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You are here: > News > June 29, 2011

The PlasmERG Engine - To be, or not to be?

Potentially unsettling information is emerging about PlasmERG's engine prototypes, legal situation, and business practices. If confirmed, the information could dampen the hopes of those who wish to see this revolutionary technology enter the marketplace soon.

[Image removed at Rohner's request.]
John Rohner, left, poses with his team next to the PlasmERG noble gas engine, attached to an alternator.  Did the engine ever actually run?  Inside sources we've talked to wonder.

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by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Joseph (Josef) Papp's Noble Gas Engine worked. By examining the long and twisted history of his legendary technology, its reality can be confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt. However, for quite some time the technology remained in limbo "collecting dust", so to speak. Then John Rohner came along, and around 2007 started shaking the cobwebs off the technology. A short time later, he started reporting massive progress was being made. He reported the technology was transforming from a dusty old clunker, to a powerful commercial ready engine capable of almost miraculous feats. According to his statements, an entire series of engines were built and successfully tested, totaling nine months of run time. Allegedly, these engines not only demonstrated the basic principles of the Papp Engine, but produced hundreds of horsepower, produced 300 kW of electrical power when connected to an electrical generator, and could be precisely controlled by newly designed, top notch electronic controls. His descriptions of the engine and it's potential could easily inspire daydreams of a future utopia built upon clean, cheap, and almost limitless energy from his "Plasmic Transition Process" technology. Even more tantalizing, is his claim the launch of the technology is almost upon us -- perhaps as soon as August! 

However, there is now eye witness accounts and other information emerging, that indicate this almost idyllic picture may not be quite so rosy, and things *may* not be as they appear on the surface. The full and complete picture of the situation has not yet came into crystal focus, but what can be seen at the moment is potentially distressing. 

PlasmERG Ownership Transfer and Re-Birth in Nevada

The first of several new developments is that ownership of PlasmERG Inc. (as incorporated in Iowa), has been surrendered to a plaintiff in a lawsuit. John Rohner has resigned as director of the company and it is no longer involved. One source informed us that Mike Girouard, who invested $300K in PlasmERG, recently sued Rohner in court. He may try to seize Rohner's equipment and partially completed prototypes to satisfy the probable judgment

So far, this seems to have had little practical impact on John's operations, because there is no indication of websites, property, equipment, or money being transferred. To address the loss of the Iowa corporation, John has incorporated PlasmERG as a Nevada corporation (along with Inteligentry Ltd.). It is claimed the Nevada based companies have been set up in such a way that they are protected and secure, so the launch of the engine technology will not be prevented. 

As far as I can tell, this information has not been released publicly by John Rohner. Although he may consider these issues more "BS" or "Bob Speak" (his reference to the continual antagonistic attacks by his brother and associates), it is information that should have been openly and publicly disclosed. At a minimum, an update should have been posted on the PlasmERG company website. 

Whistle Blowers Speak

Only a couple days ago, an individual who had previously invested in PlasmERG contacted me, and shared the experience he had with John Rohner's company. This person explained how he was led to believe that a working, and fully functional prototype engine had been developed (John had publicly stated so on his website and elsewhere). After additional contact with the company on site, he concluded that a working engine had not been built. His conclusion was based on discussions with the principals of the company, and what he saw on PlasmERG property. When asked about the disconnect between reality and what was being portrayed on the PlasmERG website (by Rohner), Rohner told this person: "You can't believe everything you read on the Internet", rationalizing that he needed to keep the interest of the potential licensees that had signed up so that when his development eventually catches up with the web fantasy he would have a jump start.

It is important to note that this person did indicate John was doing serious research, that he was confident that the core of the technology was valid or at least promising (the Plasmic Transition Process), and the new electronic controller PlasmERG developed was a significant achievement. He went on to say that it is even possible a successful prototype was built and ran after his contact with the company ended. 

One insider source said similar things. He also was troubled by the statements on the PlasmERG website claiming operational prototypes. "We have to tell them SOMETHING!" was Rohner's response to his complaints.

These two individuals also shared with us additional information that we cannot disclose, because it could allow certain parties to identify them. This information tends to confirm key aspects of their claims about PlasmERG. 

The statements of these two individuals cast serious doubt on the existence of PlasmERG's powerful and robust test engines. John Rohner has repeatedly stated they have been run and perform wonderfully, but has repeatedly declined to provide hard evidence of their existence. He treats this information as if it is private company information, and that outsiders have no business knowing about it. The PlasmERG website states: "Our policy is that we will keep secret every single working engine until we have mass producible engines, in stock ready to sell from various manufacturers."

So far, no one other than Rohner has admitted seeing one of them in operation. On April 2, when we reported that according to Rohner, PlasmERG is ready for production investment, though he told us he had accumulated nine months of run time, he said that no unit was presently available for demonstration because they had been disassembled to inspect for wear (something that might take a few days at the most). From what he indicated to me, they have remained disassembled. Yet on April 5, commenting on a story "Papps Noble Gas engine – a ZPE theory" linked from PlasmERG's "DOCs" page, Rohner wrote: "I am the author of the current patent pending on this technology and have running test engines using it."

In preparation for this story, we sent a couple of urgent emails to Rohner, diplomatically asking him to provide us with names of witnesses we could talk to who saw at least one of the prototypes running. He said he would do that, but instead of doing it, he has been asking us who our sources are, and making indirect threats about their being in violation of their NDA they signed.

Rohner did invite me to come see a demonstration in three weeks. "What's the rush to publish this story?" A couple of years ago, Rohner promised to fly me out to see a demonstration when it was ready, but that never materialized.

The rush is that people have been getting interested in PlasmERG because of our coverage -- coverage that has been based largely on Rohner's assertions, which are now put in serious question. We had two email inquiries in the last day from people asking what we thought about investing in PlasmERG.

As a last ditch effort to give Rohner a chance, I told him: "I would halt if you gave me even one name/contact, as a start." He responded: "My day is full trying to recover and get engines manufactured and out."  He then proceeded to issue legal threats as the proceeded.

Rohner did admit today in an email: "Stating that we have 'running test engines' should have been stated only as 'test engines'."

Were/Are There Working Prototypes?

To be fair, it should be mentioned that it is possible that engines were built and successfully tested, but the above mentioned individuals did not witness such testing. This possibility would make John Rohner's many statements about the PlasmERG engine plausible. He has continually stated (even just a few days ago) that the engines have produced vast amounts of power. In fact, he stated a 1000cc displacement engine turned a 300 kW generator. If a successful prototype had never ran at all, these kind of claims would be either delusions of a madman, or lies of the most severe degree. 

It is difficult for me to reconcile the possible lack of a single working test engine, and John Rohner's current activities. For those that are not aware, he is setting up a factory in Nevada to produce the electronic components, has made deals with machine shops that can fabricate the engine parts, and is working out many different issues to prepare for the launch of the engine. In discussions with those aware of his recent activities, it is reported that he is working feverishly to get his operation in Nevada setup, so the proliferation of the engine can begin.

At the moment, I feel tremendously torn over the situation. The reports of his recent activities in Nevada, my research into the technology, discussions with those who have talked to him, and my "gut feeling" about John Rohner as a person makes me think a working test engine MUST have been built at some point. Otherwise, John Rohner would has not only exaggerated about his engine, but have lied repeatedly -- on his website, to investors, in his recorded interview with me in April, and in multiple posts all over the internet. For some reason, I cannot completely accept this possibility, yet. I am not convinced he is that kind of person, and capable of that level of deception.

If no working engine had ever been produced, he would also have to be crazy to continue his efforts in Nevada. This is because he would not have any proof the engines coming off the assembly line would even work properly! Without a single working test engine, he would be setting himself up for a massive failure (and many angry investors). If we was a conman and a liar, it would make more sense for him to abandon the project, take the money, and run. Instead, he seems to be pushing forward, at full speed.

Even though I think an engine must have been successfully tested at some point in time, I also cannot dismiss the claims of those individuals who have communicated with PESN. They seemed rational, reasonable, and not "over the top." Their conclusions seem logical considering what they saw (or didn't see), and what they claim to have been told. 

Letter to John Rohner

A simple way to resolve this matter is to obtain some form of evidence that an engine has been successfully tested. John Rohner could do this by releasing test data from the engines and/or allowing witnesses who saw the engines running to talk to PESN. Their names would not need to be revealed publicly, if the test data contained proprietary information it would not have to be posted, and no confidentiality agreements would need to be broken. Everything could take place in a controlled and discrete way that would protect his intellectual property.

A letter was sent to John Rohner explaining the current situation, and requesting evidence that engines have been successfully tested. In response, he indicated that he will grant our request. His exact quote is as follows...

"I will dig out test results for you and as soon as possible get in touch with people that have test units and have them contact you as well." He also said: "Only 5 people have seen these." And: "The real test sites are not wanting to be known because they like their privacy."

This is a positive sign, and I hope the evidence is provided soon. It could quickly put to rest the conjecture that prototype engines have never been successfully tested. Releasing such evidence could yield other benefits as well.

- The release of such evidence could entice additional parties to invest in PlasmERG. Of course if no additional funds are needed, the investors might instead spend the money to buy licenses, in order to produce and sell the engines themselves.

- The release of such evidence would give current investors more peace of mind that the technology works as claimed, and settle any doubts they may have. This might entice them to invest more money in the company, or become more involved in some way.

- The release of such evidence would separate PlasmERG from the many other companies that claim to have exotic game changing technologies, but provide little hard evidence. It would put PlasmERG in a league far above them. 

- The release of such evidence would give the readers of PESN and the alternative energy community a morale boost. There have been many companies that have claimed exotic technologies, but never delivered. Others have turned out to be cases of measurement error, hoaxes, or frauds. The frequent let downs can take a big emotional and mental toil on a community of people who strongly desire to see a revolutionary energy breakthrough. Right now would be a great time for such a boost of morale. It would invigorate the community, and allow everyone to rally around PlasmERG and Inteligentry.

As soon as Rohner provides the requested evidence to PESN, we will share all details we are allowed to disclose. Let's hope that Rohner honors his statement, and provides the test data and contacts. I may be wrong, but my "gut" tells me that he will. If he does not, then I will be very disappointed.

Published Patent Application

Rohner seems to hang a lot of weight on his patent application that is now published (awarding pending according to Rohner). However, it would appear that the information in the patent is not complete to enable a successful build of the engine (sources: insider, Papp engine expert). For a utility patent (or application) to be valid, and therefore of value, someone of adequate skills needs to be able to build a working device from the information it provides.  "Close" is not enough.

Also, regarding the patent, one whistle blower wrote:

"I have been following John's web site for some time now, and if you recall he has clearly stated numerous times that once the patent is published he would be able to show videos of the running prototypes which would facilitate fund raising. And now that the patent is published, and he has declared "Free at Last" on his web site, he now claims that he cannot show evidence of the prototypes until he has production engines ready to go - GIVE ME A BREAK."

No Longer in The Top Five

Unfortunately, PlasmERG has been removed from the list of the "Top Five" Exotic Free Energy Technologies listed on the PESWiki homepage. Once evidence of an engine being successfully tested is provided, PlasmERG's status on the top five list will be reconsidered. If no evidence is forthcoming, the entire direction of our coverage of PlasmERG may be forced to shift directions. 

The removal of PlasmERG from the top five is not something done lightly, or without great consideration. It is only being done, because the time has come for some hard evidence to be presented. For quite a while PESN has covered John Rohner's company, despite not having much more to go on than his word. The recent communications from those who have been involved with the company do not prove a working engine has never been produced, but they have forced us to ask for some concrete evidence. 

As I have stated previously, I feel torn in two right now. My personal judgment of John Rohner has been that he is a straightforward, civil acting, level headed, and honest person. This combined with what I know of the technology and his current push to setup shop in Nevada, make me think an engine must have been successfully tested at some point in the past. However, I don't know what the truth is at this point. What I do know, is that I will not be able to write about PlasmERG with quite the same unwavering support without some additional evidence of their claims.

I hope the evidence comes soon. If it emerges, it will create a winning situation for all involved. 

A win for the investors.
A win for the alternative energy community.
A win for PlasmERG and John Rohner.
A win for every single human being on this planet.

John, please let this be an opportunity for EVERYONE to win. The outcome is up to you. 

Breakfast with Rohner

Life just seems better when you are sitting in front of a steaming hot plate of flapjacks, with lots of butter and syrup. Of course a plate of scrambled eggs, sausage, grits, and bacon can be satisfying too! Hopefully, the calming effects of a hearty breakfast will enhance the conversation between John Rohner and an associate of PESN (an expert in Noble Gas Engines), when they have breakfast together in the near future. 

By the time of the joint dining experience, it's very possible John may have already provided the requested evidence of a working engine. If this turns out to be the case, useful information may still be gathered during the meeting. On the other hand, if he has not already shared the evidence, perhaps the PESN associate may be able to convince John to provide it. 

Regardless of the outcome, the report of what transpires at the meeting should be interesting. Let's hope the restaurant does not serve their food too quickly, so they can have plenty of time to talk. Maybe after the meal is over, the waitress will get multiple requests for additional coffee re-fills as the conversation progresses! 


On the evening of June 30, I received an email from Rohner in which he itemized various people's experiences with the motors; who did what, and who saw what; and what he explained was consistent with the information we received.  I responded:

What you have written here is consistent with the information we received, and it redeems your integrity substantially in my view, though the matter of there being some misrepresentation about how far along you really are compared to what you have publicly stated still persists, even by your own admission: "Stating that we have 'running test engines' should have been stated only as 'test engines'."

# # #

This story is also published at BeforeItsNews.

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