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You are here: > News > July 26, 2011

An Energetic Future with the Endless Electric Field Generator

An Endless Electric Field Generator is a breakthrough solid state device that provides a safe, cost effective, and seemingly never ending source of electricity. By consuming no fuel and collecting energy from an undisclosed source, this technology has the potential to change the energy landscape.

A screenshot from a video of one of the earlier devices.

Jim Murray and Paul Babcock's 4790% SERPS Presentation

Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

A&P Electronic Media

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


Imagine being able to provide power on the circuit board to each component that needs power, continuously, from the surroundings, so that no battery is required; and no charging of the device is needed.  Imagine no heating issues from the power, no overcharge; and all this being cheaper than the present method of using batteries and power supplies.  And imagine being able to do that without giving a physicist a coronary for breaking any of his beloved laws, though there are some puzzling aspects that might intrigue him or her for years to come.  Such a device appears to be under development in the U.S. with possible commercial deployment within a year.  It uses no polluting components, it uses no fuel, and has been third party tested by several credible groups.  Long-time free energy skeptic, Mark Dansie from Australia, is so impressed with this technology that he dropped everything and has spent the past two weeks to investigate this technology that has the potential to have tremendous impact in the energy market.

by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

(This story is a follow-up to the story we published July 23: #1 Breakthrough: Solid State Generator)

For a moment, imagine a device the size and thickness of a postage stamp (around one inch by one inch square), that can be mass manufactured by the millions in a manner similar to that of a printed circuit or computer chip. Now, add to the device the ability to collect energy from an apparently undisclosed source, emit no pollution whatsoever, and produce enough electricity (once the technology is mature) to power a cell phone -- which requires a couple watts. Finally, consider that the device is composed of abundant, safe, and easily obtainable materials. 

You have just visualized Ageless Energy's "Endless Electric Field Generator." 

(Actually, that is not the company's name or the name of the product. The company that has developed this technology wishes to have their identity remain private for the time being, so we come up with a couple of pseudonyms to use in this article. This article does not represent the views or claims made by the company but should be treated as an editorial. It is their view not to raise expectations as the science and proof of concept exist but much is unknown about the limitations of what will be possible when it comes to engineering for manufacturing.)

The "Endless Electric Field Generator" or "EEFG" is being developed by a small company, that has been developing and patenting other technologies for the last twenty years. The technology has been tested and validated by multiple third parties, including representatives from large and well known companies. Without a doubt, the technology works and does so without breaking any of the so called "laws of physics." The only anomalous issue is the production of electricity without any obviously apparent energy source. For example, the device continues to produce electricity while in a Faraday Cage (which blocks external sources of EM radiation) ruling out the possibility of it collecting energy from an electromagnetic source. In addition, it produces more energy when exposed to cold temperatures than hot temperatures, which seems to rule out the possibility that it is harvesting heat from the environment. The energy source truly seems to be "free" -- perhaps even tapping energy from the vacuum or zero point energy field.

The well known engineer and free energy pioneer Thomas Bearden has proposed how energy from the vacuum could be tapped by electrets (the electrostatic equivalent of permanent magnets). An article on the topic can be found here, discussing how electrets produce a broken symmetry in space time, and pour out energy from the vacuum. The following is a quote from the article.

"As a dipole, the electret is already a system which extracts virtual state energy from the vacuum and transduces it into real, observable EM energy pouring steadily from the dipolarity. This process, evidenced by the steady presence of the potential, totally violates the present hoary old second law of thermodynamics because it steadily produces negative entropy. Instead of the "truly frozen static" potential taught in CEM/EE theory, the “static” potential is a nonequilibrium steady state (NESS) system. It is continuously producing negative entropy (absorbing the totally disordered virtual state fluctuation energy of the vacuum, re-ordering it, coherently integrating it to observable (quantum) size, and then re-emitting the energy as real observable EM energy flow)."

This technology may not be based on the above theory. This electret model is one of many theories that could be used to explain the science behind it.

Currently, the device is only producing small amounts of power (high voltage and low current), but enough to light up LEDs. The output can be improved dramatically by increasing the surface area of the device, and this will be done when the company gains access to the proper equipment. The equipment they need already exists in the semi-conductor industry. Once the surface area is increased, the technology could have an extremely high power density. 

It should also be mentioned that one of these devices would be expected to continually operate for twenty years or longer. No one really knows how long they would operate before degrading. There is no fuel to run out and nothing being consumed. It's just a matter of how long the materials will hold up and not break down.

After considering the facts about this technology, it quickly becomes clear that it has a vast amount of potential to change how we produce and use energy.


Today, almost every electronic device whether it be a cell phone, laptop, or MP3 player utilizes a battery. After several hours of use, the batteries in these devices have to be recharged. With the Endless Electric Field Generator (EEFG), these electronic devices would never have to be recharged, because they would have a constant source of electrical power. At first, these electronic devices may still have batteries that are continually trickle charged by the EEFG. This is because the peak power consumption of a cell phone or laptop may be too high for it to supply without some sort of buffer. This will not be an issue in the medium to long term, because eventually the need for a battery would be eliminated all together as the EEFG technology matures.

In a practical sense, the use of the EEFG could translate into simpler and more convenient electronic devices. For example, consider buying a cell phone or laptop that does not come with a charging kit, because it does not utilize a battery. In addition to never having to worry about charging the phone, you will not have to worry about where to plug in the charger. There would be one less wire to clutter up your room or get tangled! 

There are many other electronic devices that would benefit from incorporating this technology. Cable modems and routers could be made simpler, because they would no longer need power cords. Also, electronic medical devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, and drug delivery systems could have an almost infinite power supply. This would improve the quality of life and freedom of those dependent on such implants.


Eventually once this technology is mature, it could be used to power vehicles. Several electric car manufactures use hundreds of smaller batteries to power their vehicles. If you can power a cell phone then it should be possible to power a vehicle. The output from the Endless Electric Field Generator could be used to trickle charge a battery twenty four hours a day, or the output could be used to directly power an electric motor. An electric vehicle using this technology would have an infinite range, and never have to be recharged. Electric cars, trucks, and even bicycles could use this technology to help make fossil fuels obsolete.

The EEFG technology could also revolutionize the design and shape of vehicles. Currently, most vehicles have a similar design, due to the need for large engines (used by vehicles burning fossil fuels) and/or large battery packs (used by those vehicles with electric motors). I can imagine a design in which EEFG modules are distributed all across the vehicle in panels, which would allow a much wider variety of vehicle designs. 

There are potential applications for this technology even before it is fully developed. Many hybrid cars are designed to be as fuel efficient as possible. One technology class being considered in hybrid cars is thermoelectric generators, that convert some of the heat from the exhaust gases into electricity. This electricity can then be used to help charge the vehicle's battery, which saves the engine from having to use as much energy turning a conventional alternator or generator. If EEFG's were used in hybrid cars to slowly trickle charge their batteries, it could produce an increase in fuel efficiency. 

Although this technology is no where near ready for automotive applications at this time, with the proper resources there is no limit to its impact on transportation. Some time in the future, we could all be driving vehicles that don't need to be recharged, are emitting no pollution, and are using a virtually unlimited energy source -- all due to the Endless Electric Field Generator technology!


Large cities are plagued by smog ridden air, filled with pollution. This is mostly due to the countless number of cars with internal combustion engines burning fossil fuels. If over a period of time, all these vehicles could switch over to utilizing EEFG's as power sources for electric motors, smog would become a thing of the past. This could improve people's health and improve visibility on the road.

If Endless Electric Field Generators were in almost every device (light bulbs, computers, cell phones, water heaters, and other appliances) the current "electrical grid" could be phased out. Instead of power plants burning coal, natural gas, or conventional nuclear materials such as uranium to produce electricity, the electrical supply could be "distributed" to an extent most people have not even considered. Everyone would produce their own electricity, could share it with others as they saw fit -- without producing any pollution! 

Due to the fact that Endless Electric Field Generators do not use hazardous materials, if someone wanted to throw one away (lets say when they upgraded to a new cell phone), there would be no need for special precautions. If they accumulated in landfills, it would not be a threat to the environment (unlike some types of modern batteries and light bulbs). Also, because they last so long, EEG's that were not built into devices could be taken out of one device and used in another. One pack of EEG "batteries" could last you decades! This would save on the amount of material that would have to be mined, and the energy used in the construction of the devices. In every way, EEGs would be the ultimate "green" technology.

And End of Planned Obsolescence

Anything that moves the West away from their consumerism, buy-and-toss, mentality, would be great; setting a precedent for getting away from the "planned obsolescence" model that is a huge part of what is wrong in the West. How better to do that than have a power source that outlasts the technology it's incorporated into! By making it modular and standard, it would be easy to take the power source from an old or obsolete device and plug it into the new device.


The fact that electrets, when properly designed and optimized can produce a source of clean and "free" energy, would stun the scientific establishment. Basically, the world would have a brand new source of energy being produced continually by a permanent electric field. This might be the technology that validates the work of Thomas Bearden and others, who have proposed energy from the vacuum could be obtained with electrets.

What could this technology lead to next? Perhaps it might open people's minds to other exotic technologies such as overunity transformers, Noble Gas Engines, magnetic motors, and other devices which are not supposed to exist according to mainstream science. A new scientific revolution could be sparked by this discovery.

Once the scientific community accepts that there is an unlimited amount of energy in empty space that we can tap into, perhaps this will lead to a new direction of scientific research. Maybe five or ten years from now, we will finally have a more complete theory of how our universe works, and what is really possible! 

Countless Applications 

There are many other applications for EEFGs. Actually, there are so many that writing in depth about each application could fill a book. Here is a brief list of several possible uses for the technology.

- Power sources for deep space probes, Mars rovers, or space crafts.
- Power sources for artificial limbs.
- Embedded power sources for microprocessors.
- Power sources for remote areas or for people who want to live off the grid.
- Power source for levitating homes, enabling floating cities.
- Power sources for LEDs that would stay lit continually.
- Power sources for sensors.
- Power sources for beacons or emergency transponders.
- Power sources for emergency equipment.
- Power sources for water purification.
- Power sources for indoor agriculture.

The list of applications is almost endless, just like how the power produced is almost endless!

Downsides to Endless Power

While it's hard to imagine a downside to endless power, there are some. Imagine those obnoxious toys kids get for Christmas never stopping? Imagine the kid dropping the toy into a recess of the home that can't be access without tearing into a wall or a floor. The sound just goes on and on and on. With batteries, you know it will run down. Industrial accidents could be made worse by devices that are more robust and don't stop as easily. 

And the worst thing of all, imagine all the nefarious weapons that could be produced when travel capability is made unlimited, being able to drop payload anywhere on earth using an inexpensive delivery system. It will require a defense system that anticipates such things, recognizes them when they're deployed, and is able to intercept them.

Hopefully, with the empowerment this technology provides to humankind, there will also be enlightenment and a mitigation of conflicts; so that the number of people having such malevolent motivation is minimized to a point that we can deflect it as it arises.

An Electret Valley

A current pressing concern is the financial state of our world. It is spiraling downward in an economic recession that threatens every human being on the planet. Due to the economic turmoil, jobs are being lost, companies are closing down, and nations are going bankrupt. A technology like the EEG could create a new industry that could spawn hundreds of thousands of new jobs, make energy affordable, and revitalize the economy. 

The 1990's was an age in which computer technology advanced rapidly. Silicon Valley was formed, and our civilization was transformed. Could this decade be the one in which an Electric Valley is born, that changes everything -- energy, the economy, science, geopolitics, and the future of humanity on this planet?

The Endless Electret Generator holds the potential to change our civilization. Getting involved early with the EEFG could be like getting in on the ground floor of the first microprocessor companies, or the first companies to produce operating systems for personal computers. Imagine how the world was before the advent of the microprocessor. Now, think of how microprocessors are in almost every device -- not just computers, but soda machines, air conditioners, almost every vehicle, and even refrigerators. Ten years from now EEFGs could be just as common!

There are many alternative energy technologies on the market being developed. Some of them are very promising, but few seem to have the potential of the Endless Electric Field Generator. 

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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Last updated September 04, 2012




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