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You are here: > News > August 7, 2011

Rossi Terminates Defkalion's E-Cat Rights and License

In a stunning announcement, Andrea Rossi has reported on his blog -- the Journal of Nuclear Physics -- that the licensing agreement between his company and Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. has been terminated. What are the ramifications of this turn of events? First 1 MW plant will be in USA.

Part I of Rossi-Defkalion Controversy


by Hank Mills 
Pure Energy Systems News

Andrea Rossi is the Italian engineer who invented and developed the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology, which has been the topic of many PESN feature stories. The E-Cat utilizes nickel powder, hydrogen gas, heat, pressure, and an undisclosed catalyst to create a "Cold Fusion" nuclear reaction -- with the final result being the release of a huge amount of energy. The technology offers the potential to change the energy landscape, eventually end the use of fossil fuels, and jumpstart a new scientific revolution. 

Defkalion Green Energy Inc. is the company that until now had held the license to distribute and manufacture the E-Cat (Defkalion calls it by the name "Hyperion" instead of E-Cat) technology around the world, except for the Americas. With hundreds of millions of Euros in funding, Defkalion claimed to be making rapid progress in the development of the technology. By the end of this year, they had planned to open a factory that could produce three hundred thousand "Hyperion" units annually. The first units were to be put on the market by the start of 2012, including both kilowatt scale units for use by homeowners, and megawatt scale units for industrial or commercial use. However, today, Andrea Rossi posted a press release on his blog (the Journal of Nuclear Physics), that the licensing agreement with Defkalion has been terminated. 

Andrea Rossi
August 7th, 2011 at 7:52 AM

Dear Marcia Pires:
Thank you for your question, and here is the
Bologna-Rome (Italy) August 4th 2011

EFA- Energia da Fonti Alternative srl, the Italian Company through which the rights for the production of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat were granted to Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies LTD, publicly announces that the License and Technology Transfer Agreement between the two companies has been recently terminated. All business relationships with Praxen , the Cyprus based company that owns the Greek company Defkalion Green Technologies S.A., have been cancelled and as of today neither Praxen nor Defkalion, nor any other Greek company whatsoever holds any rights for the production of the E-Cat or for any other exploitation of Andrea Rossi’s technology.

Furthermore Andrea Rossi and EFA announce that no information, nor industrial secret, nor any technology whatsoever has been neither transferred, nor disclosed, neither to Praxen, nor to Defkalion, nor to any other Greek company whatsoever and currently Andrea Rossi and EFA are not planning to deal with any other project in Greece.

Not one single test, of the many demonstrations of the E-Cat technology held around the world, has ever been done in Greece; and no E-Cat has ever been brought, produced, or assembled in the territory of the Ellenic Republic: so not only the technology is still fully owned by Andrea Rossi’s company, Leonardo Corporation, but it still remains a well preserved industrial secret.

Any declaration or public announcement of third parties claiming possession of rights on the E-Cat technology and/or inside knowledge of said technology, as well as any statement of third parties in conflict with the above facts shall be considered a fake and treated as misleading information.

Andrea Rossi is the inventor of the "Method and Apparatus for carrying out Nickel and Hydrogen Exothermal reactions" (known to the general public as E-Cat) for which international patent demand no. WO2009/125444 is pending and Italian Patent office has already been issued on April 6th, 2011 the final patent no. 0001387256.

EFA Energia da Fonti Alternative s.r.l. is incorporated in Italy.

Leonardo Corporation is incorporated in New Hampshire, USA.
Contact: EFA srl- Via Marsili 4- 40124 Bologna- Italy 

The news that the licensing agreement with Defkalion has been terminated is shocking. It is also potentially dismaying, due to the extreme importance of the E-Cat technology being rapidly proliferated around the world. My hope is this breakup will not slow the spread, and adaptation of the technology. Humanity desperately needs this technology! 

Unanswered Questions

There are many questions we do not have answers for, and so far we only have one side of the story. For example...

- We don't know what triggered this breakup. A detailed explanation from both sides would be helpful. 

- We don't know the exact details of the contract between Defkalion and Rossi, or under what conditions it can be legally terminated.

- We don't know the financial ramifications of this breakup for Rossi or Defkalion. It has been mentioned that Defkalion would pay him a large sum of money (some sources stated a figure of two hundred million Euro), when the first one megawatt demonstration plant was delivered and installed. How will Rossi continue the development of the technology without this funding? Also, it is obvious that Defkalion has already invested a significant sum of money into the development of the technology. How will they recoup their losses?

- We don't know if Defkalion will try to oppose the termination of the license. 

- We have yet to see a press release from Defkalion. What will they have to say?

An attempt to call Andrea Rossi to ask for more details was not successful, as he was not available for comment (we were forwarded to his voicemail). As PESN learns more about the split between Defkalion and Rossi, we will immediately report it on this site. 

Now, here is an answer provided by Rossi:

Andrea Rossi

Dear Sterling:
I prefer that the reasons will be cleared by a judge by a verdict. Facts, not chatters, as usual with me. Our attorneys have filed a suit.
I confirm that our 1 MW plant will be put in operation in the USA, after an agreement we made last week with one of the most important entities of the USA; the tests will be made by the highest level scientists you can think of. I cannot give the names, until after the test. To the test will attend the highest level scientific journalists I know.
Thank you for your kind attention,


Andrea Rossi

Dear Sebastian:
1- Of course! When I say a thing that depends on me, I maintain it: the 1 MW plant will be started up in October, in the USA. Please read the answer I gave to Sterling [Allan]
2- Defkalion never got any information about our technology, for what concerns the reactors.
Warm regards,

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

Rossi-Defkalion Controversy

  • Stremmenos Accuses Defkalion of Lies and Megalomania - Christos Stremmenos, a member of the board of Defkalion Green Technologies Inc., has posted a bold statement slamming his company for lying, making false accusations, and for being afflicted with the mental pathology of Megalomania. (PESN; October 12, 2011)

Previous saga, in chronological sequence.

Part I

  • Rossi Terminates Defkalion's E-Cat Rights and License In a stunning announcement, Andrea Rossi has reported on his blog -- the Journal of Nuclear Physics -- that the licensing agreement between his company and Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. has been terminated. What are the ramifications of this turn of events? First 1 MW plant will be in USA. (PESN; August 7, 2011)

Part II

  • An E-Cat Full of Lies - Rossi or Defkalion? - Andrea Rossi has announced that he has terminated the licensing agreement with Defkalion Green Technologies Inc., and states Defkalion has never built or tested an E-Cat or Hyperion unit. This contradicts the countless statements from Defkalion representatives. Either Defkalion or Rossi is lying. Who is being honest and who is not? (PESN; August 7, 2011)

Part III

Part IV

  • Defkalion Responds; Ignores Rossi's Accusation - Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer), recently announced that he had canceled the licensing agreement with Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. Now, Defkalion has responded via a statement to Ny Teknik, but avoided addressing Rossi's most critical accusation -- the claim they have not built a working reactor. (PESN; August 8, 2011)

Part V

  • Rossi Gives Reason for Split from Defkalion; Repeats Accusation - As Defkalion Green Technologies Inc. continues to remain silent about the accusation that they have never built or tested reactors, Andrea Rossi continues to make statements -- including the accusation that Defkalion was never given the information to build a reactor. To elicit a response from Defkalion, an open letter has been sent. (PESN; August 9, 2011)

Part VI

  • Defkalion Responds in Support of Rossi - An official response from Defkalion states that their Hyperion products are a highly engineered advancement of the initial lab version of Rossi's E-Cat concept, and that Rossi signed off on all their improvements, and that they are preparing to launch product as planned. (PESN; August 10, 2011)

Part VII

  • Do Hyperions Dream of E-Cat Reactor Cores? - Defkalion Green Energy Inc. claims to have produced final products, but still will not answer two critical questions about the reactor cores at the heart of their systems. Also, Defkalion, who is pressing forward, states that an interesting citation that was posted on an internet list did not originate from their company. (PESN; August 11, 2011)

Related Links

  • Press Release Text - Andrea Ross and EFA S.R.L. announce that they have terminated the agreement with Praxen/Defkalion Green Technologies for the production of E-cats; Bologna-Roma (Italy), August 4th 2011 (published at NyTeknik)

(reverse chronological sequence)

What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  2. Join the H-Ni_Fusion technical discussion group to explore the details of the technology.
  3. Once available, purchase a unit and/or encourage others who are able, to do so.
  4. Let professionals in the renewable energy sector know about the promise of this technology. 
  5. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of the latest, greatest developments in the free energy sector.
  6. Consider investing in Rossi's group once they open to that in October.
  7. Help us manage the PESWiki feature page on Rossi's technology.

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Last updated September 14, 2011


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