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You are here: > News > August 5, 2011

Exposι of a Hydrogen Hog

Frederick Wells of Future Energy Concepts LLC claims to have sold nearly twenty thousand units of a hydroxy gas booster kit that is claimed to dramatically improve fuel efficiency. However, there is no evidence of this volume of sales, and little evidence that a product even exists.

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Put simply, what is happening in a typical HHO or hydroxy system is that water is being electrolyzed on board from electricity from the battery, creating "Brown's gas", which includes hydrogen and oxygen, as well as possibly some new species not fully characterized or appreciated by academia yet. It is probably in the formation of this new species of gas (some call it ionized HHO [or HHOi], because of its electrical characteristics) that the environmental energy shows up or is harvested. The Brown's gas interacts with the fuel to break the larger chain molecules (that often go unburnt in a typical system) into smaller molecules that are readily burned. In highly optimized systems, allegedly the vehicle can run on HHOi alone.

By Hank Mills

Hydroxy boosters offer the potential to increase the fuel efficiency and performance of a vehicle, by utilizing an "on demand" electrolysis cell, that adds hydroxy gas to the fuel mixture. Instead of buying an expensive hybrid vehicle to get better fuel efficiency, you can spend a fraction of the money on a hydroxy booster system. One person that claims to be selling such a system is Frederick Wells of Future Energy Concepts LLC. His "Hydrogen Hog" hydroxy technology has been featured in previous PESN articles, and a PESWiki page

Frederick Wells product is called the "FEC V6 (Version Six) Universal Kit" and can be purchased through his company's webpage. He has made many claims about this product, including that it is being used in fleets of vehicles, he is getting repeat sales from companies that want to install them in additional vehicles, he has had nearly 20,000 sales, and that reports from customers indicate that some vehicles are obtaining as much as a 92% improvement in fuel efficiency. All of this would be great news, if we had any evidence to back them up.

Sterling Allan has repeatedly asked Freddy to provide evidence of these claims. For example, the evidence could come in the form of reports from satisfied customers, photos of the product, test data from one of the companies that have installed the units in their vehicles, or some other form of evidence that the product is real. After being given plenty of time to provide such evidence, Freddy has provided absolutely nothing to prove his claims.

As of this time...

- We do not have a single photo of the final product.
- We have not seen any test data from the product being used in a vehicle.

If he has really sold 20,000 units, it should take no time at all for him to send Sterling a few photos, provide the phone number of a customer who has installed the device in their vehicle, or put him in touch with one of the companies who have utilized the device in their fleets of vehicles. The fact he has done none of this is very suspicious.

In all fairness, it should be mentioned that Freddy claims to be in bad health. In fact, according to him, he has recently spent some time in the hospital. Even if this is true, it is not a good excuse for not providing evidence of his claims. In an age of cell phones with built in cameras, it takes sixty seconds or less to take a photo and email it. Also, it takes only seconds to forward someone a phone number. After all this time, the evidence should have been provided.

There is one piece of evidence that points to the possibility the product is real and his claims may be true. This is the fact that Future Energy Concepts LLC uses PayPal as a payment method. If customers purchasing the product were not satisfied, PayPal would not allow Freddy to continue using their service.

The Technology

It should be stated that at this time PESN is not stating that Freddy does not have an exotic technology, in the form of a highly efficient electrolysis cell. Our sources tell us that he does indeed have a cutting edge technology that holds a lot of potential. What we are calling into question is his claims to have sold twenty thousand units of a product, that the product has been installed in fleets of vehicles, and the claims he has made about the fuel efficiency produced by these units. Simply put, we have no evidence whatsoever of these claims.

What we do have evidence for generally is that hydroxy boosters can increase the fuel efficiency of vehicles. There is a huge amount of evidence that hydroxy boosters can not only increase gas mileage, but also improve performance and reduce emissions. This has been proven in countless tests both on the road and in laboratory settings. 

The Hydrogen Hog technology may actually be capable of matching or exceeding the performance of other hydroxy systems on the market. This is what makes the fact that Freddy is so reluctant to share evidence so frustrating. PESN would love to learn that the product is actually performing as claimed, and is being used in thousands of vehicles. PESN would love to report on such an exciting update and try to help him obtain additional sales (we want to help those who are bringing real technologies into the marketplace).

What's Going On?

I'm very curious why Freddy will not provide any evidence that would collaborate his claims. There are many possible reasons, but it is very difficult to know for sure the correct reason. A few possible scenarios as to why he refuses to provide confirmation of his claims are as follows...

The first possibility is that Freddy is simply suffering from the malady of being his "own worst enemy" by refusing to cooperate with those that want to help him. This is a common affliction among inventors of exotic technologies. Perhaps he sees everyone as a potential enemy, and does not want to accept help from anyone. It is possible that the idea of someone requesting to see evidence of his claims, and not simply take him at his word, offends him. If this is the case, there is little that can be done, because he will simply isolate everyone who would like to help him. In the long term, his product and technology will go no where. 

The second possibility is that the technology works as claimed, but he has lied about product availability or how many sales he has made. It is possible that he has sold far fewer than 20,000 units. He could be trying to prevent this lie from being exposed. If this is the case, he really needs to provide evidence that he has sold even a small number of the devices, and the performance claims that he has made are true. With this evidence, PESN could write favorable articles about his technology, and help him obtain even more sales.

The third possibility is that he has a PayPal account, but due to the high price of the product ($5,500 plus $50 shipping and handling) he may not have sold very few, and so far, those who have purchased and not received units yet have not complained to PayPal. This might be the reason why he cannot provide a single phone number to a customer who has installed one of these devices. If this is the case, he needs to put a product into a vehicle, and let a third party do some tests. If the test results showed a substantial improvement in fuel efficiency and performance, PESN could then potentially recommend the product. 

The final possibility is that the hydroxy booster performs exactly like he claims, and he has sold the 20,000 units. If this is the case, then it is GREAT NEWS, but he needs to provide evidence so we can examine it, and spread the word.


See Part II: Harassed Stanley Meyers Associate Steps Forward - An anonymous individual who witnessed the work of water fuel pioneer Stanley Meyers and his associates, discusses Freddy's cell, free energy, hydroxy, suppression of exotic technologies, and more in a telephone interview with Sterling Allan.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.


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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan Jan. 29, 2011
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