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You are here: > News > July 10, 2011

The Gadgetman Groove Gets Even More Groovy

Ron Hatton is the inventor of the "Gadgetman Groove", which is a precise groove placed on the throttle body of an engine. It allows for an increase in horsepower, torque, and gas mileage in addition to reduced emissions. A new discovery has been made that further enhances these benefits.  The Gadgetman Groove has been cleared on an international patent search.

by Hank Mills
Pure Energy Systems News


Over the past several decades there have been reports of many devices claimed to increase performance, increase gas mileage, and reduce emissions of vehicles with internal combustion engines. A few of these almost legendary devices include fuel vaporizers, fuel pre-heaters, hydroxy boosters, and even systems that add water directly to the fuel. Yet another system that can provide such benefits is the "Gadgetman Groove", invented by Ron Hatton. The PESWiki page featuring the Gadgetman Groove can be found here.

The "Gadgetman Groove" is very simple modification made to the throttle body of an engine. By positioning the groove precisely, the air flow into the engine can be optimized. This improved airflow creates a pressure wave that is claimed to enhance the vacuum inside the piston, and allow the fuel to burn more completely. The groove is about 1/8th of an inch deep, can be reversed with epoxy, and takes only about an hour to make. 

To more completely understand the Gadgetman Groove, please watch the video embedded below. In the video Ron Hatton explains exactly how the groove works.

[Sterling D. Allan's comment: This seems like an over simplification since the throttle position changes dynamically and isn't just in that one position.]

Now, Ron Hatton claims to have discovered a couple of additional ways to enhance the vacuum produced, and enhance the benefits of the Gadgetman Groove. The basic discovery is that the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve and the idle air control valve do not close when "off idle." By "capping" the PCV valve and "correcting" the idle air control valve, he claims the benefits gained from the groove can be increased many fold. In fact, he reports the first vehicle he performed the idle air control valve mod gained a 38% increase in gas mileage.

These modifications are supposed to be cheap to make, and capping the PCV is claimed to be easy. However, making the correction on the idle air control valve would require someone with training to make it. In addition, these mods can be made on any vehicle with a butterfly style throttle plate, and that uses spark plugs.

Ron plans on disseminating his discovery to the public at large, and to his network of individuals trained to install the Gadgetman Groove. To find out more about his network and the Gadgetman Groove, you can visit his website. 

In the not too distant future, it is hoped that Ron can add these modifications to Sterling's van. The details have not yet been worked out due to logistical issues. When and if they do get made, the results will be posted here on PESN.

At the end of the video, Ron mentions that the Gadgetman Groove has been cleared on an international patent search. He encourages people to get involved in becoming installers of the technology.

The following is a list of questions I sent Ron, and the answers he provided.

Q - What is the nature of your discovery?

A - Subsystems that have a negative effect on the vacuum. We have discovered (in addition to the PCV valve) the idle air control valves do not close when off idle,. This presents as a vacuum leak.

Q - What modification of the original "Gadgetman Groove" needs to be done to increase the effect?

A - None to the original Groove (save for re-cutting with a better bit). Capping the PCV Dynamic Vacuum line is essential, and can be done by about anyone with the skills necessary to lift a hood. The correction to the idle air control valve requires time under the hands of a trained Gadgetman.

Q - How great of an increase of the effect does this modification produce?

A - This varies from engine to engine because of the variables, but when these modifications are applied to his van, let him be the judge.

Q - What do you think is causing the dramatic increase in effect?

A - Discovery of another systemic weakness.

Q - How can this modification be done? Is it simple or complex?

A - Simple for the PCV. Rather more tedious (but VERY effective) to perform the IAC mod.

Q - Have you performed this modification on a vehicle, and if so what performance and gas mileage gains appeared?

A - I have. The first gained an additional 38% with the IAC mod.

Q - How much do you think this modification would cost to be applied to a vehicle?

A - Only pennies.

Q - Can it be performed on basically any vehicle, or only certain vehicles?

A - So long as the engines have butterfly style throttle plate and are spark-ignited, The Gadgetman Groove (and the supporting modifications) will work every time to increase fuel efficiency.

Q - What are your plans for this discovery?

A - Have it (as with all I discover) disseminated to the public at large, my network in particular.

Q - Is there any other information you would like to share?

A - I am now performing remote trainings. When there is a call for at least 5 people to receive training in this tech and to accept a license, I will come to their city. Next is Avoca, NY the 19-21st followed by Nashville the 22nd-25th.

Once more testing is performed and people start reporting the results of these additional modifications, we may know just how groovy the "Gadgetman Groove" may become!


Ron Hatton 
phone: 866-464-2343 (toll-free, U.S.)

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

What You Can Do

  1. Pass this on to your friends and favorite news sources.
  2. Have the groove installed on your vehilcle.
  3. Contact Ron about becoming an installer.
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