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You are here: > News > August 6, 2011

Better Than Fire - An Organization to Assist Inventors

Tim Kerr is the director of Better Than Fire, an organization that helps extreme breakthrough, clean energy inventors develop their technologies. In this interview he shares more information about his organization, and how they help turn ideas into reality.

by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News

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Many inventors have great ideas, but need help developing them into working technologies. Sometimes inventors need help putting together the theory of how their device operates. Other times they need assistance building a prototype, and quite often they need funding. Better Than Fire is an organization that endeavors to provide assistance in all of these areas. 

Better Than Fire is composed of a network of individuals who have a wide array of skills, and knowledge in many different fields - science, engineering, business, and finance. The purpose of the organization is to try and help inventors develop and bring exotic technologies to the market (or whatever the inventor wants to do with them), to better human civilization. With members around the globe, the organization is truly global. The core staff is small, but there are many associates that are more than willing to assist the development of new energy technologies.

I recently interviewed the director of Better Than Fire, Mr. Tim Kerr (pseudonym).

H - Hank Mills
T - Tim Kerr

H - Mr. Tim Kerr, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

T - I am a native of the UK, and live in London. I am a trained craftsman, and I sold my manufacturing business in 2002. Since then, I have been very much involved with breakthrough techs.

H - What kind of breakthrough technologies have you been involved with?

T - I had a long involvement with Steorn's Orbo tech, which has proved disappointing - but also as an adviser on new approaches to energy generation. Just recently, I have been engineering advisor to biomass energy projects in France and Latvia (electricity from forestry waste), and also a project to reclaim derelict sugar plantations in the West Indies for ethanol production

I also am currently in touch with two separate inventors working on gravity engines. One of the two inventors has a machine but little theory or math, the other has the theory and the math - but no machines. We are trying to help them both.

So Better Than Fire goes from the 'alternative' conventional to the 'fringe' of science. The whole object of BTF is to offer advice, and where appropriate provide actual practical support to inventors in the energy field. We can build machines, electronics, control systems, and develop prototypes.

H - Could you give us some basic information on Better Than Fire? For example, what it does, how long it existed, how many people are involved, etc.

T - BTF has a core staff of just two people: me, as mechanical engineer, and an American friend who is a very talented designer and animator. He shapes the frames, I try to build them. We also have a close associate in Scotland (electronics), and have established contacts in the financial and scientific worlds who we can use as supplementary advisers.

BTF came into existence two years ago -- the result of discussing with friends the problems of inventors not getting solid and sensible support. The name was suggested by a friend. He said, "If you could make useful energy from nothing that would be, 'Better Than Fire'."

I'm pleased to see that Black Light Power has picked up on the name - as well as a European rock band - though they were there first, I think.

H - From what you have told me, you have extensive experience fabricating test systems and prototypes. Could you elaborate on the skills you bring to the table?

T - BTF's own workshop is what you might call 'traditional'. We have precision turning and milling machinery and gear-cutting and coil winding machines. We also have a close relationship with a modern CNC production company, who work extensively making precision plastic and wooden parts for luxury cars. Since we work under a 'special relationship' they always oblige us with machine and programmer time if required.

We work in metal, plastics, wood, and exotics at times. Materials knowledge is part of our expertise - we can often tell customers the best materials to choose for any function.

H - What does BTF hope to gain from helping inventors of breakthrough technologies?

T - What we hope to gain depends very much on the inventor's own desires. Where inventors wish to maximize their own rewards we can point them to sources of venture capital. However, we very much prefer to think of our mission as being one of helping build a cleaner and more just world, where the poor are not always left in the cold and the dark because they simply cannot pay the rich for life's essentials -through scant fault of their own.

Right now certain entities are incredibly wealthy - and it is my sincere belief that wealth and power are too concentrated in the hands of people who I would not care to break bread with.

So to get back to the point, we can work under NDA, or we can open source. We are basically in the business of turning ideas and dreams into realities.

The planet has been plundered in every corner - and the plunder has not been equally distributed. The wealth is (in part at least) basically plunder at bottom.

That sounds far too political - for which I apologize. For me it is not about politics. But fairness and justice for all. I don't care what complex a government has - so long as they strive truly to care for ALL the people they govern.

H - How should an inventor get in contact with Better Than Fire?

T - We have the website. 

The website is deliberately low key, and the flash graphics slow - but be patient!

H - Can you provide your email address?

T - There is contact information on the website; or we can be contacted via: 

Which is direct to me.

H - Thank you very much for this interview. It sounds like you have a very interesting and important organization. Do you have any closing remarks for our readers on PESN?

T - Yes. Now, more than ever in our recent past, we need to work together using our brains and the power of the web to harness the incredible inventiveness that we smart monkeys are known for -- for the good of ALL men. The road is not easy, but our children and our grandchildren will bless us for it.

H - Thank you and best wishes for Better Than Fire. 

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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