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You are here: > News > August 13, 2011

The Secret Power Beneath - A New Free Energy Novel

Mr. Frank Acland is the author of the new novel, "The Secret Power Beneath." It involves a hidden nation that has learned to harness exotic energy, and the ramifications of such a revolutionary energy source. We have obtained an exclusive interview with the author, who describes his book and motivation for writing it.

by Hank Mills
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I love it when free energy or exotic energy technologies are mentioned in science fiction -- be it on television, movies, or in books. Star Trek's "antimatter warp core", StarGate SG1's "zero point energy modules", Back To the Future's coffee maker like "Mr. Fusion" reactor, and the cold fusion technology of "the Saint" have always fascinated me. When I discovered that Mr. Frank Acland's e-book "The Secret Power Beneath" (available on Smashwords and other online retailers) had been published, I was eager to get an exclusive interview for PESN. 

H - Hank Mills
F - Frank Acland

Transcript of Interview

H - Hello Mr. Frank Acland, could you tell me a little about yourself?

F - Well I'm a British ex-pat living in the USA. My profession is librarianship and teaching and I have over the years become involved in writing.

H - What is your interest in free energy technology?

F - It has been an ongoing interest for many years -- just the concept has been very intriguing for me. I have read a lot on the topic -- various technologies have come on the scene and I've taken an interest in several of them.

H - What are some of the free energy technologies that interest you the most?

F - I followed the Steorn saga from the beginning, and still keep an eye on that, although they have gone very quiet. I am very interested in Andrea Rossi's E-Cat technology -- so much so that I maintain a blog devoted to the E-Cat story. It's E-Cat World. While I'm hopeful that at least one major energy technology will provide a breakthrough for humanity, I'm realistic enough to accept that there may be problems with them.

H - Why do you think radical new energy technologies are important?

F - Energy really is at the heart of any civilization. Technology is limited largely by the cost and availability of the energy required to drive it. Free, or almost free, and abundant energy is a key, if we are to have the kind of societies that many people hope for. And at the moment, technological development in many areas runs ahead of the energy available to power it. For example, we all see the benefits of the information technologies we have today, but it is all energy dependent -- and we will struggle to keep up if electricity demands continue grow, and costs increase.

H - What is the name of your book?

F - The Secret Power Beneath

H - When was it published?

F - It was released in ebook format earlier this week on August 9th, 2011. 

H - Can you tell us a little about your book? What is it about?

F - The story revolves around a hidden nation. This nation was established in secret underground by a people who had discovered an energy technology that allowed them to make a civilization in a system of hidden caves. While very advanced technologically, there are societal and physical problems in this place, and things develop to crisis levels. Two young vacationers happen to stumble across this nation by accident, and get caught up in a series of events and relationships that test them to the very core.

One of the themes I explore in the book is what can happen if technology is mishandled by government. You can have very advanced technology, but there are problems if you use it to curtail basic human freedoms.

H - What do you hope the book accomplishes? Is there a message you are trying to spread?

F - One of my goals is to get people thinking about some of the possibilities that abundant energy could provide. It addresses benefits and possible problems that could occur if this became a reality. I am also interested in introducing the concept of abundant energy to a wider audience -- particularly younger readers. I don't see this as an evangelizing tool for the free energy movement -- more of a thought provoking story. I do believe that sooner or later we will be seeing improved energy technologies coming on the scene, and it will become important to think carefully about its impact on society.

H - Where can your book be purchased?

F - The book is available for ebook download at,, and -- if you want to download it to a kindle. For other e-book formats you can find it at

H - How much does it cost?

F - The cost is $2.99 -- or its equivalent in other currencies.

H - Thank you very much for this interview. It is great o hear about Free Energy expanding it's presence in the literary world. Do you have any final remarks you would like to add?

F - I hope that readers enjoy the work -- at both sites you can read samples of the text before making the decision to purchase. Thanks very much for the chance to talk about the book, Hank.

H - One final question, do you have an email address that readers of the book can use to contact you?

F - Yes, 

I will be happy to answer any questions people may have.

H - Thank you again for the interview!

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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