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You are here: > News > July 2, 2011

Papp Engine Expert, Ken Rauen visits PlasmERG

On July 1, New Energy Congress advisor, Ken Rauen, who is one of the foremost experts on the subject of the revolutionary noble gas engines, and who spent a year working with inventor Heinz Klosterman, had breakfast with John Rohner and others. He urged Rohner to produce evidence / witnesses of having had a working prototype.

Ken Rauen

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From: Ken Rauen 
To: Sterling Allan 
Sent: Friday, July 01, 2011 12:45 PM
Subject: visit

Hi Sterling,

I just finished my breakfast meeting with John, his wife Connie, and two business associates, Terry and Peter. Peter has a nuclear physics background and is a doctor. Terry is a general contractor and just a supporter of PlasmERG.

It was a good meeting. In summary, like Life, the situation is very complex. It is both good and bad.

Most importantly for the PESN point of view, John apologizes for ever saying he had running engines for 9 months; he has not. He did insist that he has had a running engine or two, but vehemently declined to be specific about anything. 

He has reasons for not disclosing what we consider to be normal information, and I understand, to a point. For example, Bloom Energy has received lots of publicity about their fuel cells, the first company of this sort to go commercial; Bloom has only delivered two devices in the couple of years they have received public notoriety of having gone commercial. John wants to avoid this king of thing. Things happen between proof-of-concept and selling working devices to the public. No public disclosure (or even unnecessary private disclosure) will occur until they are in production. This is just his business philosophy. I pointed out (with concurrence by Peter) that he is thus boxing himself into a corner with lots of disbelief and antagonism from the rest of the world. In essence, PlasmERG has to go "black" until they are off and running. It is too bad that John created all this public exposure. As Connie thanked me for pointing it out, he needed initial exposure to get going, but now he wants to go private until the deed is done, and this management technique will draw fire. This is the path he has chosen.

Now, for the technology. I cannot verify if he has anything or not. He did not want to show me anything, and I respect his request. Peter is fascinated by the potential of this, whatever it is. When pressed for a reply, Peter said he is not prepared to postulate an explanation of the energy source, though he is sure it is nuclear and it takes place inside the plasmoid conditions created inside the chamber. I suggested the reaction environment is charge clusters, a la Ken Shoulders.

After the engine(s) ran for a short while, a machinist wanted to rebuild the engine(s) more robustly.  This was during the time of tearing them down to inspect for wear. The rebuilt ones had much tighter piston seals and the engines would not spin even with a pry bar on the shaft, as the seals were too tight. John has not had the money to fix this condition, as PlasmERG's funding lately has been only from his consulting engineering work, what he has been doing all his life. Also, the Las Vegas facilities they have are not air conditioned, which is a great impediment to doing things right in the shop. The middle of the year in Vegas is very hot. They are looking for new facilities. I understand the delays and lack of demonstration. 

Again, I point out to you and the PESN readership that I disagree with PlasmERG's management direction, that it will cause trouble with its public image. Again, PlasmERG is going black, getting out of the public's eye, though I doubt that their website will change. John says he will communicate privately via email from website inquiries, but he is not seeking exposure that way now. He is busy with running the business, not updating the website.

As for the rumors of lawsuits, John is not talking about those specific incidences, but he told me he has several witnesses of the running engine(s). He is supremely confident he has had them. I cannot tell if he is telling the truth, but I can attest to his demeanor, which came across as genuine and honest. He could be a great con artist, but that is beside the point. Let him fly by the seat of his pants and prove himself. He suggested I might be able to do some consulting for him; I pointed out I would only do so if the lawsuits were cleared. (This also assumes mutually agreed upon terms would be established, too.)

We can talk about this meeting in depth, but for now, this is the essence of the meeting.

* * * *

Follow-up by Sterling D. Allan

In follow-up to our June 29 report: The PlasmERG Engine - To be, or not to be?, on the evening of June 30, I received an email from John Rohner in which he itemized various people's experiences with the motors; who did what, and who saw what.  His explanation is consistent with the information we received from whistleblowers.  I responded:

What you have written here is consistent with the information we received, and it redeems your integrity substantially in my view, though the matter of there being some misrepresentation about how far along you really are compared to what you have publicly stated still persists, even by your own admission: "Stating that we have 'running test engines' should have been stated only as 'test engines'."

I agree with Ken, now that Rohner has admitted to having misrepresented things when it comes to working prototypes, a huge question mark is raised about how legitimate his claims are.  This is likely to make getting support, which has already been difficult, even more challenging; despite how amazing the promise of this technology is: simple and inexpensive to build, virtually null fuel cost, long-lasting, scalable, capable of underwater operation or space application, etc.

If he were to put us at PESN in touch with at least one, preferably 2-3 witnesses who have seen his engine(s) running, that would profoundly restore confidence in PlasmERG.  If he doesn't, and chooses to go black until product is available, then he may be unable to get the support he needs to get to that point.

Fortunately, there are several groups around the world also pursuing this technology; and if PlasmERG isn't successful soon, hopefully one of the others will.  The planet certainly could use this technology right now!  The sooner the better.

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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Page posted by Sterling D. Allan July 1, 2010
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