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You are here: > News > August 10, 2011

Defkalion Responds in Support of Rossi

An official response from Defkalion states that their Hyperion products are a highly engineered advancement of the initial lab version of Rossi's E-Cat concept, and that Rossi signed off on all their improvements, and that they are preparing to launch product as planned.

Part VI of Rossi-Defkalion Controversy


Statement I

We received the following from Symeon Tsalikoglou of Defkalion Green Technologies on August 10, 2011 4:06 AM MST.  We've added the hyperlinks.

Dear Sterling Allan, 

The content below is for publication on PESN on numerous articles written by Hank Mills. We do not have a contact email for him so we are communicating to him and the community at large through you. Please publish the following text provided for publication. 

Defkalion Green Technologies realizes that there is a huge misunderstanding on what E-Cat and what Hyperion products are. We wish to clarify certain issues to eliminate confusion, wrongful speculations and accusations.

Andrea Rossi's invention consists of a metal tube where the Ni-H reaction takes place in conjunction with the needed material for the successful reaction to take place. 

Andrea Rossi has equipped his reactor lab prototype with a manually controlled hydrogen input valve and a manually controlled cooling system using water as a coolant and with basic electric and control electronics. Clearly, lab prototypes have minor demands for controls, automation and safety within the overall functionality of a final product.

The scientists and technical experts of Defkalion Green Technologies have witnessed several successful tests by Andrea Rossi on his lab prototypes, including a close follow-up on the improvements achieved by Andrea Rossi, in performance and technology of the reactor.

Hyperion products are designed to meet the highest demands and standards on safety and functionality as viable commercial products. Defkalion Green Technologies worked closely with Andrea Rossi and presented its designs to him since March 2011. All steps and tests of different Hyperion components on safety, security, electronics, and materials during our product development stages were communicated, signed and confirmed by Andrea Rossi. 

It is important to note – and this must be made very clear – that there are significant differences between an e-cat (as a lab prototype system) and a Hyperion (as a final product), even though both are built around the same kernel (reactor), as invented by Andrea Rossi. 

These differences of Hyperion products with e-cats are mainly, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Materials used in thermal isolation of different subsystems
  • The cooling system of the reactor
  • The heating management system, based on on-line, controlled by Hyperion's PLCs, ultrasonic calorimeters/thermocouples and specially designed PLC-driven pumps
  • The coolants in use
  • The security systems of the products
  • The tele-monitoring system of the products
  • The handling of Hydrogen according to the highest anti-explosive EU specs

Defkalion Green Technologies has designed, built and tested the materials and components for the final Hyperion products that are based on the same kernels (reactors) as of Andrea Rossi's e-cats. Their official testing, certification and approval by the Greek Authorities is still in progress. 

Defkalion is preparing all of its labs, the industrial production lines and support systems needed for the Hyperion kW range and MW range of products as designed, following all Andrea Rossi's specs on instruments and production machinery, including specialized systems necessary for the preparation, on an industrial scale, of the ingredients placed within the reactor. These are built by Defkalion's scientists and technicians, following the standards, specifications and designs provided and approved by Andrea Rossi himself. 

The invention of Andrea Rossi and the product development by Defkalion Green Technologies are in a position to alter the global energy sector in more ways than many have comprehended. From the onset, Defkalion Green Technologies has always stated that this is a tremendous responsibility that needs to be addressed carefully and dealt with appropriately. This level of responsibility has always been kept and adhered to by all officials in Defkalion Green Technologies. 

Based on the above, Defkalion Green Technologies does not wish and will not comment on micro-politics, nor does it believe that public opinions are pertinent to its business. However, we will not accept false accusations and we will not stand in silence against the misrepresentation of facts in our name. 

Taking into consideration the various online spasmodic reactions, accusations and falsities that Defkalion Green Technologies (as Hyperion product developers and licensees of Andrea Rossi's invention) and/or Andrea Rossi (as the inventor) are lying, this open letter to the community at large aims to rectify and clarify all possible misguided confusions and wrongful allegations.

Defkalion Green Technologies has always maintained its position in strict confidence and has carefully worded all information it possesses in a factual and responsible manner. 

Andrea Rossi has made tremendous progress on his e-cat lab prototype, exclusively designed and demonstrated by himself. History will prove his contribution no doubt. 

Defkalion Green Technologies, in good faith and in partnership with Andrea Rossi has believed in the project from day one, has worked hard to materialize the successful implementation of the technology on a global scale, has invested in all its efforts, and has incorporated leading scientists, industrialists and professionals to make industrial products to be available to the general public. 

False accusations, misleading conclusions based on speculations, and fraudulent attacks against Andrea Rossi, Defkalion Green Technologies, or any involved persons serve no purpose other than to discredit the entire endeavor, to create frustrations that could damage the entire project, and ultimately to place the world in a situation where this technology is shelved for a long time to come. 

Defkalion Green Technologies maintains its strong support to Andrea Rossi. 

Defkalion Green Technologies with Andrea Rossi shall honor its responsibility to provide cheap and clean energy to the world at large with its best abilities. And, as such, we ask the community at large not to create unnecessary turmoil. 

The world has waited for the over-unity miracle to be materialized for more than half a century. There is no need to rush in the final hours. Defkalion Green Technologies is continuing its preparation for product presentations, product production, and global licensing of its products as scheduled. 

Defkalion Green Technologies

* * * *

Statement II

We received the following from Symeon Tsalikoglou of Defkalion Green Technologies on August 10, 2011 4:13 AM MST.

Dear Sterling Allan, 

In the link below you include a post from passi22 blog regarding an anonymous email from inside Defkalion. 


For your information, we are warning passi22 to remove this text, to provide us with full information of the source, and will be acting legally against the source as this is content is definitely not from Defkalion. Defkalion makes only public announcements - however minimal - and under full authority from its BoD. The suggested email is a faslity. Someone is trying to implicate us. We advise that this link is removed also from your site. 

Defkalion Green Technologies

* * * *

Hank's Questions to Defkalion

On August 10, 2011 6:11 AM MST, Hank Mills wrote:

Dear Defkalion Green Technologies Inc.

Thank you very much for responding to our letter. 

However, it does not address the key issue of contention, which I will now try to define as clearly as possible.

Andrea Rossi has stated that your company was never given the proprietary information about the inside of the reactor (the kernel or the inner metal tube where the Ni-H reaction takes place). It can be assumed the proprietary information or "industrial secret" is the identity of the catalyst and the processes applied to the nickel powder. Andrea Rossi goes on to claim that no such reactor (which could also be called the reactor core, kernel, or inner metal tube) has ever been built, assembled, or tested by your company. 

The fact is that previous statements made by your company seem to indicate you have built complete systems *including* the kernels that contain the Ni-H nuclear reaction. In fact, a comment on your forum by one of your moderators indicated that at peak, you have successfully tested 1000 (one thousand) individual "kernels" at a time. Your own moderators have discussed the input to output ratios, and the maximum temperatures that can be produced -- along with other technical issues. 

A list of comments from your forum moderators indicating that such successful tests of kernels have been performed by your company can be provided, and has already been posted to PESN.

So the two questions that need to be answered are very simple.
  1. Did Andrea Rossi ever provide your company the "industrial secret", which would include the information about how to produce an operating "kernel" or reactor core?
  2. Can you confirm that your company has assembled, built, and tested the "kernels" (even if they are the exact same design as Andrea Rossi's), that produce the heat for your final Hyperion systems? 

According to Andrea Rossi's statements and his official press release, the answer to the above two questions would be, "no."

What is your answer?

Please realize that we at PESN sincerely appreciate the efforts of your company and Andrea Rossi to bring this technology to the market. We are not trying to belittle the accomplishments that have been made, but are simply trying to determine why Andrea Rossi's statements directly conflict with what your company has stated.

Thank you. 

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

Rossi-Defkalion Controversy

  • Stremmenos Accuses Defkalion of Lies and Megalomania - Christos Stremmenos, a member of the board of Defkalion Green Technologies Inc., has posted a bold statement slamming his company for lying, making false accusations, and for being afflicted with the mental pathology of Megalomania. (PESN; October 12, 2011)

Previous saga, in chronological sequence.

Part I

  • Rossi Terminates Defkalion's E-Cat Rights and License In a stunning announcement, Andrea Rossi has reported on his blog -- the Journal of Nuclear Physics -- that the licensing agreement between his company and Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. has been terminated. What are the ramifications of this turn of events? First 1 MW plant will be in USA. (PESN; August 7, 2011)

Part II

  • An E-Cat Full of Lies - Rossi or Defkalion? - Andrea Rossi has announced that he has terminated the licensing agreement with Defkalion Green Technologies Inc., and states Defkalion has never built or tested an E-Cat or Hyperion unit. This contradicts the countless statements from Defkalion representatives. Either Defkalion or Rossi is lying. Who is being honest and who is not? (PESN; August 7, 2011)

Part III

Part IV

  • Defkalion Responds; Ignores Rossi's Accusation - Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer), recently announced that he had canceled the licensing agreement with Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. Now, Defkalion has responded via a statement to Ny Teknik, but avoided addressing Rossi's most critical accusation -- the claim they have not built a working reactor. (PESN; August 8, 2011)

Part V

  • Rossi Gives Reason for Split from Defkalion; Repeats Accusation - As Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. continues to remain silent about the accusation that they have never built or tested reactors, Andrea Rossi continues to make statements -- including the accusation that Defkalion was never given the information to build a reactor. To elicit a response from Defkalion, an open letter has been sent. (PESN; August 9, 2011)

Part VI

  • Defkalion Responds in Support of Rossi - An official response from Defkalion states that their Hyperion products are a highly engineered advancement of the initial lab version of Rossi's E-Cat concept, and that Rossi signed off on all their improvements, and that they are preparing to launch product as planned. (PESN; August 10, 2011)

Part VII

  • Do Hyperions Dream of E-Cat Reactor Cores? - Defkalion Green Energy Inc. claims to have produced final products, but still will not answer two critical questions about the reactor cores at the heart of their systems. Also, Defkalion, who is pressing forward, states that an interesting citation that was posted on an internet list did not originate from their company. (PESN; August 11, 2011)

Related Links

  • Press Release Text - Andrea Ross and EFA S.R.L. announce that they have terminated the agreement with Praxen/Defkalion Green Technologies for the production of E-cats; Bologna-Roma (Italy), August 4th 2011 (published at NyTeknik)

(reverse chronological sequence)

What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  2. Join the H-Ni_Fusion technical discussion group to explore the details of the technology.
  3. Once available, purchase a unit and/or encourage others who are able, to do so.
  4. Let professionals in the renewable energy sector know about the promise of this technology. 
  5. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.
  6. Consider investing in Rossi's group once they open to that in October.
  7. Help us manage the PESWiki feature page on Rossi's technology.

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