, he has not refuted it either.

What Does This Mean

If these rumors are true and NASA is going to be performing tests on an E-Cat (or has already started performing tests), this is very significant news. Their findings -- if they report them honestly -- could be the most important confirmation of the E-Cat technology to date. Positive results from NASA, confirming Rossi's claims, could be the news item that finally forces the so called mainstream media (that has mostly refused to cover the E-Cat technology) to start covering this saga.

Of course even if this rumor is true, the big question is will NASA release the results to the public, and if so, when?

NASA has a history of being dismissive about exotic topics such as UFOs and alternative energy. Their track record of irrational skepticism has me concerned about what will happen if they obtain positive results.

If they discover the technology is real, will they....

- Admit it is real, safe, and urge the world to adopt it quickly? This would be the ideal outcome. 

- Do like some suggest, and demand that it be tested for years in government labs, before being utilized by industry and the public?

- Suggest the government be given full control of the technology?

Let's hope that if testing is taking place, that NASA uses the results to advance this technology for commercial and private use, rather than trying to restrict it, classify it, or take total control over it.

In 1947 the government decided the public did not have the right to know that an extraterrestrial craft had crashed in the desert outside of Roswell, NM. The powers that be have maintained the secrecy to this day. It would be awful if they do the same with cold fusion. Then again, it may be that they have done exactly that, years ago, sequestering such breakthroughs for black budget projects only (for the sake of Big Brother), while showing a snail's pace progress to the public to give the (false) perception that they are at least trying.

Our purpose in publishing this commentary is to put public pressure on NASA to do the right thing, not continue in their track record (at least for those of us in the alternative world) of being a lame front for the multi-trillion, off-budget projects that do not answer to public scrutiny and do not serve the public interest.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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