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You are here: > News > August 5, 2011

Harassed Stanley Meyers Associate Steps Forward

An anonymous individual who witnessed the work of water fuel pioneer Stanley Meyers and his associates, discusses Freddy's cell, free energy, hydroxy, suppression of exotic technologies, and more in a telephone interview with Sterling Allan.

Part II of II (See I)

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68 min
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Interview > Listen
On July 27, Sterling Allan conducted an interview with an anonymous source about Stanley Meyers water fuel technology, as part of the Free Energy Now series.

Stanley Meyers dune buggy.

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Put simply, what is happening in a typical HHO or hydroxy system is that water is being electrolyzed on board from electricity from the battery, creating "Brown's gas", which includes hydrogen and oxygen, as well as possibly some new species not fully characterized or appreciated by academia yet. It is probably in the formation of this new species of gas (some call it ionized HHO [or HHOi], because of its electrical characteristics) that the environmental energy shows up or is harvested. The Brown's gas interacts with the fuel to break the larger chain molecules (that often go unburnt in a typical system) into smaller molecules that are readily burned. In highly optimized systems, allegedly the vehicle can run on HHOi alone.

By Hank Mills

On July 27th of 2011, Sterling Allan of PESN interviewed an anonymous individual, who witnessed the work of the late Stanley Meyers -- the well known water fuel pioneer that ran vehicles with only water or HHO gas -- before his poisoning and murder in 1989. During the interview, this individual discusses what information he gathered from his time working in close proximity to Stanley Meyer and his associates, and expands to other topics. In addition, he discusses how he has purchased one of Fast Freddy's HHO kits, and how he thinks Future Energy Concepts Inc. has a valid technology. By the end of the interview, he had detailed the suppression he has endured, the theft of a quarter million dollars worth of equipment, and his opinion on many topics.

You can listen to the interview, here.

Freddy's Cell

As many people know, Frederick Wells of Future Energy Concepts Inc. is offering a HHO kit that is claimed to provide significant increases in fuel efficiency (all the way up to a claimed 92% improvement in some vehicles), for the price of $5,500 dollars. Freddy claims that he has sold around 20,000 units, and that he is getting repeat orders from companies that are installing them in fleets of vehicles. These claims can be difficult to believe, because he has not provided any evidence of the sales, photos of the product, or even statements from satisfied customers -- after promising Sterling Allan he would do so. Until this interview with Mr. X (what we will call the individual who contacted Sterling Allan), we had no proof anyone had even purchased a unit from Future Energy Concepts Inc. 

Now we know that Mr. X purchased a unit, and has received part of it. So far, he has received the electronic components including a special interface chip. However, these are all off the shelf parts anyone could order off the internet. He has yet to receive the electrolysis cell. Freddy told him he is testing it and waiting for a chip to arrive to be flashed per his car specs and will be shipped to him as soon as the testing is complete. It makes you wonder: if it takes this long for him to test one unit, how could he have possibility sent out 20,000 units? 

To be fair, Mr. X did state that Freddy added him to Facebook and Skype without him having to ask, and seemed to be willing to answer questions. He thinks that Freddy has a valid technology and it matches what he knows about HHO systems, and the key features that make them work. For example, resonance, sound patterns, tones, etc.

The question now is when will Mr. X see the rest of the unit he purchased, and what results will it produce when installed in his vehicle? 

Stanley Meyer Connection

During the interview Mr. X said he was employed by a company named Aviation Development\ that was working with Stanley Meyers to utilize his water fuel technology in aircraft. Mr. X was not directly working on the hydroxy technology but was building airframes for Aviation Development's aircraft. However, he had the opportunity to get to know many of the people involved in the project, and talked to Stanley Meyer on multiple occasions. In fact, he claims to have seen Stanley Meyers drive his water fueled dune buggy.

He claims that Meyers ultimate achievement was his water fuel spark plug. The system produced vaporized water which was sent to the spark plug, and then passed through a plasma arc. This allowed the hydrogen and oxygen to be liberated, and burnt on the fly. Mr. X thinks this technology was what may have triggered the powers that be to kill Stanley Meyers, because it would have completely changed the world.

The water fuel spark plug would have especially been a boost for aviation, because normal fuels limit an aircraft to a certain ceiling or altitude, because beyond that there is not enough oxygen for the engine operate efficiently. In a water fuel aircraft, the oxygen and hydrogen would both come from the water. This would allow an aircraft to have a much higher ceiling, which would increase range and speed.

Mr. X claims to have been the individual that received the call at Aviation Development's shop that Stanley Meyers had been murdered, and he had to start making phone calls to alert other employees. After the incident, he stated that all the companies and individuals involved with Stanley Meyers started being attacked, and companies started getting "busted up." He indicated one reason for this was the fact that Stanley Meyers had many contracts with military and government organizations, and they wanted control of the technology.

In fact, Mr. X claims that he was a victim of "collateral damage." Due to his involvement, he was put into prison, then served 30 days in the "nut house" to discredit him. During that time, they accused him of "believing in free energy", and he had a quarter of a million dollars worth of equipment stolen.

He kept his mouth shut for nearly ten years.

Mr. X also mentions that an associate of Stanley Meyers had a technology that created fuel by adding a catalyst to a mixture of 80% water and 20% gasoline or diesel. The mixture could then be used as fuel. He claims that several companies were interested in modifying their engines to utilize the fuel, but that a patent battle that burned through some 10 million dollars in lawyer fees prevented the technology from being utilized.

Other Highlights

In the second half of the interview, many different topics were discussed. Here are some of the highlights.

- His health is bad and he would like to pass down what he knows, but he is concerned anyone who learns the information may experience harassment.

- He thinks the Gadgetman Groove would work well with an HHO cell.

- He states resonance and sound are important in HHO cells.

- He mentions how nickel and platinum plates are used in some HHO cells, and how many cold fusion experiments use nickel and platinum.

- Discusses the unique properties of Brown's Gas.

- He mentions other topics such as Rodin coils, tones that can produce healing, and science that has been lost for hundreds of years.

We would like to thank Mr. X for contacting PESN, and discussing all these topics. 

Any More Anonymous Witnesses?

Are you an anonymous witness who would like to come forward with information about an exotic technology? If so, please contact Sterling Allan. We are willing to review your information, and publish it anonymously.


See Part I: Exposι of a Hydrogen Hog - Frederick Wells of Future Energy Concepts LLC claims to have sold nearly twenty thousand units of a hydroxy gas booster kit that is claimed to dramatically improve fuel efficiency. However, there is no evidence of this volume of sales, and little evidence that a product even exists.

# # #


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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Jan. 29, 2011
Last updated September 04, 2012




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