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You are here: > News > July 21, 2011

Transcription of Russian Cold Fusion Video Documenting 1957 Start

Igor has transcribed and translated a two-part video documenting the role that Russian, Filimonenko Ivan Stepanovich played in developing and patenting a cold fusion technology that pre-dates by over two times the 23 years since Pons and Fleishman made their announcement.

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Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann


by Sterling D. Allan 
Pure Energy Systems News

On July 17, we published a story by Hank Mills called Cold Fusion during the Cold War featuring the work of Filimonenko Ivan Stepanovich of the Soviet Union, who as early as 1957 proposed a method of producing energy via the electrolysis of heavy water (deuterium enriched water) with a palladium cathode. The reaction could take place at low temperatures around 1000 degrees Celsius, produce large amounts of energy, and would not produce radiation.  That's over twice as long ago as the initial cold fusion announcement of Pons and Fleishmann.

We linked to a couple of YouTube videos of a Russian documentary, and asked: "If anyone that can understand Russian could provide a transcript or captions for the following video, it would be appreciated tremendously."

Today I received such a transcription from Igor <symbolic {at}>.  [July 22 update: Igor has also uploaded the two videos with subtitles to make it easier to follow along.]

A Russian website give the following description of the video: 

"Telecast on how a Russian scientist who worked with Filimonko and invented cold fusion (getting energy without the side effects - radiation). Allows to make anti-gravity engine. Filimonenko developed a theory of the Elixir of Immortality, which explains why people do not live 1,000 years and how to achieve such longevity."

Here are the two video links, embedded, along with the transcription Igor provided.  To see the subtitles, be sure to click on the "CC" icon at the bottom of the video screen.  Unfortunately, the CC option is not included with the embedded video, so you need to go to YouTube to see that (click on Part I).

Part I (original)

Cold Fusion Part 1

"The ability to wonder is not a luxury, but a way of life." - Unknown Author

Good Evening.
You are watching "The Black Cat".
At the beginning of the 70' one of our compatriots, seeking to entertain his public, pronounced the following, apparently funny sentence: "Talented people have to be helped, while talentless ones should get by on their own."

20 years later it's hard to find a person who would at least smile, after hearing this.

The fates of today's protagonists are a clear illustration of this concept.


Shot down at Takeoff


A Chance to Survive


A Wonderful Discovery

At the Soviet Academy of Science two scientists- Flyorov and Petroshak are at work. These daring bringers of scientific innovation have unveiled one of the secrets of the composition of matter. They discovered the spontaneous decay of uranium. Uranium contains fabulous amounts of energy. A pinch of uranium would be enough to power a train steam engine for 10 days. This wonderful discovery of these young soviet scientists is a new step towards finding the solution to one of the most interesting problems of physics: the exploitation of nuclear energy.

So, the whole world began a pursuit for this mysterious energy. This discovery is followed by another one, and another, and so on. This is just the beginning of a mass hysteria, that will cause humanity to release a terrible demon upon itself. A feat achieved through global effort.

The event occurs in August 1945. Hiroshima. Nagasaki. These sacrifices were necessary to the United States not to put an end to World War II, but to send a message- that the United States are the only country in possession of nuclear weapons. A weapon, capable of bringing not only Japan, but the whole world to its knees.
Only 4 years later, and the Soviet Union will have the same weapon at it's disposal. This marks the beginning of the Cold War, but it will be played out at a later date. However, in 1939, when nuclear fusion was discovered, the scientists were full of optimistic hopes. They were convinced, that nuclear energy was a greater good, their gift to humanity. Kurchatov, Kapitza, Landau- were young, and our protagonist, Ivan Filimonenko, was only 15 years old. He was not aware yet, that in two years he would voluntarily go to war. And he certainly wasn't aware, that only 6 years after the war, he, too, would take part in this nuclear madness.


- My job was the research and development of nuclear energy technology for use in space. Starting from the very foundations, since no knowledge was available on the subject, I developed massive pieces of machinery. In the beginning the goal was to maximize range, so we used hydroboric fuels- Penta-Boran and Deca-Boran.

- Rocket range?

- Yes, rockets. However, at that time, we could only achieve a maximum range of 12.000 kilometers. So, I started developing nuclear power plants, carrying out experiments in the mean time. This brought about the creation of devices, that could orbit the earth 40 times.


After graduating from the faculty of Rocket Technology, and after going through a special course on nuclear physics, in 1951 Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko was directed to a top secret research and development organization- the "Red Star". He did non participate in the creation of nuclear, hydrogen and neutron bombs, working, instead, on reactors for space crafts. While working on his projects, he realized, that the usage of uranium in reactors would ultimately be disastrous for humanity. Hence, he proposed a different approach: the use of cold fusion, without the use of uranium. The fact, that this was possible, Filimonenko proved back in 1957, by developing a device, the emissions of which were able to absorb radiation. At the same time the device produced energy, oxygen and hydrogen, as well as high pressure steam, that could power a turbine. The device did not require uranium to function, so it did non produce neutron radiation and radioactive waste, being, thus, ecologically clean. Only one power source was required- heavy water. What made the device even more unique, was the fact, that it's employment for industrial needs would yearly save the Soviet Union over 300 billion US dollars, by replacing the burning of natural gas, petroleum and coal. A unique opportunity presented itself: to save the planet from contamination by nuclear waste. Also, in the same year 1957, during the creation of his device, Filimonenko realized the possibility of developing space craft engines, that could function without dropping mass, by using the earth's magnetic field for repulsion. He developed a device with a lifting power of 5 metric tons. This was the world's first flying saucer.


- It uses charged disks to interact with the earth's magnetic field, creating Lorentz force, that propels the flying craft.

- Silently?

- Yes, silently.

- At what velocity?

- The velocity can be enough to maintain orbit, break orbit, or leave the confines of the solar system. 
[loose translation of Russian space speed nomenclature "первая космическая скорость", "вторая космическая скорость", "третья космическая скорость" that mark ~7,9 km/s, ~11,2 km/s and ~16,6 km/s respectively]


The far reaching repercussions of Filimonenko's discoveries were first realized by Korolev and Kurchatov, who, supported by Marshall Zhukov, petitioned the government. The result was the resolution number 715295, ratified by the ministers of the Soviet Union, and signed by Khrushev and Kosygin on July 23 1960. It contained a request from Marshall Zhukov: "Being concerned with the future of Russia, I ask you to sign this resolution.".


- The resolution contained three directives: to perform research on generation of energy, generation of non-repulsive thrust, and new approaches to protection from nuclear radiation.


Ivan Filimonenko, without even being a PhD, was granted authority beyond that of any academician in the Soviet Union. About 80 of the country's largest national defense establishments were following the directives of the Lead Engineer- Ivan Filimonenko. But the death of Kurchatov and, subsequently, Korolev brings about the resignation of Zhukov and Filimonenko is discharged, first as Lead Engineer and later, under the guise of a downsizing, entirely from the company. This happens in the year 1968.


- Those who organized your discharge, your dismissal prom the project, decided that you completed your part of the work, and they could finish the rest without you?

- Yes, it went down like this. All the experimental data for the further development of the devices has already been collected, hence they decided, that the job was done, and all that remained was to charge the collective with production.
- Yes, it went down like this. All the experimental data for the further development of the devices has already been collected, hence they decided, that the job was done, and all that remained was to charge the collective with production.


However, three more years were required to complete the work on the flying saucer. To complete the unparalleled radiation absorption device mere months would be sufficient. But he didn't make it. They didn't let him. He was vilely shot down at takeoff. For some time, he did non believe what happened, tried to petition the Central Committee, but those who discharged him knew, what they were doing. Filimonenko's discoveries were too attractive and many would be able to use them for personal gain. Each stolen bit would bring PhD's, academic degrees, even medals. But the incredible happened: without Filimonenko's oversight nobody was able to complete work on the flying saucer or the radiation absorption device. As a result the country, and the whole world, failed to choose a cheaper and safer development strategy. Instead of cold fusion, the deadly nuclear reactor was chosen.


- If things would have turned out differently, and Kurchatov, Korolev and Zhukov would have lived, we would have finished everything.

- And the country would now be different.

- Completely.

- And the world would be different.

- Completely different.


There was another reason for the discharge of Ivan Filimonenko, even several. Starting with year 1955 he was conducting research on the dangers of radiation in nuclear and thermal power plants and nuclear weapon tests, as well as the use of nuclear power on space vessels. Thanks to a detailed report over 46 pages, which he presented to the Central Committee, launches of crafts to Jupiter and Mars were prevented. The crafts were powered by nuclear reactors and carried large payloads of uranium. In the event of a crash during launch or return of the craft to earth, radiation poisoning would be equivalent to 600 atomic explosions, such as the one in Hiroshima. This has been confirmed by the crash of three returning satellites with nuclear reactors on board.
The canceling of the Jupiter and Mars programs caused discontent in the ranks of scientists, who worked on the reactors for these crafts. A hounding was organized for Filimonenko, which resulted in his dismissal from the project. However, he was able to submit his report to the Central Committee in time, detailing the magnitude of pollution from the nuclear and thermal power plants, as well as the inevitable demise of humanity in case of continued unlimited testing of nuclear weapons. However, no precautions to protect the population from radiation were taken, neither in the Soviet Union, nor in any other nation with nuclear power. Despite the fact, that several years after the atmospheric nuclear tests, the levels of contamination of air, soil, food and the bodies of people were tested. It was determined, that on the territory of the Soviet Union the atmosphere and food supplies were poisoned by radioisotopes, and the concentration of which, particularly in the bones of children, was four times greater, than that of children in other countries. In one kilogram of bread there where twice as many radionuclides, than in a liter of milk. However, this data was classified.
Filimonenko himself calculated, that every block of every power plant, even if working incident-free produces each year about 100.000.000 Curie worth of radioactive material for instance, the radioactive gas Krypton-85 that is vented into the atmosphere. For this, he was deemed insane and hidden away in a psychiatric hospital. Thanks to the efforts of other scientists, a month later Filimonenko was released, but the damage had already been done. From that moment, everything Filimonenko said, could be easily denied- "What do you expect, he is just a madman". In the circumstances of the cold war, when each side at all costs seeks to get ahead of the competitor in terms of nuclear armaments, any public statement about the dangers to mankind was perceived almost as treason to the interests of the country. Neither had our leaders particular trust in the scientists. Not only the leaders, but common folk refused to believe- proof was required.
And so it was provided.

Part II (original)

Cold Fusion Part 2

April 26 1986. Ukraine and Belorussia. Provinces of Voronezh and Bryansk. Parts of Poland and the Baltics. Radioactive fallout in England and near Kingisepp. This is just an incomplete list of locations contaminated by the Chernobyl accident. By the beginning of 1996 the registered total number of people affected by radiation poisoning reached about half a million. And how many went unregistered? As of today, each day in the republics of the ex USSR there are 3000 more deaths than 30 years ago. Yearly, over a million more dead. All this is due to Chernobyl. Also, the fact that in Russia in only 5 years the number of cancer patients grew by 7%, in Ukraine by 10%, in Belorussia by 23%, can also be attributed to Chernobyl. And who, if anyone, will ever count the dead children, born by these parents? As well as the children afflicted by lip cleft, with legs of different length and stumps instead of hands. It may sound sacrilegious, but thanks to Chernobyl, Filimonenko was remembered once again. This happened in April 1989, 4 days after the American scientists Fleishman and Pons reported successful testing of cold nuclear fusion.


- Chernobyl's reactor over two years has accumulated 2000 kilograms of nuclear waste. This is equivalent to 2000 bombs such as the ones used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Our total number of these reactors is 432. There you have it- multiply 2000 by 432 and you will understand, how much radiation we have in these reactors. Can we not think of a way to produce energy without radioactivity?


After finding out about the research of the Americans, which, by the way, was soon discarded by the American government as erroneous, our government restored Filimonenko to his position as Lead Engineer, to resume work on the projects he had been expelled from 30 years ago. From April 2 1989 to January 1 1991 under the supervision of Filimonenko, were produced three prototype power plants that exploited the principles of cold fusion, and newly developed schematics for radiation absorption devices. The tests were supposed to be conducted in the same "Red Star" organization, but they did not take place. January 1 1991 Filimonenko was once again discharged and his pass to access the organization's territory was revoked. Only one explanation was given: the funding ran out. Yet another attempt to give humanity safe energy resulted in failure.


A Chance to Survive

- Attention everyone, this morning, in one of the medical labs a substance was produced, that finally allowed humanity to triumph over old age. This substance was called by it's maker the Elixir of Immortality.

Possibly this is how one day, all over the world, the evening news would start. And it would not matter, what date the calendars would show, for they would have already been discarded, as no longer necessary. Ravings of a madman, you would say? Well, then you would have to call mad hundreds of thousands of scientists all over the world, who work daily on massively complicated calculations and experiments to bring closer the victory over old age even by one hour.
Doctors claim, that genetically man is programmed to live over a hundred years, and if only 50-70 years after his birth he ends up at the cemetery or leaves this world though the chimney of a crematory, it is his own fault. Because, as the same doctors claim, to completely follow through the program given to us at birth, man has to steer clear of smoking, alcohol, follow a strict diet, exercise, and lead a healthy lifestyle in general. Alright, this may be so, but regardless of how hard one fights for his life, the ultimate result is already known. As once cleverly observed by a satirist- do what you may with a man, he will always stubbornly crawl towards the cemetery. The assertive French recently calculated, how many people actually lived on earth since the time of Adam and Eve. The result was about 80 billion. And how many ways were discovered to stop this lamentable transition to the netherworld? None. And what, but a desperate act, can you call the widely believed, beautiful, comforting tale about the afterlife and the immortality of the soul? If death cannot be defeated in this lifetime, it can be defied by conserving the dead body as a mummy. The modern mausoleums of popular politicians- aren't they a legacy of that ancient tale?


- We do have a lot of data. We know of people who lived up to 3000 years, and data from the era of Peter the Great tells of people who lived up to 400 years.


Back at the beginning of the 60' Filimonenko theoretically proved, that once men used to live long lives. Fantastically long. His calculations, that I will cover later, found confirmation a few years ago, when archeologists uncovered a document composed in 2000 BC by Sumerian scribes. The document contained the complete list of 8 kings who reigned over a period of 200.000 years. The public immediately became aware of this data, and it was also studied by man is St. Petersburg named Vladimir Konev, who came to the conclusion, that if the Sumerians lived that long, the same must be possible in our days. So, he decided to prove it by his own example, by developing his law of longevity. By this law, man can, and even must, live to be 140 to 280 years old. So he set out to prove the law himself, but as he himself stated, he had started too late, at the age of 65 and so he set for himself a goal of 120 years. Exactly that much Konev decided to live, to prove that his theory was completely correct.


- In the morning I exercise for about an hour, including strength exercises. I take cold showers daily, walk for 1-2 hours. Also, every week for 36 hours I practice abstinence from food, of those, 24 hours I go without water, and 12 more hours with water. I take steam baths weekly. Every 1-2 weeks I perform body purification based on methods by Semenova and Malahov, and other arrangements. I practice the Dr. Hay diet, drink only melt water, eat little salt, little sugar, for three years now. Also, I'm a vegetarian. In short, all these arrangements are part of my notion about healthy living.


As disappointing as this may sound for Konev and other enthusiasts, who expect to live upwards from 120 years, it is doubtful, that he will be able to put his theory into practice. Not because, as he himself stated, he started too late. It is for a different reason, which has been discovered and scientifically justified by the same Filimonenko. As it turns out, to live over a hundred years, the body must be cleansed of radiation, in particular from radioactive substances, such as Potassium-40, which to this day is used to fertilize our fields, is gathered with the crops and enters our bodies with the food.


- The radioactive particle, for instance, of Potassium-40 travels in the body a distance of 6,1 tenths of a millimeter, and on it's path ionizes over 200.000 atoms, and as a result 1125 cells die.


In the Soviet Union alone the ground was yearly infused with 6 million metric tons of fertilizer, that contained 4,5 million Curie of radioactive Potassium- the main source of radiation on earth. It wouldn't have been so bad, were it an isotope with a short half-life, but for Potassium-40 it is equal to 1,3 billion years. Because of such a fertilizer the radioactivity in the soil almost does not dissipate, like that of short-lived isotopes. Every year, fields that are imbued with Calcium Chloride, the radiation level doubles. Today, hundreds of nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power plants burn yearly 10 billion tons of hydrocarbon fuel. Their smoke contains sulfur, uranium-235, radium-226 and most importantly, potassium. Carried by rain, these substances enter the ground, increasing it's radioactivity even further. As Filimonenko calculated, if the human body contained 0,7 grams of Potassium-40, it's lifetime would be- just don't faint- 25.310 years. At 7 grams- 2.531 years, and at 245 grams the life expectancy would be 61 years and 7 months, which we can currently observe. Filimonenko's calculations were confirmed when the Sumerian texts were discovered, and the concentration of Potassium-40 was measured in the layer of soil, that contains the remains of this ancient civilization. The concentration was 175 times less, than is today dispersed over the earth's surface. It is this substance, that decaying in the human body, emanates the lion's share of the high-energy particles that kill living cells. The body restores them, but they die again. However, the human genetic program is set to replace cells not more than 100 times, and the sooner this limit is exhausted, the shorter the life span will be, and vice versa. It follows then, that the ancient Sumerians were 175 times less irradiated by Potassium-40 and could live at least 175 times longer than modern humans. However, in the same documents left by the Sumerians it is said, that such a fantastical life span was only present till the great flood. After the flood, the life expectancy began to drop drastically. Why? Filimonenko assumes, that this is due to the radiation, that poisoned the soil. The radiation could appear only in one eventuality- a nuclear war, that humankind survived many centuries ago. Proof of his theory Filimonenko found in the Tales of Thousand and One Nights, that mention the Bottle of Suleiman.


- When a Bottle of Suleiman explodes, blue smoke raises beyond the clouds and thunder sounds, that makes people loose their mind.

- The bottles, what do they remind you of?

- The bottle is a common reactor, like those we have, except the peculiar mention, that they were opened.


By the way, after the nuclear war, God created Adam and Eve. That is Filimonenko's next theory. He created them, to give the earth a new civilization of immortal humans, that would not be poisoned by radiation, like the previous civilization. And so he settled Adam and Eve on a patch of earth, which he himself cleansed from radiation. God forbade them to eat from the apple trees in the garden of Eden, which, supposedly, were radioactive. They broke the prohibition, and so became mortals. Having received a great dose of radiation, Adam and Eve became sick, and their children received hereditary diseases. This was the beginning of the demise of humanity. However, humankind does have a hope for survival. This chance can be given by Moscow's citizen Ivan Stepanovich Filimonenko, and only if he will be allowed to complete his work on the radiation absorbing energy plants.


The Black Cat program asks, that this issue be considered an official petition to the government of the Russian Federation. Give Filimonenko a chance, and, thus, a chance to every one, who lives on this planet. And may the probability of success be 1 percent out of 1000, we believe, that it has to be done either way. To not do it would be a crime. The decision has to be made and as soon, as possible.


- If all the groups are restored, they can manage this task.

- How many years are required for this?

- As I already said, about 10 years.


As of now, Filimonenko is 73 years old. If in the nearest future we don't make the saving decision, all will be left for us is to pray. God is merciful, may be he will save us.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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